Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Bundt Pan Collection

Hello sweet friends!

I have always 'drooled' whenever I saw a  Bundt Pan in a store and whatever place I go I buy them and my collection is growing and growing thru the last ten years, specially.
I just acquired two more from our trip to Miami and one is the gorgeous 'Heritage shape from Nordic Ware' and the 'Christmas wreath.'

I thought I put them together to share with you what I have so far... yeah, so far; I cannot guarantee I wont buy a pretty intricate one if I saw it!

I do have the classic tins for cookies and all the others in the square, round, rectangular and spring form type aaand ceramic as well as glass; but the ones I love to collect are the " Bundt Cake Pans."

Here are some I've collected thru the years for the different seasons... up to this date, of course.

Here they are, displayed on my kitchen farm table.

The Heritage-Nordic Ware I just got in Miami and at left a couple of 40 year old copper ones.

The tin in the center, with the measuring spoons on top is German... don't remember the brand as I had the bottom of it 'mended' cause it broke, plus it is quite old.

The Nordic Ware Christmas wreath by the rolling pin is also from this trip to Miami.
The Christmas star in the center is from NW too.

At your left is one made back at our former ceramic factory and it's a cutie.
At your right a NW for 'Banana Cake pan.'
I totally fell in love with this one around 30 years ago and it's a 'Bareuther-Bavaria, Germany.
I always had it on the wall of our farm house kitchen.

I have shared on my posts the majority of the cakes made in these bundt pans.

The copper ones I mostly keep them hanging on the kitchen wall.

The little one at your right is for making individual dessert cakes and I have four of them.
I make it for the girls with strawberries in the cavity and they love it!

The 'Heart' shape, spring form one is ready to be used this 'Valentine's celebration.'

Thank you for your sweet and kind comments, you always make my day!

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me share at their great parties.


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  1. Wow, that is an impressive collection, Fabby! My favorite would be the one with the acorns, although I really like the one that came from your former ceramic it is a great size. Some are too large for just a couple people.
    Have a great week, Fabby.

  2. Such a great collection!! Bunds cakes are so versatile and are handy to take to events. You have a pan for EVERY occasion!

  3. What a fun collection! I have a few copper bundt cakes that I hang on my back fence as decor.

  4. What a great collection. I guess I never realized how many different shaped bundt pans were out there! That is probably a good thing since I have so many collections myself. My favorite is old muffin pans in all sorts of sizes.

  5. i love your collection of bunt/baking pans. I am always looking for new ones too. Thanks for sharing.
    sheila @mykentuckyliving

  6. Fabby, I love to bake in a bundt pan too. In fact I'm planning to bake one this next week using my bee hive Nordic Ware pan. I will let you know how it turns out. I've had the pan for a few years, but haven't used it. Michael Lee says it was easy to use. I'm hoping so!
    We have a lot of copper molds like you show, but haven't actually used them. Ours are just an interesting collection. '-)
    Have you used yours for baking?

  7. What a fun idea for a post, Fabby!! I really enjoyed seeing all your interesting and unique bundt pans. I'd like to have the Nordic Ware "Heritage" pan, too -- such a beautiful shape. I like all my Nordic Ware products; I think they offer good quality for the price.

    I love your Bavarian ceramic bundt pan with the fruit design; it's really beautiful. I like the copper ones too. I collect copper molds but I can't bear to cook with them; I just know I'd mess them up, so I hung them on our kitchen walls. :)

    Thanks for showing us your collection, Fabby, and have a great weekend!



  8. My dear Fabby, what a stunning collection! Did you know that I don't even have a bundt cake pan...shocking, I know! :)

    Thanks for sharing your loveliness with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  9. What a great collection, Fabby! You have me intrigued now. I don't have a Bundt pan at all. I have a kugelhopf pan from the Alsace that learned to use when we lived there but when I looked at your pans I thought 'I must find where these are sold'. The wreath is exceptionally lovely - I can imagine the cake dusted with find sugar. Perfect!

  10. Oh, how you make me smile!
    Where DO you have room to store this wonderful collection?
    Have a wonderful weekend...(Sorry I've been absent for awhile.)

  11. You have a fabulous collection, Fabby! I love the Nordic be honest, I never really had used a bundt until Kathleen's challenge a bit ago, but I had such fun, and looking at yours, maybe it's time to add pretty, you must make the most beautiful cakes!

  12. Oh my word, you do have a fabulous collection. I love them all. A bundt cake is always so pretty.

  13. Fabby what a delightful array of baking pans. I've seen some of your cakes that you have baked in them and they always look so lovely. That Nordic Ware banana bread mold makes particularly pretty cakes, I think it's been discontinued because I have been searching for one for ages as I make alot of banana bread, but nobody seems to carry them anymore.

  14. Hi Fabby, you are right, great post, I love that you have featured all your bundt pan, I had no idea there could be so many versions. My favorite is the one from Germany. Thanks for sharing this week on Friday Features this week!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  15. That's why all your cake look so different each time! Thanks for sharing this Fabby!


  16. How fun to have that many you need a bakers rack in your kitchen to display them all
    I love the white china one from Germany
    That reminds me I need to get my heart shaped pans out and make a cake for my grandkids for Valentines Day

  17. Hi Fabby, I am in love with your collection of Bundt cake pans. I love the Christmas wreath pan and the white German pan. That is a fun collection. Do you use them or just display? Now I'll always have an eye out for these. I have one, a cathedral pan from Williams Sonoma. I have really enjoyed using it.
    Have a great weekend……….

  18. Fabby, I can feel the love you have for your bundt pans! I've been making a bundt cake each month since they are so pretty and nice to share with others. I enjoy trying new recipes too. Looking forward to seeing your cake for Valentine's Day.

  19. You have a great bundt pan collection! I have always admired these type of pans, and love how cakes and breads look when baked in these pans. You have just given me a reason to start a new collection! Thank you for sharing your recipes as well.

  20. Oh, this series makes me drooling very much!
    What is it with these cake pans? Just love the different shapes...

  21. My goodness, Fabby...these are so beautiful...every single one. I've never known anyone that has that many bundt pans and how wonderful to be able to make beautiful cakes.
    Do you use Pam and flour in your pans.?
    And I saw your beautiful little pink grandgirl featured at Pink Sat. She is so beautiful.

  22. Where do you find a spot to keep them all?😉 I especially love the Christmas one with the leaves and berries Pinned and shared. Thanks for linking up at #ThursdayFavoriteThings! I hope to see you also at #OverTheMoon.

  23. A fabulous collection! I love the ceramic one, I would keep it out all the time! It's so fun to make something yummy in a bundt pan because it looks so nice when it's popped out!

  24. Wow what a wonderful and unusual collection! I really like the Christmas and the Bavarian ones the best. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Fabby,
    What an amazing collection of Bundt Cake Pans, dear friend!!!
    I received one as a Wedding Gift many years ago.
    However, after the many Military moves, it was destroyed and I had to toss it out!!!
    Need to put one of these on my next "Gift Request" List!!!

  26. I know people collect so may different things, but this is a first for Bundt pans to me. Never knew they made so many. I love things baked in them tho. Thanks for sharing your collection. Most interesting.

  27. What a wonderful collection! I have 3 and I love them! Happy PS!

  28. wow what a fun collection. I've never had that kind of pan. Haven't seen many like yours. Thanks for sharing them. And thanks for coming over.
    Have a Blessed Sunday.

  29. Wow Fabby, that is a great collection of bunds cake pans. I love all of the designs. You have inspired me. I hope you share today at our link party. Xoxo

  30. Fabby, what a wonderful collection of bundt pans you have! They are so unique too. I'm glad you have shared them with us at No Place Like Home. Enjoy your day, my friend.


  31. I love this collection Fabby! So many fun pans. And the one from Germany is gorgeous. I have one -- only one!! -- and it has been a workhorse for 30 years, haha! Maybe I should treat myself, and my family, to a new one. The NW ones are so beautiful. I know your rosary coffee group appreciates those cakes as well!

  32. What fun bundt cake pans! I'd never thought about collecting different bundt pans and I love bundt cake. Many of your are "new" to me. Fun post. Hugs and love to you .....

  33. Dearest Fabby,
    You got a very interesting collection and most are also very practical as well.
    Over the years (40+) I too have collected some copper ones that I only use for making dessert in, using some Saran wrap inside for easy inverting. Several of mine are Nordic and what I love most are the French Demarle as they don't even need to be oiled or whatever and are very easy to use.
    You meant to say Bayreuth Bavaria porcelain of course (Bareuth) and that is a lovely older piece as well.
    Sending you hugs and enjoy your kitchen!

  34. What a fabulous collection you have there. I'm impressed with how shiny they all are...I can't say the same about mine. Thanks for adding your lovely link to Thursday Favorite Things. This post has been pinned to the Thursday Favorite Things Pinterest board.


  35. What a fabulous collection you have! I'm impressed how shiny they all are...I can't say the same about mine. Thanks for adding your lovely link to Thursday Favorite Things. This post has been pinned to the Thursday Favorite Things Pinterest board.


  36. Oh my goodness, what an amazing collection. I have maybe 4 of them. Yours are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Que bonitos.... Imagine los posters tan delicious y hermosos.... Yum


  38. What a great collection. I have the same addiction, but I like the mini versions. Anything baked in Nordic Ware turns out great.

  39. Hi Fabby, So happy to see your collection. Glad to know I'm not the only one that has "too many" bundt pans! I love all mine and still want another one when I find a new one. I've had a post in draft for over a year about my collection. I was waiting until I had a picture of a finished cake from each one. That may take more time. Just baked a bundt last weekend and it was gone in 4 days with just the 2 of usI I posted that one on my blog. Plan on making one again tomorrow. I have several of your pans too.
    XO Rita

  40. I enjoyed seeing your collection! I only have three so far but I'm sure as time goes on I'll end up with more! My first Bundt pan was aluminum and is white inside and rusty orange on the outside. The Nordic ware ones are thicker and do a better job overall. Love the wreath one you just got. I ordered a NW pan with small bunnies all over it- can't wait to get it!

  41. Fabby, I am featuring this post at my No Place Like Home on Monday. Happy Valentine's Day, my friend!


  42. Hi Fabby,

    I love your collection.

    Please place the link to Blue Monday on you post!

  43. I still love a bundt cake! Wow! You have such an amazing collections. Funny all the different things our friends here collect. I hope your week is wonderful and I am happy I was able to stop by. Take care and thank you.


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