Sunday, April 27, 2014

FABBY: My Italian Buffet is Clean!

Hello sweet friends!

I didn't have much to do this Sunday, so I've been in my hands and knees cleaning my Italian sideboard and glass hutch!  I've been putting it off for quite some time, so the day finally arrived when I materialized my 'good intentions!'

Here it is, all spick and span, inside and out!  I'm very proud of myself, as this poor darling was the dirtiest, I think ...and the last one I cleaned in the past two months.

Here you have it...sparkling!

Here is my Italian style side board with glass hutch, all cleaned, inside and out, taking the last piece for dusting and cleaning the glass doors and shelves.
I am so happy I finally did it!

Glare all over as it's shining, the glass and mirror background.

I always wanted the glass hutch to hold some of my crystal things and antique tea sets, and the silver tea set I bought in Astoria-Queens many years ago. 

I like to keep it looking light and ethereal; without china.

I fell in love with the entire dining set twenty two years ago when hubby gave me for my 40th. birthday, as a surprise! I explained sometime ago and the friends that follow me might remember the story behind it.

I fell for the gorgeous work in this entire piece and the glass hutch really got me!

I love tassels!

This beautiful piece is great for using it as a serving buffet in the sides of the glass hutch.
See how it goes with the lovely marquetry in the dining table?

My entire reticulated dishes for twelve are in the left under cabinet, along with my Mil's French stemware.

The center part is containing a couple of chinas...the one for sixteen piece servings and the upper one with our oldest china from the 70's for twelve settings, among other things.

Look at part of my pink croc shoe, lol!

I took out each drawer and cleaned and dusted too... this one was a little tough and very tiring...shish!

Look how clean and neat it looks now!

Thank you for visiting me sweet ladies and, as you always make my day!

Thanking the gracious hostesses for having me at their great parties.


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  1. Your cabinet just sparkles! You have so many gorgeous things in it!
    I always feel so good when I have completed a job that I have put off and been dreading! Have a wonderful week Fabby....hugs, Penny

  2. Oh, good job-good job-good job...AND a BIG job! You have so many beautiful pieces, Fabby- dinnerware AND furniture. I do remember the story behind the set!

    Love the peek at the pink croc!;>)

    Now you will smile everytime you glance that way and see everything all shiny ans polished and beautiful.

    I did my under cabinets about a month ago- it felt so good! xo Diana

  3. Oh Fabby, that is such a beautiful piece and your china and crystal is all so amazing. I love this piece, it is truly a treasure.

  4. Dear Fabby, A beautiful piece and it does sparkle with the love and attention you have given it.
    Astoria, Queens is not all that far from me.
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  5. That just HAD to be a lot of work!! A labor of love, no doubt!!

  6. Hi dear Fabby! Oh, this looks so beautiful and I know it must a lot of work to take all of your pretty pieces out, clean and put them back again. A big accomplishment and everything looks gorgeous - just like you. Thanks for popping in to see our new Diva.
    Be a sweetie,Shlei a;)

  7. What a wonderful piece for storage! It is definitely sparkling clean. I know this was a huge job, but so worth it.

  8. It's a beautiful buffet Fabby, and it really shimmers and sparkles with all the gorgeous things you have in it!

  9. Dearest Fabby,
    Wearing crocks or not; you mastered quite a mega-task in cleaning out this Italian Buffet.
    It is even more of a showcase now.
    Lovely piece of furniture holding lovely treasures inside.
    Hugs and happy week to you.

  10. I love doing this... it's so fun to take care of things you love!
    It looks wonderful and I'm sure you're being harder in yourself than any speck of dust would be in those wonderful items ahahahah
    Great Job! And all in Crocs - people should give more appreciation to those uggly things ahahahahah. I have ones in that exact shade of pink I couldn't live without.
    Take Care and Have a wonderful week,

  11. Hello FAB (ulous) Linda amiga.

    That's a lot huh? Just wait for me coz I am coming to grab some of those, LoL*

    Have a blissful week to come.

    Thank you for all the prayers. Life is easer but I still need you guidance.


  12. Oh Fabby,

    It IS so sparkly; no wonder you love to look at it. Thanks for sharing with us; I love to look at it too. What a lot of work!

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  13. Christine KarieMonday, 28 April, 2014

    Fabby: First of all I will comment on your beautiful piece of furniture. A lot of intricate details in the carving - takes patience to clean each and every crevice. Second, you have an amazing collection of goodies displayed. Good for you! Now you can step back, admire the incredible job you've done, pat yourself on the back and use these serveware for your family, friends, etc.

    Now I should roll my sleeves up and do some serious spring cleaning. You are such an inspiration (sigh......)

  14. Wow Fabby you did an amazing job cleaning your cabinet it just sparkles ;-) love all your pretties you have displayed in your gorgeous sparkly cabinet.

    Wishing you a great week....

  15. Fabby,
    Sparkling clean and brillinatly shining, dear friend!!!
    I know exactly how you feel about the drawers! The drawers are always the most time consuming. Why, oh why, do I leave them to tackle last???
    The Spring Cleaning chore I love even more than re~arranging my china cabinets is ironing the linens!!!
    I often think of my beloved Mother~in~law while cleaning as she would sing when attending to her daily chores. For me. . .it's Classical piano music!!!

  16. Impressions, Fabby! I soooo need to do that one of these days. Such a
    big job though - prefer to put it off, haha.

    Love the pink crock shoe, you make me laugh.

    You have so many beautiful pieces of glassware and china - WOW! What a wonderful lifetime collection!

  17. Fabby, I have always admired your beautiful buffet and china hutch, they truly are spectacular piece,, The sparkle of the freshly cleaned and polished surfaces is just beautiful! Your lovely collections are radiant!

  18. How lucky to have such a fabulous piece of furniture. And it displays your things so well. WELL DONE!!!

  19. Beautiful pieces Fabby !!!!!


  20. Hi Fabby,
    I adore your china cabinet! its beautiful and your dishes are lovely! When we clean our china cabinets and windows here in the states we call it (spring cleaning)
    I bet you are so happy you spring cleaned it sure looks bright and shinning.
    I love your home and love visiting with you, Elizabeth

  21. What a beautiful piece of furniture, Fabby! And your collection of dishes is gorgeous. Very, very nice!

  22. Beautiful. Love all that storage for you pretty dishes. Spring cleaning is a drudge, but the results are worth it! Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!
    Blessings, Deborah

  23. Looks great, I know it must have been quite a job, like when I clean out my pie safe full of vintage dishes!
    Dawn @ We Call It

  24. It is sparkling! So beautiful!! Thank you for networking with us on the CLIMB!

  25. Your cabinet looks marvelous - it is fun to clean things up and to rearrange our treasures! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,


I love to receive your sweet and generous messages. You always make my day !