Sunday, July 6, 2014

FABBY: New Antique French Round Table

Hello sweet friends!

     Last Tuesday Mr. Living went shopping and bought a beautiful round dining table for our breakfast area.

The friends that follow me know that I had a gorgeous, 'alabaster table top' on my previous breakfast table, but now our daughter Alexandra has such a table.   Hold on! I'll tell you the story behind the new table, lol!

You see, our pug Ben that died four years ago chewed on the 'simple legs' of our round 22 yr. old breakfast table when he was a puppy and he died at almost 13 years of age, so you can imagine for how long I had it like this, lol!

 Alejandro kept on telling me that I should look around for an antique round table with gorgeous legs, to fit the alabaster on top of the new table. Being that I am such an 'obedient wife,' I've been looking around for the last two years, to no avail.

I always found them not to be Alejandro's taste, or the foyer kind, or too big to fit the alabaster top, etc. I didn't care because on my subconscious it reminded me of Ben, our sweet pug.

One good day, last Tuesday, the sales lady from the European Antique shop called me and informed me she had two gorgeous arrivals, of antique French tables.

 I called Mr. Living and told him to go and see them himself and he bought it to my surprise!

He had loved it immediately, but it turned out to be two inches larger than the old one, so that's how he had the idea to give Alexandra the alabaster table and 'both parties' are so happy now; our DD and us ...and since I'm one of those people that likes change most of the time, even if it was 'forced upon me' heheheee... I loved the idea!

Hope you like it too.

Here she is, the 'antique French' solid oak, round table with hand carved accents Alejandro purchased it himself and she was also pretty good priced for what it is!

Look how grate the vintage Dutch chairs look next to the elegant table...I love it!

I love the wavy edges on the table and of course, the beautiful hand carved bottom that caught Alejandro's eye and made him decide on buying it, even if it was 2 inches larger than the previous, therefore, the alabaster top was too small for it now.

A closer shot at the lovely hand carved details.

Cannot compare this, to what we have now. We send the table to get fixed so we can give it to our daughter, though; as all chewed up by our puppy several years ago, it was simply awful...I was used to it, though...hehehe...

We are also very happy that the vintage Dutch chairs, which have lovely legs now look perfect next to the French table.

We loved the finish on the 'oak table top' too and it's in perfect state. Not as gorgeous as an 'alabaster top'...but we're so happy that our sweet daughter Alex owns it now after we have enjoyed it for 22 years.

Thank you so much for your sweet and kind comments, you always make my day!

Thanks to the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties.


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  1. Wow, Fabby, this table is magnificent, from the beautiful carved elements and the wonderful warmth of the wood! I love pieces like this one, incredible find, and it melds so well with your chairs!

  2. Oh Fabby, it is a gorgeous table and I love the detail on the legs, so beautiful. I am sure you daughter is thrilled with the other table, it was also stunning.

  3. The chairs and the table look lovely together. It just goes to show that pieces from different times and places can make the best combinations. I can imagine that the new table will be the scene of many happy meals.

  4. Hola Fabby! qué bonito todo lo que muestras siempre. No es que te halla olvidado es que no puedo traducirte y me guío solo por las imágenes. ¿Por qué no pones el traductor de idiomas en el costado derecho de tus entradas? Creo que de este modo en otros idiomas podrán leerte. Si no sabes cómo hacerlo te lo explico.
    hoy desde

  5. Fabby, your table is gorgeous! I love all of the pretty carvings. How nice that your daughter is able to keep your other table in the family. That's an heirloom!

  6. What a beautiful piece, the wood just glows. It was worth wait! Jane

  7. How pretty. I always wanted a pedestal table they are great for seating. This one is in such wonderful condition and the carving is beautiful. It also goes very well with the chairs ~ perfect in all ways!

  8. Your new table is just gorgeous Fabby!!! It is always so hard to replace something that has so many special memories, but your new table will help make it a little easier! Hugs, Penny

  9. Oh that is an amazing table, worth waiting for!

  10. What a gorgeous table Fabby and fits your decor so beautifully - the chairs look like a perfect match!
    Lucky daughter too :)

  11. Good Morning Fabby, How sweet of your husband to buy you this magnificent table. It is so beautiful.
    I just know you will be sharing some wonderful family meals around your new and beautiful table.
    Best Wishes to you.

  12. Dearest Fabby,
    What a gorgeous table and never mind the 22 years in-between with many fond memories. They will not be lost as your dear daughter is getting the table now.
    Your husband is very generous!
    This table and the Dutch chairs remind me so much of my dear sister-in-law who passed away in 2010. She had a big oval table like that with lovely chairs. She hosted many lovely meals and even more coffee & tea table gatherings around it...
    Fond memories fill our hearts!
    Hugs to you and congrats on your new acquisition!

  13. Wow...take my breath away! Love it! Enjoy.

  14. Omg!! Fabby your new table is Magnificent, how very sweet and special for your dear hubby to surprise you with that gorgeous table ;-) enjoy your new treasure sweetie.


  15. What a beautiful table Fabby and it's just perfect with the rest of your very elegant decor. How wonderful that your daughter will now get to enjoy the gorgeous alabster top table.

  16. Oh my goodness Fabby, that table is exquisite. So elegant and full of gorgeous carvings. I love the warm honey tone of the wood. Congrats sweet friend. It has found the perfect home to showcase its beauty.



  17. Christine KarieMonday, 07 July, 2014


    Wow! A more gorgeous table could not be found by a super shopping sleuth like your hubby. He's an outstanding shopper with a good eye - make that two good eyes. I love the pedestal carvings. And daughter dearest will be enjoying the alabaster table (equally as gorgeous.) Things worked out differently than you had hoped for, but that's O.K. Time for a change. You can now start to create a new set of memories. Enjoy!


  18. This is a beautiful table! I love round tables. They always create a friendlier dining experience.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  19. Your new antique table is gorgeous and goes perfectly with your chairs. What a great piece!

  20. It is so beautiful, Fabby. I love it! It is perfect for those chairs and just like Alejandro, I am in love with the table legs. Good choice!...Christine

  21. Your sweet husband could shop for me anytime! 😄

    This table is a beauty. Nice that the other one gets to stay in the family.

  22. Oh Fabby I love, love it!! so elegant. I love a pedestal table too. So nice your chairs went with it, and I bet your daughter's happy! That old table of yours -- wow, I love how you had it set, with that gorgeous tablecloth. Wish I could visit and have tea with you at your new table!

  23. The new table works so well with your chairs!! It's so sweet that your daughter now has your alabaster table. I know she (and the girls) will love using it as much as you did. :)

  24. Yowlser! It is gorgeous, love it Fabby. Mr Living did a good job. Saw this at Creative Country Mom's Garden "Home Sweet Garden". I've been on long bloggy break but wanted to start back visiting some of you all that I once blogged with...soooo HELLO again.


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