Sunday, July 12, 2020

An Eclectic High Tea Table with Maxima

I received beautiful roses from Alejandro, as he heard me say that I needed some flowers to create a beautiful high tea table with Maxima, our four year old grand from dear daughter Alexandra and her hubby Serge. 

Maxima had a ball helping me set this eclectic tea table, with a Summer freshness in the different pattern dishes I chose and the gorgeous roses too. 

Little Maxima loved the idea of different tea cups for the fun of it all. 

Wish I could invite ten of my friends for my Rosary prayer, but we are keeping social distancing very strictly for now... that's why tea is not happening at my house, we're all praying at the same date and time each lady at our homes.

We pray for this dangerous Pandemic COVID19. 
We've had family members and friends infected with the virus, but thank goodness they have all come out of it, treated at home.

Here is the table and keep assure we are all praying for family and friends around the world, in the hope this stops and a cure is found and hopefully a very safe vaccine.

Praying specially for all the people that need to go out and work and specially for the ones that are having a hard time in every sense of the word.

Keep safe and sending you all a big hug and many blessings !

Here is my little guest and helper. Maxima four is a smart and fun kid, we enjoy her so much !

My cutie is such fun to be with !

She was so excited too !

We had fun doing this eclectic table.

Loving the roses, how happy they've made us !

I simply adore the gorgeous roses Alejandro ordered for us and he has enjoyed them too.

They're still doing well a week later.

Thank you so much dear friends for your kind comments, you always make my day !

Thanking the lovely hostesses for their fun parties.


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  1. Dearest Fabby,
    Wow, what a blessing and joy for having your cute granddaughter Maxima staying with you.
    She will probably remember this event for the rest of her life; so valuable for creating such fond memories!
    Yes, praying that the world will come to its senses and that the Covid abuse soon will end! They deprive us from our freedoms for political reasons. Let's pray hard for the coming elections in November and may God bless our President and his family and keep them safe.

  2. What a pretty table setting with beautiful flowers Fabby! Your granddaughter is just precious. I hope you have a nice week.

  3. I know you miss your friends, but what a special little guest for tea! You are making some great memories with her.

  4. Fabby!!
    I really enjoyed seeing all your pretty tea cups and tea accessories!! You have so many beauties!! And speaking of beauties, little Maxima is absolutely darling!! Thrilled fr you that you get to spend time with her and enjoy her!! Thanks so much for taking the time to visit!

  5. Maxima is such a beautiful child - and I just know you will be teaching her so much about beauty on the table and around the home Fabby!
    Glad you can spend time together.
    Take care, be well - each day is precious.
    Hugs - Mary

  6. Fabby, please tell the adorable Maxima that she set a charming tea table! I loved your tablecloth especially!
    Sandra @ Dinner at Eight

  7. What a pretty table setting with beautiful flowers Fabby! Your granddaughter is precious, and I have a grandson her age. Four is a wonderful age!

  8. Absolutely adorable!!!Made me smile!

  9. Oh, my dear Fabby - your sweet grand is absolutely beautiful! Her crocheted tea dress is stunning, as is that amazing teatime tablescape!

    I am glad you are social distancing - and keeping safe. I am too. I can't even see my grand. I cry a lot these days. It's not easy to be so isolated from family and friends. I am glad you get to see family. Keep praying! It's the only thing that can save us!
    Big hugs. God bless you.

  10. It's so beautiful to look at your grand daughter. Everything looks nice on the table. The flowers and your pink collection are so pretty. I am busy these days as i happen to do everything since we stopped the helps.Hope things get to normal back soon.Take care and lots of love to you:)

  11. Fabby, your high tea party is lovely. How darling your Maxima is in her sweet little dress. Memories in the making.You have some gorgeous dishes. Thank you for sweet about my mom. I am happy to feature your tea party at Love Your Creativity.

  12. What a beautiful table setting with my favorite flower! Say hi to gorgeous Maxima, you're a darling...

  13. Fabby, una delicia de nietecita, se la ve preciosa y muy graciosa. Aquí decimos:"al mal tiempo buena cara", y eso es lo que haces tu preparar un maravillosa mesa de te para ti y tu nietecita, seguro que las dos disfrutasteis muchísimo preparándola y el resultado fue magnífico. Y tu marido un sol aportando esas delicadas rosas. Un beso y seguiros cuidando.

  14. Your little grandgirl is simply beautiful Fabby. Your table is so very pretty. Just stunning lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  15. Oh how precious is she! Beautiful and as you've outdone yourself as usual with your table setting. So exquisite! I'm sorry that some have had the horrible Covid but so pleased they have overcome it. Praying for an end to this scourge. Your beautiful posts take one's mind off of it. Beautiful post Fabby!
    Xoxo Dolly

  16. Buenisimo!!! Fabby, I love how you and Maxima have set the table with so many different water glasses (I wish I had your color collection!) and plates... Just lovely!!! Please tell Miss Maxima that she is a star on parade today with another young granddaughter at Share Your Style #265 this evening... <3 Adorable!!! I can't wait for our little Milo to get older so we can have chocolate scones and milk tea parties like I did with his father...

    Many hugs and enjoy your flowers!!!
    Barb :)

  17. Always a treat to visit your lovely blog. Your lil one is a beauty!


I love to receive your sweet and generous messages. You always make my day !