Monday, November 7, 2011

FABBY: Tea 4 2

I love my daughter's gift for my bithday past Oct. 20th.  One side of the tea cups has a style of birds and the other side another, like next photo.
These two cups from the Chzech Republic were a  gift from my daughter Alexandra for my past birthday and I'm in love with them as they have such adorable birds on each side of the tea cup and on the saucers as well.
You can see a close up of the tea cup, isn't she too cute?!

Here is the saucer with two small birds too...I don't know the name of birds, but I'm sure you know which they are.  I used my white Noritake plates to make them stand out better against the yellow tablecloth.

I used my two Oriental white porcelain teapots, they both have a Chinese signal and the round one is footed and I just love the square one...they were a gift from hubby from many years ago.

The reticulated small bowls for marmolade are Italian, hubby brought them from Italy more than twenty years ago. The pretty plant with flowers are in a porcelain plant pot, trimmed in gold, was made at our former Ceramic Co.

The tablecloth I had made from my living room and den's yellow moire draperies we just changed, along with a rectangular for my formal dinner table. I was so lucky there was a lot of material to do both!

 I love this tea box my very good friend Myriam  gave me for some few Christmas ago, specially because her talented sister makes them.  The work on the lid is pewter and the work is also made by her sister.
 A closer shot of the adorable tea cups and saucers with one of the Italian lacey bowls.  The spoons are vintage silver.
 Here is the tea box opened, you can see it has separations to store the various teas.
My daughter Alexandra  gifted me for my birthday these two beautiful tea cups and saucers from the Chzech Republic in yellow with two cute birds on both sides and on the saucers too, and I just loved them, you can imagine how much; so we've had some tea together as she, our daughter Sofia, her hubby and the little girls were here for a four days holliday.  We had a great time been together all of us, it's not often that this happens, so I was lucky to receive belated birthday presents from both.   I hope you like my pretty tea cups I'm going to share with you on the great Tea Tuesday parties and some other wonderful and fun parties. I'm thanking all the great ladies that host them every week for having me.

Thanking you in advance my blog friends for all your lovely visits and generous comments.
Have a wonderful week.

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  1. The bird cups are, indeed, lovely! What a wonderful hostess you are!



  2. Ma chère Fabby, votre fille vous a doublement gâté pour votre anniversaire, de par sa présence et celle de ce ravissant duo de tasses à thé.
    Quelle délicate attention... et quelle belle finesse dans le dessin de ce service. Absolument exquis.
    La boîte à thé offert par une de vos amies aussi est un vrai bijou, ainsi que le raffinement de l'ensemble de votre table. Merci pour ces belles photos.
    Gros bisous

  3. Fabby-Those bird cups are just amazing-they are beautiful! I love the table you set up -it is wonderful.

    I love that every item has a story behind it, or a memory attached to it...and that you were able to share some time with your daughter and her family. There is nothing in the world better than that! xo Diana

  4. Beautiful gifts from your daughter....I love the little birds!.. You have so many gorgeous dishes ....

  5. Such a gorgeous tea. The cups and saucers are just gorgeous. Great to have your post be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  6. Fabby, these new tea cups are gorgeous! Your sister really knows how to pick a beautiful cup. I love birds on a tea cup, but do not often find birds that I like the look of. But your tea cup birdies are perfect. Maybe they are bluebirds?
    Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  7. Beautiful tea Fabby! The cups and serving pieces are so elegant. Love the box of teas :-)

    Jocelyn @

  8. How cute your teacups are, Fabby! I do love little birdies on everything, including teacups! Your table is very cozy with the teapots and lacy bowls. Would love to sit and sip tea with you. Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea today. Have a wonderful week.


  9. Beautifully set tea table, Fabby!
    I love the little cups with the birds on them..I think with your white tea pot and sugar and creamer
    and that wonderful tea box (the pewter lid is gorgeous!) the gold colored tablecloth enhances every-
    thing to a rich and elegnant look.
    Would love to have tea with you one
    day at one of your lovely tables!!
    Have a happy week..Francy

  10. Those are the most beautiful cups. What a sweet daughter you have to give you these.The little bowls are so pretty and I love the white and yellow mixture of everything.

  11. The birdie tea set is a sweet one. You are such an amazing woman!

  12. I love the pattern on the pieces from the Chzech Republic. Such beautiful things you have.

  13. What lovely little birds grace your table.

  14. That is fabulous! I need a tea chest. Every time we open the cabinet the tea boxes are in a mess. I need a chest to hold all of the variety. Such a lovely tea you had set out! Thank you for linking it up with Home Sweet Home!

  15. Oh Fabby, I love those bird tea cup set. Wow! Alexandra has great tastes too....Christine

  16. What a lovely tea set, I adore the little birds. The white lacy bowl is very pretty, too!
    Your walnut cake from the earlier post looks very delicious!
    Have a lovely day, dear lady.
    Hugs, Cindy

  17. Lovely! I adore your tea box. I definitely know what I will be asking the hubby for.
    Hugs, LisaKay
    Belles Roses Romantiques

  18. Oh Fabby, that tea box is outstanding with the hand crafted pewter lid. I love birds so the tea cups are a favorite of mine.

    You are lucky to have such wonderful people gifting you with these pretties!

    Thanks for sharing at my party!

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop!

  19. Hi Fabby,
    The cups and saucers with the birds are lovely! What a beautiful gift from your daughter!
    But the other items in white are also very beautiful and elegant.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful week!

  20. Your cups are just beautiful as is the fantastic tea box.

    You are a woman after my own heart, having tablecloths made from draperies. I don't think I ever throw things away, I just remake them or reuse them another way. That round one is really pretty with the ruffle around the bottom.

  21. How beautiful....I love fine china and am partial to anything with birds. Love how you do "high tea" style...just beautiful!

  22. Before I started reading, I said to myself, "those tea cups look like one my daughter bought for me in Prague, Czech Republic! Then I read yours were from there and from your daughter also - it is a small world!
    Thanks for having us to tea at your lovely table!

  23. Fabby, I almost missed this post today. I love your pretty teacups! They look so nice with the gold tablecloth and white china. What a beautiful gift your tea box is too. It all makes for a beautiful tea table. Thanks for visiting me today. Hugs, Pamela

  24. I love your table and the bird teacups are darling! How special for a birthday!

  25. Fabby, this tea setting is so sweet. I am soo wishing I were there. The tea cups are stunning. Such a sweet daughter to know her Mother's taste. You have such lovely gifts of the tea caddy, teapots and cups.
    Smart lady for recycling the drapery fabric. Such fine fabric should be restructured and repurposed. These clothes are grand. Love to you, Ginger

  26. Love that birdie tea cup set!!!
    Just gorgeous!

  27. Your birdy cups and desert plates are so so pretty, please pour me a tea in those wonderful cups

    Karin Şen Cankan

  28. Such lovely cups! You set such a delightful, inviting table. Looks beautiful!

    Mrs. White
    The Legacy of Home

  29. Beautiful table setting! Love your dishes,JoAnn

  30. Love love love those teacups. Your tea chest is such a treasure also!!!Beautiful!


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