Tuesday, June 10, 2014

FABBY: Father's Day Buffet Setting

Hello sweet friends!


Thank you all.

       I decided to go for a buffet table for Father's Day 2014...opposed to a sit down dinner.
I used my 'Multiple Choice' mix and match black and white china to give it a masculine aura to the the buffet setting; among other elements accordingly.

Alejandro deserves it all, he has being a wonderful father to our two daughters, as he has given each girl their first home.... and he is also a great (awesome) granddaddy to our little girls.
Let me mention that he is a lovable and caring husband and I am so thankful on how generous he is with me and my love for collecting lots of things, specially dishes and decorating the house.  

I don't think he's 'hardly said NO' to something I wanted, or the changes I wanted to make in our houses, except for maybe a couple of times because he probably didn't totally like it himself, as fortunately we always agree on our projects or things we wish to purchase for the house, or pertaining to the family.

 Thank you my God for giving him to me, you've blessed us all!

May God bless your fathers, husbands, sons and Son'in'laws this Father's Day 2014 and always.

Ok, here goes my buffet setting in honour of my dearest 'Man of the House!'

Happy Father's Day 2014 everyone!

I bought a few years ago two different sets of, 'Multiple Choice' (brand) of dishes for four places... actually, for a Father's Day 2010.
I decided on buying two different patterns to do just this...mix them together and here is the result.

I bought this adorable 'shell rooster' on my recent coastal vacation.
I decided to use him as I believe it's also 'Rooster's Day' next Sunday too...hehehe..

A close up of my 'natural shell rooster.' I fell in love with him and had to have it!

I bought it on a town where the people are so crafty, talented and gifted with their hands in making such lovely things.

They didn't have any chickens left, so the great roos was just fine for me, lol.. 

I used this very different and masculine fern for a centerpiece instead of flowers.

I had some small faux-shells and I made napkin holders gluing them to an elastic. Only the White one is real.

Love the teacups!

I placed an oil hurricane lamp for a romantic mood.

Alejandro and our guests will be watching the 'Soccer World Cup' too.

Natural shells from our vacation.

Tea will be served from the pretty Chinese teapot.

I placed in the back of the fern the warm buffet servers.

 I am using the hot servers with the buffet food. I might have to add one more, according to the menu.
I will always miss you daddy. Thank you so much for your love, you were my best role model!

Here is the 'bigger picture' on how I'm serving the Father's Day 2014 buffet.

Guests will grab a dinner plate from the right side of the table and promenade towards the back to serve themselves dinner and continue around it for a glass of white or red wine to celeb.

Thank you dear friends for your sweet and kind comments, as you always make my day!

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties too.



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  1. What a beautiful buffet setting, Fabby! I love the masculine black and white color combo. You always have such lovely china for your tablescapes. Now, you've inspired me to get my Father's Day setting together.

  2. Absolutely wonderful idea, Fabby, and beautifully executed. I know you have a wonderful husband- I can tell just by the way you speak of him and how generous he is with you and your daughters. God has blessed you with a good husband and provider.

    I tried to find out more about Christine's little girl but there is nothing on her blog or Facebook about it. But- I am praying for her---xo Diana

  3. Perfect choice for a Father's Day china, Fabby, Thank you so much for asking prayers for our Rea. I am so sorry I have not visited. I have been so busy taking care of the other babies since Rea is always in the hospital. She is doing very well though. She always proves the nurses wrong on what is to be expected of her as the usual side effects of the chemo. She is so strong and so brave especially for a 2 year olld. I was devastated when we got the diagnosis but I am getting stronger now seeing how strong she is. Back to Alejandro. He sounds just like my John. He has allowed me to stay here in FL, for 3 months now, They are wonderful hubbies, dads and granddaddies. Happy Father's Day to them!....Christine

  4. I am having a very small gathering for Father's Day, alas. But I did get some ideas from your beautiful buffet setting and for that I thank you.

  5. A buffet is a wonderful idea! Men love simplicity, how perfect. Beautiful china. So sorry to hear about the little one. Prayers sent your friend's way.

  6. Fabby,

    Wonderful table....love that adorable chicken too! Such texture and fun. Your wonderful husband is very lucky!


  7. God is great.I'll pray for Christine's girl.It's nice to read your sweet note about your husband.I always noted in some your postings write up that the love you have for your husband is very special.God bless the family.You have set a beautiful table.Love those napkin rings of shell.Once again a beautiful share from Fabby's Living...Love sujatha..;):)

  8. Such a great table to celebrate your wonderful husband! I love the rooster too haha, perfect for the head of the house! those teacups are very elegant. I'm off to visit Christine, thank you.

  9. What a spectacular spread! Love the Staghorn Fern..perfect for Dad.

  10. Me encanta ti idea Fabby. La mesa se ve espectacular. Muy elegante y masculina. Me alegro que to vida te llevo aldo de un ser tan especial. Mi esposo tambien es un gran hombre y nunca me dice que no. Somos muy dichosas. Me haz dado tremenda idea amiga.

    Mis oraciones para la Rea. Eres un alma de Dios Fabby. Que Dios te bengida siempre.

    Un abrazo desde NJ.


  11. Dearest Fabby,
    Can't get over your fabulous find of that shell made Rooster! What a great piece for using around the home and especially for Father's Day.
    Lovely setting, including the cups and saucers and matching plates. Those shell napkin rings are darling and even more so the real shells.
    Wishing you a very Happy Father's Day and asking God for more years of Blessings.

  12. Even your buffets are set up exquisitely Fabby! Love the fern centerpiece and all the shell accents. I know ALejandro is a great man, since you are one happy wifey for sure!

    I have been praying for REA for a while now, and been following Christine and Rea's journey thru FB. :-)

  13. Fabby,
    I'd say that Alejandro is one lucky man, dear friend!!! You have set a gorgeous tablescape in his honor!!!
    They say it's the "chick" that felivers the eggs. . .but this Rooster certainly rules the Roost and your table. Isn't he adorable??? I think so, too!!! Love the detail in the shells!!!
    Have a wonderful time entertaining the Man of The House with your family and friends!!!

  14. This has to be one of the loveliest buffet settings I've seen. What attention to detail! Your china is exquisite and all the extra details are sure to make Alejandro feel honored. Happy Father's Day to all dads everywhere!

  15. I agree. If someone deserves the "fuss" of a Great party is your Alejandro. His thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity goes beyond the means as comes from a Generous and Blessed Heart.
    Happy Father's Day and I love the manly tone you put into the buffet party (man also prefer buffet - comes from ancient times and grabbing food to eat ahahah)
    Have Fun!

  16. Your dear husband will enjoy this buffet dinner so much!! You've made sure every detail is perfect. Wonder what's on the menu?? Enjoy your weekend, Fabby!!

  17. Just gorgeous! You are going to have a great celebration!

  18. Fabby, Your tribute to your husband was so touching. He sounds like a great father and a generous man. The table is awesome, I love your idea of the mix and match teacups. What a great way to get a lot of different looks. Have a great Father's Day and enjoy all the World Cup Football.

  19. Hi Dear Fabby, what a wonderful buffet. Everything is just perfect for a special Father's Day.
    Your china is gorgeous and you just know how to create a beautiful setting. Love your ideas and you always inspire me.
    Thank you for sharing.
    So sorry to read about the little one. Prayers for your friend.
    Have a great weekend.

  20. I'm praying for brave little Rea. Your Father's Day table is stunning. How smart you were to buy two different variations of the same pattern. Mixing them makes the table so much more interesting. The shell rooster is so unique, and I love the ways you've incorporated seashells into this tablescape. Alejandro is sure to feel appreciated and loved on Father's Day. laurie

  21. First, I want Christine to count on my prayers for little Rea. God works miracles. Let's pray for her.Thank you, Sweet Fabby, for letting us know.

    And my best wishes for Alejandro--we have evidence of his kindness and love of family not only through this post, but the many, many times that you mention him in your other posts. Felicidades para el.

    Your table is lovely. How clever of you to put the dishes on one end of the table and the food on the other, separated by the huge fern! I will have to adopt that idea at some point! I know Alejandro will enjoy the table you so lovingly created for him.

    Carinos a los dos, Fabby. Zuni

  22. Lovely setting! Perfect for Father's Day.

  23. Such a beautiful display and set up for a great Father's Day event....Love every detail and must say that sea shell covered chicken is the cutest!!! Happy Fathers' Day to your wonderful hubby!

  24. Yes, I've heard about porro little Rea. She is a brave little fighter, and I know she's going to emerge victorious.

    This is a wonderful Father's Day buffet setting, Fabby! The staghorn fern really makes a huge difference in the look of the table. A terrific choice in lieu of flowers! I can see the "masculine" look to it! Your guests are going to be pleased, but most of all I think Alejandro will be 1000% delighted!

    Alejandro sounds very much like Ramon. It is a blessing to have husbands like we have. Not every woman can say that she is truly happy in her marriage, but we have been given that gift. I am so happy for you two, and I wish you many, many more years of wedded bliss!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Fabby! Take care!

  25. While I enjoyed looking at your lovely table, Fabby, it is your tribute to your husband that is the star of this post. You are, indeed, blessed, and so am I. There's certainly a lot to be thankful for!

  26. Prayers for little Rea.....
    Your buffet looks amazing! My daughter, Amber, collected shell 'critters' when she was growing up. She simply loved them! I always think of her when I see one. Yiur rooster is so clever!
    Happy Father's Day to your beloved. It's wonderful to see a good father be honored in such a loving way!

  27. You are blessed indeed to have a such a giving, caring husband, Fabby. He is blessed to have you in his life. What a wonderful couple you make. Your table to,honor him is beautiful. Thank you for asking prayers for little Rea as she fights cancer. xo

  28. Fabby, you've thought of everything! I love the masculine touches, even down to the right plant! Lovely!

  29. Your love for your husband is so obvious. You are truly blessed to have him and he is blessed to have you! What a wonderful way to honor him by having a lovely buffet for him. Love the mix and match teacups and saucers. Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great weekend!
    Blessings, Deborah

  30. Beautiful table for a wonderful husband Fabby. Not to feminine. Just the right touches of masculinity. Love the shell rooster! Little Rea will be in my prayers. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  31. That natural shell rooster is really a work of art.

  32. You have set a wonderful table to celebrate Father's Day. Love your shells and especially your handsome shell rooster! He's totally unique and charming. Thanks for joining me for tea and enjoy your day.


  33. I do like your shell rooster! And the shell napkin rings, what a clever idea! Thanks for sharing with us. And I am sending prayers along for little Rea. Having a child with cancer is HARD, unfortunately I know. But prayers are VERY GOOD!

  34. What a perfect way to celebrate Father's Day with a beautiful buffet. Your china in black and white is the perfect one for a man's table. I love you can mix and match the patterns. That rooster is just precious with all the details and adds whimsy to the table. Have a special week and enjoy your family!


  35. Hope you are well Fabby! What beautiful memories to have of your Father. I always love your table settings and attention to detail and I'm sure you all had a wonderful day. We had sunshine in the UK yesterday and a little bbq in the garden for my hubbie and baby Luca (who wanted to eat Daddy's chocolates)! Of course we have Wimbledon very soon so no doubt it will rain xxx

  36. I'm with you Fabby, mix and match and keep things interesting! Love the shell rooster, and sweet tribute to your Dad~

  37. You've created a beautiful buffet table. I love the way you've spoken about your husband - mine is also wonderful and I'm so grateful for him.


I love to receive your sweet and generous messages. You always make my day !