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FABBY: A Gold Table for New Year's Eve 2014

Hello sweet friends!

               I decided to create my New Years Eve 2014 tablescape as my last post because we will be busy tomorrow getting ready for the New Year's Eve party at our friends house.

 Therefore, here is my gold table, as I adore the antique, Italian silk brocade tablecloth my dear Mil left us and it's so elegant and with so much gold in the embroidery of the brocade. I also used my Italian Tognana china which is one of my fav dishes from my early marriage with the glass, gold Turkish chargers and I decided to use two chargers with the reticulated ones as well, to create more volume to the place setting.

I will also explain with more detail as go along after each photo.

                                                          HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!

The tablecloth is an antique Italian silk brocade, a treasure that was my dear Mil's.

Here I used two chargers...the glass gold Turkish ones, paired with the reticulated ones.
The china is also Italian-Tognana and I have it for many years and is one of my very fav dishes I own.

The bronze candle holders are also antique from my Mil as well.
The centerpiece is a crystal German pedestal.

I love the silk gold brocade on the tablecloth with some blue roses which pick up the blue small flowers in the china.


Venetian crystal  etched stemware. Water, wine and champagne flute glasses.

Here the Turkish glass chargers, reticulated chargers, Italian Tognana dinner plate and soup bowl.

This lovely silk brocade antique Italian tablecloth has many figures in the pattern, from flowers to butterflies.

I wish you and your dear ones a happy, healthy and blessed year coming and I am looking forward to visiting you to continue this blogging community we are so blessed to belong to...which I love so much, specially because of you, wonderful and sweet friends.

Thank you so much for the comments I received all thru 2013, they always made my day...and I mean it!

Thanking the wonderful, kind and generous hostesses for having me at their great parties.
Looking forward to joining in the new year 2014, as well.

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FABBY: Remembering some Tablescapes from 2013

Hello sweet friends!

        My goodness how fast time passes and here we are ready to welcome another year from the new millennium and 2014 is knocking our doors.

Here are some tables capes from FABBY'S LIVING I did early this year, just to remember back, but of course, we do so much all year round some even with a special theme for some parties our gracious hostesses require.

Ok, here you have a 'few' of my 2013 tables capes.

New Year's Eve 2012.

New Year's Eve 2012 table scape.

Three Kings Day 2013.

Valentine's Day 2013

Early Spring table scape.

St. Patrick's Day table scape 2013.

Mexican 5 de Mayo table scape.

Pink table scape for Mother's Day 2013.
Table scape by the sea theme.

Our new everyday china 2013.

Summer 2013

Patriotic 4th. of July 2013 table scape.

My mother's old Polish dishes I received as present from her this year.

Dinner party with my collection of blue and white English Transfer-ware dinnerware I've been collecting, paired with my red and white-transfer ware dishes for tea time...both complete for 12 place settings.

Halloween 2013 in the foyer.

Fall 2013 dinner setting.

White and pink theme table for Let's Dish.

My Thanksgiving 2013 table scape.

Here you have 'some' tables capes with 'some' of my dishes, but I have lots more not shown here, as not all my posts are here either.

Thank you so much for ALL YOUR SWEET AND KIND COMMENTS dear friends and throughout this year 2013 that's almost over...as you "ALWAYS" make my day! There's no one more supportive, kind and generous as you my dearest 'blog friends' and I do feel so very fortunate to have met each and everyone of you, who  also let me come into your gorgeous homes to admire and inspire myself with your forever wonderful talent in many areas and to be sharing with you for the third year.

Thank you tons to the wonderful hostesses for having me 'show off ' and share my posts at their linky parties and some have even honoured me by featuring me once or twice and some 'many times even' at their great parties too...wow!

I specially would love to thank sweet, kind and lovely and talented Kathryn from MAKE IT PRETTY MONDAY at "The Dedicated House," her lovely blog ....who has featured me soo many times I can't count this year, I appreciate it very much and I'm so thankful. Love you Kathryn !

LOVE and HEALTH are my wishes for you and yours this new year 2014. Hope to continue visiting you and always inspiring myself from you in the new year as well.


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Friday, December 27, 2013

FABBY: Mother's 84th. Birthday

Hello sweet friends!

          Now my wishes are that you all had a lovely, happy and specially peaceful Christmas 2013 and at the same token it's sad to see it go and looking forward for all the good things the new year will bring all of us... you, me, the world and everyone in it!  
May you all be very blessed in the new year that's knocking at our doors.

Today, December 27th. is my sweet and dearest mother's birthday and was also her mother's, my grand, whom I loved so much and for whom I was her first grandchild and I was so special to her. Anyway, mother came to have lunch with my daughter Alexandra, Alejandro and me and I did a lovely table for her birthday with her beautiful tablecloth, she gifted me for a big birthday.

Here it is..

I was too busy to take photos today, so this one is at mother's house at her Chrismas Eve luncheon.

Here I am with my dear mother who's 84th. birthday is today, along with Alejandro and my niece Carla.

A very simple table still with the holiday spirit.

The water glasses are hand etched from Venice, as are the wine glasses.

The last of the Christmas cookies.

The cookie platter, pitcher and centerpiece bowl were made at our former ceramic co. 


Thank you so much for all the lovely wishes I know your precious hearts will send mother, lol!

Thanking the wonderful hostesses for their great parties.


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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Hello sweet friends!

                        " FROM OUR HOME TO YOURS, MERRY CHRISTMAS! "


                                                            LOVE ALWAYS,