Monday, July 21, 2014

FABBY: Tea is Served in the Kitchen

Hello sweet friends!

       I'm starting this Monday by inviting you to have some tea in my kitchen, my fave place and where we spend most of our days, eating, cooking, baking, watching the news, or enjoying the view out the windows... so why not invite you too for tea! 

I can serve you coffee, tea and some goodies, whatever you prefer. I can make you little sandwiches too! (my wishful thinking, pretend).

I hope you like my tea setting for you... so please, come inside!

What made me invite you for tea is that I've been tweaking a little... so now my coffee station is by the TV, in front of our breakfast nook. Before I had cook books and my cookie jar in this space.

I chose for you my Mil's antique teacups from her wedding china and are under the cloche. They also have pink roses as the table topper.

Some goodies in my 'Lady Carlyle' tier and some cheese in that small covered stand.

Now I'm keeping the 'cookbooks of the moment' here, next to the cooktop where I had the coffee station before. 

The cook-book at your left was written by my dear Mil and the other I bought from the volunteers for the 'Cancer Society, FASEC.' Next is my Cookie jar I have forever. 

Our kitchen is not big, but not small either and I love to spend time here, it's really very comfortable and warm, I think.
The door you see leads to the laundry room.

People here have the custom to serve on warm days, some cold fruit sherbet before tea, or even ice-cream...whatever you prefer!

Some of you might remember my Chinese teapot collection I keep in the window sill... I so enjoy looking at them.

Coffee is ready in the back, if you rather.

I love this little pantry for my everyday use as I have a wall to wall closet pantry in the laundry room as well.
The 'slit' pantry, next to my double ovens contains all the things I need for baking right at hand.

Thank you so much sweet and kind friends for coming over for tea, you always make my day!

Thanking the gracious hostesses for having me at their great parties.


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  1. Fabby, veo que te gustan las violetas de los Alpes o ciclamen.A mi también me encantan. Te cuento por si no lo sabés que se riegan con cubitos de hielo así me duran de una temporada para otra. Cuando se ponen feas las dejás en reposo hasta fines del verano y allí las empiezas a mojar y verás como brotan.

  2. I always enjoy the teapots in your window! Such a marvelous view. Everything for your tea looks wonderful. I think you have the perfect sized kitchen. I like your little pantry, too.

  3. Fabby: Your pantry is amazing. I would love to have all the room you have. Always a feast for my eyes when I visit you. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  4. I loved seeing your kitchen Fabby. It is always the coziest place in the house, and yours is no exception! I love the Lady Carlisle pattern too. would love to visit with you in your kitchen and look at that view. I'll bet that cookie jar is for your grandchildren :)

  5. What a lovely kitchen. I love the colors in the table setting too.
    I thank you for the invite and would love to share a cup of coffee or tea with you. It would be so nice.
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  6. Oh Fabby! You have set a delightful table. I'd like to say I'll be right over! Your Kitchen is a nice one.
    You are blessed and a blessing,

  7. What a great set up you have in your kitchen. I love the pantry! Thanks for the tea. I had a great time.

    BTW...I love where you placed the cooks books, near the stove. Great choice.

  8. Thank you for hosting a lovely tea! My mother would have loved the pink tea cups and your beautiful tablecloth. Pink was her favorite color! Your kitchen is so pretty! I love your 'slit' pantry - so clever! Happy week!

  9. Beautiful! I wish I was there :) I love the little pink glass bowls!

  10. Your table setting and desserts look so inviting. Kitchens always seem to be where we gravitate to. You're kitchen is very attractive and well thought out. This skinny pantries are great! Lots of storage goes into such a narrow spot. We had one in our motorhome years ago and I was always amazed at how much it held. Thanks for sharing- XO, Liz

  11. Beautiful tea setting! Your pantry is wonderful. What a great idea. Thank you for sharing at Tuesdays at Our Home! Have a great week! Maria

  12. Dearest Fabby,
    How special to have a cookbook from your Mother-in-law! Also lovely how you present the lovely wedding china of your MIL under that cloche. Always a pleasure with you at table...

  13. Fabby, The cabinets in your kitchen are lovely. The warm wood tones and the pattern of the marquetry are so pretty. The "slit" pantry is wonderful, I would love to have one in my kitchen. The pretty flowered tea cups in the cloche and the tea service look so inviting. I would love to sit down and have tea with you. I enjoyed the tour of your kitchen, it is nice to see where you bake all of those lovely treats for your friends and family.

  14. Your kitchen is so beautiful Fabby...I am in love with it! I would love a tea with you :)
    -- Island of Peace

  15. What a sweet tea! I love your dishes and all of your tea stuff. So cute how you placed your flatwear in the creamer dish! Wish I could be there to have a sip of tea and maybe a sandwich! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  16. Thanks for the invite... I will be right over.... don't I wish.....
    What a view you have!

  17. I adore the view from your kitchen window. No wonder you love to sit there. Your kitchen looks like it's the perfect size. Love the teacups under the cloche!

  18. Fabby,
    So pretty and inviting!! I would be thrilled to have tea in your Kitchen any day!! Thanks for stopping by!!


  19. What a truly fabulous t ea, Fabby!

    I really love the pull out skinny built in panties you have, too. I'd love to have them!

    Thank you for such a pretty teatime.


  20. What a pretty tea setting, Fabby! I would love to join you and enjoy that fabulous view. Everything looks so beautiful; and your kitchen feels so warm and cozy.

  21. Fabby, I always marvel at the spectacular view out your windows. Your kitchen is a delightful spot for tea or coffee. Thanks for having us!

  22. You always set the loveliest tables. I have some of those sherbet cups, but mine are turquoise. The pink is beautiful!

  23. Thanks for the tea, Fabby. Loved peeking into your cabinets, I love the slide out pantry!

  24. Hi Fabby! Oh, this looks so nice and I wish I could pop over and have a cup with you! I love that storage cabinet too. Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


  25. I am already there...Thank you for your invitation.Beautiful surroundings Fabby.Your kitchen looks wonderful.Love and hugs sujatha...:):)

  26. Nice post! I will follow your blog as my pattern for decorating my kitchen cabinets next week! Thank you for sharing!

  27. Simply gorgeous...and now I want tea! :)

  28. You have sure organized that kitchen. It looks very efficient and I love your table!!!

  29. You have a very functional kitchen, Fabby. Love the view as I always say. Where you moved the coffee pot is very practical.. I love your tea table. Beautiful cups in the cloche and everything else....Christine

  30. Fabby your kitchen is beautiful and what a stunning view!! Wish I was able to reach in and grab one of those yummy cookies :-)

  31. Hi Fabby! Your kitchen looks so great--and the glimpses we got of your! I really like your Asian teapot collection in the windowsill, very pretty! Your table looks terrific too, I really liked the display of teacups under glass. The desserts on your Lady Carlyle three tier stand look delicious--and what a great stand! Have a great week :)

  32. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE your kitchen Fabby and that small pantry is an organizers dream! I love how you set up the tea cups and saucers stacked up underneath the cloche, so cute and elegant at the same time!

  33. Thank you for sharing tea with us. Such a lovely post.Hugs P.S. I invite you to share at my blog hop
    (link up today through Sat)

  34. I am visiting from Charm at Home and so glad I did! The tea table was dressed beautifully, the little dainties were tasty and the coffee nice and hot like I like it. I also wanted to send my love to the late Benito. We have a pug as well and my heart melted to see yours! I love those creatures!

  35. Sweet Fabby, Love your tea and the peek into your cabinets. I also have pull-outs I adore. I am loving your tea setting. You always create beautiful vignettes and yummy baked goods. xo

  36. May I come over, like, right now? I love tea and scrumptious desserts. :-)

  37. Oh, Fabby! I would love to have tea with you! I just know time would fly in your cozy kitchen! What a spectacular view! I really love those pink compote glasses. It makes me want to fill them with chocolate ice cream. Your kitchen is lovely. What beautiful cabinetry! Now I'll be able to picture you every morning having breakfast in your beautiful kitchen!

  38. Gurl, I so want to be pouring a cup of tea, and eating these delish looking goodies, and taking in that awesome view.

  39. I'm your newest follower thanks for visiting my blog your Tea set especially the teacups under the clothes looks wonderful.


  40. What a wonderful view out your kitchen, love it I would be in there all day long.
    It's so nice to see such a gorgeous place someone gets to enjoy in everyday life. I love big windows and don't have curtains in my kitchen to make a bit of a view.
    Thanks for stopping by my New York post

  41. What a delightful place for a tea. Your kitchen is that little pantry.
    Thanks for having me...:)

  42. How charming Fabby! I loved seeing your kitchen and especially your view out the window! It is a fun view and I would want to sit there just to enjoy the view.
    Those pink dessert dishes are wonderful! Enjoy, Enjoy!

  43. Lovely pink tea table and so very inviting! So impressed by your MIL's cookbook. I wish I read it!

  44. How lovely. Thank you for showing us your kitchen and your tea party. Beautiful!

  45. Hi Fabby!! Thanks so much for stopping by and linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party!

    My party sometimes opens very late on Wed evenings, and if not definitely on Thursday morning.

    Nice to meet you :)

  46. Looks like an English tea time. Lovely makes me want to stop by for a cuppa

  47. This is wonderful! Love the teacups in the cloche! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  48. G'day and congrats Fabby as I featured you FABBY: Tea is Served in the kitchen via What's On The List. Can you please contact me for the coding to add "I've Been Featured" by What's On The List
    Here is the post for you to view; sharing is caring! Congrats! Joanne


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