Thursday, August 25, 2016

Three Reasons for this Post

Hello sweet friends!

I just baked this delicious 'New York Style Crumb Cake,' from 'Living the Gourmet;' to take to my friend who's only sibling, her dear sister, died of a series of strokes produced by blood clots in her brain. She was only 73. 

I also did a small setting for 'Labor Day 2016,' as I remember we used to go back to school right after it, but now kids go back earlier, right?

I will also not be able to post anything for three weeks.. or four, as we are remodeling the two guest rooms that are separated with a half wall because in the past it was the girls rooms.

I will be around, visiting and joining parties with this small post, just the same.

My house for the moment looks like a storage room or a garage with boxes all over the living and family rooms. Since I sort of kept the rooms for guests and a "little storage" too, lol.. Besides my DDs don't live near us, we always wanted to rebuild it completely with wooden floors, new bathroom area, etc.
The time has finally come and I am very excited, as we picked some pretty things, specially for the new bathroom remodel.

Such modern things for the BATH in the market, so the shopping was so much fun.
I don't particular care for the mess and all the work we've been doing moving the stuff and furniture; but I guess that's how it goes before the 'great reveal.'

So, the Cake, the 'Labor Day' tablescape and our guest rooms (two) and bath remodeling would be my 'three reasons' for this post.

Scroll down so you can see a few Before pics of the guest rooms and bathroom too.

'Labor Day' setting and 'New York Style Crumb Cake.'

Is this little 'shell-bunny' a real cutie? I found him in the folklore tents at the beach, just like two years ago when I bought the 'shell-rooster.'

I had no time to look for more stuff, as I would have liked, cause my Sil Sergio was parked in a wrong spot and waiting impatiently.

This cake was really delish, trust me, as it was my first time baking it.

Visiting with my two dearest daughters, I also picked up these four red star-flowers and blue stripe mugs, as I thought they'd be pretty for my patriotic tables.

I'm loving my new shell-bunny! 

In the back window sill you can see the 'shell-roos' I bought two years ago on our beach vacation. Up front my new find, the cute 'shell-bunny.'


Here are one side of the bedroom that was my daughter's Alexandra.
At your left, by that little TV is where you went to our daughter Sofia's bedroom.

This wooden shelves and desk where for the girls school work and books and I have them in both rooms.

I'm painting them off-white, just like the entire rooms. 

Part of the girls bathroom, that will be remodel completely, as they have a soft pink fixtures still, hehehe

I can't wait to have it all pretty to decorate and to share it with you!

In the meantime, see you in three weeks, but will be around visiting blog land.

Thank you for your sweet and kind visit, you always make my day!

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me each week.


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  1. Remodeling is no fun. I can't believe you will have this finished in three weeks! I am looking forward to seeing the changes. Dianne

  2. Love the table and that cake has me now drooling ♥

  3. Your table looks beautiful Fabby. Oh, that will be quite the renovation to your home but will look beautiful when it is complete. The mess will be worth it. We are planning a reno this September by adding on a new front entry to the house. It will be very messy here! Take care. Pam


  5. Dearest Fabby,
    Sorry for the loss of that dear friend's only sibling.
    No doubt your cake was delicious and meant more than just love.
    Love your patriotic setting and above all that very cute shell bunny! What a gem to spot and being able to bring home.
    Yes, first biting the dust; we all have to go through such a period from time to time.
    Just got over the invasion by the painters that did the staircase area after they'd finished the garage.
    But the good thing is it makes you sort through things and discard and trying to scale down...
    Good luck within your estimated time frame!

  6. Here kids go back to school after Labor Day, the first Monday in September. In some Southern states they go back in August. Your cake looks scrumptious I could so have a piece of it right now with a cup of coffee!

  7. Hello my lovely friend sorry for the loss of your friend sibling,your so nice to do this for her
    I love all your patriotic plate and cup your table look beautiful and the cake so delicious
    the school star here in Miami this Monday
    Fabby have nice weekend!!!!

  8. The cake looks delicious, Fabby. So sorry for your friend's loss. I can't wait to see the "After" pictures.....Christine

  9. Remodelar la casa es complicado y nos estreza. Lidiar con los albaƱiles es todo un tema, pero es muy lindo ver la obra terminada.
    Besos Fabby

  10. Fabby,
    Bless your heart, dear friend!
    Taking on a remodel is always a huge undertaking!
    I know you will be thrilled with the end results!
    You will be missed. . .thank you for letting us know what you're up to!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead!
    P.S. Your cake looks delicious!

  11. Sorry to hear of this Fabby :(

    Beautiful cake, I bet it tastes amazing. Love your cups and plates.

    Thanks for stopping by and linking up..

  12. Yummy cake and gorgeous tablescape. I'm sorry you won't be posting but I know you'll love the new rooms when there down. Bless you during the reno.
    This afternoon I'm visiting all the bloggers that linked at my Fabulous Fall Party last year. This year's party will be at my new blog beginning Sept 1. I hope you'll come over and join the party again! Feel free to link any older posts! Come see me here:
    Let's celebrate Fall together again!

  13. Fab by, I hope your remodel isn't too disruptive for you and then it goes well. I know it will be beautiful and you will enjoy the newly refurbished area. Your tablescape is warm and cheering, and the cake looks amazing.

  14. Fabby what a Yankee Doodle of a dandy post. I can't wait to see your newly painted rooms. I hope you have a wonderful week!

  15. I love your pretty festive table setting and your cake recipe.
    Thanks for sharing this at Cooking and Crafting with J & J! :)

  16. Renos and painting are never any fun. We just finished painting three rooms in our house before our family arrived home for two weeks' vacation. The hardest part is the mess and things sitting around everywhere. I was so tired after it was done and then our company arrived. It was like a whirlwind of activity around here for two weeks with the huge Family Reunion taking place. Lots of memories have been made and the kids had a great time. Sadly though we lost my BIL last week. He made it home in time for the reunion and then he went home and succumbed to cancer, the dear fellow!

    Your shell bunny and rooster are adorable. What cute finds! I love things like that. They add so much personality to one's home. Your cake looks delicious too, Fabby. Thank you for sharing and we all look forward to your reveal.


  17. What a charming table setting. I love the blue transferwear teapot!

    Best of luck with the home improvement projects! The final result will definitely be worth all the hassle and inconvenience. Looking forward to seeing the new and improved bedrooms and bathrooms.

  18. Everything is always sp pretty at your place!! My Amber used to collect shell animals when she was younger. I wonder what she did with them? They are really intricate works of art!
    73 does sound young. I am so sorry for your friend's loss of her sister. I have been worried about losing mine due to an autoimmune disease she has but the doctor is hopeful that in a year or so she will be feeling more normal.
    Will be looking forward to your remodeling!!!

  19. Everything is so beautiful but loved that cute bunny most

  20. Oh Fabby how exciting! I know it gets messy but it's all worth it. You have such great taste I know you will make these rooms look fantastic. It's hard to believe Labor Day is nearly upon us here in the U.S. In our area school does start just after Labor Day but in some areas they start in August. You can always snap pictures and keep us up to date as the project moves along!

  21. Your Memorial Day table is so very pretty with the bunny and the new mugs. You always do such a great job on your settings. The renovation will be messy, but the results will be wonderful! I look forward to seeing the beautiful new rooms and bathroom. All the dust and disturbance will be worth it!

  22. Beautiful cake and table settings. Thanks for stopping by too!

  23. Awe Fabby, so sorry that your friend lost a loved one. Death of a loved one is so hard. Fabby, your cake looks wonderful. have been a busy bee for sure with remodeling. Can't wait to see pics. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  24. The cake looks delicious. I wish you all the very best luck with your remodel!

  25. Your cake looks tasty, Fabby. Love seeing all the red, white, and blue details. Good luck with the remodel project.

  26. We're in the middle of a mess HERE, too, as we remodel a room so my father can come live with us. We remodeled our bathroom, too. Our kitchen looks like a storage room....dust is EVERYWHERE!

  27. Good morning Fabby, I am late visiting this week. Sometimes life gets in the way. Your red white and blue puts me in a patriotic mood. You have so many clever ideas that are a form of art. Smile. The crumb cake is pretty and I know delicious.

    Have fun remodeling and decorating. It is hard to go through the process but worth it in the end. I hope all goes well.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  28. Moring Fab. You sure get all decked out in deco's for your table. And use the beautiful tea pot. Do you entertain a lot Fabby?


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