Wednesday, February 16, 2011


One of my favorite things about the home that I love are Asian, or Oriental china, the patterns are always so beautiful and serene, all I've seen.  Here I want to share with you this set of dishes for 8 I bought in theMacy's Cellar, around 28 or 29 years ago on one of my visits to my parents.  The combination is like this, the dinner plate with the gold simbol in the middle, than the salad plate and the soup bowl with a lid...the blue and white is hand decorated.  The chargers  I used are my gold glass Turkish ones that somehow with the Oriental plates on top it has a look of a Chinese fan!
The little tea set with a family in it dates since first's an antique, it's bone china  you can see through and weights almost nothing.  It has 2 tea pots, one big and a small one and a sugar bowl, along with 8 cups and saucers.  I fell totally in love with it when I saw it  in an antique shop I paid $225...I didn't care, but the lady gave it to me for $25 less... I love it!

The figure of the man fishing and the Foo Dog, I bought in China Town in NY, around the same time.  Lastly, the tablecloth is the one I embroidered for C'mas years ago,  I liked that it's red and couldn't find anything else around the house and so it turned Oriental all of a sudden!

I hope you like it like I do and if you visit,  I  thank you in advance,  it's always an honor to receive you.    Wishing a wonderful TBNOTP and thank you so much to Susan for the chance to be around such talented people!



  1. Love it all. Love the dragon! I too love the asian touches mixed with my French pieces.Did you see my Asian lunch in my library a few weeks ago? Happy New Year!

  2. thank you for your sweet comment! I am blessed to stay at home and glad we planned so I could!
    I love your dishes, especially the blue and white leaf pattern...

  3. Hi, Fabby bery nice tablescape beautiful Pcs I loved.

  4. I love Asian tablescapes too, and this is just lovely. I've immersed myself in books about Dim Sum, so will need to come up with a special tablescape when I serve that. Thanks for sharing your very beautiful one.

  5. I love your table. The chargers are the perfect accompaniment to those beautiful plates. That tea set is gorgeous. Very nice.

  6. HI Fabby! I LOOOOVE your Oriental dishes! They are gorgeous! The tea pots are magnificent! I also have that same fisherman/mud man!!!! I have several of them. If you come back to my blog you can look around at different posts and see all of the oriental things I have collected. My FIL was a pilot and a SHOPPER and brought back many beautiful things that along with what I ahve collected, I have now inherited!!!! I have always loved anything oriental too!!!! I will be your newest follower. XO, Pinky

  7. Fabby, I love the Asian inspired table setting, but I must say I am seriously impressed that you embroidered that tablecloth!! Did you do that by hand or with a machine? Your pattern and color mixes were refreshing from the typical Asian concepts we typically see. Great eye for inspiration! Well done.

    Mindy @ The Howell Blessings.

  8. Dearest Fabby,

    What a delight it is to visit you and see your gorgeous collections so artfully displayed! I love reading about your precious heirloom pieces, and I love seeing how you intermingle them with items you've collected over the years. I think of world class museums and the exoticism of faraway international bazaars whenever I view your tables.

    You asked how many yards of fabric it would take to drape a typical dining table. I don't know offhand. The ones I used were sold as window coverings (like long scarves hemmed on both ends). If I were buying fabric to make them, I'd measure the length of the table, add the drop from tabletop to floor, and at least an extra two feet to allow for hemming and "puddling" (if you want them to "flow" onto the floor). Unless it's very wide fabric, like that intended for making quilts, you'll probably need to do two long "scarves," overlap them in the center, and add a runner down the center to cover the "seam." You could also actually sew seams that would go along the edges of the tabletop. Does that make sense? I hope so.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. You put all the different pattern together to look wonderful. The tea set is superb!!!

  10. Thank you for dropping by my blog today. Your's is incredible...such beautiful tablescapes. Looking forward to more pics!

  11. Hi Fabby!

    Your table is lovely especially the tea set! I love how you mixed the Asian and French pieces together. It works quite well.
    Thank you for your sweet comment and I welcome you as a new follower!

  12. Fabby, I love your Asian table! That china is really spectacular and looks wonderful layered as you've shown us in these photos. How nice that you could use the red tablecloth so effectively with these dishes!

  13. Fabby, first thank you so much for visiting. I'm getting a late start this week. Your kind words are music to my ears..Now to your lovely table. I can see through the tea cups!!! Omg my mom had some of those.. I wonder where they are.. Oh I have to find those. Your table takes me all the way to Asia.. it's wonderful. Your tablecloth!!! OMG how long did that take. I love your dishes too. especially the covered soup bowls. Goodness. What a lovely foo dog too. It's perfect and it's truly a masterpiece.

  14. Beautiful table...the dishes are gorgeous.

  15. Fabby, you've done a wonderful job on your tablescape. I just bought some of the small rice bowls this weekend, but I wasn't able to find any with lids on them...yours are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, sophisticated design. You have a good eye for the art. Cherry Kay

  16. Oh this is sooo gorgeous ! Thanks for sharing ! Following your darling blog !
    Bisous ma belle.

  17. Hello Fabby, Beautiful collection!
    It's Tea Time in my blog, come and visit for some fun...
    Have a lovely week!

  18. What beautiful colors and layering! This is a very gracious table!

  19. Hello Fabby, I love your Chinese tablescape! It is beautiful, the details in the plates..the teapot with a dragon spout,and the Dragon ceramic! All are so beautiful. I am just learning the art of blogging..slowly leaning..:) Thank you for showing me how to improve taking pictures too! Happy New Year! (Kung Hee Fat Choi) :)Sunny!

  20. You've set a beautiful table full of beautiful pieces. hugs ~lynne~

  21. Love your charger plates. are they real in golden colour? look pretty... And soup bowl I like most... your new follower is here :)

  22. Hello Fabby,
    thank you so much for following my blog and your very sweet comment. I am honored with Bill's nice invitation as much as to your following. Your Asian table is really lovely. I love this gloriously red tablecloth with the wonderful flowers. I if you didn't mentioned that it was made for Christmas I had never thought. The flowers match perfect with those in the Chinese dishes. It is really amazing how masterfully you mix and match the different items and it is a pure Asian table. I love your blog and I will follow you, also. Isn't internet a great thing.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  23. Hello Fabby,
    that's me again. Thank you for your interest about the Deruta dishes. So happy that you like them, too. I made actually three tables during the last year. You can seen them with this link: When you search on the sidebar, there are several themes listed with different china.
    I am curious waiting for your next table. Alas I can't participate every Thursday, but will try to make some more tables around the year. Wish you a nice weekend.
    Greetings, Johanna

  24. Fabby, this is gorgeous. I love each of the plates. The gold Turkish charger will be beautiful in so many different applications. My grandmother had "Pomegranate Man", similar to your fisherman. My aunt brought him back from Japan after WWII. Thank you for sharing your lovely design and for stopping by my post. Cherry Kay

  25. Oh My I would have "HAD TO HAVE" that tea set too!!! It is GORGEOUS!!! I love your whole table. and I would LOVE,LOVE,LOVE a better look at that tablecloth you so lovingly embroidered! It is So Beautiful!
    Hugs to you,


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