Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fabby:Antique French end-tables & TITANIC Tea Homage

     Our daughter Sofia, who was here two and a half weeks ago, to pick up our granddaughters to take them back home has INSPIRED ME, (like I need much inspiration!) to change my living room end tables. She thought maybe more of an antique, ornate look would be more appropriate and of course, I obeyed my child right away!!...heheheee..

Than I headed straight to the European Antique Shop and of course, saw just the perfect vintage French end tables. Hope you like them too!

 BEFORE:  The end tables you see in each end of the couches is what we had and were an 'Ethan Allen' look, which I'm sending my daughter Alexandra as night tables.
AFTER:  Here is the first end table I saw and it's an antique, French marquetry, marble top bombè, Louis XVI table with drawers, also with lovely engraved ornate brass pulls. I was smitten with her immediately! The Chinese lamp is also an antique, as it was one of my Mil's presents for her wedding, 71 years ago.
 The second beauty is this one and I fell in love with her too.  She also has a marble top, bombè shaped, Louis XVI like the first one, with drawers and brass pulls and feet. SO! I just hop them up my car and took them home to live with us...needless to say, hubby loved them too!...anyway, I'm glad he did, as they were going to stay home for sure!!
 Isn't she just gorgeous! Look at all the brass insets.
The other her chubby look and brass pulls and feet.. so cute.
 I also loved this bronze antique French, Art Nouveau figurine of a boy from early 20th. century. I can't make up what it says, but there's a signature and it also says, bronze-Paris. The couple of dogs are antique French too from way back. The plate is hand made in Chelsey Pottery, England. Alejandro has two, since he lived in England when he was single in the early 70's. The beautiful ormolu in the center is hand decorated, Delft Imari from Holland.
 I also bought this antique French jockey boy with the same mark as the other. I thought of Alison from The Polo House when I saw him.
 This is how they look from the front. Yeah, you can't see much of the one to your right.. all at once, but when you're there, you can, as the couches are too close to each other.
 BEFORE:  You can see the green moire chair at your left, well...our pug dog Ben, who died almost two years ago, when he was a puppy, made so many accidents on that chair's back!... although I had it professionally cleaned, the stains NEVER came off completely, so I didn't like it anymore, therefore, this chair has a new look too!

 AFTER:  Here she is looking great with a new upholstery in green, yellow and gold checks, which matched great with the fringes it already had. The throw pillow is English brocade.

 My small homage to the 100th. year of the sinking of the mighty Ship The Titanic, I had some English fruit tea on my birthday month, Royal Albert, October teacup. The oval plate is Minton, bone china from England and it holds a couple of coconut macaroons and some cheese sticks I love.
The burned-orange marble coffee table was made to order, here in Ecuador, which I copy-catted it from an Architecture Digest of
Interior Design magazine from the Paris apartment of French writer Francoise Sagan. I did a post last year about it.

 I didn't invite hubby cause he prefers coffee and he drinks tea when he's sick, like he was last week.  Thank goodness he's well again!
Last Monday I just headed for the European Antique stores, (there are two stores)as they had just received a few containers with, as always, beautiful European antique furniture and lovely antiques and vintage decorating elements. I started to browse around and found the two "French marquetry-marble top bombe, Louis XVI table, with drawers and with engraved and ornate brass pulls" I shared with you on this post.  Again, I took pics of them with my cel-phone to show dear Mr. Living, who had a cold in bed and said: "if you like them, get them!"  So I obeyed my husband immediately!!

Hope you liked them too!

Thanking you sweet ladies for your wonderful, lovely and generous visits, and they are very appreciated!


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  1. You know I love them, Fabby. I have similar furniture in the 2 guest rooms. And they are just perfect in your living room. I love your chair too.....Christine

  2. You have such exquisite taste Fabby. Love the look

  3. Hi Fabby,
    Your tables are just beautiful! I can understand why you fell in love with them. You have such a lovely home.
    Your teacup is very pretty and I love the teapot! Thank you for joining me for my special Tea on the Titanic and have a wonderful week.


  4. Cuántas cosas lindas tienes! Muchas gracias por tus palabras!

    Un beso grande

  5. Lovely, Fabby!

    I love your October teacup. I am an October girl too. : - )

  6. Hi Fabby,

    Love your decoration in your home. Im collectiong ra fotm too but I havent had my October teacup yet. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Dear Fabby,

    Love your house decoration. Im a ra fotm collector too but right now I dont have the october teacup yet. Thanks for sharing.

  8. You did a great job. It's beautiful. Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC

  9. Ma chère Fabby bonjour,
    Ce fut un très agréable moment pour moi que de venir te visiter aujourd'hui... J'aurais pu apporter ma tasse avec les fleurs de muguet de mon mois de naissance "may" et partager le thé aux fruits rouges avec toi...
    J'aime beaucoup la transformation que tu as réalisée.
    Nous (mon ami et moi, à qui je viens de montrer ta publication) aimons beaucoup ta seconde petite commode...
    Le petit joueur de polo est ravissant.
    Un véritable raffinement.
    Je te fais de gros bisous.

  10. Fabby the tables are exquisite! Your room is gorgeous.

  11. Beautiful home! love all you do!

  12. Hi Fabby,

    You have a beautiful home and your October teacup is stunning!

  13. Fabby your tables are gorgeous! You have created a beautiful room.



  14. Great tables Fabby, they look perfect in your home.Thanks for sharing and glad hubby is happy too.

  15. As usual, you have such exquisite
    taste, and today's post proves it!!
    The two new tables are wonderful, I can see why you immediately fell in love with them! All of the accessories you chose to go on the tables are perfect with them...and I am an October birthday lady, too!(I try to give my grand-daughters each one of their birthday months, too...they like to collect them, as
    young as they are. I think children are never too young to learn to appreciate lovely antique things)
    I have always liked your round marble top table you had made for that room, and the carpet under it all is beautiful..everyting is just such quiet, understated beauty
    I hope your husband is feeling well now, and thank you, as always, for sharing your treasures with us...
    Have a happy week. Warm hugs and love, Francy

  16. Lovely treasures. For sure, you both love it. And I know this won't fit to my BOX coz I don't have a space §:-(

    Hope you're in the best of everything, mi preciousa amiga.

    TC and GB.

    Beso todo,

  17. FABBY-I LOVE your new tables. I liked the old ones too but these feel a lot "lighter" in the room. It is fun to change things up a bit, isn't it? Your whole room is just lovely! Hope you are having a good Monday- xo Diana

  18. Hi Fabby,
    it looks all exquisite as usual. You have a special eye for good things and for combining them. I love all your new additions. Thank you for the nice tea and treats in honor of the Titanic.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  19. Fabby,
    Thank you for inviting us into your gorgeous living room! The subtle changes are exquisite!!! Those chests are simply magnificient! Your choice of lamps and vintage accessories make this such a classic design! I'd say your daughter knew it was time for change...and the change is good!

  20. Just when I think it can't get prettier, it does!

    I really love that little ormolu chest. Excellent finds. And what a nice husband.

  21. Hi Fabby!

    What gorgeous French Bombay chests. The brass ormulus and details are so pretty.
    I would have purchased them too, I am certain.

    How cute is your little bronze jockey!?! I am so flattered that you thought of little old me when you found him! That makes me smile. :)

    Your hubbie was a real sweetie telling you to go ahead and buy these two pieces. They are so lovely and I know you will have them and they will stay in your family for a long time!


  22. Hi Fabby,
    Thank you so much for opening your beautiful house and letting us have a look at your tasteful new aquisitions.
    You have such good things!
    The antique French tables are full of charm and quality, I loved the bronze figurines , the china for today's tea, but I specially liked that Delft imari vase.
    It's gorgeous!
    Enjoy it all!

  23. A lovely post! The tables are beautiful! I am glad your hubby is beyyer and thanks for joining me for Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  24. Love your new tables - although the old ones weren't too shabby either. Good that they are being passed along.

  25. Hi Fabby
    I love the way French furniture is shaped like a curvy woman's body. They are lovely!!!!!

    Your Titanic inspired teas looks inviting and the burnt orange marble table looks very French too.

    Your home is very beautiful

  26. Fabby, Your new tables are marvelous! How wonderful you were able to find them and to complement them so well with the accessories! Love the new upholstery to the chair - all in all wonderful transformations! Thank you for sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  27. Hello dear lady,
    Oh, I love the changes! Your new Bombay chests are gorgeous and the little statues are wonderful. You have such great taste and it sounds like your daughter does too.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs, Cindy

  28. Wonderful choices Fabby! You really found some great pieces! You do have classy taste! I'll have to check out the story about the cofee table. Your newly refinished chair looks marvelous! Great choice on fabric and fringe! Love your tribute to the Titanic's 100th year after sinking. Isn't it amazing how all over the world we remember it and have great emotion about it.

  29. I like the figurines on your table and your tea for this week.

  30. Your setting is so classy and elegant!

    Please come and see my Mellow Yellow, when you get a chance. Have a great week!

  31. I LOVE the side tables...pretty with marble tops. The chair looks great~

  32. Oh my, what marvelous tables!!!! You have so many pretty things. I just love to see everything.

  33. I LOVE your new tables, the look is elegant for sure - your daughter sure has your eye. Lovely tea setting as well. Take care.

  34. What a nice collection of furniture. Your tea looks tasty. What a coincidence, my post has my Grandmother's Birthday Teacup in it, and a link to a post about my own which matches yours!

  35. Hi Fabby,
    Your furniture is so beautiful ...and your tea super special!
    Have a blessed day, amiga!

  36. So Beautifully arranged Fabby. BUT to be honest, "I LOVED BOTH before & after". I really AM drawn to the little bombe chests. I too have several... Your coffee table is GORGEOUS! You have such a decorative eye for perfection!
    Your tribute setting for the titanic is lovely. I enjoyed your detailing...
    Hope on back over to MY POST and check out what I added "JUST FOR YOU"!!!
    Big Hugs to you,

  37. All the photos are so lovely but I especially like your tea set!

  38. We love those tables too! Thanks for sharing at Beautify It Monday!

  39. Beautiful! They are just perfect in your living room! Your house is to die for.....
    Blessings My Friend,

  40. Gorgeous as always, Fabby!! I love all of the tables, but especially the one that you had made. What a discerning eye you have!! Thank you for sharing your treasures with all of us.

  41. I love your pretty chair with the fringe. Divine. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  42. Dearest Fabby,

    Thanks so much for your kind words and prayers for my dear uncle Fred and his, as well as our entire extended family. It is much appreciated!

    Thanks also for coming by to visit my blog for my Tuesday Teatime In Blogland..,

    Unfortunately for now, (as well as for the foreseeable future), although I will still be resuming my blog postings for our beloved Tuesday Teas , yet I shall not be posting my very own Linky widget at this time.

    (Thanks for wanting to, as well as for trying to 'link up', dear lady).

    Your post is so lovely Fabby.., Oh my!

    You always have such beautiful posts with photo vignettes within your amazing home Fabby; so lovely!.., Your Titanic tea tribute is wonderful.

    P.S. ~ As a correlated, 'aside', Fabby; I happen to live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. ( You could look on Google Earth maps sometime, if you wish). Incidentally also, Halifax has the second deepest natural harbour in the world, (other than Sydney Australia, which has the deepest natural harbour in the world)..,

    P.P.S. ~ ..,Also, Halifax is where the largest number of Titanic victims 'remains'; where their bodies are buried and where they have been,'laid to rest', in a special cemetary just for them.., We are honoring the perished from all those years ago in may ways in our city of Halifax, N.S., these days, especially on the 100th anniversary of the tragedy.

    Hugs, WL

  43. Glad your daughter helped you change your living room tables for the antiques are so lovely. The simple Tribute to the Titanic is perfect for the the Minton plate is great for your treats. I love the sweet October cup and saucer. Thanks. Pam

  44. Fabby, those tables are beautiful. You did a wonderful job!

  45. Fabby, your bombay chest is gorgeous. Your home is lovely with all of the fabulous furniture. Teacups are special and it's always a good thing when we can actually use them.

  46. I love the oriental touches! I used to collect figurines and ginger jars. Love the new upholstery on the chair, too. Beautiful!

  47. Everything is gorgeous. You have an absolutely beautiful home. You have exquisite taste.

  48. WOW... gorgeously eclectic.... I feel like a world traveler this morning already and it's not 7am! So glad I popped in!
    Thanks for a grand visit!

  49. Hi Fabby!

    Thanks so much for linking up this gorgeous post with my Homemaking Link Up Weekend this past week! Your home is just gorgeous...and I love the homage to the Titanic!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  50. So pretty!
    Thank you for linking up to the French party! Come back Monday!


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