Tuesday, May 15, 2012

FABBY: Mother's Day present and Real Tablescape

 Here are a couple of new pics I just added to this post right now, so you can see how Alejandro hunged the middle, pear shaped prism longer, as it wasn't before, because a couple of crystal balls in the chain had fallen. We were so lucky the sales person recuperated them from the antique shop.
The center, pear shaped prism has two beautiful faceted sides, which is why it looks better longer!

Hi my darling friends, hope you had a great Mother's Day, along with your dear family and that you were very appreciated as you deserve to be..all of you!.. lovely and wonderful mothers from blog land.

I want to also share with you, my dearest blog friends, that my wonderful son in law, Sofia's husband and father of my two little grandgirls is going to have a "spine" operation in one of the Miami's Spine Institutes, by the Director Surgeon, Amar D. Rajadhyaksha, because he's got a problem with a crooked spine, which he was born with, the Dr. says..and it's been bothering him ONLY for the past year to this date! He started to feel pain since he was 37, last year, therefore, he had a couple of visits to different surgeons and institutes and decided this was the best Dr., as Sofia and her hubby know older patients that are doing wonderful after been operated by him. The surgery will take place next Thursday, May 24th. I am appealing to your generosity of heart to send some prayers for Giancarlo, in the hope that our Lord, Jesus Christ will bless him and his surgeon so that everything will turn out smoothly and without any problem, as we expect.  Thank you from the buttom of my heart.


We will be driving for 3-4 hours, this coming Friday morning, May 18th., to spend three weeks in Guayaquil-Ecuador taking care of our two little grand-girls with Alejandro. I will be posting and visiting you from my daughter's house after this last post. Please excuse me, as I will take a little longer answering your wonderful and generous comments, but I will be over to your blogs!

 Here is my Mother's Day gift from my wonderful hubby Alejandro.  It's an antique, circa 1920's, Marie Therese style, with many faceted and polished hand cut crystal, as every prism is different than the other. Since these pictures,  Alejandro made the hanging "single prism longer" as a couple of round crystals had fallen, we were so lucky they could find them later on at the antique shop!

 I have this beautiful Belgium tablecloth since my eldest daughter Alexandra made her First Communion... years ago. The Czech crystal urn with white flowers. I didn't want to take away attention, or front stage to the chandelier, so I did a white table for ten, eight good friends and us... with my white  Noritake dishes. The white vintage hounds I borrowed from my dog collection.
A shot from above. The white lotus porcelain bowls are for chili sauce that men love with their meals around this parts.
I used a plain blue tablecloth under the Belgium lace one, so to appreciate the lace work better.
The place set, ready for my Shrimp Quiche as entree. Main dish was turkey with wild rice, chef's salad and my mother's great stuffing. For dessert I made an Argentinian Dulce de Leche Cheesecake. I think is a Spanish tradition as all Latin Americans have had many a Dulce de Leche recipes from always... my grandma Stella's "dulce" was the best, made from scratch, as it was my Mil's and my own mother's. Now there are plenty ready made in the market... so I don't think it is only an Argentinian dessert.
 I also placed my vintage white porcelain hounds figurines from my dog collection.

The etched stems are hand cut crystal from the Czech Republic.
I never thought I'll ever have a "gorgeous girl" like this chandy hanging above my dinner table... any time soon, or EVER!...of course, my "four girls" are the most gorgeous!! Two daughters and two grand-girls, God has gifted me with.

 I also arranged white roses for the foyer's vintage, French table. The chandy in the dining room  looks too gorgeous from here!

We hosted a dinner party for eight real good friends last Friday, before Mother's Day weekend. But I'm also sharing my stunning Mother's Day gift I received from my wonderful hubby, Alejandro. Actually, I never thought I will be replacing my Italian Brass chandy ... EVER! I loved our past chandy, as it really was beautiful, it had a porcelain, gold body, which broke in many pieces when we moved to this house, so hubby just put it together without the body, so of course it got smaller for our big table. Therefore, hubby went shopping to the Antique European store for "something" to give me, (he knows best what I like) and he saw it and fell in love with this, 12 light, antique, circa 1920's Italian, Marie Therese style chandelier, with many faceted and polished hand cut crystal, as every prism is different than the other. He really took me to see if I liked it!! LOL!..and of course, I'm not that dumb!..I fell head over hills in love with it too!! Hope you liked it too.

Always.. thank you my darlings for your generous and wonderful comments I receive from you, every time!

I will be joining some great parties, so thank you lovely and gracious hostesses for having me.

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