Friday, January 23, 2015

FABBY: Luncheon for my Nephew with, Blue and Red Transferware

Hello sweet friends!

My life is non-stop lately, what a January!

I'm back home with my DD Alexandra, as the ones that follow me know I was caring for her after her appendicitis intervention; so now she's at our home, so I can send her back to her home, very well mended, lol.

I thought I was gonna find my C'mas home all over the place to store myself, but sweet Mr. Living hired a girl that comes to clean the house sometimes and she put it all away storing as I would because thank goodness, she knows where I keep the holiday stash. This was HUGE help!

Our nephew is here from NY too, so I invited him and did another luncheon with the family, using my red and blue transferware, as my guest of honor is male I thought the blue and white would be perfect for him.

My dinnerware for 12 is of blue and white transferware and the salad plates in red.
I also have in the red and white 12 teacups, 2 teapots, 2 creamers, a sugar bowl, 2 small and big
 salad bowls, along with a platter and cake plates.
I love to mix my two favorite ones!

As you can see I have some more blue and whites on the wall.
I'm so happy to see my house back to normal !

Look more Christmas!!!

My sweet mother gave me for Christmas the gorgeous Oriental teapot at your right in the tray.

A close up of the Oriental teapot I'm loving right now.

You can see in this pic the foyer and part of the living room, all back to normal and I'm loving it! Thank you so much my dearest Mr. Living!

Thank you so much for your sweet and kind comments my friend, you always make my day.

Thanking the wonderful hostesses for having me at their great parties.


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  1. Oh my Fabby, but you sure know how to make a table elegant and beautiful....I'm sure the guest of honor felts really special ;-)


  2. Alejandro is so sweet to do that for you. I am glad your daughter is feeling better and your home is back to normal. Your table is stunning with all the pretty transferware and i am just loving that teapot your sweet mother gave you....Christine

  3. Hi Fabby! How nice your daughter has you to tend to her as she heals. What a sweet hubby to do this for you and I know you had to be so relieved as it is a big job to take down the decorations. Now the tea pot your little mother gave you is absolutely gorgeous and your beautiful table! I'm sure your nephew was thrilled! I'm always in for a treat when I come to visit.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Your table looks beautiful as always. I like the long shot in the second to last photo. How nice that your Christmas was put away for you and you didn't have to face that chore on your return. It's not as fun as putting it all out before Christmas is it. Take care! Pam

  5. I didn't know about Alexandra, got she's all better! I love the red and blue, so NY too! And I'm jealous of your gorgeous new Teapot since you know I have a sweet spot right now for the color combination ;-)

  6. Oh, Fabby!!! That is FABULOUS!!! I envy you having it all done for you!!! I am in the trenches getting all my down and dealt with!! It's a labor of love when I am getting OUT! It's just plain old hard work when I am putting it UP!!

  7. I love transferware too, and think that the blue and red together on the table are beautiful. I'm sure your nephew appreciated it.
    Your husband is so sweet - and thoughtful!


  8. Oh dear Fabby the table looks simply great. Very elegant. The choice of the dishes so perfect and hope the guest would enjoyed the setting as well as you delicious lunch. Happy to hear Alexandra is fine. Have a great week end too. Love sujatha:)

  9. It's so nice to hear your daughter is getting better, Fabby, and I love your pretty dishes! :)

  10. Dearest Fabby,
    What a precious teapot you got from your dear Mom!
    Love the entire setting and your nephew must have felt very honored.
    Glad your daughter is on the mend.
    Sending you hugs and blessings,

  11. The table looks absolutely wonderful. And those placemats! Oooh! So lovely. I am guessing they are in an Italian style. Is that correct?

  12. So glad that Alexandra is all better! I love your table (we all love blue and white, don't we?). However, the star of this post to me is Mr. Living! It has taken me almost a month to finally put away my Christmas decorations, so I am impressed with his generosity!!

  13. Glad your daughter is okay, with mon's care, I'm sure her recovery will go fine! :)
    Beautiful plates, I love your centerpiece and the tea service, splendid!

  14. You always make my day, too, Fabby, with your eye-catching table settings.

    Everything looks so lovely. I'm sure your nephew was thrilled with the luncheon done just for him!

    I love all transferware. Your blue and red set is super. Susan

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Your table looks beautiful Fabby and I love the pretty vignette on your buffet!

  16. Fabby, I love that beautiful table setting. I see blue plates on the walls you love blue? Glad to know things are going well at your house. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  17. Your blue and white is glorious. What a table, and the flowers are perfect. I love that teapot that you mother gave to you, and your staging is lovely.


  18. I'm so glad your daughter is feeling better.

    Your table setting is so pretty!! I love the blue and white dishes and using your red and white transferware was a wonderful idea. I know your nephew felt like a king dining with you all!

  19. Fabby, have I told you lately that I love you?♥ Because I definitely do. I love your warm heart, your love of family and love of life. You always make me smile.

    Speaking of love, I love your new teapot, your gorgeous tablesetting, and your lovely home. I know I could spend hours looking at and hearing stories about all of your beautiful things.

    You always make Pink Saturday special. And, red is always welcome at Pink Saturday. After all, we wouldn't have pink if not for red.

  20. It's beautiful ... as always! Love that blue! Hope you daughter is healing well.

  21. so wounderful! Love your chairs :) Nice to have some help, when you hve to focus om more important things :)

  22. Oh Fabby! What a gorgeous table setting! I adore the blue and white and mixing it with the red gives a real pop of color! You always do set the prettiest tables!
    Miss Bloomers

  23. I love all your transferware! I'm sitting here with a plate under my chin to catch the drool! Your nephew is one lucky guy! I love the teapot your mom gave you! Cariños, amiguita!

  24. absolutely gorgeous my friend. Love it . Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo

  25. Elegantly perfect!
    I love your main table setting. That table is too gorgeous to be covered up.
    Well done. I love how your family and yourself always step in when someone is in need.
    Blessed be your generous hearts,

  26. Everything looks just perfect...
    Hoping your girl heals nicely. :)

  27. Hi Fabby,

    You've picked a winner with your Mr. What a sweetie he is to arrange for help just when you need it most!

    Your nephew must have been impressed with that lovely table setting. I'll bet your food was equally delish too.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  28. So pretty, I love your china and chandelier!
    Joy @ Books and Life

  29. Nicely done Fabby! Happy Blue Monday to you! You are a gracious hostess. Come visit soon.

  30. Aww hope you daughter is recovering well. Lovely table Fabby, I love the blue and White :)

  31. Loving the blue and white. Love it all as always! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  32. What a blessing to have all that Christmas stuff put away, and by someone who knew how to do it, too. It could be a disaster in the hands of the wrong person! -- haha!

  33. Thanks again for sharing at Creative Mondays, featuring your post later at the blog hop :)

  34. Hi Fabby, I love all the natural wood finishes in your home. Seems as though every blog I read is about "painting" furniture. Well your China is another thing! Everything is beautiful, I really love all your lovely China/dish ware. I look forward to your posts! Rebecca


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