Sunday, August 31, 2014

FABBY: New Vignette Changes

Hello sweet friends!

Over the weekend I've been tweaking, changing and rearranging some of the vignettes around the house.

 I was tired and bored with the old look, it screamed UP DATE ME!!! 

I had for so long the same things on top, specially on the antique chest, a heirloom from Alejandro's grandparents.

I've also been inspiring myself through Pinterest great pins from Ralph Lauren's classy décor, I just adore!

Some of you might remember I had it filled with family mementos in silver picture frames, in the foyer.... but if you don't, it's not important, here are my 'new vignettes' around the house, now. 

 I'm also sharing a couple of new finds. A 'Friendly Village,' soup tureen and big serving platter (perfect for Thanksgiving) and an Indian tablecloth with elephants I bought when I went to Peru on vacation...very inexpensive!

Ok, here it is, hope you like them.

                                              HAPPY SEPTEMBER!
The fireplace is in our den, so here too I had almost the same things for so long, except when I decorate it for Fall, now that September is here...or C'mas time.

At left you have a vintage French urn, and a Delft flower vase.
In the center it's one of my latest finds from a couple months ago, a hand painted Delft centerpiece bowl, which will be decorated for Fall sometime in September. 
Next to it, another Deft flower vase with the gorgeous Delft ginger jar, which is part of the three piece garnishing set you see here.

At the far left side of the mantel, I placed a couple of photographs of my dearest 'four girls.' This was an inspiration from a Ralph Lauren's mantel idea.

At the far right end there's a photograph I love of Alejandro with Victoria, our eldest grandchild, who is ten now!

This is how my mantel looks right now and I do like the final look.

This chest in our foyer is an antique heirloom from Alejandro's grandparents where I've had silver photo frames for at least 10 years, lol!

All I've done here before to change it a little, was in the center part of it with the blue and white garnishing set, now in the mantel top... and come C'mas some holiday decorations, but basically, it stayed the same!

I kept here only the big photograph of me and my DDs some years ago... and the rest was brought to the chest top from the mantel.

The indigenous woman with the young boy is a sculpture made by a famous Ecuadorian artist: Gonzalo Endara Crow.

The gorgeous French 'Art Nouveau' bowl you've seen many times is now with shells... and it's from the early last century and it was hubby's other grandparents, which I will decorate for Fall next month.

Doggies from my personal collection and at the end, inside a cloche is the 'at least' 100 year old 'Virgin Mary' we inherited from my Mil.
Now for my new finds:
My latest find, which I'm so thrilled with, is this lovely 'Friendly Village' soup tureen and big serving platter. I'd like to add that it's difficult to find transferware here right in a store, so I am very happy, indeed!

I fixed this vignette in our antique English buffet from Alejandro's grandparents, which is at our breakfast area and where I do lots of tweaking almost every month, to enjoy while we have our breakfast and lunch here . 

In the inside of the tureen is a summer scene, a cabin and water well.

The plate under it and ladle is from my white ironstone soup tureen.

Here is my new vignette with my Friendly Village tureen and platter and my bird Polish teacups in our breakfast area - English buffet.

And my second find; is this pretty beige and red elephant, Indian cotton table linen I found very inexpensive in Peru while vacationing there three weeks ago.

Elephants on the sides and the center...I love it! Elephants are good luck and are so adorable. The red and beige caught my eye, and in real life is very beige, not white.
I think it'll be pretty come Christmas time too.

Thanks for visiting sweet friends, your comments always make my day!

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties.


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  1. I love all your new vignettes, so elegant! I am really in awe of your Virgin Mary in the cloche, Fabby! Your new tablecloth will be so lovely at Christmas, can't wait to see it again! Hugs, Penny

  2. I love how you've arranged things Fabby. That delft is gorgeous! And the new tablecloth is so fun and pretty. I can see you using this in many different ways. It is wonderful that you have all those inherited pieces of furniture. xo Deborah

  3. Dearest Fabby,
    As a matter of fact you hardly need any examples for beautifying your home à la Fabby!
    You know best and I love it always when your own personality shines through.
    LOVE your elephant tablecloth. Would make a great Republican statement too.

  4. I all looks beautiful, Fabby and your daughters are gorgeous. xo Laura

  5. Your vignettes are always so gorgeous, Fabby, with all of your beautiful china pieces. The new soup tureen and platter are just beautiful.

  6. Hi Fabby,

    Your daughters are so pretty; I'd keep a photo up of them all the time.

    Thanks for sharing your good wishes and for your blues.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  7. I am back around visiting, Fabby! Thanks for sending me notes now and then this summer! Love all your Delft and that tureen is a gorgeous piece. The family pictures are the perfect finishing touch.

    I love elephants AND your tablecloth. I had a nice little collection of them-including a wonderful oil painting but I passed them along to my daughter when she redid an upstairs guest room. Elephants stand for reliability, strength, power, pride and in Asia mean happiness, longevity and good luck! Those all work for me! xo Diana

  8. Good Afternoon Fabby, As always you treat us to such beautiful things. I adore Blue Delft and bought a few pieces when I visited Holland and I especially love your Blue Delft Ginger jar. Your Indian tablecloth is lovely and yes, I can see it looking fabulous when you use it as part of your Christmas decorations.
    As always I have enjoyed my visit.
    Best Wishes to you.

  9. Thank you for the inspiration, Fabby. My vignettes are in need of updating, and you've made me see how changing things makes such a difference! I love your choices!! Your new red table cover will serve you well over the holidays! Thanks for sharing your lovely home. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  10. De vez en cuando hace bien cambiar las cosas de lugar, de este modo parece que estamos en un nuevo espacio.
    Besoss hoy desde

  11. I love the vignettes! When I was little my Abuela and Mami always had elephant figurines in their homes. They too said it was good luck. I have some that belonged to my Mami! Your home always looks so beautiful!

  12. Hi Fabby,
    Love the blue on your mantel with the photographs. I have several pieces of Friendly Village too which I love so I am loving yours. Cute tablecloth too. Thank you for sharing with us and joining me for Tea Time. Enjoy your week.


  13. Very nice rearranging and the elephant cloth is awesome!

  14. Love the pink elephant table cloth!

  15. Wow, your home is gorgeous! Love the beautiful vignettes you've created using so many family heirlooms. Thanks so much for sharing.

  16. Fabby,
    Gorgeous changes to your mantle and foyer, dear friend!!! I adore photos of family. . .makes a personal statement to a ones home.
    I have seen several blue & white displays for Autumn filled with orange foilage! C`est Magnifique!
    I'll be watching for yours!!!

  17. Beautiful changes, Fabby! You have a lovely home. Friendly Village is one of my favorite patterns. I have a whole set and own a tureen too that I store on top of the open china cabinet in the kitchen. We sure have similar tastes, don't we?...Christine

  18. Oh Fabby, your vignettes are wonderful. You have inspired me to try a few!

  19. When I visit you, I love traveling around and looking at all your treasures. Such a global feel, and that tureen is sooo lovely. Your table cloth is beautiful too, what a precious way to remember a trip.

  20. Hi Fabby,

    You've made some beautiful changes and found some wonderful items. I love elephants and your new elephant table cloth is wonderful. Such fun. Friendly Village is one of all time favorite patterns. I start using it in November and continue until February! I just can't seem to put it up! You found some marvelous pieces. Happy Tea Day!

  21. Everything looks so posh! Proper and so Downtown Abbeyish! #ww

  22. Hi Fabby: You are so funny when you say, "I hope you like it." How can anyone not like your stunning home. Your new mantle decor is amazing. I love the Friendly Village. If I find some cheap, I will let you know and send them to you. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  23. Hi Fabby: You are so funny when you say, "I hope you like it." How can anyone not like your stunning home. Your new mantle decor is amazing. I love the Friendly Village. If I find some cheap, I will let you know and send them to you. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  24. Hi Fabby: You are so funny when you say, "I hope you like it." How can anyone not like your stunning home. Your new mantle decor is amazing. I love the Friendly Village. If I find some cheap, I will let you know and send them to you. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  25. Hi Fabby: You are so funny when you say, "I hope you like it." How can anyone not like your stunning home. Your new mantle decor is amazing. I love the Friendly Village. If I find some cheap, I will let you know and send them to you. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  26. Hey friend I always enjoy here. You sure are classy lady and everything looks great.

  27. Fabby, my IPAD is trying to call you Gabby again, but I caught it red-handed! Proving that I was not the culprit the other day!

    You have some lovely heirlooms, and I love the way you arranged them.

    It is always so special to own pieces that belonged to older generations. That makes them that much more special.



  28. Hi Fabby! The elephant tablecloth is very fun! Gorgeous change up in décor :). Have a great week!

  29. Fabby I love it all! You are so creative! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  30. Your home is beautiful Fabby. Cada detalle esta super bello y elegante. Estas doz semanas han sido muy fuertes para mi amiga. Perdi mi querido perrito y no dejo de llorar. I love to see your home refresher. It certainly has inspired me to do the same. Tengo que mantener la mente ocupada.



  31. Oh, so many lovely finds Fabby. Your delft is wonderful. What a fabulous tablecloth. That is so unique and colorful.

  32. Fabby, your mantle display is very elegant. I love the delft pieces. That tablecloth will be awesome at Christmas.

  33. You arrange such beautiful vignette, Fabby! Each is lovely! My favorite is your mantel and the gorgeous blue and white delft!! Have a wonderful week!

  34. Oh I love all your blue and white vases! And that elephant print tablecloth is so cool! Thanks for sharing. And for stopping by our home tour the other day!

  35. I love all the tweaks Fabby, but the one that stands out the most to me is that gorgeous elephant table cloth! It's so unexpected yet perfect!!!!!

  36. I have to agree with everyone else, The elephant tablecloth is gorgeous. The mantle vignette is just wonderful, the Vintage French urn is my favorite piece on the mantle. It is stunning mixed in with the Delft vases and the ginger jar. And of course the Delft bowl is lovely filled with flowers. Lucky you in finding the "Friendly Village" soup tureen and serving platter. Both pieces will be lovely for the holidays.

  37. Oh Fabby, why am I just now finding you?! Oh my, I don't know where to start, but I can tell we're going to get along just fine with the way you like beautiful things and using them in your home!
    I love the Friendly Village - that scene inside the tureen is gorgeous! And your Art Nouveau porcelain piece with the shells in it....sigh.
    I will find my way around your blog and have added yours to my feed, so I hope to get all future posts.
    Thanks for stopping in and commenting so I could find you!
    Rita C at Panoply

  38. Very pretty fire mantel!
    Thanks for linking!

  39. Hi Fabby,
    I am stopping by on the invite of Martha on Tea Cup Tuesday.
    So many beauties there, and so much fun to rearrange things. I sometimes put it all away for a while and then 'rediscover' it later.
    There will be post on Delft on my blog soon. But would you like to stop by for a cup of tea?!
    Have a wonderful week,

  40. Beautiful, beautiful pic of you and your Daughters!

  41. Beautiful vignettes, Fabby - lovely photo! I love the blue and white! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  42. I just love that Friendly Village soup tureen! Thank you for networking with us on the CLIMB!

  43. This great post received the most "clicks" from the September Great Blog Train (blog hop) & is being featured on my blog today:
    Thanks for travelling with us!


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