Sunday, April 22, 2012

FABBY: I'm Such a Copy-Cat!!

Home made angel food cake with country eggs, which have very yellow yokes, that's how the cake comes out yellow as well.. like this one.    
   I decided to fix my bedroom today, Sunday.. and in the foot of our bed we have a table where I have layers of decorating magazines of all types!

I spent an entire afternoon looking through them and then an old issue of a decorating magazine showed up and I remembered where I copy-catted our stained glass-sky light for our new kitchen, almost two years ago.  So, this is the third copy-cat thing I've had made in the past and posted, who knows, maybe I'll remember other ones too! Artisans here, in Cuenca-Ecuador, are so skillful that you almost want to copy-cat everything you see in magazines, or Internet, least I do!!

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 BEFORE: Here is the beautiful window, with the red roses in stained glass on the pages of an old issue of an Old-House INTERIORS magazine,  which I had fallen in love with, many years ago and saved it, just in case!
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 AFTER: Here is our kitchen's sky-light I copy-catted, almost two years ago, when we remodeled our kitchen. If you notice, I did added blue hummingbirds to the beautiful red roses, for an extra touch, as they remind me of our past home where we had so many in the garden..and the magazine designe didn't I guess you might say, more than a copy cat, it was a GREAT inspiration.. lol..


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 In the day light the colors look awesome and at night with the lights on underneath the pretty stained glass colours, take up such brightness and we enjoy looking at it so much. I'm also blessed hubby almost always agrees with my decorating ideas...but believe me, when he doesn't, that's it!!
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 This is a new vignette I made today with my hand decorated Delft from Holland pieces in blue and white, my porcelain doggies and a vintage Chinese wooden box from my Mil.  Before I had the big mud Foo Dogs here, along with the silver framed photos of us, which I kept here.

 This beautiful chest is an antique Spanish style piece that belonged to hubby's grandfather. The carvings on it are beautiful.
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Ok, you saw the magazine and our kitchen, stained glass-sky light, for you all to compare.

Thank you my friends for your wonderful and generous visits, they're very appreciated.

Thank you gracious hostesses for having me once more.


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  1. Beautiful sky light!
    ... love your new vignette too :)
    Have a lovely day and a great start of the new week, Fabby!

    Greetings from Australia♥

  2. Beautiful you little copy cat! I was so going to do this, but I have been so busy that I did not get a chance. Darn, hopefully next time. Love your stained glass.

  3. Beautiful skylight,I can just imagine the lovely rays of sunshine it casts over your kitchen. Beautiful vignette too. xx

  4. What a beautiful skylight, Fabby!

  5. That skylight is gorgeous! How lucky you are to have artisans to work with you!

  6. I don't think you are a copy cat *smile* you just get inspiration. Your kitchen window is just beautiful. Have a nice day.


  7. Wow, Fabby!!!! Your skylight is stunning. What a great thing to copy!!! Love it!

  8. Oh my, absolutely gorgeous stained-glass sky light.... It must feel wonderful to be in that kitchen:)I also loved the pretty vignette you created on that beautifully carved chest. Lovely post! Have a great week!~Poppy

  9. Oh my! that skylight is gorgeous Fabby! Happy Blue Monday!

  10. I love your skylight, beautiful. Love the blue hummingbirds. You have a lovely family. Beautiful cabinet.

  11. Fabby.....Your sky-lite is gorgeous!! I imagine when the sun is over-head it really brings out the colors in the glass and they reflect all over your night it must be beautiful, too!
    How nice to have such a cheerful, sunny place to prepare meals. And also, nice that your country has skilled artisans to do this type work, sometimes it is very hard to find that sort of skill here..
    I know things like this add to your already beautiful kitchen and is a pleasure to work there. Your guests must love it, too.
    I love how you do all of these little extras around your house to make it such an elegnant yet homey
    place to live. You have quite the "artist's" eye when it comes to
    skills like this!!
    The old chest is quite a beauty in itself and I like the way you have displayed photos and vases on the top of it. Are those your girls in the pictures? They are so beautiful...take after their mother!!!! You have such an attractive family!!
    I hope this week will be a fun one for you.....
    Fond hugs and love,Francy

  12. Oops!

    Please place a link to Blue Monday on your post and return to link in again to Mr. Linky. You can find the code when you click on the blue bird located in my sidebar.


  13. I love the Delft pieces. My grandfather was from Holland, so we he had an assortment of pieces in his house, thanks for reminding me of him!


  14. Yummy cake, beautiful blues..

    Visiting for BM-hope you can stop by:)

  15. I hope everything is well with you and your family Francy. Yes, I just have two dear daughters and the pic was taken fifteen years ago, when my girls were in their early teens. I'm the small one in the middle, lol.. Thank you so much for the compliment on everything. Have a blessed week.

  16. Well, Your NAME just says it all! FAB-by! FABULOUS in everything you do. That stained glass skylight is just gorgeous as is your view out the windows of your home. I have copy-catted several things over the years, too. Sometimes it is just hard to improve on someone else's idea, isn't it? Although I LOVE the addition of the birds to your skylight- GORGEOUS! xo Diana

  17. Hi Fabby,
    the stained glass window is really amazing. it turned out as the very same like the magazine. And your new vignette is so charming, not at least because of the lovely photos.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  18. Fabby, your skylight is gorgeous! Such vibrant, beautiful colors! Love your new vignette, as well! Everything always looks so pretty at your place!

  19. Gracias Fabby por mostrarnos parte de tus cosas y hasta tus habilidades como cocinera!.
    besoss desde

  20. Oh Miss Fabby, you copy so very excellently beautiful!!!

    What a wonderful skylight that is, you must delight every-time ya walk into that room!

    God bless and have a super great week!!! :o)

  21. Fabby - we just cannot compete with all of your beautiful things and your lovely home. Gotta run - I need to redecorate - lol!! Always love your blog!!!

  22. Fabby! Oh, my goodness! Your sky light is so beautiful and much prettier than the magazines. Your home is so gorgeous and you are so blessed, Most Beautiful One! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. Holy cow! You actually did that? That sky light is beautiful, absolutely beautiful!

  24. Fabby you truly have some magnificent pieces. The sky llight in your kitchen is remarkable. I've never seen anything like it before..Lovely

  25. Fabby, your sky light is gorgeous. Such a beautiful design, I am sure you enjoy it very much. Love your vignette also, such beautiful blue and white pieces and of course I love all the family pics too. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  26. Hi!

    You is beautifully organized and you have a very refined taste!

    Kisses new friend Rio de Janeiro!

  27. Hi Fabby,
    I love your stain glass sky light, the colors are so beautiful! In my last home we had stain glass window all around the dinning room and family room, I do miss them. I am still trying to find a window in my new home to have a stain glass design made for.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  28. Wow, that sky light is gorgeous!
    What a pleasure to sit and admire it everyday. Your vignette is lovely Fabby.

  29. Wow! I am impressed with your version on the magazine image! You are something and so are the artisans of your city.
    Your new vignette is lovely, is the photo of you with your girls? So much beauty in all three of you!
    Have a wonderful week, dearest Fabby.
    Hugs, Cindy

  30. Your skylight is gorgeous!!!....Copy cat..oh no...Imitation is the best form of flattery...So you flattered the original designer and I am sure they are honored!!....

  31. What a gorgeous sky light, Fabby!! I can just imagine al. The cheeriness that you have in your kitchen. How wonderful for you!!

  32. Simply beautiful Fabby! Thanks so much for sharing at Mix it up Monday :)

  33. Your skylight is gorgeous Fabby!

    Great copycat.

  34. Fabby, The sky light is amazing! Love your new vignette and the chest is beautiful.
    xo, Sherry

  35. Beautiful as always!Lovely vignette. Your space never fails to inspire me.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog:)

  36. Fabby,
    That's one of the prettiest sky lights I've ever seen. Your vignette is wonderful. Love what you've done.

  37. You always have such great posts!! I love the way you have displayed your family photos.
    Have a super weekend.
    Ladybug Creek

  38. Fabby you are such an inspiration. I love your use of color. That sky light is gorgeous! That is quite the copy indeed. Thanks so much for sharing and joining in.

  39. The skylight is gorgeous. I couldn't do that in a million years, so admire your superior copy cat skills more than words can say.

  40. Your skylight is gorgeous, Fabby. Stained glass are things both hubby and I enjoy, just another thing we have in common? In fact, my birthday gift to him is a tiffany like floor lamp. I hope it gets here on time for our bday on Sun, the 29th. You know we have the same bday, right? I love your delft jars too, pretty vignette!...Christine

  41. Wonderful copy cat! What a thing of beauty to enjoy everyday. :-) I found you through Debbiedoo's copy cat challenge. I'm now following and look forward to seeing more of your creative ideas!

  42. Ciao Fabby!Che bei piatti e che belle tazze!Baci,Rosetta

  43. Wrong. You didn’t copy it. You made it an inspiration out of it. :D What can be more stylish and practical than a stained skylight window? It’s very elegant! It reminds me of the glory of archaic churches with how these windows were designed. With such artistic structure, you can manage to keep a cool atmosphere and limit light infiltration in the room as well.

    Galliena Gornet

  44. Your stained glass reminds me of something that maybe Belle would have from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. I love it!


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