Thursday, June 5, 2014

FABBY: May Rosary Gathering Tea

Hello sweet friends!

Right after we came back from our coastal vacation and had so much dirty clothing, shopping and cleaning around here, I also had to host my last Wednesday of the month Rosary gathering!
Anyway, it turned out lovely as always with the ten ladies and sometimes more. We had a lot of prayers request for sick relatives and friends.

The china I used is my 'Home Gallery' one I have for complete 16 place settings and for several years ago I can't count!

The friends that follow me might remember I changed my draperies two years ago from the living room and dining room to Hunter Douglas cloth shades, which I love...however, I re-purposed the old draperies and had a tablecloth made for $8 with a seamstress. Love the taylor pleats she did!

The material is a wonderful silk brocade and in real life it shines as it's in a silvery gray, with blue and beige lines in the pattern.

I bought the long baguette basket you see here with bread buns, at one of the beach towns, where they're so famous for making and weaving baskets and so many other lovely things for the home.

I also bought the bread basket in the back.

The most delicious home made 'Old Fashioned Fudge Brownies,' ever!. 'The recipe is at the end of this post.'

My flowers are in a galvanized flower vase I got as a present with an anniversary arrangement from hubby a few years back.



Display of glasses for my friends, as they always require some water after tea.

I always change the display in Alejandro's grandparents' English buffet. Previously I had my Easter one; now is replaced with my antique 'Japanese Satsuma' tea set and natural shells from our vacation. It's also on my header.

Thank you so much for your sweet and kind visits, you know you always make my day!

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties.


'Old Fashioned Chewy Fudge Brownies'

2 cups sugar
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp. salt
4 (1 ounce) squares unsweetened chocolate
1/2 cup butter or margarine
4 eggs, beaten
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 cup chopped pecans (use walnuts, which I always do)

Combine sugar, flour, and salt in the electric standing beater, or whichever you prefer.

Mix well and leave it there. Meanwhile, melt the chocolate and butter in the microwave, or double boiler if you rather.  Stirring well.
Gradually pour chocolate mixture into flour mix and beat lightly and add eggs one at a time, vanilla and chopped pecans.

Pour batter into greased 13x9x2 inch baking pan. Bake at 325F for 40-45 minutes. Test center to see is if it's dry. Cool. Cut into 8 squares to serve. For tea I always cut in half each square and they look more dainty, plus suddenly you have 16 pieces instead of just 8 big squares!

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  1. What a fine idea for re-purposing your draperies! I love the tailored look of the tablecloth, Fabby. And the table setting is perfect for the occasion, I think. Simple and almost reverent in appearance.

  2. Fabby, your monthly tea is a wonderful tradition. You always set a beautiful tea table!
    Love getting snippets of your colorful art. '-)

  3. Fabby, your rosary tea looks wonderful, what a nice idea! When I was growing up we had a weekly rosary at someone's home on the block. Everyone took a turn. We would kneel and say the rosary with someone leading. I loved those evenings. This has brought back that sweet memory so thanks!!1 I love that tablecloth, so unique and beautiful!

  4. Exquisite as always dear Fabby! Love how your repurposed your old drapes into a beautiful table cloth! Love the Japanese tea set as well!!

  5. Your table looks beautiful, Fabby. That is a gorgeous set of china. I don't think you will EVER run out of dishes, Fabby!:>)

    I am so happy that you do your rosary group and pray for people everywhere...even those that will never know you have prayed for them. I know you all prayed for our sweet little grandson when he was so sick. Prayers can move the world. xo Diana

  6. A lovely meal and table presentation. I know they loved it!

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous table, Fabby! Your china is beautiful. Have a great weekend! Maria

  8. All so pretty Fabby. That was a great idea with the curtains to make the tablecloth!

  9. I love this, it is so clean and simple looking yet very elegant. I love how you get together with friends so often.


  10. You are so quick to get back to your routine.Beautifully presented table.Table cloth looks very pretty.Love the whole setting.Hope you had a great time with everyone after a break.Love and hugs sujatha...:):)


  11. The stemware on the side board looks awesome...Lovely collection..:):)

  12. Beautiful tea table, Fabby. I love your new header...tell me about your interesting looks like a pear cactus an artist thought needed some color! I really like it.
    Have a great weekend.

  13. Dearest Fabby,
    Isn't that always the case that right after coming home from a trip there is an event scheduled?!
    You pulled it off so gracious and indeed, your seamstress did a lovely job on that gorgeous silk brocade. I bet she loved working with it too.
    BUT... I got disappointed for not finding the recipe of your fudge brownies at the end of the post. Maybe you did not mean THIS post; so we will see it no doubt.
    Hugs and happy Pentecost weekend to you and yours!

  14. what a great way to repurpose the drapes! and for $8!! I love your water glasses too. they look like upside down beehives! hehe :) Your table looks lovely; wish I could join in with you for prayers in person!

  15. That was a very clever idea to use the drapes for a tablecloth...those pleats were the first thing that caught my eye. The seamstress did a wonderful job for you! :)

  16. Fabby what an awesome idea to turn your drapes into a table cloth it turned out beautiful ;-)

    Have a great weekend~

  17. Hi Fabby, what a lovely setting for your May rosary gathering. I love the table cloth designed from your draperies. What a fabulous idea that was to do. Your china is gorgeous. You always host the best gatherings and are so talented. I love your style my friend.
    Have a nice weekend and thanks for stopping by today. So sweet to see you!!

  18. Fabby,
    A truly gorgeous Rosary Gathering tea Tablescape, dear friend!!!
    I love your pleating on the edge of the tablecloth!!! It is very classic!
    It moves my heart that you meet with others and pray each month. What a continual blessing you are. . .and a joy in my life!

  19. Your tables are always so lovely. Fabby. What a wonderful idea to repurpose your Draperies into a tablecloth. xo Laura

  20. So pretty! You do such a nice job each and every time you set an eloquent table.

  21. Thank you so much Fabby!
    I love my new kitchen too;)

    This is a wonderful tradition, you created;)
    Love & hugs

  22. Oh my goodness, Fabby! I'm sorry to have missed seeing your gorgeous tablescapes...this one is spectacular!
    Lovely china with such a pretty teapot. Gorgeous linens, too.
    Brilliant idea to re-purpose those beautiful draperies.

    I would love to do a monthly tea party like yours. I just can't tear myself away from the sewing room right now. Thank you for your sweet comments. I'm having a blast!

    I'm going to see if I can get your posts delivered via email, so I don't miss out on so much.


  23. Wow! That table clothe is wonderful. What a fabulous idea. :) Very smart. It certainly sets the tone for a very elegant tea table and a simple sweet centerpiece makes it perfect! LOVE it.
    Thank you for joining in and sharing this fun post on Fresh-Cut Friday!

  24. Fabby, you are the very best on the web for setting an elegant table. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe with us, too. Girls can never have too much chocolate!

    Linking from Fresh Cut Friday,
    Ricki Jill

  25. Fabby, you have set a lovely table for your friends. The draperies made a wonderful tablecloth! Those brownies look delicious! Chocolate is always a favourite. Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea. Have a lovely day.


  26. Fabby, I always enjoy visiting when you have your Rosary group for tea. It's fun to see your tablescape and what delicious recipe you are going to share! Love the Japanese Satsuma tea set -- love the dragon tea pot! Happy Tea Day!

  27. Fabby, what a lovely set of china with the subtle colors. Your "new" tablecloth is perfect for this set of china. I know the ladies enjoy dining at your table. I say your trip photos and they are gorgeous for your country has many beautiful places. Have a wonderful week!


  28. Never a moment 's rest after vacation, is there? You provided a lovely table and food for your rosary group and what a good idea to repurpose the drapes into a tablecloth!

  29. What a lovely idea, Fabby, for a monthly tea. Don't we all need prayers for sure? Your table looks beautiful and I do remember the tablecloth made from your drapes. I'd love to join you for brownies, tea and rosary. xo

  30. Such a lovely table! I always enjoy seeing how you set the table for your large tea's. Always so beautiful!

  31. Everything is so beautiful! I love the bread baskets. So neat how you turned the drapes into a table cloth! Love that! The brownies look so good and I agree...walnuts make them so much better. :)

  32. Your china has such a lovely, delicate pattern! Again, everything is perfect. Love those new bun baskets! Enjoy your week!!

  33. Love the innovative and creative way that you made the tablecloth! A lovely table, as always.

  34. What a lovely afternoon tea table...and what a neat CLUB - A Rosary club, h ow NEAT! I too am Catholic and love this idea.

    You are such a wonderful lady, Fabby - thank you for sharing your pretty tea table with all of us!

  35. Fabby,

    That tablecloth made from drapes for $8.00 was a steal!! It is stunning!!

    Thanks so much for visiting!!


  36. What a marvelous re-purposing of your drapes. They may a lovely table cloth. And having that done for such a reasonable price!! Lovely tea today!

  37. Oh, Fabby! You've brought back a sweet memory of the home rosaries in the month of May! How lovely that you continue to have them! Your table is beautiful, as always. Love the baskets, too!

  38. Dearest Fabby,
    Thanks for adding the recipe and I took notice of that as it looks and reads very yummy. Will make those for sure, using coconut sugar for making them healthier and with egg beaters too.
    You are so clever for dicing them up to the size of elegant looking petit fours!

  39. Thanks so much for linking!!! Shared on twitter.

  40. Thanks for sharing at the Say G’day party. I’ve just pinned your post and yummy recipe to the Say G’Day Saturday Board.

    Hope to see you again this weekend!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz


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