Sunday, August 5, 2012

FABBY: Laundry Room Reveal!

Hello sweet friends!

Here is my plane laundry room Before:

Two years ago, when we Totally remodeled out kitchen.. we also remodeled our small laundry room in back of the kitchen, but somehow, I never thought of placing any kind of shelving on top of the washer-dryer, until this year and for so long it has been in my, "to do list".  

 One thing, or another, I didn't start with the here it is, finally!
I've lost so much storage procrastinating, that's why now I've used every nook and cranny in this small laundry room, which now is very functional, so here is the plain Before wall in back of my.. twenty, or more years old, washer and dryer.

 Hope you like how these Custom made cabinets look now.. you all talented blog friends, as I have inspired myself in some of the beautiful laundry-room reveals I've been enjoying in some of your posts.

                                                 I'm partying at Kelly's Korner's Laundry Party

 The laundry room is right in back of the kitchen and this is the door through it...SO PLEASE COME ON IN...(no, you don't have to do my wash!) just come for a

 Here is the most important reveal..THE CUSTOM CABINETS!!  (Beware of all the pics of it all..ha!)

 I'm loving how cozy, neat and very functional it looks now..and of course, the deep cabinets are great and I like the milky glass doors, and now there's lots of storage, which who doesn't need it..boy, do I!!!!
 The right side open and very lighted too!
 The left side open and you can appreciate that this side looks darker. 
Most things I have stored in these cupboards, I had them in the closets of the guest rooms and in the pantry, but now I can just reach them when I need them, specially some of my crystal and porcelain flower vases, as I do my flowers in here.
I also placed some dishes in there too.
This is a huge pantry closet, where it's supposed to be for food, only, but I had it looking like a total messy chaos prior the cabinets. It was filled with food, home appliances, dishes, chargers, pots and pans, etc. and etc...
Now I cleared off stuff, which I placed in the new cabinets and it looks neater and with "mostly" FOOD, specially in the shelves down and in the doors, as the upper part of it, it's with some china, electrical appliances, iron pots and pans.. and others; which I really don't need them daily.


 I took so much out of here, that's why it looks clear of clutter, therefore, much neater to just grab anything, without moving things around to find the object of desire!
 One thing always leads to another when one is remodeling, so here was an empty, small space, on the side of the closet, next to the entrance door, that I decided to place a small open shelf, for some of my collectibles.
On top some white ironstone teapots and creamers and some porcelain ones. The bottom one is displayed with some of the hand decorated teapots and pitchers from our past  Ceramic Co.

My white ironstone display. A beautiful vintage French plate, that was my Mil's in the background.
 There's also a shelf with a very old Japanese toaster-oven, (you can see a little of it)
I always had it here. I use this toaster-oven for making cheese sandwiches and heating bread, usually for breakfast.

 At your right is the big closet and the small door leads to a maids room and bathroom, which we use it as a storage room; but when we have parties and need outside help, they have a private bathroom to use, closed to the working area.

 Here is another tall, narrow space I used for building more shelving storage, almost all the way to the ceiling...this one was the only one I had made when we remodeled it two years ago. 
This fixture I had it placed in front of the utility sink.. like I explained before, I used every nook and cranny here!

 I keep onions and potatoes in these two upper bins...when I have the grandgirls here, these are filled to the top, specially with potatoes!
Under these there are two more, where I keep some fruit, like oranges, and grapefruits for fresh juice and another kind of potatoes in the other, as Ecuador has a huge variety of potatoes, for every kind of use, since potatoes are originally from the Andean region of SA.

Hate those ugly wires from the TV Cable; which I call them so many times, but to no avail!

Here you can see the cupboard shelves next to the door that leads to the kitchen.


 Under the utility-sink I keep the suds and cleaning items, I don't like them displayed where you can see them, as I don't find them pretty...hehe
 When I fixed the laundry room we had an old fridge here for 27 years, since we have a new one as this oldie died on us.
An extra fridge always comes handy when I have dinner parties for the food I cook the days before the actual party and I also keep extra meats in this freezer too.
So here you have it!  I'm very happy with my new "re-bumping" of the laundry I said, it's small, but now very functional and pretty!
Thanking you in advance for all your wonderful visits and I'm forever grateful, as you always make my day!!

Thank you lovely and gracious hostesses for having me at your fabulous and fun parties.


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  1. Your reveal is so inspiring! I am certainly going to study and "borrow" some of your ideas. About five years ago we gutted our large kitchen and split it into 2/3 kitchen and 1/3 laundry room with a new wall between. The kitchen is finally complete, but the utility needs to become a work in progress.

  2. Dear Fabby, You have some nice storage! That is wonderful. In our old house, we are working through figuring out where to have more storage. Tis a challenge.

    Have a blessed day,

  3. Fabby, what great storage! The cabinets are perfect in your laundry room! I'm sure you are loving it!

  4. Oh my word, what a fabulous area and you have it so full of wonderful storage and beautifully decorated. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  5. Wonderful addition to your laundry room! Isn't it great to have the extra storage? One can never have too much storage space. I just love that precious slanted top door too.

    Susan and Bentley

  6. Your storage is functional AND good looking! I like the food closet very much.

    And what a great view of the city. Must be spectacular at night time...

  7. What a lovely laundry room and everything is in perfect order. Very nice!


  8. Fabby,
    Your custom made cabinets with glass insert doors are faulous! I love the huge window with all the natural light! Your cabinets are so neatly arranged...everything looks as if to be "at your fingertips"! Your organizational skills are subperb! Thank you, dear friend, for inspiring all of us!

  9. How could u not be thrilled with all that storage!

  10. Terrific storage, Fabby! What a great organization job you've doone!

  11. You have a wonderful amount of storage. AND such beautiful things to store. You have made the most of your space and everything is as neat as a pin. Ann

  12. Whoo! I so need extra storage. Love your potato bins. Cheers

  13. Hi Fabby,
    wow your new cabinets really add so much. Not only are they beautiful, but very functional. Yes, we all need more storage space. Especially us with a dish addiction. lol!

  14. very nice! hope your doing great ... have a wonderful week ahead!

  15. It may be small but you definitely made the most of your space! You've got it really well organized and your view is pretty!

  16. Dearest Fabby,

    You did use every square inch of space so efficiently and so thought out! Hats off to you. Love your cabinets and also the big one with the shelves built into the door. Great over sight and you will not waist any time searching things.
    Enjoy it now and forget about the TV Cable wires. They're on the outside; your inside is as neat and tidy as can be.
    Hugs and love to you,

  17. Fabby,

    It looks like you have made use of every inch of your space. It looks great!

  18. Fabulous Fabby!'ll enjoy this so much,love it!

  19. Fabyy te quedó espectacular, con todo lo necesario para que haya orden. Con respecto a los cables que se ven por la ventana a mi me pasa lo mismo y a pesar que les llamé la atención siguen ahí como elemento decorativo de mi living.
    Besossss hoy desde

  20. Such good storage Fabby and so smart to add the cabinets over the machines. I love storage and finding ways to use every bit of extra space. Good job.

  21. So many great storage solutions! Doesn't it feel great to get organized? Love your cabinets above your washer and dryer.
    Mary Alice

  22. Hi Fabby! Oh, it would be a pleasure to do laundry in your most gorgeous laundry room! Your new cabinets are fantastic! I love all the storage they give you! I have a washer and dryer like yours and pray they will kick the bucket but they just keep on going! :)
    I love your entire room! You do have the most beautiful home!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. Goodness, have been busy!!!! I am all for making good use out of every inch of available space, and the overhead cabinets are perfect!!! No point in wasting that wall space!! Your pantry closet is now spic and span...lookin' good! You've just been cleaning away all over the place! I am in the mood to do the same around here, and I want to rearrange a lot of stuff. You have inspired me to get started! Maybe! :-) Great job, Fabby! Enjoy your new-found space!

  24. It's party time over at Debt Free Mommy Blog! Please come by and link up your spaces with Making Space Mondays link party #10. I hope to see you there at! -Tabitha

  25. I love the cabinets! They're beautiful. I love how you can partially see through them without knowing what exactly is behind there. I tried finding your follow button and couldn't. Thanks for linking up with Making Space Mondays! -Tabitha

  26. I love what you did in a small place. Really inspiring!!
    Thank you for linking to the French party On Monday!!

  27. Wow, what a beautiful and functional transformation !!!!! The cabinets are so pretty.....and you have so much room.

  28. Wow, what a transformation! GREAT compact storage. It must feel so great to be organized :)

  29. I am so glad I came by to see your amazing laundry room! The cabinets are beautiful! And I can't believe all you can fit in that room as far as storage --and it also has view of the city! Totally beautiful, all of it! I also enjoyed seeing all your red transfer ware.

  30. Wow Fabby - your laundry room is great! You've done a great job of creating so much storage. I especially love the glass front cabinets. I agree with you about adding the extra light fixture.

  31. I love the new cabinets, they are such a great addition. I also love having another fridge, it really does come in handy. Your view is beautiful. Joni

  32. Wow, what a well-organized place! Looks great! Thanks Fabby for visiting me, for your words of encouragement & for joining my blog. I am happy to return the favor :)

  33. Wow, what a well-organized place! Looks great! Thanks Fabby for visiting me, for your words of encouragement & for joining my blog. I am happy to return the favor :)

  34. Wow, what a well-organized place! Looks great! Thanks Fabby for visiting me, for your words of encouragement & for joining my blog. I am happy to return the favor :)

  35. Dear Fabby,
    Your laundry room looks wonderful. Lots of room for storage. I am always trotting to the basement with the appliances that I don't use everyday, like the crockpot. I love how you displayed everything.

  36. Thanks for sharing Fabby! As usual, I love taking a peek inside your house. Those cabinets are great. It looks like you have great organizing skills. Enjoy your week Fabby!

  37. Hi Fabby,
    I love all your new cabinets what fabulous storage..You must be so happy with all your new found space. I have a laundry room that needs attention really bad...I would love extra storage.
    Have a sweet week, Elizabeth

  38. Wow! Isn't it wonderful to have all that added storage? I want some too! Love the glass cabinets, Fabby. I am glad you thought of adding them cause I know how much you have to store in them....Christine

  39. Hey Fabby,
    It's Amanda... You look ever so organised! All your storage!
    I love your glass cabinets!
    Lots of love, Amanda from

  40. Great storage solution Fabby. I love the cabinets above the washer and dryer. I had no idea a washer and dryer could last that long nowadays. My old washer and dryer went on forever. We had to replace the new one about 6 years after we moved into the house.:-(

  41. What a wonderful space you created. Everything has a place and looks so great. We have a pantry and laundry room together, but it doesn't look half as great as yours. Thanks for visiting.

  42. Hi Fabby,
    Your cabinets are just wonderful. Lots of storage and it looks like you have used your space very smartly. Thanks for giving us a peek. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of your lovely china too.


  43. Beautifully done, my friend! You have used the space to its potential! and everything has a place...xo HHL

  44. Oh you just don't know how bad I need to re-do my laundry room. It is so horrid, you could not pay me to show anyone right now. I also have pantry envy. I have a broom closet converted into a pantry. And when I say broom closet, thats about all it will hold. :)

    Your custom shelving is just beautiful and I love the frosted glass front. You did good!

  45. Wow Fabby!
    I would love to have all your space and storage. I really love your cabinetry above the washer & dryer and the frosted glass is really great!

    Love all your pretties!! Have a wonderful night friend....


  46. Oh, I love those cabinets over the washer/dryer! Lots of great storage (wish I had more of that around here). Visiting from Coastal Charm!

  47. WELL DONE!!

    I love your new laundry room cupboards, Fabby!

    You are so clever with all your storage - using your spaces so smartly!

  48. Ola Fabby gracias por tu carinoso
    mensaje on my blog e estado un poco deprimida ya q Monica la operan el 29 de Agosto tiene una fractura en el talon debido a falta de huesos se lo an decubierto ahora con la fractura es de nacimiento tiene el mismo problema en el otro talon esperamos en gran poder de nuestro senor q todo salga bien.
    t mando un fuerte abrazo q Dios te bendiga a ti tu family

  49. Wow, Fabby, it is GREAT! Love the new cabinets in the laundry room AND the pantry cuboard too! Storage is SO important to us, isn't it? XO, Pinky

  50. Oh dear Fabby, I love your laundry room. It serves so many functions it is amazing. The custom cabinets are beautiful and I love the glass doors. You have wonderful storage in there.
    I do believe that laundry room has the most awesome view of any laundry room in blogland. I can see that you would want the cables moved. Call them every other day. After a while they will move them to get you off their backs. LOL!
    Have a wonderful week sweet friend. Ginger

  51. WOW that is One Impressive laundry area! LOVE all your new storage and it looks like you were "On a Roll" with rearranging your beautiful things! "LOVE THAT VIEW"!!!
    Have a fun week,
    Big Hugs to you,

  52. It looks like you've made great use of your space. There's so much wonderful storage!

  53. HI Fabby what a nice post...there is so much to learn about storing,loved the plant and the pears on the window.everything is so well kept,thanks for the share,hugs.

  54. Those cabinets make the laundry room so chic...I could hang i=out in that laundry room all day (you do not want to see mine!). That was definitely worth the wait!

  55. Hi Fabby,

    What a fantastic laundry room you have! So much storage too. You can tell a lot of planning went into this design. Thank you so much for stopping to visit me. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  56. What a great laundry room! I think you have made it very functional! Adding another light would be great but I have a feeling it might be difficult! Too bad the cable company is so lazy about their wiring! I see a stairway through the you have two levels to your place?
    I love your pantry- they are the best additions for kitchens! They hold so much more than the standard cupboards do!

  57. Hello Fabby, LOVE your new cabinets! They're gorgeous and provide excellent storage! Your laundry room is wonderful - love all the white tile, the organization and the view! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  58. Hey Fabby ...Wonderful remodeling ... I loved that you've utilized all the little nooks and crannies...It's such a creative use of space..BRAVO !!!!

  59. I am so glad you came over and joined the party! Hope you will come back and visit often! Again, I love that laundry room!!!

  60. I ADORE those cabinets! I need some in my laundry room too. Great job.

  61. Oh My! It is wonderful! Your new cabinets over the washer/dryer are useful and pretty, and all of your other storage is so tidy and useful. That view is incredible - even with the cable cords! laurie

  62. Your laundry room looks so bright and pretty now. I'm sure you enjoy doing laundry more, too.
    Hugs, Cindy

  63. mamma mia come abiti in alto!Che bella veduta!Se avessi piu' spazio anch'io farei la lavanderia!Hai fatto proprio bene a mettere i pensili sopra!Baci!Rosetta

  64. Don't you just love how bloggers get so excited about simple things like laundry rooms? Your space is awesome, Fabby. How wonderful to have that great big window. Your custom cabinets are great, too.


  65. Hi Fabby: Just want to let you know you are welcomed at my home anytime. You can have several cups of tea, using different cups of course. I love the new look for your laundry room. It is just perfect! Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  66. Hi Fabby,
    your remodeling is a great success. The cabinets are so helpful. One can never have enough, right! All your storages are so clever made. Thank you for sharing this good ideas.
    best greetings, Johanna

  67. HI FABBY!!!
    First off I LOVE YOUR VIEW!!!!I would not have notified the cables As I was in LOve with what I saw!!!
    You must live somewhere fabulous...I will have to go back and look where you live!!!You did an outstanding job on that re-model!!I love the cabinets with the glass doors...somewhat hazzy....forget what you call that look....but I love it!!Love all your space!!!
    Great use to all that space!!!
    hugs 2 U,

  68. Oh those cabinets look fabulous. It never hurts to have more storage, especially when it looks so great.

  69. Hi, Fabby.loved looking at your laundry room remodeling job. I wish I had it in mine!! You really thought out the cabinet space and utilized every space there..that is some great planning! I love the over-head cabinets with the milky glass inserts, and your pantry closet is wonderful. Everything right there in full view so you can just reach in and get it.
    And you certainly have some great space to store all of your many sets of china and party supplies.
    I think the job turned out to be just can never have enough space...and nothing has to be stacked somewhere in the open!
    Yeah, I'd put another light fixture over the left ceiling so it will balance with the right one
    and think about what great light you will have!! Enough to see teeny, tiny fingerprints around the room!!! LOL Like you would care, right?? Those precious grand daughters of yours could put their little hands all over my house, if they were here...ah, they are such gorgeous children!! Enjoy them!!
    I hope you are having good week and I'm sending you a big hug with love from Francy

  70. Thank you for your lovely comments, always so sweet and to the point. Thank you for the complements on my little ones..yeah, you know I love those two cuties and yeah, they will bake with me and just chocolate fingerprint all MY WHITE, LOL.. Hope all is well with you and hubby, so nice to hear from you dear Francy.

  71. Fabby, don't know how I missed this earlier. This is a great redo. I'm envious of all your storage space. It all looks nice and organized.

  72. Fabby, Your new cabinets are wonderful! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the frosted glass! They hold a whole lot!!!! They look so upscale!
    Thanks for showing us around your home. Your kitchen sink is amazing!!!!
    Thanks for joining TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS, dear friend!!!

  73. Wow! You made great use of every nook and cranny in your laundry space. I love the cabinet style and milk glass that you used.

  74. I need you to come over and help me with my laundry room next! This is truly FABULOUS! XO, Aimee

  75. Wow Fabby, that's a great space for laundry! So organized and pretty!

  76. You are so organized and have certainly inspired me, thank you! Love your view! =) XO ~Liz

  77. I LOVE your custom cabinets in the laundry area. They look fantastic! You are so organized. Want to come visit me and organize my house? Haha! Have a great weekend!

    Semi-Domesticated Mama

  78. Fabby- You are soooooo organized. I LOVE the cabinets. xo

  79. Your laundry room is beautiful! I love the tiles on the wall and all the storage space! Very, very pretty!

  80. The custom cabinets are wonderful.

  81. You really used every inch of space in your laundry room!! That's fantastics! Tons of storage space! I love the glass doors on your new cabinets. Very neat room!


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