Friday, February 22, 2013

FABBY: Going with Animal Print

Hello my dear friends, hope all is well with you!

After looking at some interior designing blogs, like Stacy's, South Shore Decorating Blog and interior decor magazines, showing how animal prints are still alive and well..I too decided I should go a little more in this direction, for my yellow family room's couches, as I always just love it! I have a gorgeous Scandinavian vintage chair that was Alejandro's old uncle, who died long ago; who in turn gave it to his brother, hubby's father, and lastly, my Mil gave it to us.. a little over thirty years ago and Alejandro bought around that same time a piece of "real leopard" skin from a man that sold it to him. Than, I thought this chair would look fabulous painted black and upholstered with the leopard skin...remember that in those days there was no PITA, lol! Ok, here you have it and I hope you like my new "faux animal skin" pillows too. For a note, I don't wear my fur coats any more!

I decided one day that I should have some new animal print pillows done and went and bought a soft plush material; to place in our den's -family room couches, which we had reupholstered last year in a soft yellow, which is a great color for any animal prints. I had one for each couch made.
I moved to the den this Scandinavian chair, which I had it in the foyer, which we upholstered in real leopard skin, around thirty years ago. The new faux leopard pillow at your right, from a week ago.
Here is one of the new pillows in the big couch. I love putting my head in it while watching a's so soft!
Than, I decided I'll incorporate, along with the faux animal pillows, one of the two beautiful English brocade pillows from several years ago. The brocade gold one, with fringes is from Spain and it has angels in the material..from some years ago and they're two, as well.
Here is the smaller couch with the same three pillows like the bigger couch.
Here  you can see clear the angels in the gold ones, with the fringes, as well as the animal print and the English country scene in the brocade pillow.
I have some faux print material left, enough for two small round pillows for the two chairs at left, which I will have made soon.

A close up of the vintage Scandinavian chair with "real leopard skin".


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  1. I suppose it is too warm where you live to wear fur, anyway. I wear it and love it! I wear leather shoes without a twinge of guilt. No PC nonsense for me. Hahaha!

  2. Oh Fabby, I LOVE your animal print pillows AND the REAL thing!!! I always have a touch of animal print in most of my rooms. I did a post on that about a week ago. Come on over and see my animal print touches:) XO, pinky

  3. A touch of animal print is always in style. Your chair looks fabulous!


  4. I am always fond of animal prints.i too have animal print cushion covers and have worn animal print dresses..your cushion covers looks very pretty.A change for the room....:):)


  5. I am always fond of animal prints.i too have animal print cushion covers and have worn animal print dresses..your cushion covers looks very pretty.A change for the room....:):)

  6. Hellooo Fabby!

    Just found you via "trouverlesoleil" and want to ask, "Why not wear your furs?"

    The beautiful beasts have already given their all for those coats or stoles - be cozy, look beautiful.

    I love the idea of the parties you must host with that very full and reachable bar, and all those chairs and soft sofas to lounge upon. Have a themed fur party next time. :-)


  7. The Scandinavian chair is SO fine, Fabby! As usual, your decorating "eye" has creating a warm and interesting ambiance. In my opinion, you have just the right amount of "layering" (as one of my favorite decorators - Abigail Ahern - calls it).

  8. Fabby,
    You have such a lovely home my dear friend!!! Simple touches, such as pillows, freshen up a room within one's budget, quite nicely!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely home with us!!!

  9. The touch of leopard is perfect in your room. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  10. Nothing like a little animal print to bring out the beast in all of us. I have animal print sheets on my bed, eand Sissy Girls bed as well. I have a few real skins, old coats, i made into pillows in my library. I hear and see what you are doing and like it very much. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  11. Absolutely lovely, it's perfect in that room! Happy Saturday! XO ~Liz

  12. I love the addition of animal prints to your decor, Fabby. I think they make the room look warmer. I always incorporate some animal prints too in my decor, especially in 1 bathroom and family room....Christine

  13. I know most people love or hate animal print. I love it! I got some mean comments on a recent post about it, about whether it's politically correct, etc. Putting that issue aside, I really do love the look.

  14. Fabby, your posts are always so entertaining! A chair covered in real leopard skin? Who else has one of those? So exotic!! The new pillows are wonderful and do so look so soft. Beautiful make-over!!

  15. Fabby, Your animal prints look really at home on you sofa. The Scandinavian chair is gorgeous with the real leopard. Love the classic look of it all.

  16. Oh I love it! A touch of exotic is always welcome! Your chair with the real leopard skin is beautiful. Love the faux fur pillows. I have a throw/wrap like those and I love it! I wanted a cheetah print carpet in my office- but the cost turned me away. I'm looking for a accent rug to bring in the look now!

  17. Love the Scandinavian chair. The black and cane back with the leopard skin is fabulous.

  18. Animal print is always fun in decor!! Come by and see who made the top5 at my party last week:)


  19. I love the chair, the pillows too! The animal prints give your room a sophisticated look!

  20. That's a beautiful chair and it looks terribly elegant with the real leopard skin on it. The pillows all look fabulous on the yellow upholstery.
    I would wear a fur coat if I had it, especially in these cold winters that we experience in Canada. Their warmth would be very welcome. I'm just saying "if".
    Have a good week!

  21. Your living room looks real warm and cozy.

  22. I love your animal prints on your chair and pillows.

    Great look. You are a good decorator.

  23. I love your animal prints, Fabby! They sure add a spark of interest and texture to your pretty room. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!! xo

  24. Fabby, the pillows are just gorgeous. Years and years ago I fell in love with animal print and I have noticed that it hasn't gone out of style in over 20 years! Now that is saying something with designers always trying to tell us that this or that is in or out! What a beautiful chair with the real thing.

    Hope you are doing well. I have been so busy lately that I have had a hard time blogging! And now on Saturday my daughter just got engaged with a June wedding in mind so that will make me even more crazy!

  25. YAY!! I love animal prints! Hehe
    Thanks for linking this cool post! XO

  26. I remember my grandmother's house had a real leopard hide with the head as a 'rug' on the floor and also a female lion one with the head. As small children we were fascinated with the teeth and the glass eyes. I don't know who the hunter of them was and they are long gone. :) Your antique chair is beautiful.

  27. Love the pop of animal prints!

    Wonderful to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescape

  28. Hi Fabby!
    Love your cozy living room. The leopard skin looks stunning on your chair.
    The leopard chairs in my living room that I posted on are also covered in real leopard fur, but from a small jungle cat called a Geoffrey's Cat. I used a vintage swing coat I found on Ebay from the 1930's or 40's to cover the backs!

    I did not mention this when I posted on them for this linky party. I was too afraid that I would get scary comments but I used an old vintage coat!

    Your print is so much prettier! Love the big cats. Gorgeous artistic natural patterns. Love it!

    Thanks for sharing Fabby.


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