Friday, August 22, 2014

FABBY: Tea Time at my Mother's

Hello sweet friends!

     My mother has Bible readings with her friends and they take turns at their houses every month, so here are some pics I took from her last gathering, specially because the blue and white dishes were made at our former ceramic company.

For the friends that don't know; we used to own a ceramic factory up to six years ago and Alejandro has worked for more than 30 years in the ceramic and pottery business.

Alejandro was very skilled, actually, he is the one who knew about the pottery or ceramic production and I, in later years designed the dishes, inspired in the indigenous people of Ecuador's beautiful and colorful embroidered apparel.

The big pieces were reproduced from the original Spanish colonial design forms by hand, by a potter's wheel and an artist decorated them reproducing the flowers and plants mostly in the embroidery blouses and skirts.

I gifted mother these dishes years ago, which I'm sharing here. 

Hope you like this design in a classic blue and white.

Many years ago I made mother and my Mil choose the pattern they wanted  for a Mother's Day gift from us and my mom picked this one we called 'Zuleta,' because the embroidery came from a zone of the country, called like so.

The Zuletians make beautiful hand embroidered tablecloths, place mats, (I've shared before) caftan dresses, blouses, aprons, you name it; just gorgeous!

A close up of the Zuleta pattern in the place set.

The jam bowl has a rabbit in the lid.
The original Spanish designs had in all the lids different kind of farm animals.

I made her favorite 'Carrot Cake with Cream cheese frosting and Coconut.'
Here you can see another lid with a duck on the sugar bowl.

I think the 'Zuleta' style is a very elegant pattern and it makes it a classic been in blue and white.
I'm glad mother chose this one!

Here you have it, another design from our past ceramic company.

I might add that I had designed 14-15 patterns of dishes and we were very successful with them, since we used to export them to Texas, to England, Italy, France, some countries here in South America, etc.

Ok, you might ask why then we sold it and it was cause Alejandro was tired, nothing more to add!

Thank you for your sweet and kind visit, you always make my day!

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties.


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  1. Blue and white is my favorite combination. These dishes are beautiful. xo Laura

  2. Good Afternoon Fabby, I absolutely adore blue and white china and the Zuleta design your mother in law chose is beautiful.
    I am fascinated by the design and I am going to be looking up Zuleta embroidery, because if your design is anything to go by, then the embroidery will be beautiful.
    How I wish these beautiful pieces were still available here in England as I would certainly be buying a teaset. You never know, I might be lucky enough to find a set one day.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Best Wishes as always.

  3. Absolutely stunning! Now I know why you have such excellent Tastes Fabby, you and hubs both really worked the ceramic business!!!! Your home and choice in dishes shows it all Fabby.

  4. Dearest Fabby,
    What a lovely blue and white Zuleta design and I love the unexpected green leaf legs with he rabbit handle! Very interesting combination.
    Your Mother's display is so lovely and that includes also the tablecloth.
    Yes, being successful does not mean you have to keep working all the time. Having fired that many pieces it also was time to take a rest and enjoy life!
    Hugs and enjoy your weekend together in your lovely penthouse.

  5. Wow! These pieces are very beautiful indeed. Your mother must feel fabulous when she uses china designed and made by those she loves dearly. Something for the eyes and something for the heart.

  6. these are beautiful Fabby, and so unique! It must be wonderful for her to have dishes made in your factory. I love the little rabbit and duck, such a whimsical touch. And the carrot cake looks so yummy.

  7. That ceramic is stunning…So very pretty. Thank you for sharing it with us.


  8. Dear Fabby, These dishes are beautiful. I like the blue and white pattern. I think that the food served on these colors always looks beautiful and appetizing.
    You are so very talented. It is wonderful.
    Enjoy your weekend. Blessings dear, Catherine

  9. Blue and white will always be my favourites, and this pattern is just lovely, Fabby. What a treasure for your mother to have! The little animals on the lids area wonderfully whimsical touch. I think that many of us would love to have such a set!

  10. Your mother's table settings are every bit as beautiful as yours Fabby! Those dishes are just lovely and I think your mother chose well! Blue and white is so elegant.

  11. Guten Morgen...wunderschöne Geschirr...mir gefällt das.Bussi aus Germany.Luciene.

  12. Great !
    Greetings from Poland :)

  13. I love blue and white together. You always put together such a beautiful tablescape. I'm sure your mother and her friends enjoyed tea time.

  14. They are just beautiful :-)
    Must have been fantastic working with design!

  15. The blue and white Zuleta Pattern is very beautiful. Your mother must have been so happy to receive such a wonderful Mother's Day gift. The carrot cake looks wonderful. Do you have a recipe for the cream cheese and coconut frosting?

  16. These blue and white dishes are so lovely! Definitely a wonderful present for your mom, especially since that was your business.

  17. Fabby, Your Mother's blue and white dishes really set a lovely table. And the cake and cookies look sooo good.

  18. Very, very beautiful dishes! I always enjoy reading about your pottery business.

  19. Always such a treat to stop by and see what pretty things you have to show us! Love the blue and white dishes...especially the bunny covered dish! Have a great week :)

  20. Thanks for the welcome back!
    Fabby, your mother's blue and white dishes are beautiful! It must have been wonderful to own your own ceramic company. I did ceramics for a while and made some lovely gifts for people. Thanks for coming to tea with me and Happy Blue Monday too!


  21. Oh Fabby,

    I had no idea you actually DESIGNED ceramics! I AM impressed. And, yes, Zuleta is a beautiful design.

    It sure is fun sharing blue.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  22. I am a big fan of blue and white China. What a lovely table setting.

  23. I absolutely LOVE the china! Gorgeous! Blue and white is always perfect, but this is so special with the family connections. Lovely! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  24. Hi Fabby,
    Absolutely beautiful! and so lovey on Mother's table. I love blue and white dishes they are always so fresh looking and elegant. The dishes you have designed are family heirlooms now. I think they are so special and so loved!
    Beautiful post, have a sweet day,

  25. Fabby, I am always happy to view your post and this is a gorgeous table! It is wonderful that your Mom has a Bible study at her home! The blue and white pattern is so fabulous and I love the idea of using the embroidered linens as an idea. The china company selling in Texas is probably why your china patterns seem familiar! Have a great week!


  26. Oh, Fabby ... your designs are fabulous! I love blue and white. Thanks for sharing your Mother's Tea Time! Happy Tea Day!

  27. So pretty! I love the blue and white china and I bet that cake is delish!

  28. Oh so beautiful! You are making me miss my Polish pottery collection, seeing these colors, lol. That cake looks so delicious and pretty too....Christine

  29. Your mother chose a beautiful pattern Fabby and the table looks delightful for her meeting.

  30. What a great post. How can anyone top this post?


  31. Love this design on your dishes. Very delicate and beautiful. Always a beautiful table to look at each week is delight! Blessings, Martha

  32. Love the blue and white dish set, esp. the rabbit lid!!! And, I want some of that cake!!! xoxo

  33. What a delightful blue and white tea table. Your pottery is so beautiful, that I simply had to pin it to my Tea Cup Tuesday Pinterest Board, linking directly to your blog post. It was is so nice sharing Tea Cup Tuesday with you. My blog is stop by for tea cup fun, and say "hi".

  34. Fabby, this pattern is gorgeous! Love the blue and white combo. You have such beautiful dinnerware patterns.


  35. Beautiful blues.Gorgeous collection with pretty and hugs sujatha..:)


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