Sunday, February 27, 2011

FABBY'S LIVING: My 36th. Anniversary China.

FABBY'S LIVING: My 36th. Anniversary China.

My 36th. Anniversary China.

Our 36th. Wedding Anniversary was last Friday, February 25th.  We were married in Las Nevada in Vegas in 1975, as I was living in Westwood, L.A. at the time and my fiancee Alejandro Crespo came all the way from Ecuador to marry me.  A year later we got married by the Catholic  Religion.  We've been so very blessed by our Lord  with lots of happiness. Few years later our wonderful daughter Alexandra came and one year after our dearest daughter Sofia was born, she has given us our adorable and beautiful granddaughters, Victoria and Cayetana.

My dear husband,  ( I don't know where he got the idea I love china?!) OK...heheheee...he sure knows!  He surprised me with this beautiful set of china for 8, from THUN the Onion Pattern, made in the Czech Republic.  It's absolutely gorgeous, I'm crazy about it, it's the pattern in blue and white and it's perfect because I don't have any in this colours in my collection, which is of 15 set of dishes with this new one.

The center piece is a MEISSEN, 2 tier compote I bought a few years ago at an auction, as you know, it has the Onion pattern too.  I love using it with fruit like here and in the middle of an arrangement of flowers from the super market. The ceramic napkin rings, with the little butterfly on top, were made in my husband's ceramic factory he had for 30 years.

The crochet tablecloth is a real treasure, a jewel I would say,  my MIL left my husband as it was made for her mother, my MIL would have been 90, so the tablecloth must be an antique by's in perfect conditions, I just washed it by hand so you can see it in my table scape today.

Thank you all for your visits, I'm always thrilled when you do; as you  know you're so very welcomed.

Thank you to our gracious hostesses for the great parties too.
Love ya'll

The three tier centerpiece is  Meissen and I arranged it with yellow flowers and some fruit.

I really love these china, specially cause it goes with my Blue and White Meissen piece.

I'm smitten with my new dishes from my sweet Alejandro.

I was so lucky my dear Mil left this hand crocheted, lovely White tablecloth, to him!  I have a special love for crochet because mother and grandmother was both, very talented in this field.
The stemware is Mexican hand blown from several years ago.

The napkin rings with butterflies were also made at our former Ceramic Factory.

The chargers in cobalt blue were made in our past Ceramic Factory.

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