Thursday, March 19, 2015

FABBY: Our 40th. Anniversary Dinner Party

Hello sweet friends!

Last Wednesday we hosted a family dinner party to celebrate our 40th. Anniversary, which was held in Las Vegas Nevada, back in Feb. 25, 1975.

We had fourteen siblings for dinner, with a bonus that Alejandro's sister Meredith and her husband Fred, from the USA were here visiting the family.
She had come in the early sixties as an exchange student and she even married their cousin.
She than became a widow and it's now married to Fred Fulton from the US for more than 30 years. She remained very close to the Crespo family as her own, the feeling is from both sides.

Meredith has a daughter from their cousin who made her a grandma and two sons with Fred, and one is married now too.

She also serenaded us playing the guitar and singing romantic songs in Spanish. Of course, she speaks perfect Spanish...she's beautiful and very talented!

All my Bils and Sils are also beautiful and talented in different areas.

Ok, here it is with a little tour of how I fixed the house for the occasion.

Am I getting boring with my transferware dinner tables all the time?! Actually, Mr. Living is the one to blame, as he only wants me to serve in them, lol..

Of course, I had to set the round table for six guests with the Onion dishes to match the blue and white theme.

Love these gorgeous roses from my Bil's Professional Farm. He sent us as a gift a few bunches.

Little roses in yellow here. The buffet is set for tea or coffee after dinner.

Look how beautiful the blue hydrangeas are!

All set for after dinner tea or coffee.

More lovely roses from my Bil.

The coffee table with gorgeous roses too.

A view from the living room all the way to the family room which is close enough to sit more guests when we need to.

My dear Sil's, plus Meredith who is 'another' Sil for the family.

Most of my Bil's and my own brother Joe with the pale blue sweater.

Dear Meredith serenading us and me next to her enjoying it.
Alejandro was busy taking pics to hold on to the moment, lol!

So I could sit comfortably all my 14 guests, I decided to serve the buffet in some chafing dishes with warmers; right in the foyer's French vintage table.
At left is the gravy for the turkey and at right a hot sauce for the ones that like it.
   The entrée was a Tamale (not Mexican).

 Main Course:  Turkey, Sweet Potato Bake, Roast Beef and a warm veggie salad with Anchovy dressing.

Dessert was: Caramel and Apple Bread Pudding from great food blog; 'Flour Me with Love.' Just delicious!

We received this gorgeous set of Oriental dishes as a gift for our '40th. Anniversary' from all our siblings...(I've been guessing up to now, how did they ever imagined I would like, errr...dishes?)

Isn't the teapot and covered mugs just too darn petty??
Thanks to all our bros and sis, we loved each piece!

Thanking you sweet and kind friends for visiting, you always make my day.

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties.


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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful celebration Fabby...Happy Anniversary!

  2. Congratulations for this so special anniversary, dear Fabby!
    Every corner of your house looks FABBYlous, your good taste shows everywhere...
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful family celebration and I wish you two all the happiness in the world!

  3. Well, you DID it!! Another FABBYulous party!!!Wow- What a wonderful set up and how special that so many of your family members could be there to celebrate with you.

    Your own serenader? How perfect is that?!

    AND-the got you dishes???? SERIOUSLY????!!!! Do they know you or what!!!

    You are as beautiful as ever, my sweet friend. Happy 40th to you. xo Diana

  4. Happy Anniversary, Fabby! 40 years - a beautiful gift. The roses, this dishes, the meal - what better, heartfelt way to celebrate the day?! A lovely new memory (and tablescape to come, right?). XO

  5. Happy Anniversary my friend...everything looked beautiful!

  6. Happy Anniversary, Fabby! You hosted a gorgeous setting for your celebration. What special gifts, your SIL's serenade and those beautiful dishes!! Hope to see them again very soon.

  7. Querida Fabby~ Muchas, muchas felicidades!! What a treat to get to partake in your anniversary celebration, Fabby. And what a warm and loving celebration it was--and beautiful too! I could actually feel the love of family surrounding you and Alejandro. All your details are gorgeous and perfect as usual, the roses and hydrangeas are out of this world, and their gift to you both is perfect in every way. I can't wait to see your table with those gorgeous dishes! Carinos para los dos, de tu amiguita en Ohio. :) ~Zuni

  8. Happy Anniversary Fabby. I love the table setting it is beautiful as usual. You have a very beautiful house. I'm so glad you had a nice celebration.
    Hugs, Julie xo

  9. Que Bonita! Fabby, what a lovely celebration! Congrats. I'd never tire of your beautiful transferware, thank you for sharing. The home looks so warm and inviting. Wonderful gift you received! I'm jealous of the guitar serenade, I adore classical Spanish guitar, especially any of the malagueñas or Isaac Albéniz's Asturias. Happy, happy anniversary!

  10. Oh many congratulations on your wonderful anniversary! Your home looked beautiful. How nice to have all your family with you to celebrate your happiness!

  11. Hi Fabby. Happy 40th Anniversary to you and your dear husband. Your celebration looks wonderful, as always and the roses are gorgeous. Blessings to you. Hugs. Pam

  12. Happy Anniversary! You really celebrated in a wonderful way, with those you love. Many more!

  13. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful celebration you had with your family. The gift of dishes is lovely. xo

  14. Dearest Fabby,
    You sure had some very lovely and perfect roses from your dear Brother-in-law; love the way you displayed those mini yellow ones!
    And the table setting is perfect as usual. So happy you got also in-house entertainment. A happy and special gathering of family for a great celebration of love.
    Hugs to you,

  15. Dear Fabby, I want to wish you a very happy anniversary as well! The evening looks so special with your dear family nearby and the gorgeous roses and hydrangea marked the occasion in such a beautiful way Your new dishes are lovely and I look forward to seeing table scapes that you create with them. We were also married in 1975 and will be celebrating 40 years in the fall. Best wishes for many more years of joy to you and your sweetheart!

  16. Fabby, Happy Anniversary to you two! Beautiful celebration. How special to celebrate with your siblings and what a thoughtful gift. We are right behind you. '-)

  17. Fabiola: ¡Muchas, muchas felicidades en esta fecha tan especial! My dear Fabby, what a milestone! I'm so glad you've shared part of it with us! I love it when you use your blue dishes! They are so elegant and beautiful! The whole house sparkled! (One of these days you'll have to show us your bedroom, it's the only room I don't think I've seen!). That picture of you with your daughters is just so lovely! I enjoy seeing how you layer your decorations. It's a treat for the eyes! Congratulations on your anniversary, Fabby. May you celebrate many, many more!

  18. Lovely Lovely Lovely...Happy Anniversary to you. The celebration looks gorgeous with your marvellous setting. My wishes to both of you. Love and hugs...Sujatha:)

  19. Happy 40th Anniversary Fabby- what a great party! The tables looked beautiful all set up for dining and the roses were gorgeous! The dishes you were gifted with are really beautiful- love the design and color! I think it's wonderful that you had family surrounding you. Big hugs from afar! Liz

  20. Oh, happy anniversary, my friend!! What a delightful celebration and those gifts!!! Everything is just lovely, as usual and I am positive that you are just as beautiful, as the day you were married!!

  21. Good Afternoon Fabby, It is lovely to catch up with you and I am sorry I have not been around lately, but life has been rather hectic for me.
    What a time to catch up with you.... 40 years of marriage, how wonderful and to celebrate it with your family.
    As always your taste and style is impeccable.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Best Wishes

  22. What wonderful Anniversary party you have shared!
    Congratulations on 40, we are just celebrating 20 yrs.

    Beautiful present from your siblings, I'm sure it will make more beautiful settings.

    Have a great weekend,
    Hugs, Karren

  23. Happy 40th Anniversary to you and ALejandro!!!!! God is great indeed for you both to be blessed with each other and a wonderful marriage! I love your setting, truly befitting this momentous occassion! That gift is fabulous too!

  24. Beautiful Everything! Wonderful warm family photos. Happy Anniversary. Valerie R.

  25. Happy anniversary to you, dear Fabby! What a wonderful celebration, and special gift for you. My favorite part, though, is all those fabulous roses! How great to have a rose farm in the family! I could live with roses in every room of my house all the time!! xo Deborah

  26. Congratulations!
    Beautiful blue and white dishes - how could they guess...??

  27. Happy Anniversary!! Everything looked so beautiful - thank you for sharing this special time with us on the CLIMB.

  28. Happy Anniversary!!!! What a splendid party and celebration!!
    I love how you all enjoy FAMILY together! As always, I am drawn to that fabulous window view of yours and loved seeing all the lights and sparkle of your party reflected there!!!

  29. Happy Anniversary! Your home and dinner decor is lovely! Thanks for sharing it with us at #ChainLinkyCLIMB :)

  30. Happy Anniversary, Fabby! Your celebration must have been a huge looks like everyone had a great time. They sure must have love your fancy decor!

  31. Fabby,
    Happy "40th" Anniversary to you, dear friend!!!
    Your home was so inviting!!!
    I adored both of your tables and the silver chafing dishes were superb!!!
    A most memorable evening, indeed!!!

  32. Just loving the ambiance. I can sense the Love & Respect.

    Are they Asian? If they are, they are absolutely gorgeous.

    Happy 40th pretty Fabby

  33. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful post.
    Have a great day!

  34. So thrilled that you had this much family to help celebrate your looks like everyone had a fabulous time. Your home is so so pretty...and those dishes are to die for.

  35. Hi Fabby,

    You are the HOSTESS with the MOSTEST! I love your blue and white dishes as much as you and your husband do.

    Happy 40th.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  36. Oh, happiest of anniversaries to you! What a joy! And I LOVE that blue and white china! Thanks so much for taking the time to link up at the #HomeMattersParty - we hope to see you again this Friday! Feel free to bring a friend :)

  37. Happy Anniversary, Fabby! How kind of you to "invite us" to your party...your home and table settings are magnificent! I know you will enjoy your new blue and white dishes.

  38. Happy Anniversary Fabby, looks like you had a great time. Beautiful table setting :)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays

  39. Teapot and mugs! I am in love! I did want to wish you a very happy anniversary. You are very blessed with your beautiful phamily. Have a great week and all those blues made me smile too.

  40. What a lovely setting, home and family gathering. How nice to be serenaded :)
    Congratulations on a very happy anniversary!
    Thank you for telling me about Bhante Kondanna; I will read about him on the Internet, yes :)

  41. I marvel at your home Fabby!!! Everything is so beautiful!!!

  42. Happy Anniversary Fabby! Beautiful dishes. Thanks for joining HSH!

  43. Bonjour ma chère Fabby,

    Je suis heureuse que tu partages avec nous ces superbes photos qui resteront pour toi un moment particulier...
    Mes félicitations pour toutes cette belle organisation à l'occasion de cet anniversaire. Tout me semblait parfait.
    Il est bon de se retrouver en famille et de se remémorer les bons souvenirs.
    J'admire encore et encore ta très jolie vaisselle et les merveilleuses fleurs que tu as reçues... Un heureux anniversaire !

    Je te remercie pour tes gentilles paroles... Je suis heureuse que tu aies apprécié les peintures de mon ami.
    Gros bisous ❀ ✺ ❀

  44. Beautiful table settings!! And, more important, beautiful family!!

    Congratulations on #40 and wishing you many more happy years together.....hugs...

  45. What a wonderful time, Fabby! Happy Anniversary and best wishes for many, many more! :)

  46. Congratulations, Fabby! Forty years of love and a wonderful family to show for those happy years. Your celebration looks beautiful - the flowers are lone their namesake - just Fab!!!
    How lovely that your family thought of such a gorgeous gift - so very appropriate and (we all know!) very welcome!
    As for the transfer ware posts - I never tire of transfer ware!

  47. First and foremost, congrats on 40! It sure looks like it was a wonderful celebration. I love your amazing collection of blue and white. Thanks so much for sharing at Share Your Style! xo

  48. How wonderful!! Happy Anniversary my friend! It's a beautiful thing to be married to each other's love for such a long time ~ that doesn't seem to happen so much anymore. Of course, your tables, the flowers, the food are spectacular! I love your home and I feel sure it was a wonderfully blessed evening. Love the view too!

    Thanks so much for sharing the love with all of us ~


  49. What a wonderful way to celebrate such a special event! Everyone looks so full of joy for you both.

    God bless you for another 40 more, my sweet lady! Hugs!

  50. Happy Anniversary, Fabby! What a beautiful celebration you had! Love, love your dishes!

  51. You have so many incredible pieces Fabby! But you seem to always entertain constantly, and with a lot of guests you need many beautiful things! Happy Anniversary!

  52. Parabéns Fabby, você criou uma belíssima decoração para este jantar! Tenha um bom dia.


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