Thursday, October 3, 2013

FABBY: Victoria's First Communion Part TWO

Hello sweet friends!

   Now that the first part of Victoria's First Communion is over, I will share the second part, where our little princess is center stage here, plus her mother who is the one who executed, designed and worked hard for the success of this First Communion, a very important event in her little girl's life, will be a memorable occasion for her daughter and for the family.

"A lot of you say that children usually do their First Communions along with the school children, around Easter timer in the US, or other countries, as I did myself."
 The same goes here in the Catholic schools, where it's held in May and June; but Victoria's school is private and founded by the 'Opus Dey' group, and while they do prepare children in a group, they have a choice to do it alone so all the girls can attend each of their classmates celebrations in the dates chosen by them, so it's fun too for the girls, and by the way, it's an all girls school too.

I must point out that where Sofia lives is Guayaquil-Ecuador, where is very hot most of the time, so children start school in May because the weather gets cooler, like in the 80's or less, and their vacation starts at the end of January; therefore the FCs are held from September on. Now in the Andean region, where we live is like in the USA or starts in Sept. and vacation is in June.

I will explain under each photo some things that you might want to know. Ok, again lots of photos, so you might as well get comfy.

Here is Victoria ready to be another little 'Bride of Christ.' Alejandro managed to take some pics while the photographer they hired was making the family pose, that's why you won't see pics of us the grands, as Sofia will have to send some of Victoria posing with us.

The proud mother and daughter

Victoria's gorgeous First Communion dress was bought in Miami, at a special children's Spanish boutique called Pili Carrera, which specializes in this kind of special occasions, like weddings, First C's, Baptisms, etc. Sofia bought it last June when we went together.

The dress is from Spain, specially made for FC girls. Notice the little roses in the neck, arms and blouse of the dress.

The pale pink silk dress little Cayetana is wearing is also from the same Spanish boutique, "Pili Carrera" in Miami.

The day was very sunny so the pics came out quite clear, but the dress was full with small roses around the neck, arms, waist and bottom of the dress. Maybe you can't appreciate the beauty of Victoria's dress in the photos, which little Cayetana will wear when her time comes in another three years. 

Giancarlo, Victoria and Sofia.

The four of them.

Victoria is posing next to her beautiful cake. Wrapped in white is a special Candy that's all around the cake, and they're made of 'dulce de leche' and it's customary in First Communions.

Me with my darling Victoria and my dear Sil, Alejandro's sister who is married to my Newyorker brother too, lol!

OMG!...I almost forgot to add this pic of my sweet mother and great-grandmother of Victoria!
I must add that she has another g'grand from her dad's side too, but I have no photo to show you and she's a darling lady too.

Going inside the small church.

Victoria with the altar behind her waiting for everyone to come in for the service.

I'd love to point out that Victoria was the happiest girl I've ever seen, as she is very committed to her religion because of her school and parents.

Finally the moment she so was waiting for and has prepared for the past year.

Look at her little sister in the back in total amazement, hehehee

With some classmates and little cousins.

I did manage to take a pic of Victoria with her other grandparents. Ours was taken by the hired photographer, so no one took this shots, but I'm hopping Sofia will give us a copy of the photos.

Victoria with her aunt, my dear daughter Alexandra and my dear Sofia.

Somehow I managed to catch Alejandro at church, as he hates me taking pics of him and anyone else for that matter! There are no guests shots by me cause he 'prohibited,' lol...although the photographer they hired did that job, so I don't have them as of yet!

Thank you so much for the wonderful and lovely comments you sweet and kind friends sent me on the First Communion's first part; some even made me shed a little sentimental tier or two from your generosity and kindness, really.

My Victoria and her family are so grateful too; specially Sofia as she knows how I appreciate your comments and so does she.

My big appreciation to the lovely and gracious hostesses for having us at their great parties with this special post.


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  1. You have such a beautiful family Fabby! You all look like celebrities! Victoria just shines, please tell her that - perfect smile for a perfect day! Just lovely. I think your family is beautiful because you are all happy and loved!

  2. You have a very beautiful family! You and your daughters are so beautiful and your granddaughters so pretty. Wonderful photos. Victoria's dress is gorgeous. A lovely ceremony. Blessings, Pamela

  3. Fabby- I don't even know where to start to tell you how beautiful everything turned out. The dress, the family, the cake, the sweets-just wonderful. I love all the candid shots, too. You look just beautiful and your hubby is a handsome man. You make a beautiful couple.

    That dress from Miami/Spain is gorgeous. Our girls go all out looking for a dress for that special day, too. We also wear veils here in this a little bride.

    It is customary here for a whole school class to take First Communion at the same time as a class. I like the way you do it-because each child must feel VERY special AND other children can celebrate with them. Here each family goes home to celebrate and no classmates are invited because they celebrate with their own family.

    Lovely post- I hope you will show us some of the professional photos when you get them. That last picture is one of my very favorites! xo Diana

    ps. You are one good looking grandmama!

  4. Such a blessing to see your beautiful family and share your joy for this dear little granddaughter!

  5. Wow! The second part did not disappoint! Beautiful dress! Gorgeous family! What a perfect day!

  6. What a lovely lovely and special girl and her Blessed Sacrament day.

    First Holy Communion is done so differently here - always around Easter and always huge classes of second graders.

    Everything looks so amazing.

    You are so pretty, and I love your love of the Lord, and of your sweet family.

    Your pride shows in everything you do, Fabby. Hugs.

  7. What a beautiful post, Fabby. Oh! your little granddaughter had such a special day. She is so darling.

    And your daughters are very beautiful!

    Everything looked so elegant and so perfect.

    Fabulous job, Fabby! Susan

  8. Again, congratulations to your family! Everyone is so beautiful!

  9. Dearest Fabby,
    What a post! That elegant dress from Spain is perfect couture for FC and I LOVE roses too. So sweet and also Sofia's dress is gorgeous. Victoria is so natural and happy in all those photos; so graceful. She looks like a mini-you! Sofia has more from her Dad it looks like, compared to Alexandra.It was indeed very special for having her First Communion done all by herself in that little Church. Very special and probably far more meaningful this way. It was Victoria's big day as she was a stunning little bride of Christ. Well prepared and perfectly guided by her close family...
    What a great way for writing this for later; those girls will treasure your writings!
    Hugs to you and hope you will soon get to re-live the festive day when the professional photos are done.

  10. What an absolutely lovely family and an exquisitely lovely and meaningful event. You are stunning too! I just looked at part one...and this reception is truly magazine worthy. Congratulations to you and your family for Victoria's first communion.

  11. It must have been a very special day for little Victoria and for all the family!
    Thanks for sharing, dear Fabby.
    All the best for you all!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous family and pictures. Victoria looks like a princess! And I am thrilled to see religious tradition is thriving in your family. :O)

  13. What a blessful ceremony. You have the most charming family in blogland :). There's not one single of you that don't get for the you're-so-gorgeous!!! comment.

    Sweet Victoria resembles your other daughter more than she does her own mother.

    I loved seeing she had a ceremony only for herself. Here the tradition is to make a comunity ceremony with all the children of the group that attend Cathechesis for 3 years before being allowed Communion.

    It makes more impact this way and I'm sure in all your hearts and souls this is a day to treasure and remember.

    (I laughed lloking at Victoria's sister's eyes and expression of "I'll be next. How lucky!" ahahah)

    So in awe with the dress you chose for her (and to choose it during a vacation you loved and enjoyed makes it more poignant and meaningful). I love the roses - my eyes were instantly caught by them and reminded me of this I once read: "As the rose blossoms under the sun, I shall blossom under the eyes of God.". So be it, Blessed Victoria!

    I pray for Victoria, and her charming family:

    """May God look with favor upon your world, to the rose He created, that it may more and more expand its petals and so glorify Him, our Creator and Father, in imitation of the rose of Nazareth, Mary, the servant of the Lord."""

  14. Your granddaughter is beautiful and your daughters are gorgeous. You have a lovely family. How blessed you are to have a mother still and in-laws too! Very nice photos!

  15. Oh Fabby, your pictures are fabulous and the photo of your daughter and Victoria near the sofa is stunning. Such a beautiful family and victoria's communion was so grand and so perfect. What beautiful memories. Hugs, marty

  16. Everything was beautiful Fabby. Your granddaughter looked lovely. The church is beautiful too. Love the candid shots.

  17. Sophia's dress is beautiful and you have a beautiful family, Fabby! Everything looks lovely. Thank you for sharing at my HOME.


  18. Thank you for sharing this very important day in your Granddaughter's life with us. She is beautiful and so is the rest of your family.

  19. Wow, Fabby - what a beautiful family you have! Such a special day for that precious young lady and I know your heart was bursting with pride. Victoria's dress was exquisite - I am sure she felt like a princess on that day.

  20. Love the Holy Communion. Oh! how I missed this ceremony.

    We almost have the same tradition as Philippines also a Catholic country.

    Victoria is lovely as well as your girls.


    /CC girl

  21. Hi Fabby, How beautiful everything turned out, all your family are so beautiful, Victoria's dress gorgeous they have beautiful dress here in Miami Monica's dress was from Spain too I save if she ever has a daughter, your mom is a beautiful lady tu y Alejandor hace una mu bonita pareja.
    en fin todo es una bellesa el pelo de Victoria y de su hermanita es precioso un beso grande y muchas bendicines para toda tu linda familia que Dios los cuide
    mi querida amiga.

  22. Fabby, this was a beautiful occasion. Everything looks to be perfection. Your daughters and granddaughters are each one gorgeous. They obviously take after you!
    Thank you for sharing all these images and telling us about the day. Congratulations to Victoria! ~ Sarah

  23. Oh my Fabby, this is most beautiful post and the loveliest communion ceremony I have ever seen. What precious daughters you have and the communion dress is stunning. What a lucky little girl to have such a beautiful celebration surrounded with beauty everywhere. The flowers are gorgeous and the food and cake looks delicious. This is first blog I visited this morning and it started my day with a huge happy smile. I had to view everything twice to take it all in. Your family is beautiful as well. Congratulations on planning such a wonderful and happy celebration for your daughter's first communion.

    xo, Jeanne

  24. How absolutely beautiful this entire post is. Your daughters and granddaughters are just lovely - you must have the proudest mother/grandmother in town!
    This post caused a lump in my throat as I remembered my own dear Lillypad's FC - the last in the family for many years. She wore the dress that I wore on my FC so many years before - bought in Germany for me and carefully saved for my daughter's day. I wonder if a third generation will wear it? It was old-fashioned even back then, so it will never really be 'in' fashion. We'll see.

  25. Oh fabby what a wonderful occasion. It fills my heart. Also so much beauty in one family.

  26. Fabby, thank you so much for sharing such a special day with us. Your family is absolutely beautiful.

  27. What a blessed day! Absolutely gorgeous.
    Thanks for linking up to Tickled Pink Times Two.
    Make it a great day!

  28. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Beautiful granddaughter, daughter - every single member of your family is down right BEAUTIFUL!! What a glorious occasion! I was happy to see the pic of your handsome husband and of YOU! What a stunning couple you make!

  29. You have such a beautiful family! Thank you so much for sharing this special event. :)

    Thank you for joining in for Fresh-Cut Friday!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  30. What a beautiful dress & such lovely women in your family, Fabby! I know this was a most special day for all of you. Thank you for sharing your joy.

  31. I know I have said this before, Fabby, but I will say it again. You are a beautiful family and they are all full of class. What a special and precious occasion, I love all the pictures. You captured every part so perfectly too, something Victoria can look back to when she grows up...Christine

  32. What a lovely family! Victoria's dress is is everything else.

  33. Happy Pink Saturday, my sweet Fabby.

    I am thrilled that you shared this very special life event with us. To say your family is stunning is an understatement. They each look like they stepped out of a magazine.

    I adore Victoria's dress. I worked in Miami for many years, and I know it is a great place to find a special dress for First Communion.

    The party is gorgeous. I know each of you will carry memories of this very important and love filled day in your hearts forever.♥

  34. What a beautiful family, dear Fabby! Congratulations to your precious granddaughter on her First Communion Day. xo

  35. Fabby, you have such a lovely family! This is a very special event and it looks as though every detail was perfect! Many blessings to all!!

  36. Fabby, Such a beautiful little girl and such a fantastic First Communion celebration. It is all just lovely!

  37. Such a beautiful post of beautiful, good people! It made my heart sing as so many are trying to take away our right to believe...God Bless your beautiful granddaughter and her whole family!
    ♥ Jil

  38. Just beautiful, Fabby! This post made me want to cry because it is not very often anymore that we see young children so dedicated to Christianity. God bless her as she follows along on her journey!

  39. How beautiful everything and everyone looked! Thanks for sharing such important day with us.

  40. So sweet! Your daughter and her girls are beautiful! You have such a nice and beautiful family. God Bless You.

  41. Dearest Fabby, I have read through this beautiful post twice and was called away or to bed before I could comment.
    Your family is absolutely stunning. Your daughters and granddaughters are so beautiful. Victoria's dress is perfection.
    Your daughter did a fabulous job and I know you enjoyed your family so much.
    I am sorry that I took so long comment but we have had family here for over a week.
    Love to you and your sweet family, Ginger

  42. What beautiful pictures, Fabby! Everything looks gorgeous. Your daughter and gdau are so pretty!

  43. How sweet Victoria looks in her dress. You all look so beautiful. I read your comments on BNOTP often so thought I would pop here into your blog.
    I am so pleased I did.



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