Sunday, March 19, 2017

Spring is in the house - Plate Rack and Table

Hello sweet friends !

I created a Spring table with a pretty tea set, teacups and saucers, plus dessert plates I bought around four years ago.

Some friends have asked me in the past about the brand, but unfortunately the lovely home store we have here has it made just for the store, so I don't know. I heard they might be made in Sri-Lanka or Philippines. Anyway, that's it, I fell in love with it, whatever it is.

I am very excited after Spring cleaning somewhat, to also be decorating the home a little for the Spring-Easter season as well.

I am also practicing my Lent challenge, every year I 'fast'... by abstaining from one or two things I love, as not drinking coffee and not eating sweets... which I love both. Specially the coffee situation, it's tough come breakfast, lol..

Ok, here goes a Spring table and my kitchen French country plate rack, Mr. Living had made for me one year ago this month. I enjoy changing the rack seasonally. Now it's in pink for Easter.

I picked up all my cyclamen from my window sill in the kitchen and gathered them on a tray as centerpiece. I placed a shell bunny in the front, in the back my two cute bunnies and on the other side an antique shepherd boy.

On this side a small antique French shepherd boy my Fil gifted me very many years ago.

The shell bunny I picked up last Summer at an open market at the beach.

Opposed to the shell bunny you find my funny bunnies and Easter eggs in a nest.

I love this tea china, the pattern is so cute and dainty with little pink roses and gold.

My DD Sofia gave me for my birthday the teaset some six years ago and then around three years ago it came back with tea cups and saucers, along with cake plates, so I bought myself six teacups and cake plates.

I have very good luck with my cyclamen I keep in the kitchen window sill. Specially I guess it's because they receive a lot of the morning sun.

They last ones lasted 4-6 months, although I had one that was alive for more then a year!


The plate rack embellished for Spring.


Thank you for your sweet comments dear friends, you always make my day !

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at your fun parties.


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Monday, March 13, 2017

Entertaining at Home again !

Hello sweet friends!

I haven't been around lately as this month has been a busy one for us. Our DD Alexandra got married the First of March in Miami in a very small ceremony at the apartment of our Sil's mother.

We also have been in the mood of entertaining lately at home.  Last Friday I did a luncheon with 17 very close friends from hubby's youth, their wives, plus two siblings and their spouses.

Again I had to make two sitting tables to fit the 17. Thank goodness our formal dinner table is very large and very wide, which helps a whole lot.
Our breakfast round table is an 'enabler' in this case and there you can sit six people very well.

I hope I don't bore you with my tablescapes, as I see the readers and hostesses are interested in other things much more so.

Here I'm sharing a picture of my dearest daughter Alexandra and Sergio at their civil wedding in Miami.
They had a very small reception right in the beautiful apartment of our Sil Sergio's mother with some friends and cousins. It was beautiful, we are so happy for this lovely couple.
They are the parents of our little Maxima. They also live in Madrid.

So lets get back to our luncheon at home.

The formal dining table held 11 guests and this is the setting I did using our antique china from my dear Mother in Law, on top of her gorgeous hand crocheted tablecloth.

The cyclamen flower pots are perfect to give it a little Spring touch.

The flatware is Reed & Barton, but I used a round spoon specially for the 'Cream of Mushroom,' a delicious French recipe I do.

Lately the cyclamen plants are growing so beautifully at my kitchen's window sill, so instead of making any arrangements I just placed them smack in the middle of the two tables, for a little Spring feel.

Our breakfast table was fixed for six guests. Again I used another of my cyclamen flower plant for the Spring look, plus my green china to celeb St. Pat's month.

My indoor plants are really radiant in this corner of the breakfast room and right in front of them, in the corner, I have a gathering of some more that are just as pretty.

Thank you so much dear friends for your sweet and kind comments, you always make my day !

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their fun parties.


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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Valentine's in the 'Big Room.'

Hello sweet friends !

I wish everyone of you a wonderful VALENTINE'S DAY; along with your sweetie or your loved ones.

I created our Valentine's for two right in the 'big room.'

I haven't thought of a menu, but maybe 'Chicken Cutlets Paprika' we so love, a Ratatouille warm salad, as the weather here is crispy, like Fall... and some roasted potatoes and Pineapple Pie Alejandro's favorite for dessert.
To cheer with Champagne... and right here, in the Big room, as we often loved to do when we were just married, back in the day !

                                     HAPPY VALENTINE'S !

We were reminiscing with Alejandro how we loved eating in our simple and humble living room when we were just married, back in 1975.
So I wanted to recreate those days when we were only the two of us, now that we are again... "just the two of us."

So looking forward to Valentine's dinner right here !

The lovely crystal stems for red wine here, were a gift from hubby's cousins recently, for his 70th. b'day. They are Luigi Bormioli.

The two big pillows are very confy end delish to sit and also high enough for our legs.

Happy Valentine's Day dear friends !


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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Three Setting for Hubby's 70th.Birthday !

Hello sweet friends !

I have been away for very close to a month. I hope you've missed me, if not, don't worry, I'm just teasing you, lol..

I've been away cause life has gotten on the way and since January 27th. I haven't stopped the cleaning, the cooking and so much that involves making a luncheon for 14 for a first group with my American friends (other friends that speak English too) who have invited us to a concert of classical music to their home and later to a great BBQ.

So I just did last Friday, Feb 3, my husband's 70th. birthday luncheon for 20 people, his siblings and his dear cousins, Alejandro grew up with and love so much.

Anyhow... I was ever so busy, but happy.
For the 20 guests I even used my antique French marble table from the foyer to sit five, the main dining table for ten and the round breakfast table for five as well. Therefore, I had the 20 guest sitting comfy.

Here I'm sharing the three tables, with dog motif, that hubby loves, plus different dishes for every table. I didn't use the transferware blue and white on my last post and you will see why.

With that said..

I did this setting for ten guests in the formal dinner table with the china I have for 16; 'Home Gallery.'

I didn't use the transferware because I wanted to place each table with different china patterns and colors. 

As centerpieces in all three table setting I placed a different color Cyclamen plant, which last very long on my kitchen window.

The motif for every table setting were doggies, as hubby just loves them.

In the main table setting I used the 'Viennese' engraved crystal goblets.

The breakfast table was set with the 'balsa wood' place mats and the Oriental china in red and white.
A couple of dogs here too.

The glasses for the breakfast table are Mexican hand blown.

Here a red cyclamen, more doggies and the Mandarin seal in the center of the china plates means; 'HAPPY HOME.'

The French antique marble table in the foyer became a luncheon table for five as well, lol..

Here too I placed doggies and a white cyclamen as centerpiece, with the ever lovely Onion pattern china.

The lovely stems are French and we inherited from my dear Mil.

Thank you so much dear friends for your sweet and kind comments, you so make my day !

Thanking the lovely hostesses for hating me at their great parties.


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