Wednesday, June 27, 2018

June Rosary Tea & a Clean Chandy

Hellos sweet friends !

It's that time again, the "Last Wednesday" of every month I host a Rosary prayers with ten, twelve, more or less lovely friends.

As the ones that read me know I do pray for each and everyone who wishes for us to do so.

I'd like to inform my blog friends that we have prayed for the ladies that have requested. You know who you are and I hope your families were blessed and I wish all of you lots of blessings as well.

My table spread for tea this month is done with my Mil's antique china with the teacups, dessert bowls for some ice cream I will serve this time and salad plates for the bread. 
My friends who enjoy the 'humble' tea we have after prayers. Just bread, home made jam and cheese and sometimes something extra, like today.

Ok, here you have it.

Look how pretty these 'vinyl' lace-like place mats I bought the other day for 68 cents each.

I'm decorating lately with my cloches, which I have neglected them for a good while. Here is this lovely heirloom, antique, 100 year old 'Virgin Mary.' 

Our lovely antique 100 year old, heirloom 'Virgin Mary' inside a cloche. I found the cloche several years ago just for her.

My dear Mil's antique wedding china with roses, we were so lucky to inherit it from her.

A cute French soldier marmalade bowl.

Salad plate and dessert bowl for ice cream, in this case.

I wanted to show you how my chandy shines so beautifully, even more in real life... you see, I cleaned and cleaned it, lol.. I do it two or three times a year.
White vinegar and water, equal parts.
Using a spray bottle, spray some of the mixture in a clean cloth and rub with it each crystal drop and other pieces. Covering the light bulbs with small plastic bags.
This I do so I don't have to spray on each crystal drop cause it could hit the metal parts and it'll rust it !
Anyway, it is tiring but then it makes one very happy with the results.

The crochet runner was hand made by my grandmother Stella I loved so much. She was my mother's mom and I have lovely things made by her.

My In Laws antique wedding china hasn't some pieces left as teapots and sugar bowls, long time broken, I imagine, but complete for 12 place settings and serving pieces, indeed.

The other day I ran into a store window and saw this darling teapot with roses and I remembered my Mil's china with the pink roses and asked for the price and it was $10, so very cheap, of course I thought it was a fabulous haul ! 

Thank you so much dear friends for the sweet comments, you always make my day !

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties.


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  1. Linda mesa.
    Reze por mim e minha família no próximo encontro.
    Fique com Deus

  2. Loving your chandi. It sparkles so pretty. Such a sweet tablescape. Loving the pinks. You always make everything look so sweet. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. OMG!!
    Fabby, absolutely beautiful!! What lovely dishes!! So pretty!
    Thanks so much for visiting!!

  4. Everything is amazing!Love your stunning china,the pretty clothes and the sweet soldier figurine.Fabulous chandelier!Hugs!

  5. Dearest Fabby,
    Lovely Rosary Tea setting and wow, does that candy look happy after your thorough and smart cleaning.
    We went by bus yesterday with 22 of us to the ordination of two priests. Mass at the Cathedral of Savannah with about 60 priests present, from all over the diocese and 2 bishops. Church was full and we enjoyed also the heavenly music from organ, brass instruments and choir with soprano soliste.
    On the bus, going there the two hours, the Rosary was prayed too.
    Great way for being with kindred spirits!

  6. Another beautiful table setting, Fabby! Happy July to you and your family.

  7. Hi Fabby! It's been so long since I've been over here for a visit! Your posts are always so beautiful, and this one is no exception. Everything is a feast for the eyes. You ladies are so faithful in your prayers. That is wonderful. We need prayer in our world today. xo Deborah

  8. What a beautiful table! So pretty for your prayer friends, I am sure they must love when it is your turn to host!

  9. Hi Fabby, oh your table looks so nice. I love how beautiful your chandelier looks all cleaned. Yes I have a large one too and it's a lot of work to clean but they do make the table and room look nice.
    Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a nice day and rest of the week.
    Hugs, Julie xo

  10. Beautiful table, Fabby. Glad to see you're still sharing after all this time.

  11. Your MIL china is just beautiful and you created a lovey table with it. I can't believe the placemats are plastic they look so elegant on your table. I especially love the candle holders. Have a wonderful week. Dianne

  12. That chandy is amazing! what a beautiful table. You are such a doll to host these every month. You always do an amazing job! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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