Monday, July 23, 2012

FABBY: Cloche Party at Marty's Place

I love collecting cloches, as everything inside them looks fabulous and take a different light to it, even if they are the same old things from around the house. Therefore, there's nothing that makes me happier, than to join a Summer Cloche Party and since the Lady of Cloches, Marty is having one and has invited us to her place at,  A Stroll Thru Life, I'm terribly excited to link up and visit as many as I can..hope all of them!  Let me not waste any more of your time and post mine!


 I gathered MOST of my cloche collection in the formal dinner table for a tea with  a yummy cake I made from: Pinterest. The recipe is long, but easy and really delicious!
 The dishes are Alejandro's favorite pattern that I designed at our past Ceramic Co., inspired in the Ecuadorian indigenous women's embroidered blouses.. and I called this pattern Carnations, as that's what the flower in the original embroidered blouses are. The design in the finials of the cups and saucers, along with the other pieces and plates is what goes in the collar and cuffs of the blouses. A cute basket under a cloche hold the napkins and cake forks. 
 The "Apple-Cream Cheese Bundt Cake" under my widest cloche. The small cloche comes from a set of four with four tiny spoons I won last year at "Marty's Cloche Party" too and the gift came from dearest "Chie at Chubby and Chieque". I use them with marmalade and butter.
 A fresh cheese that we love around here, it's almost like a country cheese. The "Alfajores with Dulce de Leche" filling are totally yummy! I didn't make them, but when I do, I will post a recipe.
 The other pastries under the cloche are called, "Quesadillas" and are sweet and filled with cheese, we love them for tea parties, along with the alfajores..they're both Ecuadorian pastries. The teacups are under my tallest cloche.
The blue sherbets are under a medium size cloche ready for a little cool ice-cream too.
Everything is set for tea with cake and please come on over!

 The silver spoons are in the creamer, under a cloche as well.
The Alfajores with Dulce de Leche filling.
I have some more cloches I haven't used today, but I don't have a wire one..if I can't find one here, I'll have one made one of these days, there are great artisans here in Cuenca.

 The tea napkins and cake forks are in the basket under the cloche.
Welcome to my kitchen nook, where we can have another piece of cake and relax, talking for hours on end! This pretty vintage hand embroidered table topper belonged to hubby's grandmother and I have it for so long, because my dear Mil gifted me with it so many years ago, I can't remember when..
Oh goodness, I should turn the TV off as I just heard that awful news about the movie house shooting! God bless the families of the victims and my heart goes out to them. How terribly sad to hear this happen again.
 These beautiful teacups are Polish, a gift from my daughter Alexandra last October for my birthday.
 All my eggs on ONE
The fruit bowl with a mother-bird feeding her birdie, is also under a wide cloche. This fruit bowl was also made at our former Ceramic Co., Monte Turi.

In this yellow plate I served a piece of the cake, where you can see pieces of the apples and pecans inside it.
Thank you very much to dear Marty for having me at her wonderful CLOCHE PARTY AT A STROLL THRU LIFE. I hope you join the party too as I can't wait to visit you all.

Thank you lovely hostesses for the wonderful and fun parties I will be joining with my cloches.

Thanks my sweet and wonderful friends for dropping by my place, you know you make my day, EVERY TIME!! 

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  1. Beautiful cloche vignettes Fabby!

    I love the view from your window. Gorgeous!

  2. Fabby, Your tables are deliciously beautiful with all the wonderful desserts under the cloches. I love the view from your breakfast table. What a perfect place for breakfast and your apple cream cheese cake looks sooo good. Yum!

  3. Hello sweet friend...

    Ohhh my...what a beautiful way to display your cloches, dear friend! Your tea party under glass is magnificent...I love it! Ohhh...and you know that I love that pattern of dishes that you designed! They're gorgeous! I think it would be great fun to be able to design patterns for dishware, etc.! All of your lovely pastries have my mouth watering...they sound so good! I just have to tell you that I think that doing a tea party under glass is just the neatest and most unique idea! You are such a creative and talented lady, my dear!!!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful tea party and cloches with us today...this was such a treat! Ohhh yes...and by the way...I love your Polish teacups with the little birds!

    Well dear friend, I just had to come over to say hello and see how you're doing. I just read your sweet note that you left for me! Thanks so much for coming by! It seems like ages since we have visited. My summer has been so full and I can't seem to find the time for my blogging. I have missed you, dear friend!

    Love ya,

  4. I adore the beautiful way you display your cloches. And the pattern of the dishes you designed is fabulous. Then, of course, you serve us up a beautiful tea party with apple bundt cake! What more could we ask for!?!

  5. I love your cloches!!! Thanks so much for linking to the French party on Monday.

  6. Oh wow, such beautiful desserts, everything looks like a fabulous display in a really expensive sweet shop. Love it all and the Polish pottery is stunning. I get a kick out of all those eggs too. You do have such beautiful cloches. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  7. Hi Fabby, I love those colorful teacups stacked under glass. Just beautifully done. Olive

  8. Oh, Fabby! All your cloches and tea things look beautiful! So gorgeous displays.

  9. Oh, Fabby, I LOVE your tea things under the cloches! Your special pieces look fabulous under glass! You do have a lot of cloches! I have a few too but you have outnumbered me. LOL. Thank you for joining my tea party and I hope you will stop by to see my cloches too.


  10. Hi Fabby!
    I love your cloches especially the tall one with the teacups and the one with the eggs.

  11. OMGOODNESS! You always, always set such a pretty table and this one is no exception. The china you designed is just beautiful. What fun you must have had when you owned that company. I hope you have many, many different sets of the dishes that you designed/made.

    Your food looks wonderful, too. I would LOVE to be able to sit at your table and enjoy a moment in time with you and experience your culture.

    Blessings to you, sweet Fabby- xo Diana

  12. What a wonderful tea party, I love your dishes especially the ruffled cake plate!

  13. Fabby me encantan tus campanas, por aquí creo que nunca se han usado, salvo en los negocios de productos alimenticios para ponerlos al reguardo de moscas o polvo.
    ¿Tus alfajores son con la receta argentina? Por supuesto que son muy populares por aquí.
    Beso y gracias por tu amorosa compañía.

  14. Oh my goodness Fabby what beautiful displays you created with your cloches! And the food looks so tasty! Thank you so much for sharing your treasures at my party!

  15. Fabby, you have quite a collection of cloches! You have used them beautifully for this lovely tea table you have set. I love your carnation china and the meaning behind it. The cake looks so delicious. Have a wonderful week! Blessings, Pamela

  16. Ma chère Fabby,
    Je suis très heureuse de pouvoir encore une fois venir te visiter avant mon départ. Je ne rentrerai qu'à la mi-septembre, après mes différentes expositions. Je ne sais pas si l'occasion me permettra de pouvoir me connecter via les blogs entre temps... Mais promis, je ne t'oublierai pas et reviendrai régulièrement admirer tes publications sitôt rentrée.

    Pour clore mes visites, je suis comblée avec ces magnifiques photos mettant en valeur l'ensemble de tes jolies cloches.
    Je trouve que c'est un peu "la cerise sur le gâteau" que de présenter l'instant agréable du thé de cette manière.
    J'ai toujours beaucoup apprécié dans tes précédentes publications de pouvoir apercevoir tes cloches. Elles sont vraiment ravissante et elles ont l'art de mettre en valeur les choses.
    Je peux te dire aussi que l'ensemble de tes "gâteries" attise mon regard et je laisse échapper un humm! de "que cela me semble délicieux!"... Alors j'arrive!...

    Cette publication est vraiment une merveilleuse publication.
    Ma chère Fabby, je ne t'oublie pas. Je reviendrai très vite.
    Gros gros bisous.

  17. Lots of great cloches! Even the eggs looked great in a cloche! Beautiful dishes that you designed!

  18. these are all beautiful and especially all together! even the tiny ones! lovely!

  19. Hi Fabby! Your pottery is amazing!And they look even prettier under you cloches. What a lovely tea! I'll have my cake and tea now...please :)


  20. What an amazing collection of cloches Fabby! And I love your kitchen nook. I always feel like I could pull up a chair and enjoy a cup of tea with you. Beautiful!

    Jocelyn @

  21. Dear Fabby,
    I'm sitting here tonight with my Mom and we viewed your post together and just ooh-ed and awe-ed over your gorgeous post! We love all your cloches and your pretty dishes.

    My Mom also has a tea set like your polish bird one only hers is blue, I will have to do a post with it so you can see it.

    Thank You for stopping by dear friend and I wish you a wonderful night!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  22. What beautiful displays you have with such a nice collection of cloches!


  23. Fabulous collection of cloches, beautiful dishes, & a yummy-looking dessert -- really, does it get any better than that, I don't think so! Thanks so much, Fabby, for sharing your wonderful collection & lovely setting for tea.


  24. Dearest Fabby,

    Lovely Cloche parade! But I wonder how you remove the one that's over the eggs... would be tricky.
    Have a wonderful remainder of the week and indulge on all your yummy bakings.
    Love to you,

  25. These are all lovely! Your tea party under the cloches is beautiful; I love your china! You have so many cloches that are displayed perfectly! I'm amazed! Thank you for sharing such great ideas!

  26. Hi Fabby
    What a gorgeous bunch of cloches, they are beautiful and everything inside them. I love the dishes that you designed-brilliant and beautiful both. I really enjoyed seeing them all thank you for sharing...

  27. Hola mi preciousa Amorata mia,

    OMG... look all the clochés! They are all great lookings with your cakes, macaroons and everything yummy.

    Honestly, how I wish I could visit you and I definitely will ask you if I can bring your designed ceramic set. I am drooling of them..Waaahhh! They are so adorable *wink
    Hope you have a great day and enjoy the rest of your blissful week.

    Hugs from Latvia's capital city Riga, where I am having an R&R

  28. Wow so many you have and I see a delicious cake in one of them. Lovely.


  29. Wow, what a collection of cloches you have! Your first pictures make quite a statement with all the cloches displayed together. So very pretty with your lovely china. Such a nice variety of things you display, too!

  30. What a fabulous teaparty under cloches! You have such a wonderful collection and I love how you have everything displayed!

  31. Oh goodness, Fabby! What a wonderful idea to use your cloches for a tea party! I love it! The cloches are all so lovely! I like the idea of the one with the eggs inside! You did a "fabby" job on this!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment! Have a great week.

  32. Hi Fabby,
    What delightful tablescapes!
    So many beautiful cloches and china!
    I specially loved those tea cups with birds on your breakfast table... and the view, of course.
    Thanks for sharing it all.
    Hugs from Portugal

  33. What a wonderful display you created. The pastries look divine and your dish pattern is so pretty.

  34. Oh how I love that pretty ceramic pattern! The entire tea table just looks so colorful and beautiful, and yum, that cake looks delicious. Your kitchen table with the heirloom cloth looks so inviting, and those tea cups are beautiful. Love your clever "All my eggs in one cloche". laurie

  35. So you're a designer and a fab cook. It all looks so lovely and inviting and is making my sweet tooth scream.
    The view our your window is awesome. How lucky you are to take that all in.

  36. HI pretty Fabby! Oh, my goodness, I just want to come over to your house. Look at all of your cloches! Love what you've poked under them too.
    Thanks so much for popping in to see mine.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  37. You, your home, your dishes and cloches are so gorgeous!!!
    I have one cloche, I need to buy more.
    Love you my sweet friend!

  38. Fabby, what a collection. Everything looks delicious and extra special under the cloche.

  39. Hello Beautiful Lady,
    Love your cloche display Fabby. What a wonderful table and the cake looks so delicious. I also love the cobalt blue and your inside treasures are wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing. I wish I could come right over and sit with you at this table. We would chat the day away. LOL

    Big hugs, Celestina Marie

  40. Fabby, your cloches were such fun to look at! You have such wonderful ideas and pretty things (and food) to put in them! My favorite, though, would be the teacups stacked up on each other under the glass! What a lively thing to behold! I also love the view out of your kitchen nook window of the busy street below!

    Thanks of your kind comment on my little one! She is growing quickly!

  41. have a wonderful collection of cloches!! Everything looks so pretty under them and so many various items! I think your cake looks delicious!! And all of the serving pieces under different cloches are stunning! Your china is lovely, and I love the tea cups and saucers your daughter gifted you with on your birthday! Anything
    with pretty birds catches my eye!!
    What a treasure to own the lovely embroidered have gorgeous linens!!!...and putting "all of your eggs in one cloche" was very brave of you! LOL
    You know the old saying!!!
    Great view from your kitchen window, too.
    Thank you for showing us your great collection of cloches and the prettily set table for tea. I always enjoy your tablescapes!!
    Have a lovely week, dear Fabby..
    Big hugs and love, Francy

  42. Oh, my! What a beautiful collection you have! I so need to hop on the bandwagon and get some cloches. Thank you for sharing this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again on Monday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  43. Fabby, I'm with Alejandro.. I love this set of dishes.. The flowers and the geometrics are just perfect together. Your set up for the party with the cloches is so beautiful. I love your tablecloth too. The cloches in the kitchen are fabulous too. OOh Fabby, once again superbe decorating! xo marlis

  44. The use of your cloches here is very elgent with the tea party. Love all the pastries and that wonderful cake. It is a beautiful pattern that you created, are they all hand painted? What a beautiful view yuou have from your other table. The embroidered table cloth is such a wonderful gift.

  45. Adore the pattern you designed! Beautiful displays too... Lovely, lovely :)
    ~Pernilla xx

  46. I love every moment of your tablescape. The cloches are stunning. I don't have very many, but you've inspired me to get busy and start collecting some. Your dinnerware is so gorgeous. I love that you designed it. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  47. I love this post, everything is so pretty and I adore all of your cloches. I am cloche-less and now I must have some! :)

    Happy VTT!

  48. Your cloches are so beautiful, Fabby. The food looks so my too and you look amazing, my friend. As for me, my diet is put off again. It is so hard to go on a diet when rtraveling. I am finally home only to pack again for Florida. Lol. thanks for your bday greetings to my mom. .....Christine

  49. Honey you had me at Cloche. I love your huge collection. They are wonderful and you can use them for so many occasions and holidays. Your kitchen nook is delightful the set of cups are lovely, I have come from Marty's party. drop by for a visit. Kathy

  50. Oh I love those little teacups! Lovely! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  51. Your tea party looks fabulous! I love your cloches, your beautiful dishes and your view! The pastries look so delicious and everything is so inviting.

  52. Oh my Fabby, look at all of your beautiful desserts. They looks so delicious under all of your cloches.

  53. Oh Fabby, do you ever know how to set a beautiful table. I too am a lover of cloches. You have a wonderful collection. Your desserts all look so delicious. How beautiful are the dishes that you designed! What a talented lady you are. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

  54. It is so well arranged and nice setting btw. I would love to eat with that presentation. =)

  55. Cool Cloche your dishes as well *swoon!*

  56. Hola Fabby, preciosa la decoración con los "Cloche" Me encantó todo, tu cocina es preciosa amiga!

    Un beso grande

  57. What gorgeous cakes and glassware! I just love your tabletop!

  58. You have a wonderful cloche collection (I only have one!) and you have proved that everything looks better in a cloche! Your dishes are just beautiful and I love the little bird tea cups! Thank you so much for sharing!

  59. Fabby, your cloches look beautiful! And your china that you designed is lovely! The cake looks so delicious, too.
    Thanks for linking to Let's Dish!

  60. Magnificent! love the table, dessert and that apple cake is outragously amazing! oh btw thanks so much for your support with my sons blog appreciate it!

  61. I don't know what to comment on first! The cloches and the way you have them displayed is ingenious. Your collection of dishes and cups and saucers always amazes me, but what I find truly inspiring is the stunning view out your kitchen window.


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