Tuesday, October 28, 2014

FABBY: October Rosary Gathering

Hello sweet friends:

Here is another month ending and as many of you know I host the last Wednesday of every month a Rosary prayer with some friends. Therefore, tomorrow is the last Wednesday of October and have set the breakfast table and the formal dinner table to accommodate the 14 ladies that will attend.

Some friends might remember that last August when we went to Peru for a short vacation I bought this pretty Indian tablecloth with elephants; so I´m using it for the first time tomorrow, paired with my red and white transfer ware tea set.

The round table was set with the 'balsa wood' placemats I bought a couple of months ago too and my Mil's antique dishes from her wedding.

With that said, here are my settings for tea after prayers.

I found out the elephant Indian tablecloths are called 'Mandalas.'

The tablecloth was originally 7 inches to short, length wise for my long, formal dinner table; but the sides were very long, so I had a 7' piece cut from the sides of the cloth... and added to the length to make it fit and it turned out perfect and had the pieces with the elephants sewn back on in the four sides of the cloth.

There were a small pieces of material left from the four corners from where it was cut too and I had made 8 cute small tea, or cocktail napkins. You can see them in the pics.

I am very happy as how it turned out; the seamstress I know is very talented to figure out everything I 'imagine' and that goes with my cloths' alterations as well, lol!

I will use baskets for bread and platters for cheese, along with jam bowls, but didn't want to place them today so you can appreciate the full tablecloth's print, I love...and all the work I had made to lengthen it...hehehe

Here you can see at left the cute little cocktail napkin.


Now the tablecloth still has the elephants on all four sides!

To sort of add more whimsy to my 'elephant' theme tea table... I placed some cute elephant figurines that were my dear Mil's because she loved elephants, so I know she would have loved this cloth!
I used some of the yellow roses my Bil sent me for my birthday last week, before they start wilting away.

Some more elephant figurines.

Next time I post the rosary for November, you will see it all done up for the Holidays.

My pretty 'vintage French' round table Alejandro bought a few months ago was set with the 'balsa wood' place mats, as I just love how the cutwork shows the wood of the table through them.

The dishes here are antique from my In-law's wedding, circa 1940. A complete set for 24 place settings originally.

Again, here too I used the reticulated-cut work dinner plates as chargers with the cake plate on top, as they are cream color like the dishes.

The glass lazy-susan will not only contain tomorrow what's here, (removing the flowers) but some sweets, cheese plates and bread basket as well.

The small bowls with handles are for the homemade jams. 

I love how the cutwork shows through the wood of the table!

The reticulated plate as charger as well, paired with the cake plates from my Mil's antique dishes, made in the USA and from her wedding in 1940!

I just erased all the parties and all that was written down here, by accident! Shoot!!!

Thank you my sweet and kind friends for your visits, they always make my day!

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties!
A special thanks to the generous and supportive hostesses that have featured me and made me feel honored!


I had all the parties mentioned here, but it got erased by mistake. I can't start again, so please excuse me... I never do this!!!


  1. I love this, Fabby. Everything, from the colors to the patterns, is just so pretty! :)


  2. Hi Fabby...I always love your dishes and what you do. Love the table arrangement. The table cloth looks very Indian and the floral plates are so beautiful.Have a beautiful day.Love and hugs sujatha:)

  3. Just lovely Fabby! So great that you could get the elephant tablecloth custom-fitted to your table, with enough left over for napkins. It is gorgeous! I love the reticulated plates, and all that lovely transfer ware too. Have a wonderful time of prayer and fellowship.

  4. Fabby, I truly love it all my friend! You make everything so beautiful and special! I would so love to be there to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. Fabby, it would be fabulous to be a guest at any of your tables. That tablecloth is just wonderful! I am sure they loved every minute with you taking care of them in classy style!

  6. I love how the light play around those cut outs and the intricate pattern of dishes and pieces.

    Since some just celebrated Diwali (also known as festival of lights) and the reason of the gathering at your place it's no wonder to see the phenomenon as The Light was among you.

    Be Blessed,


  7. That is so beautiful, my friend. I have never heard of a Rosary Gathering but I love the idea!



  8. Dearest Fabby,
    How clever of your treasure of a seamstress to alter the tablecloth and ending up with cute coctail napkins as well. Those will be super for tea and or hors d'oeuvres to serve off your pretty table.
    Love both settings and also your knife rests.

  9. Wow Fabby, this look is very exotic and chic. You are such a trend setter. That table cloth is exquisite. I love the table set for tea. My heart always goes to the vintage floral patterns. It all looks lovely and beautiful.

    Abrazos y muchas bendiciones amiga.


  10. Wow Fabby, this look is very exotic and chic. You are such a trend setter. That table cloth is exquisite. I love the table set for tea. My heart always goes to the vintage floral patterns. It all looks lovely and beautiful.

    Abrazos y muchas bendiciones amiga.


  11. Fabby, you always have the most beautiful table linens. I can only imagine what your entire collection must look like! In addition to all of your gorgeous china and pottery, I am sure that you will never run out of table ideas!

  12. Bonjour ma chère Fabby,

    Je me réjouis de venir te visiter... Je cours, je cours un peu ces temps-ci !
    Je me disperse agréablement !

    Ta nappe mandala avec ces éléphants est juste parfaite ! J'aime beaucoup. Je trouve que tu as trouvé avec beaucoup de raffinement comment la parer avec cette très belle vaisselle.

    Je te fais de
    Gros bisous ♡

  13. Lovely, lovely!! The red tablecloth is a treasure and absolutely beautiful! Your MIL's dishes are perfect in this setting. Another gorgeous tea!!

  14. I am in love with that red and white elephant tablecloth. I must confess that I have a bit of a weakness when it comes to textiles. I even buy yardage that appeals to me and I don't even sew!

  15. The tablecloth turned out so well, Fabby! Your seamstress does work wonders.
    I'm sure your Rosary group appreciates all the beauty of your tables.

  16. Oh Fabby that tablecloth is just beautiful and I love that you got some napkins too from it. The dishes that were your in-laws remond me so much of my Grandmother's dishes. We lived with my Grandmother so those plates were used every Sunday dinner, so this brought back lovely memories. We also used to have a weekly Rosary with our neighbors every Monday night after dinner. The people on our block would take turns but no food was served, we just saud the Rosary then people would talk for awhile then leave. That is another good memory. XO

  17. It looks beautiful Fabby, love your elephant table cloth :)

    Thanks for linking up...#Wednesdaybloghop

  18. What a gorgeous tablecloth...it is so nice your seamstress could alter it to fit your table. You always have a beautiful table, Fabby. I love those balsa wood placemats, they are so unusual.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  19. Oh, my....everything looks amazing. Love that beautiful elephant cloth.
    You have such a beautiful dining room.

  20. A sensational elephant fabric, and cute napkins.

  21. Fabby,
    To have someone who can make this tablecloth fit is truly, a treasure, dear friend!!! I looked, but couldn't see the seam! Amazing work and now it fits perfectly!!!
    Love the detail of the elephants!

  22. Both settings are really pretty, Fabby. I love the tablecloth and how ingenious the way you had it make to fit your table. Pretty dishes too.....Christine

  23. Beautiful Fabby! The elephant table cloth is so unique. You have gorgeous dishes and I love the cutwork placemats as well! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  24. Hi Fabby. I always love the transferware. So wonderful! And my daughter in law would flip at your tablecloth...she loves elephants! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  25. I love the transferware, Fabby, as red is my favourite. Both tables are lovely and your yellow roses are exquisite! The elephant tablecloth is a real conversartion piece. Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea.


  26. Hi Fabby!

    I love seeing what you come up with every month for your Rosary gatherings! Love the elephant textile and the transferware. Such a colorful, fun tablescape. Happy Tea Day!

  27. The table looks lovely. And what a creative way to make the tablecloth custom fit for you!

  28. You have two pretty tables! I really love the elephant tablecloth, and also the china from your in-laws' wedding. Lovely!

  29. I always love your tablescapes, Fabby - and nothing better than having a Rosary Gathering - I think that is beyond neat.

    By the way you can easily change/edit your postings! Just go to where you posted it - see the EDIT button? It lets you change things. I do it all the time - typos, adding parties, sometimes even adding a pic or two when I have more time - easy peasy.

  30. So lovely Fabby! I love your transferware and the yellow roses look so pretty!

  31. Hi Fabby: I love your new table cloth. You can make everything look so pretty and special. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  32. I love Fabby that you get together for this Rosary Gathering! You are the best! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  33. You have such a lovely sense of whimsy! I adore your MIL's china set.

  34. Dear Fabby, The vintage 1940 dishes are lovely.
    I love elephants and so did my mom.
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo


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