Monday, June 23, 2014

FABBY: Victoria's B'day Slumber Party

Hello sweet friends!

      Here are some pics of my sweet Victoria's 10th. birthday 'slumber party!'

We had a good time, the little girls were adorable and well mannered, although they're still children!

My daughter Sofia, me and the men worked so hard! Saturday we served them tacos for dinner and they helped themselves, so it wasn't hard... but, come breakfast time Sunday morning...what with making pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon... serving orange juice and chocolate milk for 14 girls, counting my two grand-girls...I was exhausted!

Ok, here are some pictures so you can appreciate all the work we did, lol!

The bunch eating tacos that they loved!

Tacos are easy and fun food, cause they helped themselves.
In pajamas ready to go sleep at 2am, lol!
Breakfast time, Sunday morning. Boy, oh boy, what work breakfast was!
The assembly line was really something else, lol...  While I made pancakes, Sofia cooked scrambled eggs and Alejandro microwaved the bacon! Our Sil served chocolate milk, orage juice, or whatever else they wanted...!!!

Here is this adorable group of youngsters that are 10 and some are going to be! Except for my little Cayetana who is your right behind the red chair.

Sofia bought three small cakes because some liked vanilla, mostly chocolate and the big cupcake was with 'dulce de leche cake filling.'

They had their cocoa in the morning in these cute mugs and they were a surprise for them with each girls' etched initials and then they could take them home as a reminder of Victoria's 10th B'day party!

Three small vanilla, a chocolate one and the big cupcake was with 'dulce de leche' filling.

Our little Cayetana had the best time. She's seven!

Sofia at your left end with her best friends, they are the moms of the girls here. They left after, so we were on our own with 14 young!!!.

Me with Victoria at your left end, along with some of her friends.

They're so cute! Sofia calls them 'the hybrid age' because they act like pre-teens and like children, all at the same time...she cracks me up!

The theme of the pajama party was: "Friends to the Moon and Back!" Sofia painted the pillowcases and added the name of each girl, as party favors, they could take them home and sleep with them that night if they wished to... and most of them did!

Here is the bunch outside the house taking turns riding Victoria's electric toy car.

My newly ten year old. How fast time passes by, oh my.
She's also a tall girl for her age too.

Sofia keeps her collection of ginger jars and vases in blue and white in this lovely European antique chest.

Thank you so much my dear friends for all your comments, as you know you always make my day!

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties!


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  1. Dearest Fabby,
    What incredible memories those 14 girls will have for the remainder of their lives.
    Sofia did so well with the preparation and the theme for this special 10th birthday party.
    Loved the mugs with initial and also the very special pillow with their name and sweet message on.
    You for sure got exhausted but it's worth it and luckily you don't have a dozen grandchildren!
    Sending you hugs,

  2. What a fun and darling party!!! I love the mugs and the souvenirs, and everyone seemed to have so much fun most especially the celebrant!!!! I can't wait 'til my own baby grows up to have such kinds of parties too! Btw, I'm naming her SOPHIA BEATRICE, I just noticed we will be having the same daughters named Sofia!!!

  3. What a wonderful party for the little girls. They are so very lucky. You and Sofia must have been run off your feet. Your granddaughters have a marvellous example of how to live their lives with a generous heart.

  4. What a lively time it must have been! The pillows are such WONderful party favors.....and I can imagine your exhaustion at the end of all the fun :)

    You look amazing (not much older than 10 yourself) in the photo, Fabby.

  5. Hi Fabby...Lovely pictures of the Birth day party.All the girls are adorable.I could see they all enjoyed the party to the fullest.It's nice to see all the family members together for the occasion .Your daughter's home look beautiful.Pretty ginger jars and beautiful cupboard.have a great day.Love and hugs sujatha...:):)

  6. wow Fabby, what a terrific grandma you are!! what a fun party, and the girls are all adorable, esp yours! It looks exhausting too :) !! You are building wonderful memories that they will carry with them and sustain them through the years.

  7. What a lovely party... I bet despite the work there were moments you all felt pre-teen girls.
    They all seem lovely kids and Victoria is blessed for having such wonderful and sweet friends. And the Best Mama and Grandmama in the World!
    Good Job!

  8. What a sweet group of girls. I'm sure they all had a fun time celebrating Victoria's 10th birthday. She is a beautiful girl. Ten is a such a great age - in between - as your daughter says. Pamela

  9. What an awesomeparty! Everyone looks so happy! My son is just 5 and yet I know it wont be long till he celebrate his birthday like this! Time flies so fast when you are a mother =) #WW

  10. Fourteen girls!!!! Oh, my! You all were certainly brave but what awesome memories for all, especially Sofia!! Happy birthday to her! (Sounds like you need another vacation, now!) :)

  11. Oh Fabby, this is so fun, I love all the girl together and I can just hear all the giggles. Reminds me when I use to chaperone tons of sleep overs for my daughter. So fun.

  12. What FABULOUS Fun!!! Y'all did an amazing job! Truly a birthday to remember - both for Victoria AND all her guests!! You ROCK as a Grandma!!

  13. Oh how fun! I don't know if I could handle 14 girls though! I bet there was a lot of fun moments. The mugs and pillows were really nice gifts. Great memories for all!

  14. What a beautiful party! The girls look so happy! Love the picture of you and your "young lady". Enjoy your evening

  15. Oh Fabby! What a wonderful party. I love the mugs for each girl. I really loved the pillows. What a beautiful memory she will have. Such a a beautiful family!

  16. What a fun post, Fabby. I smiled the whole way through :)

    LOVE the pillowcase favors...what a great gift for those girls to cherish down the line! :)

  17. What a wonderful event this was! The mugs are such a great idea. Looks super!

  18. What a fun event and every detail is special for these girls. They will remember this party always. I love the sweet pillows...of course now we all want one! Sweet hugs, Diane

  19. Great party with every detail thought through. Those cakes look delicious and pretty. I know your granddaughter will always remember her 10th birthday. How special you were such a large part of the party. Thanks for warming our hearts with your memories.

  20. Oh what a fun party, Fabby. You all look so beautiful. The grandkids are really growing fast. The pillows are so cute! What a neat idea and so original!....Christine

  21. An adorable party...I love the pastel mugs! I especially like the painted pillows, how sweet! Creativity clearly runs in your lovely family.

  22. What a fun party Fabby! And the adorable personalized mugs and pillows are the perfect party favors! They all look like they're having a fabulous time. Those sweet little girls in their shorts and sandaled feet brought back memories of my own two daughters when we lived in La Puntilla as well and they'd have all their friends over. They're all grown up now but the beautiful memories will always remain. Guayaquil de mis amores!

  23. What a memorable event for the little girls ... and aren't they all just adorable?!! As usual ... Grandmother Fabby did a great job!

  24. What an amazing birthday slumber party! Those girls are so CUTE!

    I loved the pillow and mug favors - they're the perfect age for those, well done. Your efforts show big time. And nothing like youth- they look so refreshed after hardly sleeping. Kids. Hmph! : - )

  25. What a wonderful party! You can tell a lot of love went into making this 10th birthday special.

    Love the monogrammed mugs for party favors--that's a great idea. I'm pinning it!


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