Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FABBY: Earth Day Tablescape

 I decided that I should use my country Spanish dishes for this "first" Earth Tablescape for LET'S DISH at Cuisine Kathleen's great and fun party.  See ya'll there!
 The "Zebra-Cow" and the whimsy looking "Corn" with different color kernels and even some in gold!  These sculptures were made at our Former Ceramic Co., but designed by famous Ecuadorian artist, Gonzalo Endara Crow. He also used to make these sculptures, gigantic, for parks and malls. He used to paint a "Magical Realism"...hence, the zebra-cow and corn and many incredible sculptures he created. I used them to represent the earth's crops and the animals.
 I found the globes at my daughters' rooms and so I worked around them...I wrote about them at the end of the pics..and I will give them to my granddaughters next time. Here is another angle of the cow, she also has hooves, horns and teats in
 The globes are so cute on top of the champagne flutes.. and I'm so glad I remember them and found them!
 This strange looking fern is so interesting. Here they call it; "hand-fern", because it resembles long hands with long fingers.
 The Corn ear on a platter with all the terrific color kernels, plus gold ones too, by Ecuadorian Artist, Gonzalo Endara Crow. You can look him up, he's paintings went for $20,000 and more, depending on the size. We inherited a medium size one from my Mil and I love it so. The artist died in the late 90's with around 55 years old.

I shopped home and found these cute leaves, napkin rings.
 The Zebra-Cow.
 I found on a drawer four of these pretty silver leaves, so I thought they'd be just perfect for my Earth Day Table scape.
 Another shape of a leaf.
Another leaf.
     I wasn't going to make an Earth Day table scape, first of all because I've never made one before and also cause I just didn't know where to begin... and then all of a sudden it dawned on me that my daughters had some small world-globes laying around some where in their "youth" rooms..and sure enough I FOUND them!  Therefore, around these three world-globes I started my table scape specially for LET'S DISH at Cuisine Kathleen, as this was the theme she chose for this week's party. you have it, not as great as some of yours, but I made it!

I also would love to point out that in our town, here in Cuenca-Ecuador, we've been RECYCLING since more than ten years ago!

As always, thank you so much for your generous and lovely comments you always leave me.  Of course, many, many thanks to the wonderful hostesses and terrific parties I will be joining.  Starting at Let's Dish at Cuisine Kathleen.

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  1. Oh, my dear friend....tablescapes are definitely your forte. No one comes close to yours, in my opinion! Amazing. Just amazing.

  2. What a fun table! Love the zebra cow and the little globes! Thank you also for you kind comments on my blog post about my father passing away. I appreciate it very much!

  3. Fabby!!! This is a fabulous table. I had to keep my eyes off the backdrop, and then I was smitten with the art. Those pieces are really stunning. I love the napkin rings. Using the globes was a fabulous touch.. so pretty. xo marlis

  4. Love the globes....what a great size they are. How fun your gatherings for Earth day are.

  5. Great tablescape! Love the arrangement. You did a fantastic job bringing it all together.



  6. The globes were the perfect inspiration for your tablescape, and I love the multi-colored corn on the cob...great piece! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  7. Oh Fabby, I love your tablescape. The globes are so cute, what a fun idea. Love the corn too. Great table. Hugs, Marty

  8. What a fabulous table. I love the corn in the centerpiece and the napkin rings and little globes. Of course, your entire apartment is so beautiful. xo

  9. What a great tablescape!! I love the globes and the neat!!! It is a rare art to turn a table into something fantastic..I so don't have that knack! Happy VTT

  10. Fabby, what a great table! I love the zebra and napkin rings, but I'm madly in love with the colorful corn. The globes were adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Fabby!
    This is fantastic! I LOVE those little globes! They are wonderful "AND" so is your zebra cow. I think SHE made your table "POP"! OK now for the corn. WOW, that is so different and artful! You are going to have "LOTS of fun" decorating with it. AND I'll bet your granddaughters LOVE IT!
    Your fern also looks like a "staghorn fern"??? Is it related to it???
    Thank you for inviting us in!
    Big Hugs to you,

  12. Fabby,
    Your table looks worldly and grand. I love the globes in the glasses. Wonderful for an Earth Day Tablescape.

  13. Your earth day tablescape is perfect, Fabby. I love the cow and corn, they bring so much whimsy to the table and the globes are a great touch....Christine

  14. Fabby!

    I just love your mini globes, how cute those are!! I have never seen painted corn or a zebra cow before, you always have such interesting items for us to see.

    Your tablescape turned out just lovely!
    I didn't know about the Earth Day party in time to do something specifically for today but, I did link my Seashell tablescape, it seems to work. :)

    Have a wonderful night my friend!

  15. I think you have done a wonderful work of joy using what you have at hand, and using it well. I would never have thought to use small globes like that. I also noticed the wonderful view out your window at night, with the lights twinkling as if they were there just to be a backdrop for your tea.What a wondrous view you have.

  16. I love how you used the globes! Very creative for Earth Day! Your tables are always lovely.

  17. Fabby - your table is totally fabulous !! What a fortunate person you are to have been involved in such a creative endeavor as the ceramics company. Love the cow and corn sculptures!! The small globes were the perfect touch - home run!!

  18. I love your Earth Day tablescape. I love those little globes. Aren't they cute?

    It took me a minute to figure out what that ear of corn was (before I started reading). It looks like a colorful little "tree". And that zebra cow....well, who would ever think of that? Just cute!

    I love the view of the lights outside your windows, Fabby. What a spectacular show at night with everything all lit up.

    You did a great job with all your lovely pieces here- xo Diana

  19. You certainly do the best table settings,this one is very unusual

  20. Perfectly wonderful Earth Day table, Fabby.

  21. What a creative tablescape you have made for "Earth Day". The cow/zebra is so unique and interesting...and your girls' little globes are perfect for the theme, too!! With that lovely piece
    of art in the form of an ear of corn, and the silver leaves, you have certainly pulled everything together so well...including the plant with the "hands with long fingers"!! I am always amazed with how you come up with such inovative
    objects that tell the story of the
    theme...but then, you have the "eye" of an artist, so you SEE
    things faster than most of us!!
    Thank you for sharing in this lovely tablescape, they are always "over-the-top" and interesting.
    Have a happy weekend coming up
    Fond hugs and love, Francy

  22. Fabby, glad you did join in with this table. It's perfect! Love the idea of the mini globes. They add a clever touch.

  23. Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  24. Hi Fabby: What a beauitful table. It is just perfect. Thank you for sharing it with us. Blessings, Martha

  25. Don't sell yourself short Fabby! This table is just beautiful and is very fun with the Zebra Cow and the globes! I love the multi colored corn!
    I'd love it if you shared at my new Tuesday link party starting April 24th!

  26. Fabby, it's beautiful. I luv the use of different contrasts!

  27. A beautiful depiction of Earth Day! The zebra cow is wonderful! I always love your tablescapes.

  28. What fun! I just love the way you used the gloves. Beautiful table. Love your dishes and those pretty napkin rings.

  29. Oh Fabby, your table scape for Earth day is stunning! Your attention to the little details has really worked so well here. Your table is beautiful and vibrant.

  30. OK...I was cool with the Zebra-Cow's gold hooves and horns, but the gold teets kind of backed me up a couple of steps!!! That's so wild!!! The Zebra-Cow is so cool, though, as is the corn. So sad that the artist died so young. How tragic! I think they're both very imaginative pieces! I think it's neat that you incorporated the miniature globes into the 'scape. Very cool! Beautiful dishes, too!!!

  31. Cute idea with the globes. So interesting about the artist -- I have never seen anything like either of those pieces.

    I still think that marble topped table is one of the prettiest ever.

  32. I love the corn! Great Earth Day table, Fabby. The zebra cow is amazing, what a fun piece.

  33. Your table is very inviting.

  34. Fabby this is a wonderful and tremendously interesting table. The corn is amazing--I couldn't stop looking at it. And the little globes were perfect for the theme. So glad I stopped by. Happy Earth Day. Linda

  35. Your Earth Day table is lovely, Fabby. You are so creative and have so many beautiful accoutrements that your tables are always worth seeing.
    Hugs, Cindy

  36. Hola fabby, que interesante tu tablescape me encanta the corn is so cute and so many beautiful pcs.
    Happy Earth Day!!!

  37. Your talent for tablescaping is just AWESOME, Fabby. You have so many pretty things and you sure do know how to use them.:))

  38. Hi Fabby!
    You did a great job on your Earth Day table. Love that zebra and the globes. Very interesting story too!
    Thanks so much for linking to Let's Dish! Have a great weekend!

  39. Beautiful collections and settings..

    Visiting for MYM- hope you can stop by:)

  40. Happy Earth Day to you Fabby! I love the mini globes. How perfect are they? Thanks for sharing with my party!

  41. LOVE those mini globes! Happy Earth Day weekend!

  42. That is the most amazing corn and cow ever!!! they are the centerpiece of your table for sure...very pretty!

  43. Fabby, this is amazing and so it!!

  44. Hi pretty Fabby! Oh, what a wonderful table! You've thought of everything. Love the corn and the zebra! Not to mention the view from your window!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  45. Fabby, Your Earth Day tablescape is perfect and so chic. I like the symbolism of the corn and cow and th fern really adds to the look. The globes are great. How neat that you remembered them. Great table, Fabby.
    Thanks for visiting,

  46. Oh your table looks so pretty! I am new to your blog. Glad I found it!!

  47. I love this table. It is so unique. The cow and the corn are wonderful. The globes are great too, just the perfect size for a table setting. Very nice, Fabby!

  48. Hi Fabby,
    Your tablescape for Earth Day is just incredible. So creative you are and I love all the special touches. You certainly have captured the theme well.
    Love the colorful corn and the zebra cow is way adorable. Love your different leaf napkin holders, but the globes are the amazing touch topping the glasses.

    You always do the best table settings and this one is among them.

    Have a great weekend my friend and blessings always.
    Celestina Marie XOXO

  49. This is a great Earth Day tablescape! I love how you used the globes and the Zebra.

  50. So much fun. This is so cute. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  51. What a colorful creative table!!
    I love it. The little globes are the best!
    Happy Pink Saturday! xo Tami

  52. One very dramatic tablescape.What dinner party would you use it for?I'm thinking My husband's fellow work dinners ? So lovely.Denise

  53. Hello Dear Fabby!

    As usual you have done a splendid job creating a beautiful table with the theme. So much detail and thought brings it all together.

    Thank you for linking to my Think on These Things :) You're a sweetie!

  54. Fabby, your Earth Day table is fun and clever! Wonderful!

  55. Love your pink this week. So pretty! Love the corn the best!
    My PINK..., have a great weekend!

  56. Fabby, you do the best table scapes. I love all the detail. Those globes are great, and I love your napkin rings ...and the zebra! It's all so wonderfully creative!

  57. The tablescape is fun and interesting. I can see the thought that went into every item. I love the cityscape, too, that your table overlooks. Gorgeous.

  58. What a unique and fun table setting! I love the little individual globes and that bull!!

  59. Fabby what a fun loving table ... little globes are so darling ... And really how thoughtful you are about this day...Lovely display
    With love

  60. Hi lovely lady.
    This is a fabulous tablescape so Beautiful love the zebra cow so sweet.Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Earth Day Tablescape. Hope you and your family have a wonderful week coming up.
    XXOO Diane

  61. Thanks for visiting. I am yor newest follower.

  62. I appreciate those detailed photos of your gorgeous tablescape.. Stunning! You wowed me a lot! All of your dishes are fabulous and I love everything you’ve done. The zebra-cow, the corn, the globes, everything is set to perfection! Awesome!

  63. Wonderful copycat, anyways.

    I find your home is almost a castle whilst mine is a box… §;-)
    Funny but we both love our nests.

    Hope you have a great day and I thank you for dropping by at my place.
    I am so busy at work, remember it's end of the month and working as an Acct. Manager of the bank
    Isn't fun in time like this. Am late but at least I come and pay back a visit.

    Enjoy your week chicka bonita mia.

  64. I love your Earth Day tablescape. You always do such a beautiful job!

  65. Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays. Be sure to check out my recent post and GIVEAWAY announcement.

    - The Tablescaper

  66. What a great Tribute to Earth Day!!! Thanks for your kind visit! just coming back from vacation and trying to catch up!


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