Wednesday, May 9, 2012

FABBY: Sea Food Table for my Mama.

First of all I want to wish the best of Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers and grandmothers and even great-grands, throughout blog land. May you have a very special day, filled with love and attention from all your loved ones, just as you deserve it! Hugs and best wishes to your dear daughters and Dils as well. 


 Here is my beautiful and wonderful mother Yolanda, who is the second and only girl, (they broke the mold after she was born, lol) with three brothers, since, she's lost her eldest and youngest brothers. This picture was taken about a year ago. My mother is 82 years old. She's had her ups and downs with her health lately, but thank goodness, nothing mayor, except for osteoporosis on her spine, which gives her a lot of pain, and she has to get medicated with injections for it.
 I thought I show you the beautiful crocheted tablecloth work she did for me several years ago.  Now, because of her osteoporosis in her spine she can't crochet any more, but I'm so blessed I have great treasures from her and for my daughters and also from my Grandmother Stella... her mother.
 She did many accessories for the tablecloth too, like buffet and dinner table runners. The doilies I'm showing here, at right, she made them for my chargers.
 She also crocheted for me this gorgeous, runner that looks like it has bows. The tobacco color next to it and other pretty things I will share.
 The basket mat to cover the bread... and here is a close up of the table and buffet tobacco color runners. I love them for the fall decor.
 The table scape specially for my mother for today, Wednesday.
 The pot, or tureen is for the Escabeche of Fish, (recipe is at the end of the post) that she loves and the sherbets are for the Ceviche of Shrimp, another favorite of the Ecuadorian cuisine she prefers. The beautiful Spondilus shell with pedestal of the same shell, we see up front, is for the chili sauce. There are gorgeous spondilus shells in the Ecuadorian sea and they make the most lovely things for the homes and jewelry too.
 Here is the tureen I designed at our past Ceramic Co. The handle in the lid has a cute fish, sculped by hand and with a design of the bottom of the sea. The fish dish is an antique, English from my Mil and it's Johnson's Brothers..and I serve it with little "empanadas" that go with the Ceviche.
 The blue charger, the square yellow plate and the sherbets were made by us too. Look how pretty the sea horse inside the sherbet is. Everything, or every piece was hand decorated.
 Here is a Ceviche bowl with a fat fish decorated inside.
 The third place set, they all have different color square dinner plates, where the escabeche and rice goes.
 The flower platter was also made at our former Ceramic Co. The serving spoon is made in Ecuador too and it's made of "mother of pearl" and wooden handle. The spatula you see by the fish plate is also from the set.
 I used this tablecloth I love, because it's in sea blue and the design reminds me of the ocean's waves, or the tide.
 Here is a close up of the tureen, or pot, I often use it to hold my Fish Escabeche.
 White roses for my mother in a crystal Czech urn.
 The hand design around the sherbets.
 Look at the cute little turtle, flanked by the fishes. The waves you see on the decorations is to simulate fish scales.
 The Spondilus shell bowl with pedestal is used around here for the hot sauce, or chili sauce.

I love this pretty Indian, cotton tablecloth..I like the design and color of it.
This table is for my dearest mother, who loves Shrimp Ceviche and Fish Escabeche, both delish dishes from the Ecuadorian cuisine. We will go for lunch on Mother's Day to her home, kids, grandkids and  great-grands. She comes every Wednesday and has lunch with Alejandro and me and than we go for afternoon tea to a cafeteria, or we simply go shopping. The dishes and some accessories were designed by me and made at out former Ceramic Co. The motif, or design is for sea food and the pot or tureen is for the Escabeche. I do hope you like this table as mother did.

All my love and best wishes for you lovely ladies in blog land. I can't wait to go and visit your fabulous posts for this special day dedicated to us mothers. Many blessings for and your families.

Thank you gracious hostesses and may God bless you and your families this Mother's Day.

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                                              FISH ESCABECHE

Some of you have asked me for this here goes!

1 lb. of any white fish you prefer, cut in cubes, fried and reserved  (fry in vegetable oil)
1 med. onion, chopped
1 tablespoon, or more of tomato paste
2 ripe tomatoes cut in small squares, or chopped
1 teaspoon of fresh cilatro, chopped
2 sweet platain cut into small squares, fried and reserved  (fry in vegetable oil)
2 big potatoes, cut into squares, fried and reserved   (fry in vegetable oil)
1 red pepper, shredded
1 teaspoon of crushed, or minced garlic
 - salt, pepper and cumin, to taste
2 tablespoons of flour for coating the fish squares, (before frying)
1/4 Cup cream, if you prefer a little more, go ahead!
- vegetable oil for all the frying you have to do
1 1/2 Cups water

In a deep pot put a little bit of oil, chop the onion, cilantro, minced fresh garlic, tomato paste, cilantro, the red pepper and chopped tomatoes. Cook for like 4 minutes. 
Fry the fish squares add a little salt and pass them by flour, than. deep fry them. Cut in squares as well, the sweet fresh plantains, (like bananas, they have them in Latin-Hispanic stores) and deep fry them directly in a pot.  Fry the potatoe squares the same way, if you wish you can use the same oil for both. Set aside and reserve all the 3 items you fried.
Now, in your pot where you cooked the onions, add the water, like 1 1/2 cups and boil it, than inmediatelly add the fried fish, the fried platain, and the fried potatoes...and mix softly so not to brake the fish pieces. At the end add the cream, mix slowly and don't let it boil. Cover until you serve. This is a really yummy recipe and serve it with white rice, or even the wild kind. To make it more elegant I also have added cooked big shrimp and have served at dinner parties and my guests totally loved it!!

Since it was a family recipe from my Mil, the quantities of the ingredients are not perfect, but you try it to your taste.  Hope you make it, believe me, you won't be sorry!



  1. Your mom is lovely, Fabby. I hope he health problems are resolved completely.m Your table is beautiful as usual, love the fish tureen. Escabeche, yummy! I am getting hungry! I love your tablecloth too and the crochets your mom made. What a talented lady!....Christine

  2. I'd love to be sitting next to your beautiful and talented mother having her teach me how to make these beautiful works of art.....

    I wish you were still in the ceramic business....I love the art work and the beautiful happy colors...I'd be buying.

  3. I just love the seafood dishes. I'd love to serve a grand San Fransisco cioppino for my daughter.
    Your mother is lovely and I'm sure she will love her day.

  4. I really admire the design of those dishes, Fabby. You are so very creative. I especially am attracted to the color blue.

    Your mother is beautiful and has created much beauty in her crocheted pieces. How wonderful you have regular Wednesday visits and honored her with this cheerful table today.

    I look forward to carrying dinner in to my Mother (and Father's) home on Sunday to celebrate the day.

    Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

  5. Your mom is beautiful~ her crochet word so lovely! You have created such a beautiful table for her :)

  6. Fabby,

    Your mother is beautiful!

    Her crochet work is absolutely stunning!

    Love your fun and whimsical tablescape - so full of color, how wonderful!

  7. Fabby, I just love your gorgeous table! What wonderful ceramics, seafood theme is great, bet your Mom loved it on Wednesday!

    What a beautiful Mom you have, and I am in awe looking at the beautiful hand crochet work she has done. What talent! I can only imagine the time and patience that must have taken her. How you must love them. Her crochet work is so perfect, like I said, I'm in awe. Happy Mother's Day to you and her!

  8. The pieces your mom did are gorgeous. I know you feel very blessed to still have your mom with you to enjoy the day...what a blessing.

  9. Happy Mother's Day to you as well and your beautiful mother! She is so talented. I love all of her crocheted pieces.

  10. Fabby- What a wonderful tribute to your lovely and talented Mom. It is too bad that she can no longer crochet. I am sure that was a great creative outlet for her for many years. It is sad when the mind and heart are willing but the body can't quite meet those same demands.

    Your table is just beautiful. You put so much thought into the tablecloth echoing waves. How perfect is that?

    Do you know I cannot eat seafood? It is not my friend and makes ne sick. I do sneak lobster every once in a great while because I do love it. My husband wonders why I couldn't be fond of cod rather than lobster because it is so much

    I hope you have a wonderful week and a fabulous Mother's Day. We are headed 100 miles to see my daughter's baby boy get baptized and then we will have brunch at her house. The rest of my children are making the drive down there, too. That's what family is all about, isn't it?

    Blessings- xo Diana

  11. Your Mom is beautiful!! What a special table to celebrate Mother's Day. I love the sea theme and the tablecloth is gorgeous. Happy day to you too!

    Jocelyn @

  12. Fabby, you are so blessed to still have your dear mother with you and all the beautiful crochet things she has made over the years. The table setting with the sea theme is beautiful. It would make a nice setting for a patio in summer too. Very colourful! I wish you a wonderful Mother's Day on Sunday! Blessings, Pamela

  13. Je souhaite également une joyeuse fête des mères à toutes les mamans du monde...
    En France cette fête se célébrera le 3 juin.
    Ta maman est très belle et elle a des doigts de fée pour avoir réaliser d'aussi belles et précieuses créations.
    Cette journée sera vraiment un jour de fête pour elle en savourant son plat préféré et de surcroît à la table de sa fille si magnifiquement bien dressée.
    Ta soupière et ses superbes bols sont plus que ravissants. Ils sont délicieux.
    Je vous souhaite à toutes les deux de partager un doux moment de fête des mamans et vous en souhaite encore de très nombreux à venir.
    gros bisous

  14. Fabby, your moms beautiful. Love your colorful fish dishes. This is a wonderful table and meal to celebrate your mom. Happy Mother's Day to both of you.

  15. I had to read the beginning of this post twice. My mother's name was Yolanda also. She was born to Italian imigrants and I think the story is that the Princess of Italy at the time was named Yolanda. Your ceramics are so colorful and that tureen is fantastic. Happy Mother's Day to your Yolanda.

    Robin Flies South

  16. Fabby, let me first say I love the change in the couch and the chairs.. so elegant and pretty. I know you will love them for a long time. Your crocheted items from your mom are a real treasure! I love them all. My mom crocheted too, so i really appreciate their beauty. I love your table.. the tureen is magnificent. Blessing on your mom and may her health improve. I wish you and yours a very lovely weekend! xo marlis

  17. You and your mom are both lovely and talented ladies! Your table is beautiful, and I always enjoy a seafood dinner. Happy Mother's Day. xo

  18. Hi Fabby.... Oh how cute your Mom is I love the smile she has so innocent... And truly how creative she is ... its all treasure like...isn't..May God blessed her ....
    Hope you will enjoy a visit to check my double sided pillow@
    With love

  19. What a beautiful tribute to your wonderful mother! I loved reading every word and seeing every pic!

    Happy Mother's Day to you BOTH!!!

  20. Your mom looks great! She is incredibly talented. You could not find anything like that anywhere.
    I love the fish motif! Love the tureen!

  21. Fabby - everything on your table is beautiful, but I could not take my eyes off of that gorgeous tureen. What a designer you are! I loved seeing the picture of your mother and seeing the crocheted pieces that she did for you. I, too, crochet a little and those pieces are incredible! Happy, happy Mother's Day to you and your Mother!

  22. I have to tell you, flabby, that the adorable little tureen with the fish on top has made me smile this morning! So cute!!! :D I hope you enjoy this Mother's Day weekend, my friend.

  23. Your mother looks great and I love the tablescape! I am envious you get to spend every Wednesday with her.

  24. Flabby, what talent your Mom has to crochet all that beauty!! You must have I herniated her talent with all your creativity. What a special table and I loved the photo.

  25. What a lovely lovely tribute to your precious mother! Your table is exquisite. Just perfect for seafood. I love it. I don't know what else to say, you always have the most beautiful tables. You are so creative. I just love it!

  26. Fabby, how wonderful that you have so many beautiful crocheted table linens made by your mother! I know you treasure them. I love the colorful table you set for her -- it will be perfect for her favorite seafood meal!

  27. Fabby, your Mom is beautiful and you are lucky to have her as your Mom. Your crocheting is lovely and it is such a pleasure to have these treasure. My Mother crochets as well. I have really enjoyed your Sea tablescape. It is unique and so colorful. It's been a pleasure visiting. Have a wonderful Mother's day. XOXO Linda

  28. Your mother is certainly a BEAUTIFUL 82! I wish I could he half that lovely if I make it to that age.

    Your table is wonderful too, and I just love the vibrant colors. My favorite part of all is the set of sherbet dishes. I'm a big old sherbet dish freak, and those are just fantastic.

  29. Hi, sweet Fabby! First of all, your Mom is just pretty as she can be!! She is looking really, really good at 82! Sorry about the osteoporosis in her back. That's gotta really hurt! :-( It's wonderful that she has been able to pass on to you so much, though. I'm also very glad she loved the table you created in her honor. The sea elements are really cool, and I l-o-v-e that pot/tureen with the fish on top!!!!!! I had to look up escabeche on Google because I had never heard of it. Sounds very rich! I could probably eat the chili sauce all by itself. I love hot stuff!!! That's why I married Ramon! ;-) Tee hee hee!!! Have a wonderful Mother's Day, Miss Fabby, and I extend those wishes to your dear Mother as well.

  30. My mother-in-law had that kind of crochet ability,too, and her placemats are on my table today. How lucky we are to have such treasures. I am delighted by your table. The colors, the dishes....all make me smile.

  31. Fabby your mother is very talented. What beautiful treasures she has made for you. Your table is beautiful. How nice that she comes for lunch each Wednesday. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!! :)

  32. Beautiful table Fabby and so is your precious Mom. Love the tureen, so unusual and each of the little fish dish pieces. Beautiful colors in your tablescape.

  33. Hi Fabby! Robin told me the happy coincidence that our mothers are both named Yolanda. My father called her Yo and her friends called her Lonnie. Your table is so beautiful and cheery! I love all the bright colors and how unique each piece is! I've seen many beach-themed tables, but yours is more a sea theme! I just love it. Hope you and your mother have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  34. Hi Fabby,

    I love the seafood theme, you always set such a gorgeous table. Your Mom is a true beauty and you are blessed to have her. I wish you both a very Happy Mother's Day!

  35. Hello Fabby- I see where you got your beauty from! Your mother is so pretty and @ 82 she looks exceptional! Osteoporosis is So tough to deal with.
    All of her crochet work is lovely and what's nice treasure for you! Your table is lovely and what a treat for you both! Happy Mothers Day and God Bless you both!

  36. Thanks for sharing your mother's handiwork with us and also her beautiful picture. You are so lucky to still have her. I lost mine at age 33 and still miss her.

    The whole table is just enchanting. I just love the sherbets! I have some cute fish plates and they would be perfect. We like seafood for Mother's Day too! It always seems so special.

  37. Gorgeous crochet pieces. And the table is so lovely.

  38. Hi, Fabby. I just don't know where to start...every single dish, and its story, is prettier and sweeter than the next! And your mother's talent is phenomenal--what a treasure you have! Thank you for pointing out and showing all the details--wonderful post. Oh, and the tablecloth--beautiful!! Feliz dia de las madres a ti y tu mama querida. ~Zuni

  39. I think that I would have liked to have been an artist at your ceramic company. You and I have a similar eye for color and design. I love the tureen...and the sherbet cups are wonderful, too! Your table for your mother is delightful! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  40. Dear Fabby, I've just found your lovely blog, and I'm a new follower...your tablescape is so wonderful, and I'm sure your sweet Mom loved it! (You are so fortunate to have her!)

  41. I just love this table setting! Your mother is such a lovely lady, and I can certainly see where you got your good looks.

    The food sounds wonderful. Would you please post sometime how you make the escabeche?

    Happy Mother's Day!

  42. Love that tableclothe and tablescape. Beautiful work of your Mom's too!

  43. What a pretty and bright table Fabby! I hope your mom is doing better. I bet she would love this tablescape! Thank you for joining TTF this week and I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a very happy Mother's Day!

  44. Hi Dear Fabby! Oh, your mother is so pretty and I can see why you are so beautiful as you get your beauty from her. We are fortunate to have our mothers.
    Her crochet work is so beautiful. I know it took many hours to make those pieces.
    Your table is so pretty. That tureen you made is precious! Happy Mother's Day, Dear Friend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  45. Very lucky Moms will be sitting here!!!!!!

  46. Hi Fabby,
    Your mother is beautiful and she is the same age as mine. Love all the crocheted work, lovely! The white rose bouquet is gorgeous! Thanks for your visit and I wish you a Happy Mother's Day weekend.


  47. Fabby, your mother is so beautiful and so very creative with her exquisite crochet work. I know you will treasure those pieces forever. Your table is wonderful and colorful and I know you will all enjoy a wonderful Mother's Day. Have a great weekend and a very Happy Mother's Day.

  48. Your mom is lovely!
    Everything in post looks so adorable. The Indian tablecloth is beautiful and love the design of those dishes.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  49. What beautiful things your mom has made you, treasures!
    I love that tablecloth, it is gorgeous! Very pretty table, love the tureen!
    Happy Mother's Day, Fabby, and to your dear mom too!

  50. Your mom is so pretty and talented too! I hope that you have many more happy years to spend together. Wishing both you and your mom a very happy Mother's Day!

    Susan and Bentley

  51. Lovely setting! Happy mother;'s day!

    My PINK, enjoy your weekend!

  52. You have the most gorgeous collection of dishes, Fabby!! I just love these...the fish and sea horses, etc. have the cutest faces and the colors are so cheerful-looking! You must have loved designing all of the dishes you made at your family ceramic shop!! And you are quite an artist!
    I think your table set for a fish dinner is lovely....everything works so well together, and such wonderful pieces. The shell on the pedestal for the sauce is charming, and I like the small fish
    dish made by Johnson Bros.
    How nice for you to fix up the table for your mother's Wednesday luncheon with you, you are so thoughtful and such a great hostess
    The crocheted pieces your mother made are simply exquisite..I know you cherish them, and rightfull so, they are all beautiful. I like the darker colored ones she made that you use for fall...I am sure they compliment your tablescapes when you use them...such a lovely color!!
    I am late with looking at my posts this week (a bit under the weather) so tomorrow is Mother's Day and I hope you have a very happy day, and that your mother does, too!
    Enjoy the coming week....
    Fond hugs and love, Francy

  53. Oh! I meant to add that I see where you and your daughters and grand-daughters get those beautiful looks....your mother is lovely lady and hard to believe she is 82....very pretty ladies run in your family!!!!!
    Love, Francy

  54. Oh Francy, I hope you're feeling better! Thank you so much about mother, she was and is a beautiful lady. I don't look like her, I think I take up more from dad's side of the family..but of course, something must be there, after all she's my mom, lol..Thank you for liking our ceramic work, and yes, I had a great time designing the pieces and the decorations of our china sets, but it all comes to an end in life. Lots of hugs and I hope you have a blessed MOTHER'S DAY and a great time too!

  55. Hi Fabby..your mom is so lovely and so are her crochet pieces!!
    I love your table too!
    Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Mother's Day! xo Tami

  56. Fabby,
    What beautiful work your mother does making your fine table cloth it is so pretty.
    I love your bright colorful table.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  57. Dear Fabby,
    Your mother is a beautiful lady and her crocheted treasures are simply gorgeous. What a talented lady she is. You take right after her with your many talents.

    Your tablescape is so pretty and I love all your beautiful seafood dishes. Simply charming!!
    Love your tablecloth too. What a pretty treasure to set a table.

    Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day and many blessings to your mother for better health in the days ahead.

    Sending big hugs, Celestina Marie XO

  58. I love all the sealife adorned pieces at your table! Wishing you and your mom a Happy Mother's Day :)

  59. Your mother is a beautiful, talented lady, Fabby. I love the tobacco colored handwork. Your dishes are so bright and whimsical, love the tureen.
    Happy Mother's Day to you and your mother.

  60. Your mother is a beautiful woman inside and out. What talent! I see how you treasure her gifts.

    Be blessed dear one!

  61. Thank you for the lovely words on my post. I used to think I wouldn't survive if something happened to my mom, we were so close...and yet, somehow we do go on and the memories get us through it. Your mother is lovely and I'm so glad she is still around for you!

    I love this table. Anything with a beach or sea theme is my favorite and your dishes on this table, I love!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  62. .(¯`v´¯),
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    ²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²­(_ ..^._)´
    para todas las mujeres!!
    madres o hijas

  63. Visiting again and I do see the little turtle in the dish.

  64. Happy Mother's Day, beautiful Fabby!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  65. What beautiful treasures! Happy Pink Mother's Day!

  66. Beautiful dishes and table. Thank you for sharing.

  67. Thanks so much for being part of the French party! We have a new one going on now and i would love if you would be part of it. Happy Mother's day!

  68. Fabby: What a wonderful post! Your mother is a lovely lady and you are so lucky you still have her. I am just in awe of all the items she crocheted for you! What a talented lady! You just cannot possibly put a price tag on that. I love the fish tureen. I could see it filled with Lobster Corn Chowder, or even Camarones Enchilados, but your Escabeche sounds fine too! I hope your Mother's Day was beautiful! God bless!

  69. Hi Fabby,
    Your Mom is a very lovely and talented lady. I love the crochets she made for you ...sweet keepsakes! Your dishes are beautiful also. Thank you for the recipe!

  70. Fabby, your mother created such beautiful crochet work! I enjoy reading about how you have regular visits. You're both blessed to have each other! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

  71. Hi lovely lady.
    Your Tablescape is Beautiful with your dishes wow love this one. I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day with your family this pass Sunday. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my new Nautical Tablescape.
    XXOO Diane

  72. Fabby, Your beautiful crocket table linens are true treasures! How wonderful to have tangible love of you Mother. She is beautiful!!!
    I love your sea inspired table and that gorgeous soup tureen!
    Thanks for sharing all of this and the Escabeche of Fish ON THE MENU MONDAY. YUMMY!
    I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  73. Hi Fabby, Your sea-themed tablescape is lovely! And even more lovely is your mother! Her crocheting is so lovingly done, and so very pretty.

  74. Fabby, your Mom's crochet work is so beautiful! Just imagine all the work that went into those lovely pieces. It looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day. I love your table pretty and so perfect for summer.

  75. Dear Fabby,
    how often will I say: "I love your beautiful and colorful ceramics."? Always and to every post! Every piece is a treasure and stunning. I think your Mom enjoyed this meal, because it looks all fabulous. Her crocheted runners and tablecloth are so amazing beautiful. Thank you for those yummy recipes and for showing us your treasures.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  76. In queste fotografie ho visto tantissime cose stupende! buona serata...ciao


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