Monday, July 30, 2012

FABBY: Pink / Red English Transferware!

I'm going to display some of my English Red transferware dishes here, in Alejandro's grandfather's English buffet.. my Mil gave us to take care. I can enjoy this vignette, until I get bored, as I'm often changing things around in this house.

I am totally excited! Last Friday I got I call from the European Antique Shop and the nice sales lady explained that containers came from Europe and they had a complete "tea set" for twelve in English Transferware, I had been asking them, sooo many times, I can't even count! fact I have a friend who's won me over twice in buying it..but that's a thing of the past, lol! Some pieces are "Staffordshire" and some are "Wedgwood."

Today I finally went and brought the dishes home with me.. 4/EVER AND EVER!! Here she is, my new toy, which I know you will like it, as transferware you either like it or not, unless it's not your style, than again...mine sure is!! They also promised to bring me next time the dinner plates and soup plates, or bowls to complete the china. I'd love to have it for Christmas.

 Here is a simple table for four, as I just wanted to show off and play with my new "doll"... with the cake plates, two teapots, two creamers a sugar bowl and teacups and saucers. This set is for twelve.
 The Teapot is with the design of "The Port of New Castle", and the little creamer is, "Little Morton Hall, Cheshire" and the tray is, "The Port of New Castle" too. I love all the decoration sceneries in them!
 Flowers are crawling in the spout, neck and lid of the teapot and the design is, "Scotney Castle Kent", Staffordshire.

 There are two bowls as well..the other bigger one is in the buffet. Their design, or transfer is "Historical Ports of England."
 This teapot is, "The Port of England", Wedgwood and the little creamer is "Port of Plymouth."
 I placed the 8 of the cups and saucers, 8 cake plates, or salad plates and the big bowl in my antique buffet, as the set is for 12.. and I just might leave them here to enjoy them daily until I get bored.
 Here are four cups and saucers more...aren't they so pretty?
 The rest of the china in the buffet.
 The tray design is "The Port of New Castle".
 Salad plates are "Cambridge-Old England", teacups are "Hampton Court Palace-London", saucer and sugar bowl.
The European Antiques' shop owner, who lives in Holland, and shops all over Europe for his antiques specially, promised to send me the dinnerware to complete the set.

 I am so happy because I love the pink/red one and great for fall and Christmas and for everything, just love it! I know most of you have it cause it is easier to get it in the USA, but here, not much of a chance, except I was lucky and asked for it specially. Alejandro just called it: The English Olimpics China..hahahaaa Alejandro, my hubby lived in London-England when he was single for almost two years, so he is very partial to anything in ceramics, or porcelain that's English, as you know he owned a Ceramic Co. up to four years ago, therefore, he likes my new dishes too.

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  1. Everything looks beautiful again! =)

  2. What lovely dishes and how nice to see you get them when you wanted them so badly. I know that feeling too. I favor blue and white but have a couple of pieces of red and white. I enjoy it all.

  3. I love transferware. This is a pretty set. Love the place mats, too. xo

  4. Fabby, I am thrilled for you ! This china set is just gorgeous! I too, love the pink/red transferware. Your table setting looks amazing already. I bet you can't wait to get the rest of the pieces! Yay!

  5. I am in love with this set too. I collect the pink transferware and have some of two different patterns but not the one you have. Enjoy it's beautiful. xx

  6. How exciting, Fabby! I happy these came your way. Good things come to those who are patient. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  7. I can surely see what you are so happy. This is such a lovely tea set! Perfect for sharing sweet Tea Time Tuesday. Thank you for such a delightful visit.

  8. Congratulations on your new set, you will enjoy it at Christmas. I have a lot of it and had more but auctioned off everything that was marked, mottled (not the correct word )or chipped, so have no cups n saucers left, but lots of plates, teacups etc. We really don't see it a lot, I think that different areas had different colours, we always had a lot of blue and white transferware, my cousin who lives in Niagara area 150 miles away had red and white and wanted the blue and white. Enjoy.
    Your granddaughter is beautiful as you are...

  9. Dearest Fabby,

    One can tell that you are over the moon with this new 'adoption' of wonderful china! Your flowers even match this pink/red English Transferware.
    Enjoy it and hope that one day you complete it.
    Hugs and love to you,

  10. HI FABBY!!!
    Drooling over here!!!I LOVE IT!!!
    It looks divine!!
    I think for Christmas it is going to be perfect!!Everyday actually!!!
    So happy for you!!

  11. These are absolutely gorgeous! What a great find, and I know you will love them for years and years.

  12. Fabby, how lovely! I adore red transferware. Good for you. I'm so glad you got them. Happy tea day!

  13. Oh, Fabby! How beautiful! I'm a huge fan of transferware, too and I'm amazed that you found so many pieces and that you'll be able to get the dinnerware pieces, too. Love how you displayed it with the silver and your cut-work place mats. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  14. Fabby, I am so jealous! Seriously, I am very happy for you! I collect the red/pink transferware too but it is almost impossible to get here on the Island. I am simply swooning! How beautiful it looks all set out on your table and how lovely to have so many pieces with more coming! Enjoy your new "doll" and thank you so much for sharing it with us at Tea Time today. Have a delightful day, dear Fabby.


  15. It is a surprise to see dishes that don't come from your own factory, but they are lovely. Having lived in England, I'm always drawn to anything "English".
    It will be interesting to see how you use this set at Christmas.

  16. Red transferware is one of my favorite things! So pretty, and your table is stunning, Fabby!

  17. Beautiful and a lovely red color. I haven't seen that color often.


  18. Beautiful table, Fabby. I love your transferware.

  19. Hi Fabby,

    My mother used to say "Good things come to those who wait." You sure got the good things.
    YOur dishes are lovely. I bought a similar set and have yet had a "tea", but it sure does look pretty having a pretend tea party. The transferware has such an elegant yet at the same time country look. I love it.
    Are you going to have a "tea"?

  20. Oh, wow, Fabby...your patience and tenacity paid off! Good for you! I love transferware, so I completely understand your excitement. The pattern is cool, too. Love the name! I've never been to England, but it sure would be fun to compare all the dishes to the actual ports some day! The great thing about the color is that you can use them year round! Have fun playing with your new toys! :-)

  21. Hi Fabby,
    congratulations to that purchase. The set looks fabulous and you will have a lot of fun, playing with it.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  22. I know exactly how you feel.... I fell in love with red transferware and wasnt happy until I finally got a bit of it myself... we are most definitely kindred spirits in transferware! hehehehehhe Yur's is gorgeous!!! So glad were able to finally get it!!!

  23. These are gorgeous, Fabby! I am drooling, my friend, lol. I havine similar ones in Old Britain Castles but I don't have tea and coffee pots for them. I am forever on a hunt....Christine

  24. HI Fabby! Oh, I'm so excited for you! These dishes are beautiful and I have some of the Old Britain Castles pieces. I know exactly how you feel with you find the dishes that are singing your name.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  25. Fabby,
    Lovely transferware, der friend! Your excitement shows in your voice. I'm so very happy for you!!! As the saying goes, "Good things come to those who wait!" Thanks for sharing your good fortune with all of us!

  26. Fabby, what gorgeous transferware!!OMGoodness, I would be so excited, too. Red is my very favorite. You will get so much use from those beauties. I would display them, too. You may not get bored of them or awhile.

  27. You lucky! So beautiful Fabby! Enjoy!

  28. Hi Fabby, Well I sure love this tea set. I also think it is perfect for Christmas with the perfect color. I think is looks great set up for four and I love how you place the tea cups and saucers on the buffet. I wouldn't mind looking at this all year long………Hope you get the other pieces for the holidays.

    The French Hutch

  29. Oh, lucky, lucky you! I just love the transferware with the beautiful scenes on them. Congratulations on the find!

  30. How fabulous!! I love the scenes and color...They will be perfect for the Holidays! You are a lucky lady :)

    (hugs) and a wonderful evening to you my dear!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  31. I love this beautiful set of dinnerware and your bouquet of flowers matches perfectly. Gorgeous table!!

  32. Such a beautiful tablescape. Love your gorgeous transferware, and your buffet is stunning with all the fabulous pieces there also. Thanks for joining TTT.

  33. Hi Fabby :):)

    Your transferware is gorgeous and stunning. Love the little details you included in this scape, the table mats are beautiful. I just love them all :)


  34. yes everything looks gr8! and the flowers are a gr8 touch!

  35. Fabby, you are so lucky to have china that belonged to you Mom. The table is gorgeous. Red is different. I happen to love red, however the blue is always stunning.
    XOXO Linda

  36. This is so pretty Fabby. I love the transferware and the night time view from your window.

  37. Oh Fabby, I so love this red/pink transferware. As I was reading I was thinking what a beautiful Christmas tablescape this would make. I love tea and coffee pots and these are exquisite. I don't blame you for leaving them out. I would be walking by there every fifteen minutes....ten minutes maybe.
    Bob is waking, I need to get something he can eat.
    Hugs and Blessings,

  38. Very beautiful tea set. I'm joining you from Vintage Thingie Thursday.

  39. I am always enchanted by the historical patterns. I love to have guests at my table each share the "story" or historical information that is represented on their particular piece. It always makes for a fun conversation! Yes, we both adore the red/pink transfer ware. Mine is the Copeland Spode Tower PInk. My sweet KC also has a service of the same pattern. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  40. Oh Fabby, i love transferware. Totally. and your set is so pretty with the English scenes. I love how you set a quick table for 4. I am with you, i'd keep it out for a bit to just enjoy it.. Congrats! xo marlis

  41. Oh, I love red transferware and your set is gorgeous. And such a lovely complete set. The table is stunning Fabby!

  42. Hi Fabby,
    Thank you for visiting my little blog and for your sweet comments re my doggie photos - so nice to find another dog lover. :)

    Happy week to you!

  43. I love transferware and your collection is fabulous!

    - The Tablescaper

  44. Oh my! Those are just absolutely beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I love your collection! :)

  45. Fabby, I am so happy you finally found your fantastic transferware! It looks like it's right at home sitting atop your beautiful furniture. Red and white is so versatile, and I know you're going to love it. I look forward to seeing a Christmas tablescape. Won't you have fun creating it?

  46. So beautiful. I'd love to have a collection like that. All of your photos are gorgeous. I love that your husband can appreciate its beauty as well!

  47. Gorgeous...I ♥ transferware, but don't have a set in brown or red/pink. Maybe that will be the next thing I concentrate on!

  48. What a fabulous set of crockery.

  49. Oh Fabby how can you not be excited! The pattern is soooooo beautiful!

  50. You are taking my breath away! Red is my favorite color! The beautiful dishes and silver make a gorgeous setting.

    Thank you for sharing your art, and this is art, at Potpourri Friday!

  51. My goodness, these are gorgeous!! You knew I would love it!! How lucky you are to have this amazing set. Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

  52. It's wonderful to read about your excitement, and I know you will treasure these dishes forever! They are so beautiful, and as I was reading the names, I thought how fun it would be to tour all the areas that are depicted on the china!

  53. Fabby,
    I would be in heaven to have a complete set for 12!! It is just stunning!! You were so lucky yo get it!'I adore the teapots!!
    Just beautiful!


  54. Gorgeous! Thank you for joining last week in Color Connection. The linky is up for this week, if you haven't link up yet. Have a great weekend.

  55. Beautiful! Do you have a china storage problem? I do, but I think yours must be worse :)

  56. The pink 'red English Transferware is gorgeous...
    just like you !!!

  57. Oh Fabby, I so love your new china. So happy you have them, and your table is beautiful with them. I do think they would make a beautiful Christmas table. Can't wait to see them on your Christmas table.

  58. I love your new china! I am always attracted to the red transferware and my very favorites are the English scenes. Your collection is just gorgeous!


  59. Back fro another look, Fabby. this is all so very pretty! I picked up a pink/red demitasse cup and saucer at an estate sale this afternoon ~ Mason's Vista England. It's a sweet little piece! ;-)
    Happy Pink ~ Sarah

  60. Fantastic Fabby! Love this.

  61. Oh, Fabby! Your dishes are so lovely. I think you will love having them!:)

    Beautiful table! :)


  62. What a lovely set. You always do the most lovely tablescapes. Happy Pink Saturday from the UK!

  63. It is lovely, Fabby! I have only a few plates in the pink, made in England and bought at the supermarket for 2.00 a plate!
    Thanks for linking to Let's Dish!

  64. Thanks so much for linking up to Say G’Day Saturday! It is always a delight visiting you and looking at your wonderful tablescapes!

    This week’s party has just started so I hope you can join in again!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  65. Love the red/pink too... even though I'm a 'blue' girl ;) Hope your weekend is fab, Fabby! ~Pernilla

  66. Gorgeous! Playing catch up with Pink Saturday, didn't want to miss all the beautiful entries this week.

    My PINK
    Your comment makes me happy.
    Have a blessed Sunday.


  67. Gorgeous, and so happy for you. I can't wait to see how you use it for a fall and Christmas table!

  68. Fabby, I love this collection. I would love to collect red transferware. Yours is simply wonderful! Thanks for sharing it with Share Your Cup.

  69. Dear Fabby,
    Gorgeous transferware. I love the red color. The table setting looks amazing. Great job.

  70. I love transfer ware and just got 8 place settings of Johnson Bros. Old Britain Castle pattern.
    Thanks so much for your kind comment on my post about my gray shelf and white ironstone.

  71. Hi sweetie, just hopping in to tell you that I will be featuring your wonderful transferware on Share Your Cup today.

  72. Hi Fabby,
    What a great buy! I love this kind of service and your with all the views is gorgeous!
    I had blue transferware Johnson Brothers tea and coffee services as wedding presents and also a red one as dinner service - Dickens Coaching Days.
    I've been havong problems with the internet for some time now, that's why I've been limited in my visits...
    But I loved coming here! Thanks for sharing

  73. I love transferware. What lovely pieces you got! And I like the way you "play" with your dishes--what fun! I wish we could all enjoy our little treasures like this! :)

  74. You are featured today at Potpourri Friday at 2805! Thanks for being a great contributor!


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