Sunday, May 24, 2015

FABBY: Tweaking Around the House

Hello sweet friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, remembering all the heroes in your own families, as those men and women we don't even know who have left their lives in the battle field for the freedom of America.

As some of the sweeties that follow me know my DD Alex got engaged last May 2nd. Therefore, she left to live in Madrid-Spain and she left her beautiful apartment to rent furnished, so I have inherited some pretty things from her, specially the electrical things, as they have another voltage opposed to us all in this side of the pond.

I did some tweaking here and there, of this and that with some of her great things she sent us from the capital, Quito, where she resided.

Anyway, let's not waste time... here you have it.

I'll start at the foyer, by showing you all the relocating I've been up to.
Behind the tartan chair that pretty, sphere floor lamp I had in the dining room before, and now I brought it here.

This antique Asian lamp, that was from my In laws' wedding is now here in Alejandro's grandparents chest. Before it was in one end table in the living room.
A recent photo of our DD Alexandra in Paris, last Valentine's.

I also changed old pictures for new recent pics of my grandgirls and DDs Alex and Sofie.

The big Asian lamp that was in the living room before is now in the vintage Belgium buffet.
I love how warm this space looks now with it.

Here is a better shot of the modern sphere lamp, which is formed by glass half moons and you can take them out for easy cleaning with Windex... even washing them!

This lamp is a set with the one atop our breakfast table, but now it didn't make sense there without the silver Kartell one there. You'll see.

In the family room, there's a one and only small table in between the couches, I placed the antique Oriental lamp that was from my In-laws' wedding too.

 It was our main lamp in the living room before.

Everything sort of changed all, because of Alexandra's 'French Kartell' lamp, because it so happens we owned one too that was in the dining room's, Belgium buffet... some of you might remember!

Since we have two of the same Kartell lamps now, Mr. Living gave a hand in the tweaking so he suggested they should be together in the living room.
Anyhow, here they are and we love them together in the antique French small chests...with a girl's small vintage French bust, vintage doggies and a Chinese ginger jar.
I love a marriage of vintage classic and modern accessories.

Here is the other Kartell lamp in the other end of the couch.

"KARTELL is the brand (or designer) that makes the GHOST Chairs and Tables."

Vintage French bust of a young man with antique ivory pieces and a porcelain bowl with lid.

Now this lamp is so pretty cause it resembles a coconut tree. I had it in the foyer's antique chest, where now sits the yellow Asian lamp.

I thought in one end of the Italian buffet would look good and yes, I like it here, as it gives this corner brightness and warmth all of a sudden.

She also gave us three oil paintings from famous artists, but the other two need frames so you won't see them on the walls as of yet. 

This one is very pretty but you can't appreciate it in the photo.

Love the color!

In the meantime I made for our lunch today, 'shrimp and cockles ceviche' and it was great!

And last but not least, my favorite is this gorgeous, elegant 'Custom Metallic- Kitchen Aid!'
You see, she couldn't take it, as I explained before because of the difference in voltage than ours in Europe.

We gave this gorgeous KA to DD Alexandra some four years ago for her birthday and who would imagined it'll come to us later on!

I stored in the pantry my white 'Artisan KD' I had for 20 years, to give this new one a chance to work a little more in my house, lol...

"I hope you liked our new, small changes, that made such a HUGE difference at our home.

I love to tweak things around the house, never mind with other things...and without doing any shopping!!!
What a fun weekend we had!

Thanks for your sweet and kind visits dear friends, as you always make my day!
Thanks to the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties.


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Saturday, May 23, 2015

FABBY: Happy Memorial Day Weekend !

Happy Memorial Day weekend sweet Friends!

Have a happy, fun and great Memorial Day weekend.
Summer is coming... fun, beach, sand and sun...yupiiiiii

Thank you for the freedom America has now, and it has always been because of your fighting and giving your lives for it.

"God bless all the men and women in battles this very moment."



Wednesday, May 13, 2015

FABBY: My Mother's Day gift

Hello sweet friends!

I'm so glad all of the ladies I've visited enjoyed a lovely Mother's Day weekend.

I received  a very pretty set of china for eight place settings from what I thought it was from my DDs; but it so happened I did receive it from sweet Mr. Living as the girls had more personal gifts for me.

Here I placed it in our kitchen nook's table to share it, along with a delicious dessert I did for my mom's lunch today...and yes, it is easy as one two three, but don't kid yourself, it is simply delicious!

I got the recipe and Pinned it from bloggy friend: 
 "Ms. Toody Goo Shoes"  Pan-Baked, Lemon-Almond Tart.

I do love my new china in emerald green and yes, it's a color I don't own.
A very pretty set of dishes made in China specially for 'Sukasa,' a great home store and with their own label 'HOUS.'
I love the wonderful things for the home they carry. Great items for decorating the home and the table, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.

Here is my new set of china for eight, plus a tea set and a serving bowl and platter.

I love the three piece tea set


Delicious "Pan-Baked, Lemon-Almond Tart"

Recipe from Blog: 'Ms Toody Goo Shoes'

I love the emerald green in the china with a pretty basket weave pattern to it.

My new Spring look on the side buffet.
I like two teapots, so I added my vintage English one with some small green leaves around it.

Thank you so much sweet and kind friends for visiting me and leaving a comment; you know you always make my day!

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties.


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Friday, May 8, 2015

FABBY: Happy Mother's Day Ladies!

Hello dear Friends!

      Our DD Alexandra's engagement party was wonderful!
We had a fabulous time with so much family from both sides, you see, my daughter's fiancée is first cousin to Alejandro's first cousins on his mother's side. All in the family, so hubby knew this family forever and his future son in law since he was a young boy.

We are also very excited to announce that our dearest daughter is also pregnant three months. We can't wait to find out what she is going to have.
Our future son in law is divorced and has three adult kids, starting at 25, 22 and 16. He had married young; but just the same he is very excited with the new baby.

We will be alone with my mother this Sunday, as my both DDs will be out of town and Alexandra is going to live in Madrid, Spain.

This is how my table will be for Mother's Day 2015. I'm using mother's "Wawel-Polish" dishes she gifted me almost three years ago.

Wishing you, your daughters, your Dil's and if you are lucky, your own mothers, a truly wonderful, happy and blessed " Mother's Day 2015."

Mother gifted me with this lovely Polish set of eight china.
I can remember her always having it in NY and using it at many occasions all the time back then.

Therefore, in mother's honor I used her pretty Polish china for this Sunday, Mother's Day.

I placed some feminine figurines all around the table and here is the first, a country girl making potato dumplings.
I'd like to add that these adorable figurines were made back at our own "Ceramic Co., Monte Turi" by hand and by a very talented artist.

Another country girl is weaving the famous Panama hats, that are made here in Ecuador.

This is another country girl carrying water buckets from a near by water well-lol...

A dove sitting on a tree brunch and rose.
Red roses as a centerpiece.

For Mother's Day 2015 setting I used two chargers. The glass gold one is Turkish and it's quite large...and the second one is a cobalt blue ceramic charger made back at our 'Ceramic Factory' as well.

My mother's china is 'WAWEL-POLAND.'

I love the pretty dainty little blue flowers embossed on white porcelain... plus the shape of the plates and and the silver rim.

Since we love champagne we had some left over from our DD Alexandra's engagement party last Saturday, so we'll drink some on MD... and a little white wine mother likes too.

The glasses are etched by hand and are Viennese.
I have two sets of these Italian Venetian stems in two styles. Here I'm sharing the tall set, which includes the flutes.

A couple of silver candle holders.

The plate stack. Gold Turkish glass charger, ceramic cobalt blue charger and the Polish china.

The happy couple, Sergio and Alexandra.

The lovely friends that follow me know that Alejandro bought this vintage French table a year ago for our breakfast room and the one with the marble top we had was sent to DD Alex who now is renting her beautiful apartment furnished to some diplomats.

"I wish you all sweet and kind ladies from blog land a wonderful happy and very blessed Mother's Day with all your family females."

"The same goes for all the lovely hostesses I will be joining their great parties this Mother's Day weekend."

Thank you so much.


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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

FABBY: Girls Night Out

Hello sweet friends!

     My DD Alexandra is getting engaged this Saturday and we are making a reception at a beautiful restaurant for sixty family members from both sides; so I am very busy, but, Kathleen knows I just cannot miss one of her challenges and so I quickly thought I'd love to use my new Oriental dishes our siblings gave us for our 40th. Anniversary dinner party.

Trying to meet the challenge has relaxed me from all I'm doing and the guests I'm having; to the point of making me smile and enjoyed setting it with my new dishes, that are making a 'debut' for the first time.

Since they're blue and white, our fav combo, I also paired them with my red rimmed Oriental dinner plates.

With that said, here is my quick table, specially with my adorable Asian girls, that are out in town for a Chinese dinner.
I used to call them Christine and Chie, until lovely Vel showed up (for our luck), at our 'little blog community,' but couldn't make it...shocks!...maybe next time for sure!

My two lovely Asian girls on center stage for "Kathleen's Ladies Night Out Challenge."

My red dinner plates were bought at Macy's, NYC in 1980 with different blue, white and red pieces; but for this challenge I just couldn't help myself than to pair them with the 'new' Asian dishes for eight place settings we received from all our siblings for our 40th. Anniversary dinner party last March 11th.

Aren't they beautiful! I love the pattern of the blue and white dishes and they have many, many pieces more I haven't shared tonight.

The soup bowls with lids are so pretty, and the lid is used for putting the rice.
There's oriental spoons and a cute little bowls for sauces. The big serving bowls also have serving spoons in porcelain to match.

Love this floral blue and white pattern on the dishes.

The china is very thin, you can see through them!

Of course, the girls are having some Jasmine tea during and after dinner in this adorable mugs with lids.

In the backdrop you can see the tea setting in the pull out tray some antique pieces have, such as our Belgium buffet here... and our grandgirls love to play tea time on it too, lol..

Love the mugs with lids, which they gave us eight of them too, along with a bigger teapot. Here I'm using the smaller one mother gave me this past C'mas.

This small lacquered tea chest was my Mil's; she always had some jewelry in it, though.

Asian antique teaset and teacups.  Serving pieces from our old china as background.

Here you have it, my "Girls Night Out Challenge at Kathleen's, Cuisine Kathleen."

'Ladies Night Out-Let's Dish Challenge' 
Thanks Kathleen for hosting.

Thank you so much for your sweet and kind visits my friend, you always make my day!

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties.


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