Wednesday, November 9, 2011

FABBY: Thanksgiving Table 2011

Hi my sweet friends!   I'm sure you're all thinking and even making already your Thanksgiving tablescape for this year...I am!  My table for 2011 Thanksgiving is going to look like this, while my table will have a fall look my house will be all Christmas decked up!  I am posting a couple of weeks in advance as here in Ecuador there is no Thanksgiving as in the USA so we usually celebrate the next Saturday after Thanksgiving, usually at an American friend's house who is married to an Ecuadorian too; or at home with the family.   Hope you enjoy my Thanksgiving 2011 tablescape.  
I will be joyning some parties, so I'm thanking the super lovely ladies that host them each week.
I'm also thanking you all my darlings for your sweet and wonderful visits, they are so appreciated!

 I did my Thanksgiving tablescape using part of my china made at our former Ceramic Co.  I paired the china with my orange plates and the salad and small pan with the birds motiff. The chargers I used my Turkish glass ones because of the gold color. The small pan will go in the oven with a potato and cheese antree.
 This is a dip platter which I use with a hot chile cheese sauce dip and small empanadas.
 The name cards are set on a walnut which I copy cated from Martha Stewart's. The duck lid on the bowl is for patè and it's from Portugal, bought in Bloomingdales NY in the 80's.
 This other mud duck was bought in NY's China Town several years ago.
 I was so happy to have recycled my living room and den yellow moire draperies into two beautiful tablecloths!  I think gold is great for fall too.
 You can see in this high photo I took of the fruit centerpiece bowl with two birds, one is feating the other and from up here they look like they're kissing.
 Coffee or tea is ready in this corner of my buffet to drink along with dessert, or later in the afternoon.
Some pink flowers for Beverly'Pink Saturday at How Sweet The Sound.
 The vintage church brass candle sticks that were my mil's, with orange candels.
Here are the two cute birds in the fruit bowl which I put gourds in as a centerpiece...the one that is feating the other must be the mother bird, lol!
The glass charger with my mother's doily.

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The plates layers.
The layers with the pottery pan, which  can be used in the oven perfectly as they are made of terracotta.
This is a pot with a duck lid and I often use it for a Pecan Sweet Potato pudding that goes in the oven in this same pot and to serve it I replace the lid on it... and the pudding it's everyone's favorite!
 This is a vintage cheese platter in depression glass and hand decorated, (you can see like an Arizona house with a cactus plant) made in the USA from the 1950' was my mil's too and my hubby has such fond memmories  when we cut cheese from it at the dinner table.
The bread plate it's so cute with the decoration of  a flower flanked by two birds decorated in  many colors.


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  1. Une Thanksgiving qui se présente bien dîtes-moi!... Une table très raffinée et à la fois très automnale... Un endroit où on sent très cosy...
    J'aime beaucoup vos petites casseroles... Elles sont très élégantes et pleines de charme, tout comme de plat aux petits oiseaux...
    Alors il n'y a plus qu'à vous souhaiter une joyeuse fête Fabby.
    Gros bisous

  2. This is fabulous, Fabby, so beautiful! Your dishes are very pretty and I just love those birds on the bowl, so cute! I am spending Thanksgiving with the kids in FL so poor John will be alone here. Nevertheless, we both have a lot to be thankful for...Christine

  3. Gorgeous table, Fabby. I can't wait to see your Christmas decorations! xo

  4. Oh this is so pretty! I love your ceramics as usual!!

  5. Wow Fabby, what a beautiful table for Thanksgiving! The table setting is so lovely and so inviting. And the church candle sticks are so amazing. Thanks for sharing a little glimpse of your special holiday table.

    Jocelyn @

  6. Beautiful table...those dishes are to die for! I have 8 of those covered duck bowls plus the large duck tureen...I should do a table using them.
    Have a wonderful week, Fabby!

  7. What a beautiful table for Thanksgiving! I can almost smell the turkey now!

  8. Very pretty...what beautiful dishes!! love them. Happy VTT!

  9. What a grand table you set. I would not know how to eat at one that fine.

  10. Gorgeous table and dishware. So lovely and warm...perfect for Thanksgiving Fabby. You have some beautiful pieces. The birds are a nice touch. Thanks for sharing. have a wonderful day. XO Linda

  11. I saw your photo on your Profile... you are an extremely beautiful and elegant woman !

  12. Fabby, this is lovely. I haven't gotten around much either.. I love that you used your old curtains.. how wonderful that you could. What a terrific idea. This pottery is so perfect for this time of year. The colors are splendid. I love the pretty casseroles, the ones with the birds are so charming.. Love this table - another fabulous one! Happy Thanksgivings a bit early.. xo marlis

  13. You have set a beautiful table for Thanksgiving, Fabby. Your china is beautiful and I have never seen such pretty glass chargers. It all looks so pretty! Hugs, Pamela

  14. You have set a beautiful table for Thanksgiving, Fabby. Your china is beautiful and I have never seen such pretty glass chargers. It all looks so pretty! Hugs, Pamela

  15. Hi Fabby, beautiful tablescape. I'm coming to live at your house, LOL Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  16. What a lovely tablescape!!! I need to create mine... right after I clean out the dining room. It only gets used as a dining room a few times a year so I need to remove all the other objects that seem to find their way in to the dining room all year long to make room for everyone to set.

    Thank you for inspiring.

  17. It's beautiful, Fabby! Hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  18. Beautiful Table setting! I love your dishes! Visiting from the Thrifty Groove

  19. Beautiful table Fabby! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  20. This is a beautiful table. Oh how I love your dishes and all the matching accessory pieces. Wonderfully done, Fabby!

  21. Another beautiful tablescape. I love the bowl with the birds. A what a lovely colorful table. Such abundance!

  22. Hello dear Fabby,
    Your table looks beautiful, your dishes are so colorful and your menu sounds delicious!
    The drape for a tablecloth is both brilliant and festive looking!
    Your home is lovely and your meal will be very elegant!
    Hugs, Cindy

  23. Wow! Fabby, I don't know where to start. First of all, I love the dishes from your ceramic factory. They are such treasures for your family. I love the duck dishes and The little birds feeding are so adorable. Your Thanksgiving table is stunning. I wish I were there. Love to you sweet lady, Ginger

  24. Thanks for stopping by. It is always a treat to see your beautiful tables and your lovely home. You have the most gorgeous things. I do love your dining chairs.

    Could you post the recipe for the hot chili cheese dip?


  25. Love love loving those dishes!
    Your dining room chairs are exquisite too, Fabby. What a lovely setting for Thanksgiving!
    I have not even thought about our table since it will just be the four of us and all of our out of town family members cannot join us this year. Last year I hosted everyone here on my husband's side. We had a ball!
    This year, it will be very quiet.

    Enjoy your feast!

  26. Beautiful Thanksgiving table, love the bowl with the 2 birds. Thanks for stopping by, will be your newest follower.

  27. So glad you joined us for tea!!
    You table is spectacular! Such wonderful colours to celebrate with!
    Hope you join us again soon.


  28. So vibrant and inviting!!! Add a place setting for me, I'd love to dine at Fabby's!!!

    Aimee @ ItsOverflowing

  29. Fabby, your Thanksgiving Table is beautiful. Love every inch of it, your design work is just elegant and perfect.

  30. Your Thanksgiving table is beautiful!! Love the dishes and your "nut" placecards are adorable! Thanks so much for stopping by and following my blog :)

  31. I like the festive dishes you're using, the whole table is stunning.
    The charger plates are very nice, I regret that I bought plastic ones and they take away from nice china.

  32. i especially love the bird china in the post below. These dishes in this post look portuguese - or french? They are lovely and very festive!

  33. Honey,

    Your table is perfect again.

    Loved the centrepiece the birds and the fruits looks beautiful


    Karin Şen Cankan

  34. How Beautiful! I absolutely love that bird bowl!!

    I bet your mantle will turn out great! I like the snow idea...Kristen

  35. I like the colors; I adore the candlesticks; I think the birds are charming, and the tablecloth fashioned out of curtains is very creative!

    I can't WAIT to see your Christmas decorations. I so love the holiday season!

  36. Hi Fabby,
    with that colorful dishes, every table for every event is just beautiful set. I love the orange and brown basics to the plates. And all the little animals for decoration. So cute.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  37. Fabby, I've missed visiting and am so glad to be back today! Your recycled draperies make a beautiful tablecloth, and the "pops" of orange you added are perfect for the upcoming Thanksgiving celebration. Love it!

  38. A stunning tablescape - just wonderful. Happy Pink Saturday!

  39. Hola Fabby, tu siempre con un toque tan elegante y de muy buen gusto. La mesa está espectacular, y la vajilla ni que hablar!

    Buen fin de semana!
    Yo sigo dándole forma a mi nuevo proyecto!


  40. A perfectly gorgeous, colorful and elegnant table for Thanksgiving! I love every single piece on it!! The bowl with the two birds is so precious
    and I have admired the antique church candle holders every time you use them
    What a treat for your guests to be seated at THIS table!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful house and objects in it...I love to see your posts!
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!

  41. Beautiful table. You may be in a different country, but it looks as American as apple pie!



  42. Each time I see your lovely home and beautiful tablescapes......I think you can't do any better than the time before, ....but you've done it again..... this is such a gorgeous Thanksgiving table.

  43. Your table is so colorful -- very festive. I think you have love birds on your pottery. The male is courting the female by feeding her. How romantic! Visiting from the Bunny Hop. Debra

  44. Fabby, it's very beautiful! I am so tickled you came to visit. HPS

  45. Oh Fabby your table and your dishes are to die for. You really did not miss any little detail, you covered them all. Enjoy!

  46. Beautiful table - enjoy your Thanksgiving celelbration! Happy Pink Sat.

  47. Hello Fabby!
    Sorry I didn't see this sooner!
    I was wondering what that tablecloth was! It's beautiful! What a great idea using the old curtains!
    I love your chargers and the choice of dishes you used! The birds are too cute! You have such a great selection of dishes!
    What a fabulous table to sit down at!

  48. Fabby, my friend, your tablescapes are always just stunning! I absolutely LOVE your dinnerware! The colors are just beautiful! Everything is so warm and inviting! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  49. wow, a truly gorgeous table. happy pink saturday! xo

  50. I have my new laptop all fixed up and decided this morning is a good time to do some visiting and catching up in blogland.

    I am so happy I came by Fabby. Your table is absolutely gorgeous! Loved seeing it and all the inspiration.

  51. Very pretty!

    Would you mind visiting my PINK please? Thanks!

  52. This is a great Thanksgiving table, Fabby! I think we in the States tend to forget that our sisters in other countries don't necessarily celebrate this holiday in the same way or on the same day that we do. I think it is fantastic that you just jumped right into the spirit of the whole holiday!!! Those chargers are so pretty...I nearly fainted! I love the ridging in them! The dishes are gorgeous, too! This is a beautiful, beautiful table, young lady! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I'm on a breathing machine lungs just couldn't function on their own. I feel myself getting stronger by the minute. What a relief! Take care!!!

  53. I stopped by and I'm leaving this message :)
    nice blog and beautiful pictures

  54. This table is gorgeous! The china is so unique and just perfect for this time year!

    Thank you for entering the giveaway, good luck!

  55. Fabby, your Thanksgiving table is simply beautiful! I'd love to have some of that pottery ... I brought a small piece (blue( home from Ecuador with me years ago! It looks wonderful and I hope you enjoy a meal at that lovely table!

  56. It's really beautiful! Congrats for the awesome table arrangement! It's perfect!

    Visiting from Color Connection

  57. Hi Dear Fabby,

    This table is so interesting and colorful! I just love it!! I love the individual soup bowls with interesting handles, and the serving bowl with the duck on the lid. Your fruit bowl is marvelous with the two birds (one feeding the other). I'm always amazed at how unique and artistic your ceramics are. The church candlesticks add a wonderful touch, and as usual, you've fixed every detail just beautifully. Thanks for your kind comments on my tablescape and Happy Seasonal Sunday.


  58. My goodness!! Everything is so gorgeous! I love the plate with your mother's doily. Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comment! Have a wonderful evening.

  59. Fabby,
    Your table setting is beautiful. I love your dishes too! I'm following you now. Pat

  60. What a gorgeous Thanksgiving tablescape Fabby! Everything is simply beautiful. You did and fantastic job putting this beauty of a table together! Thank you for joining us at TTF and have a great day!

  61. Your table is gorgeous, Fabby! You are certainly an inspiration for wonderful ideas!

    Thank you for sharing this bit of loveliness at Potpourri Friday!

  62. What a gorgeous setting. Now your giving me a problem. I been drooling your collections and I need to pay a visit and choose some of all the great ones... waaahhhh...

    Happy Sunday, dear Fabby.


  63. Hi Fabby...

    My friend, it looks like you are all set and ready to go for Thanksgiving! Your table is truly spectacular! I love that you chose the these beautiful vibrant and full of cheer...just what Thanksgiving is all about! Of course, I love the beautiful pottery dishes and they look splendid with the orange how they look paired together! Your gold charger plate is sooo pretty and really brings a formal feel to the table! And...they look awesome with your fabulous brass candleholders! I always go crazy when you use them...truly gorgeous, Fabby!!! The yellow/gold moire tablecloth is a beautiful addition to your table! That's awesome that you were able to recycle your draperies!

    Well dearest friend, I am sending my very best wishes to you and your sweet family for a truly blessed Thanksgiving! Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous table with us for the Sunday Favorites party today! This was such a treat!

    Warmest autumn wishes,

  64. Love your table. So neat to have pieces that can be put right in the oven.

    - The Tablescaper

  65. just gorgeous as usual! Wished I had your talent to set a table like you!

  66. Beautiful table, loving the duck pot, how fun and beautiful is that?!

  67. Everything looks totally awesome. So elegant and beautifully displayed. I have joined your followers list and would love to have you to join me as well. Hugs, Gayle

  68. Your table is gorgeous Fabby! I can just imagine all the good food and conversation that will take place around the table!

  69. Beautiful tablescape. Happy Blue Monday and Have a great week!

  70. I love the dishes in this setting. The birds are something very special, and I particularly love the fruit bowl.


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