Wednesday, October 19, 2011

FABY: Elegant Tea Tablescape for Me

 Hello sweet friends!

My birthday is today Thursday Oct., 20th so for Tablescape Thursday and other great parties I made a tablescape in my honor- hehe, with one of my very fav china sets I have and it's this Bavarian Porcelain complete set for height tea, or "high coffee" time, lol!   I bought it several years ago in Guayaquil at the Hotel Continental where there's a beautiful store with everything European, china, glasses, stems, tablecloths and many, many other special things for decorating a beautiful home and of course, yours truly fell in love with this set...ok, you wouldn't?

    My husband's cousins and his two sisters are making me a real  high tea and I will be going out for dinner with some friends later too, therefore, I did a faux table for me with everything I love just for my Blog friends.... not only that, I received a beautiful giveaway I won  from Chie at:  at the Cloche Party at Marty'sTabletop Tuesday  and get to know this beautiful and fun lady.  The party was hosted by Marty's Stroll thru Life  when we did the Cloche Party... they are a set of four cute little sweet crystal cloches with four small adorable spoons as they can be used for so many purposes such as marmalade, butter, sauces,etc., I've posted them today, as they came Oct. 18th. just in time for my birthday tablescape.
   I thank you sweet and lovely Chie for her  adorable gift and they are crystal and I'm crazy about them!

Here is one of my favorites Bavarian Porcelain complete tea set which I bought several years ago, with eight cups and saucers, cake plates, a tea set and two small candy dishes, which I bought later in the same store I mentioned after the last photo.

The tea set has such pretty flowers of multi color, the tea pot has a butterfly and a dragonfly on the other side of it and they all have pedestals.
I used the dinner plate of my reticulated dinner set as a small charger for the cake plate, the shell cute spoon is for ice-cream that could be used for desserts, in this case with the glasses here.

Here is the compote glass in pale lilac, or purple I bought them a month ago four in pale pink and four in a pale lilac to mix and match them, along with four in each color of the water stems.

Here is one of the set of four small cloches and spoons I won on a giveaway from sweet Chie from Chubby  and Chieque, which Marty at Tabletop Tuesday hosted.   Lovely Chie has a beautiful blog:   and she lives in Sweden.

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 You can see a little of the beautiful organza place mat in green and beige with an embroidered stem with leaves, they are from India and  they are my favorites too.  Here is the pretty tea cup with pedestal and saucer.
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 The big platter where the tea set stands I've used it before with different cookies and small tea sandwiches. 
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 The water stems and compotes I bought a month ago, I saw them and I said: uhmm..they would look great with my mil's antique dinner ware with pink roses and the tea set I'm showing you can imagine me!
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 The tablescape in my honor for my birthday-today Oct. 20th and I explained my plans for today after the last photo.
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 Just with candle light- I kind of like it- in real life it is a little too dark but so romantic.  The crystal candle holders are Bohemian from the Czech Republic and I also  purchased them several years ago.

 I love the tea pot, it has a dragonfly too.
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 A closer view of the tea set, it also has an orange flower, a different twist from usually pink.
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 The set has multi color flowers like, orange, lilac, pink, a little yellow and green leaves.
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 The water stem here is in a pale purple and the compote glass in pale pink- they said Poland in a small sticker. 
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 I chose flowers that would go with the china- although something in purple was not available except for big flowers I wanted small ones to fit in the glass vases.
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 Here is one of the cute candy dishes I have.
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 I just love the glasses they look old fashion almost like depression glass.
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 This tablescape I made in my honor today Thursday Oct. 20th. lol!    A close up of the work in the glass- bellow.   I think they are  so perfect for dessert like for fruit salads some puddings and even for shrimp 'ceviche!'
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  Thank you my dearest friends for coming to my 'birthday party tablescape' Thursday Oct. 20th. at Susan's Tablescape Thursday.  You know your visits are so very appreciated and wonderful.

   I also want to thank the sweet and lovely ladies that host such great parties every week with the only purpose for us to show off our lovelies.        

Lots of hugs,      


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Sunday, October 16, 2011

FABBY: Mayor Changes at Home

Hello sweet friends!

     We are finally finished with the two weeks of hard working home renovating, which has been re-painting our social area from a pale yellow to a mother of pearl color with a little sheen to it, these are the new wall paint colors and we're very happy with the choice, so what we repainted  is the dining room, the family and living rooms as well as the entrance and foyer. 

  We also changed completely our draperies to Hunter Douglas latest trend in shades, the window treatment was long over due and we are very happy with the results, my sweet husband Alejandro  was the one who really wanted another look opposed to the material draperies, he wanted something more modern to freshen up the classic style we have. He wanted to lighten the rooms up along with a white paint and he was right, it not only brighten and freshen it up, but it also enlarged it to the view!

I confess I wasn't sure about the more modern look on the windows, although I did wanted to change the window treatment long over due, but as soon as the people from Hunter Douglas came to install them I saw hubby was totally right, I just love, love them!

      And here you have it, the BEFORE and AFTER.  

Thank you for coming and for your wonderful and very appreciated comments.
    Lots of hugs and have a great week y'all.        


BEFORE: Yellow moire draperies.
AFTER:  I do love how neat, clean and fresh it looks now!
My grand Victoria 7, who came with her sister Cayetana 4 to spend a week with us.

 At the left corner by the shades we had an antique silk Chinese black  screen that I moved else where, you'll see it in another pic where it is now.
Moving the black embroidered silk antique screen also lighted and enlarged the space of the living room to the view.
AFTER:  Here is where I placed the antique silk Chinese screen that was a gift for my in Law's wedding 70 years ago and it is next to the 100 year old camphor Chinese red trunk that was my mil's.
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I just opened the silk screen  two of the four sides of it and it separated slightly in an elegant way the family room or den from the formal living room....what do you think?

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BEFORE:  Another big window with the yellow draperies that were stained from a water leak from the ceiling that now it's resolved.

AFTER:    I really love the way it turned out because Alejandro, my terrific hubby always knew exactly the look he wanted to acquire from the Hunter Douglas style of shades,  fresh, lighted and modern without having to change our style of decoration and furniture.
AFTER... another part of the den.
BEFORE:  This is the way we had the window treatment on the only large window that leads to the breakfast-round table and the formal dining room areas.
BEFORE:  Everything is covered and the curtains are taken down to start painting the dining room.

AFTER:  This shades are made of cloth material by Hunter Douglass as well and we chose them on the same tone of color as the walls so that they blend, this way it became so much more clear and it enlarged the area to the view.  We still have to install the chandy that goes there.
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We are very content and happy with all the AFTER results and specially me as I wasn't sure on how great it was going to  look and it was Alex who was very sure and knew the more contemporary look was what he really wanted and I'm totally sold now! 

Thanking you lovely friends for your sweet comments, as you always make my day!

I'm very grateful to the gracious hostesses for having me at their great parties.


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