Monday, February 25, 2013

FABBY: Our 38th. Anniversary Table

Hello my sweet friends!

Today is our 38th. Wedding Anniversary. We got married in Las Vegas, Nevada...yes, there!... in the "Little White Chappel," one Tuesday 25th. of 1975, lol.. I was living in Westwood, LA at the time, with a job in fashion, at Rodeo Drive. Therefore, hubby went there and we made it fast with my room-mate, Cindy Rosen and her boy friend as witnesses. Than we headed to NY to see my parents and finally, got married by the Catholic Church, here in Ecuador. Everything was great, it felt like such an adventure.. you all know how we are when young; but to our surprise, our "adventure" lasted up to now and for ever and I hope for another 37 years if our Lord wants it that way. Thank you so much for coming to wish us happiness and to see the table I made in our honor.

The blue and white tablecloth is Indian and so not to take away from the china I placed a white organza, made in Spain on top of it. The chargers you will see are pewter. I have 12 of them and 12 bread plates to match.

We used to call this china, "Carnations," in our past ceramic company, where we made it. I selected this pattern because this particular pattern are Alejandro's dishes, as mine are the one with the birds, like my header. This "carnation-pattern" you will find it mostly in the Ecuadorian indigenous women's blouses.

 As a centerpiece I used a cloche on top of a pedestal from the same china and with two "love birds," inside a hey-thatch nest. Up front is a small, hot sauce bowl with a cute red hot pepper.

 The sherbet bowl on top of the salad plate. The stem ware is French from my Mil.
The sherbet bowl. This china, as well as mine, has many pieces.. more than 100 pieces. The ones that have followed me know I shared in a post the entire 350 pieces of mine, last month.
 The big platter with it's undulated edges, and hand decorated in a doily manner.

The dinner plate, with the hand decorated carnations inside it, as well.
 The pretty soup bowl.

The place setting. The salad plate, at your upper right.. in the doily pattern as well. This china came with some pieces in mix and match patterns, like the big serving platter and salad plates.
 Here in this small tray are two demitasse cups for espresso with a small silver spoon with jade handles.
 The small cloche with the nesting "love birds."
The under blue and white tablecloth is Indian and it's so pretty. I didn't want the pattern to take away from the dishes, so I chose a Spanish organza, transparent table topper in white too.

At your left the white napkin ring with a little blue butterfly.
Here you have it, our 38th. Anniversary table 2013. I pray to God He grants Alejandro and me, many more happy years together.

Thank you my lovelies for your visits to wish us a happy anniversary..caz I know you, generous bunch!

Thanking in advance to the wonderful hostesses for having us today.


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  1. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on 38 years. Your table is beautiful and I love how you both have sets of dishes. May you have many more blessed years.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on 38 years. Your table is beautiful and I love how you both have sets of dishes. May you have many more blessed years.

  3. Oh, Dear Fabby, your table is beautiful and your story even sweeter. Happy 38th anniversary to you both! (I was married in the fall of 1975)

  4. Oh Fabby - what a spectacular table setting - that dinner ware is just to die for!!!
    And happy anniversary to you and Alejandro!
    Big hugs,

  5. 38 wonderful! I wish you many more happy years together. I love your dishes and the table is just gorgeous! H and I were married 45 years this past November. Hugs, Penny

  6. Fabby, congratulations to you and Alejandro! We will celebrate our 38 this year too. '-)
    Beautiful celebration table. I'm in love with this set of dishes. Each piece is stunning.........Sarah

  7. Fabby, congratulations on 38 years of marriage. What a wonderful adventure you have had! I just wanted to cry when I saw the love birds on your table setting. What a sweet touch! Here is to many, many, many more wonderful years!

  8. Dear Fabby- I am wishing you a very happy anniversary. We got married in August of 1975 so we have been married about the same length of time. Your table s beautiful but I love the stories that are behind things. I hope that you have many many more wonderful years. I know you are happy together- I can see it in your posts-xo Diana

  9. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on your 38 years god bless both of you and your love together for many more years!
    Beautiful table I love the dishes
    and lovely story.
    Feliz Aniversario
    Que Dios los bendiga siempre

  10. How wonderful! 38 year! Congratulations to you and your husband. Your table is beautiful , here's to many more anniversaries at pretty tables!

  11. Happy Anniversary! You have married your two patterns of dishes...a beautiful pairing...just like Alejandro and you! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  12. Happy Anniversary! And many more happy years.
    What a sweet love story, I loved reading about it! Your table is gorgeous, I especially love the chargers, but everything is fabulous, dear Fabby.
    Hugs, Cindy

  13. So FABBY!!!
    I love your dishes and what a fun way to celebrate any day, but wonderful for a 38th anniversary! WE just celebrated our 32nd anniversary... Life happens so much faster than we think it will...
    Hugs and hearts toyou!

  14. Dearest Fabby,
    Happy 38th + 1 Day Anniversary...!
    You know how to set a perfect table and I know from previous posts that you also know how to serve delicious foods on those plates and bowls.
    Is your Mother-in-law's French stemware maybe Baccarat?
    Hugs to you and wishing you ongoing happiness in good health.


  15. A Lovely love story.Happy Anniversary to you both and many more to come....This table is very special. Hugs dear Fabby...:):)

  16. Auguroni!Buon anniversario!Io mi sono sposata due anni dopo di te!Baci,Rosetta

  17. This table tells the Tale. Of Love, Support, Comfort... The same I always feel when you speak of Alejandro.

    But can I confide you something? I almost fell from my chair when I started reading your introduction?

    No, it's not the Vegas information ahahahah but I never thought you were married for so long with Alejandro!

    When you speak of him, I don't know why (well, I do and I'm going to share - there's such aweness, so much exitement (still) in his support and love, that I had in my head that you must have been married before and in recent years you'd found Alejandro who filled your life with that excitement of New Loves ahahah crazy, uh? But I did felt that) and it always made me happy to know that you had NOW THAT Love.

    I am! And that table speaks of a couple who is still very much fighting everyday for the Love and Laughter to fill their meals and their days.

    It warms my Heart.

    Happy Anniversary! And may that "newness" and "renewal" (of biggest Gift of all) to be present for many, many years more.

    Now, I'm just going to say he's a craddle robber ahahah Don't care if you were already a working girl or whatever. I started doing the Maths and you were (just ;)) a Baby ;)

    Have Fun, Dear Friend! May Love be a permanent Staple in your Life!


  19. Wow, Fabby! This is a gorgeous table for a wonderful occasion! Happy Anniversary!!! I just LOVE this china that you have on the table! I know your husband felt extra special dining with you at this beautiful table! Have a great week! =D

  20. Hello Fabby-
    Happy Anniversary! I love your story :-) It's like you were swept away- how romantic is that! I graduated from high school in 1975 so this reminds me of how long it's been (sigh).
    I love these dishes. The pattern is so vibrant and the rich blue really enhances it.
    That is a beautiful tablecloth. You have wonderful linens.
    Gosh 40 yrs. of marriage isn't too far off!
    Hugs, Liz

  21. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. I wish you many more beautiful years together. Your special dinner table is beautiful and I like that china pattern. Hugs, Pamela

  22. Happy Anniversary!!!! How wonderful, 38 years. Your table is stunning. I love the dishes, such a beautiful pattern and your linens are gorgeous. You created a fabulous table for such a wonderful occassion. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  23. Happy anniversary! Our 39th was Feb. 16th...almost the same! Nice to know the story! Your table is perfect. So colorful and lovely. Thanks so much for sharing with Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  24. Lovely, lovely, my friend! Happy Anniversary to you both. I am so excited, when you set a table with the china that you designed. I love the stories about the ideas behind the decorations. This pattern is so colorful and joyful - just like your marriage, I am sure. I adore your Love Birds!!

  25. Gorgeous table setting. I hope you both had a wonderful anniversary! Congrats!

  26. Beautiful table with such bold, vibrant, spicy colors. Happy Anniversary.

  27. HAPPY 38TH Wedding Anniversary!!!
    Yay for you two! How wonderful to celebrate with such a fine table setting full of vibrant colors.
    Many more happy years to you both.

  28. Fabby,
    Happy Anniversary to two very special people!!! May this celebration of love never end!
    Your Anniversary table is exquisite!!! Of course, my love is that footed bowl with the chili pepper!!!
    Thanks for sharing the love the two of you share and this precious tablescape in celebration of your lives together!!!
    P.S. Our son and lovely daughter~in~law were married at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas 11 years ago!!! They took 10 of us with them for their Wedding!!! Such a memorable event!

  29. Happy Anniversary! What an accomplishment....38 years! YAY!

    Your table is divine. The little lovebird cloche centerpiece is truly inspiring. What a great idea, and you might be seeing something similar on my blog in the very near future! ;P

    I also adore the little butterfly napkin rings. So sweet!

    Thanks for sharing your stories. I enjoy reading them.

    Thanks so much for linking-up to My Happy List!


  30. Happy Anniversary. What a beautiful table setting.

  31. Happy anniversary, beautiful setting, love it all, especially the china, so so pretty. God bless

  32. Congratulations Fabby ... You had an iconic wedding,being married in the little white chapel... such memorabilia....

    Your table setting matches the excitement and rush of the celebration.. I love the table setting and wish you the delight of 38 more blessed years. my friend...BIG HUGS

  33. You set a FABULOUS table!! Such elegance and style! Happy anniversary to two lovely people. I am so glad y'all found each other! A true romance story if I ever heard one!

  34. What a beautiful table!

    Happy Anniversary!

  35. Happy, happy anniversary! I enjoyed reading the story of your marriage -- so romantic! Your pretty table is perfect for you two lovebirds! The china is gorgeous -- love the colors and the lovely pattern. Happy 38th -- we are just two years ahead of you two, celebrating 40 years last December.

  36. Fabulous Fabby, that you, such a gorgeous table for your anniversary. Happy Anniversary to you and hubby. The dishes are so pretty, love every piece.

  37. my favorite part of this is FOR SURE the table covering! I love the color and design!!

  38. Such beautiful china! A very special table for the "love birds!"

  39. Happy Anniversary! I love your table and all your gorgeous china! Blessings, Tammy

  40. Happy Anniversary! Your table setting is beautiful. I love your china pieces- the carnations and the blue work so well together. ~Michelle

  41. Hi lovely lady.
    Gorgeous table setting. I hope you both had a wonderful anniversary! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my St. Patrick's Day Tablescape. I hope you and yours have a wonderful week.
    XXOO Diane

  42. Beautiful set of dishes! Congratulations on your 38th wedding anniversary - our 38th is next week!

  43. Happy Anniversary! Such rich colors on your table!!

  44. A perfect setting for such a special occasions. Best wishes for many more happy years.

  45. Fabby, Happy Happy Anniversary. Here's wishing you many many more. I love these dishes.. OOh geez, the pattern is so rich and elegant. The table is beautiful. I know you two had a wonderful time celebrating.. xo marlis

  46. What a stunning table! The dishes are festive and exude joy. Of course I love blue, and love everything about the china . The sugar bowl with the chicken handle is my favorite dish.

    Happy anniversary!

  47. Happy Anniversary, Fabby! So you met in Westwood, CA, married in Las Vegas , NV, got married AGAIN in Ecuador (although I am Catholic, too, so I understand the 2nd time was really the 1st time in the eyes of the Church!), and you guys ended up living there in Ecuador? Wow...what a whirlwind!!! Your marriage has lasted a good, long time so it was worth it! I love the dishes you chose for your anniversary table. It is very appropriate because it celebrates a big part your life together when you had the ceramics company. I also love how you chose colors and patterns indigenous to Ecuador and its culture. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!!!!!!! I wish you another happy 38!!!

  48. Happy Anniversary, Fabby! What an exciting beginning you had, and I wish you all the best for many more happy years!

    Your table is gloriously beautiful! The table cloth is stunning!


  49. A very Happy Anniversary to you, one of my favorite bloggers. This table is so pretty, and I think the dishes are some of my favorites that you have shown.

  50. Dear Fabby,
    Your table is lovely. You did a super job. CONGRATS to you and your sweetheart for your anniversary!!! 38 is awesome. We celebrate 39 in August. I will need to create a beautiful table as well with candles.

    Always a treat to visit your sweet blog.
    God richly bless you with many more years together as husband and wife,
    d in kansas

  51. Happy Anniversary Fabby! Beautiful table. :)

  52. Happy Anniversary Fabby! Beautiful table!

  53. Beautiful Fabby every piece! Happy belated anniversary! 38 years now that is wonderful!

  54. Hi my lovely friend thank you so much for your comments you are so nice, thank for the recomandation
    to post my tablescape!
    have blessing day

  55. Another set of beautiful dishes!

    Wishing you and Alejandro a very happy anniversary.


  56. Dear Fabby...thank you....we just celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary on 11th February.The best part is our first son Prashanth's birthday falls on the same date as he was born on our first wedding day.I have two boys the first one prashanth is into media business and the second son Siddharth is a trained commercial pilot.He did his training in USA.Love.....sujatha.

  57. Happy anniversary! Amazing table, but even more amazing accomplishment!

  58. Sorry to be so late, but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I love, love, love those dishes! Such a beautiful table for a special occasion!

  59. Happy Anniversary. I sure dont have time for all the parties but glad I stopped by yours.

  60. Stunning table Fabby. Congrats to the cute two of you! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  61. Very elegant setting! Happy Anniversary!

    My Pink
    Your comment will be greatly appreciated.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  62. What a beautiful table setting! Happy Anniversary! My parents were also married in Las Vegas in 1975.

    I'm hosting my Homemaking Linkup Weekend and would love to have you join, if you'd like!

    Have a great day!
    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  63. Belated Happy Anniversary! I devoured every tiny aspect of this beautiful table. The table coverings are the first thing that took my breath, and then each place setting on the table brought another sigh from me. The love birds under the cloche are the perfect centerpiece for your anniversary table. I also loved your story of your wedding. Congratulations on 38 years and on setting such a spectacular table. laurie

  64. Woot woot on your anniversary celebration!

    Popped in from Pink Saturday.

  65. Congrats on your anniversary! Gorgeous table setting :) Found you on Farmgirl Friday and I would love to have you share this on The Creative HomeAcre Hop today!

  66. What a gorgeous table Fabby! I love the dishes. the colors are so stunning! Thank you for sharing with us at TTF.

  67. I think it's so cool that Alejandro has his own pattern and you have yours! How lovely! As is your marriage! Happy anniversary, Fabby!

  68. Oh, Fabby, how perfect this post is for Blue Monday!

    Of course, I wish you and your Mr. Special a happy, happy anniversary, with many more to come.

    I love the tip of the hat to Bloggers with the love birds inside the cloche.

  69. What a gorgeous anniversary table!!!congratulations on your 38 years together.

  70. Oh, Fabby, I love your table setting! Everything is so festive and I am absolutely in love with that organza topper from Spain. Congratulations on your 38th Anniversary! My hubby and I celebrated 33 years in January - still going strong!

  71. Gorgeous table! Happy Anniversary! I played too. Mine are here and here.

  72. Happy Anniversary Fabby! Beautiful! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  73. Fabby dear please come on over to Hibiscus House to pick up your featured picture because you my talented lady are featured for your tablescape!


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