Monday, December 15, 2014

FABBY: Christmas Tree in the Den-Tour 3

Hello sweet friends!

I've been so busy lately as you all know, this is a busy time of year for all of us.

We had Alejandro's family reunion, so the family arrived from all over the country and so did my daughters and grandgirls.
We had a fabulous time last Saturday with 58 members of the family, along with a bunch of grandchildren from all of us.

Here is my Tour 3, consisting of my decked den with Christmas tree, new tartan chairs and having a little tea by the fireplace. I don't have the fire on cause this is a spring type of weather around here, lol!

Here is our den ready for the Christmas holiday 2014.

The new upholstered French chairs in the tartan plaid are just perfect for this time of year, so I brought them here for the holidays.

A little Christmas setting for tea and cookies for three. The teaset and cups were made back at our former Ceramic Co. The design was done by hand, of course... and I found the pattern on a C'mas fabric I had back then.

The butter dish was a gift from my mom several C'mas' ago.

A close up of the Nativity in the mantel.

The Christmas mantel in the back. We enjoy C'mas Eve and Day, right here in our family room.

One end table with a pic of our DDs when it was Sofia's first C'mas.
She's wearing a little plaid dress I made for her back then and Alexandra a Scottish skirt.
My DD Alexandra when she was not even one.
My DD Sofia when she was one and a half years old.
My dearest grandgirls Victoria and Cayetana.

I came back to add these close ups of our tree cause the little girls wanted me too and 'I obliged right away, lol...'

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree.... Happy holidays my friends!


In the mantel at your right is 'St. Patricks Cathedral too.'

Our tree has ornies I have collected since our first C'mas 39 years ago. Many wonderful memories it holds and little picture frames with my own girls when very young as my two grandgirls when babies too.

I've also gave my daughters lots of ornaments and tree figurines and gave away some to a girl that comes to clean my house sometimes and helps me when I have company for dinner.
I've kept my favorite ones, the ones with the more memories and the gifted ones from family that I love and are no longer with us.

This is an English antique curio that belonged to Mr. Living's grandparent's with a three tier German Pyramid Nativity.... and a Virgin Mary under the glass cloche.

The curio is also part of a big dining set and we are happy to have the buffet in the breakfast room, the one in my header with the red transferware too.

The family of Carolers are always at the very entrance of our pent house apartment to welcome you.

The leather trunk is Spanish colonial and was a gift from Alejandro's grandmother.

Thank you for your wonderful visit sweet ladies...please come again... and have a very blessed Christmas holiday along with your dear families.

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their parties.
A special thanks and appreciation to the ladies that are so generous to feature me at their wonderful parties, it's always such an honor.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

FABBY: My Christmas Pinterest Challenge Tablescape

Hello sweet friends!

      Oh boy, I just couldn't decide which to choose to make until I found this lovely tablescape and my inspiration was the gold reindeer the Pinterest table had. That is because I also have a similar reindeer, gold and large.

As some of you know, again our friend and great hostess Kathleen is very enthusiastic about theme challenges at Cuisine Kathleen. The theme for this Wednesday at LET'S DISH blog hop is a copy cat challenge of "A PINTERST CHRISTMAS TABLE CHALLENGE."

I hope you like my version of a pretty setting I found on Pinterest and it was from a blogger who had posted before I started blogging myself and I haven't seen her in a while. Her blog is: "Dining Delight" and the post is called, "An Arrogant Reindeer"...although mine is quite arrogant looking too, lol!

Ok, with that said, here it goes !

Here is the Pinterest original post, called: " Arrogant Reindeer" and here is the link just in case you'd like to go visit...it is lovely!


Here is my version.

My reindeer was my inspiration as main element for the green, gold and bronze centerpiece.
The place setting is formed by my crystal gold Turkish chargers, on top a brown charger a bit smaller and 'White Scapes, Noritake dishes.' Topped by a small votive with candle... 'all similar' to the original photo.
A close up of the place setting

She also has a brown runner and I used my crushed velvet brown one from many years ago and name cards standing on a ball ornament, as is.

The original also had some bronze leaves in the centerpiece, which I acquired by placing in my faux greenery some dried leaves from the garden of our condo.

I didn't have a brown tablecloth as the original, so I created my Christmas tablescape on the bare wood-dinner table. I've never seen a brown one I liked, either!

I also added on each end a salt seller like this 'snowlady.'

And here are the cute 'penguin and present' salt and pepper shakers in the other end.


I used two crystal flower vases I had with some gold beads and a candle to resemble the original table...as well as the gold beads throughout the centerpiece, plus two blue grape bunches, as the source had ones in bronze.

My gorgeous 'gold reindeer' is my main inspiration for this copy cat challenge, at Cuisine Kathleen's... and along with my white and gold Noritake dishes, it was perfect!
 I knew I could pull this challenge as I had everything right at home too!

I had some votives, each four in different styles, so I decided to use them to meet the eight I needed and as I love to mix and match, I was satisfied with the end result.

The hand etched stemware is 'Italian-Viennese.'

My very own "arrogant reindeer."

Thank you so much my sweet friends for your kind comments, as you always make my day.

Thanking Kathleen for Let's Dish at http://cuisinekathleen.blogspot.com
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I hope to see you there too!
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Sunday, December 7, 2014

FABBY: "France meets English Tidings"

Hello sweet friends!

       I don't know if I ever mentioned you before that I'm into this 'Ralph Lauren Phase' with my decorating the house and I think it suits my house pretty well, as I've seen RL's house also with the 'white and black marble floors,' at least, lol..

We always had two small French chairs I love, maybe for 25 years or more and really, the upholstery have seen better days!

Thinking and looking at my Pinterest board... all about RL's interior designs and tartan plaid, that he seems to love on his chairs, sofas, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, etc...I've seen a few similar chairs like ours upholstered in tartan fabric; I immediately decided that it was the look I wanted in them!

Previously the chairs were covered in a French velvet stripe, which I liked in it's day! 

You remember this past October we went to mind the little girls and in that big city they live, you can find practically everything for decorating the home and some stores carry the latest upholstery and interior decorating tendencys!

Anyway, we headed to our favorite store, where they also cater to interior decorators, so the owner told us he had English imports, wool plaids in beautiful quality tartan materials and it was true.
He showed us three and another with brighter reds and yellows, very classic, but we fell in love with this elegant tartan plaid color combination.

I hope you like it too.

Tadaaa...here you have them.

Some of the friends that follow me might remember the French chairs looking like this; flanking the antique heirloom chest from Mr. Living's grandparents.

Tartan plaid chairs by Ralph Lauren and my inspiration.

I also had the brown wooden legs painted in an 'antique gold' to give the tartan plaid more contrast and I'm overjoyed with the choice!

The checks that might look wine colored in the pic...in real life they're a cherry red!

In my last Christmas tour, 'the antique chest' was alone , without the French chairs, as they were in the shop getting a face lift! 

Thank you so much my friends for your sweet and kind comments, you always make my day!
Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties each week.

Specially thanking the generous and supportive hostesses that honor me by featuring me at their wonderful parties.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

FABBY: Christmas Foyer and Living Room-Tour 2

Hello sweet friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving.

I'm sharing my Foyer and Living room all decked for Christmas 2014, Tour 2.

Like I said before, I don't do great changes, I just add to what's always there and I use some of my fave pieces like this tiered blue and white Meissen server. I just add more or less and here and there, no biggie; so I hope you don't get bored, lol!

Ok, here goes some pics of a part of the house. I will post next the den where everything happens, tree and mantel... actually C'mas itself!

                                    'HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON'

The antique French table in the foyer decorated for Christmas.

The Chinese secretary

The foyer's chandy is got some blintz too!

The living room

The antique heirloom Virgin Mary is center attention this Christmas too.

One end table with an angel...(sorry the ugly cables from my computer system at left)
My little marble end table gets a candle too.

The other end table with a German Santa. I also love candles!

This pretty ceramic C'mas ball with a scented candle was a gift from my DD Alexandra a few years ago.

I'm so glad it's 'beginning to look like Christmas' around here. 

The antique Chinese 'camphor' chest.

Thank you so much for your visits and sweet comments my dear friends, you always make my day!


Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties, specially the sweet ones that honor me by featuring me at their wonderful parties.

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