Sunday, February 12, 2017

Valentine's in the 'Big Room.'

Hello sweet friends !

I wish everyone of you a wonderful VALENTINE'S DAY; along with your sweetie or your loved ones.

I created our Valentine's for two right in the 'big room.'

I haven't thought of a menu, but maybe 'Chicken Cutlets Paprika' we so love, a Ratatouille warm salad, as the weather here is crispy, like Fall... and some roasted potatoes and Pineapple Pie Alejandro's favorite for dessert.
To cheer with Champagne... and right here, in the Big room, as we often loved to do when we were just married, back in the day !

                                     HAPPY VALENTINE'S !

We were reminiscing with Alejandro how we loved eating in our simple and humble living room when we were just married, back in 1975.
So I wanted to recreate those days when we were only the two of us, now that we are again... "just the two of us."

So looking forward to Valentine's dinner right here !

The lovely crystal stems for red wine here, were a gift from hubby's cousins recently, for his 70th. b'day. They are Luigi Bormioli.

The two big pillows are very confy end delish to sit and also high enough for our legs.

Happy Valentine's Day dear friends !


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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Three Setting for Hubby's 70th.Birthday !

Hello sweet friends !

I have been away for very close to a month. I hope you've missed me, if not, don't worry, I'm just teasing you, lol..

I've been away cause life has gotten on the way and since January 27th. I haven't stopped the cleaning, the cooking and so much that involves making a luncheon for 14 for a first group with my American friends (other friends that speak English too) who have invited us to a concert of classical music to their home and later to a great BBQ.

So I just did last Friday, Feb 3, my husband's 70th. birthday luncheon for 20 people, his siblings and his dear cousins, Alejandro grew up with and love so much.

Anyhow... I was ever so busy, but happy.
For the 20 guests I even used my antique French marble table from the foyer to sit five, the main dining table for ten and the round breakfast table for five as well. Therefore, I had the 20 guest sitting comfy.

Here I'm sharing the three tables, with dog motif, that hubby loves, plus different dishes for every table. I didn't use the transferware blue and white on my last post and you will see why.

With that said..

I did this setting for ten guests in the formal dinner table with the china I have for 16; 'Home Gallery.'

I didn't use the transferware because I wanted to place each table with different china patterns and colors. 

As centerpieces in all three table setting I placed a different color Cyclamen plant, which last very long on my kitchen window.

The motif for every table setting were doggies, as hubby just loves them.

In the main table setting I used the 'Viennese' engraved crystal goblets.

The breakfast table was set with the 'balsa wood' place mats and the Oriental china in red and white.
A couple of dogs here too.

The glasses for the breakfast table are Mexican hand blown.

Here a red cyclamen, more doggies and the Mandarin seal in the center of the china plates means; 'HAPPY HOME.'

The French antique marble table in the foyer became a luncheon table for five as well, lol..

Here too I placed doggies and a white cyclamen as centerpiece, with the ever lovely Onion pattern china.

The lovely stems are French and we inherited from my dear Mil.

Thank you so much dear friends for your sweet and kind comments, you so make my day !

Thanking the lovely hostesses for hating me at their great parties.


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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Blue and White Winter Setting for Ten.

Hello sweet friends !

I am soon making a dinner party with family and his cousins for Alejandro's birthday, January 28th.

Therefore, my idea for a Winter table setting and at the same token, kind of masculine, it's what I came up with. I hope you agree with me, but you can suggest.

Mr. Living's favorite plates are the 'Blue and White Transferware,' mix and match patterns, dinner and salad plates I have and the other would be the 'Bleu Danube' onion china for eight he gave me several years ago. It will not be enough, I will have ten here and six in the round table where the Onion will go.

This is my creation to make Mr. Living happy, besides the fact that I will be using my gorgeous "German Nachtmann" crystal chargers he gave me for my birthday back in October 20th. and will make a debut on 'his' birthday instead, lol..

Alejandro loved this centerpiece, better then flowers, he says... so cute.

You know I love this crystal 'Polish Bohemian Shannon' crystal cake stand and dome... so I'm glad hubby loves it as a centerpiece with the snowed up pinecones I painted.

Don't you just love the German crystal chargers ?

I have collected fourteen blue and white transferware dinner plates and they're all different.
I also have soup plates and salad plates.

Some more blue and white in the back wall too.

Antique English blue water pitcher.

In the buffet I placed my 'Friendly Village' tureen and big serving platter.

This is a wonderful coincidence !

 Here you can see part of the Nachtmann, German chargers pattern and on the left top there's a crystal bread plate I bought a couple of years ago and it's the exact same pattern and it's made in Japan ?!

The 'soupcups' are Wilmax-England and for a delish soup I make and that hubby loves and it's, "Crème of Mushroom Soup."

I'm into the blue and white for the new year.

Here I always keep my sterling and silver things; but now I added my 'Foo- Dogs and left my mercury and hand blown glass hurricanes from Christmas.

I also added blue and white to my French country skinny dish shelf.

Here is the setting for Mr. Living's milestone birthday this coming January 28, 2017. I'm happy he loves it.

Thank you for your sweet and kind visit my friends, you always make my day !

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties.


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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

December Rosary Tea


I'm sharing my last Rosary of December 2016 with you.
We prayed for all of you and yours. For our countries, for world peace, for the ill and for the reasons we are asked to. Remember you can request a special prayer for anything you wish and we will happily oblige.
My daughters have left, but we had a wonderful Christmas with all of them, grandgirls and Sils.
We also baptized little Maxima and will share just a few pics as soon as my DD Alex sends them to us.
With that said, here is my last year's December Rosary prayer and table for tea.

Thank you dear friends for your sweet and kind comments, you always make my day!

A special thanks to the wonderful hostesses for having me at their great parties.
I'd like to specially thank, from my heart, to the supportive and generous ladies that feature me and acknowledge me with a little note when I join their hops.

I know exactly who you are and I will always share and join your great parties.

Bless you all.


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Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas Tour 2-Dining Room & Kitchen

Hello sweet friends !

My oh my, Christmas is just around the corner, wow !

Alejandro and me are thrilled we will have all our girls for Christmas. Alexandra, Sergio and baby Maxima are arriving the 20th from Madrid and we will travel three hours to the coast, to my DD Sofia's house because our Sil Sergio is also coming to spend the holidays with his mom who is very old.

We feel very, very blessed from "Baby Jesus this Christmas 2016."

I am cooking away, to take dinner all ready for C'mas Eve. Turkey, sweet potato casserole, cookies, brownies, tamales, leg of pork our Sils love, etc., you name it!

Then C'mas Day we will all come back to 'our home in the Andes,' where is a little cold and rainy here... for Baby Maxima's Christening, Dec. 27.

It's gonna be a full house here and lots to do for the celeb, plus the reception
will be held in a beautiful historic hotel boutique, that is Alejandro's and our Sil, Serge's cousin. Yes, they share the same first cousin, from the two different sides of the family, lol..

Ok, here is our Christmas Tour 2. "Our Christmas Dining room and Kitchen."

Formal dining table and buffet with china cabinet. 

Our breakfast table is flanked by two antique buffets and it's adjacent to the formal dining area, in order to have more guests sitting.


Welcome to our kitchen.

The open 'skinny' French country plate rack... some of you might remember hubby had made for me back in March and now all done up for the Christmas holiday.

I still love to pieces!

In the kitchen nook table is where we routinely have our meals.
A setting for three as mother comes to spend a day here each week. 

Our everyday Christmas dishes.

My little coffee station, no biggy.

The bottom last shelves of the plate rack Mr. Living had it done for me to store all my tea boxes and coffee tins I love.

My cute Santa clock I bought several years ago and my grandgirls love him!

Our antique Egyptian side table with a Nativity inside the cloche.



Buffet by the breakfast area.

I love my tall skinny angel !

I'm so happy you dropped by dear friends and now my carolers will sing... "WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR" to wave goodby.

Thank you for your sweet comments dear friends, you always make my day !

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties.



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