Sunday, May 4, 2014

FABBY: 5 de Mayo Tablescape

Hello sweet friends!

           My table scape is for "5 de Mayo," Mexican holiday to celebrate the victory of an inferior Mexican army defeating a much more powerful French army in 1862! France had been occupying Mexico prior to the battle, at that time. 

 I never knew about this date while growing up in NY, except because of some of you, my blog friends who make settings for this date and I also did my Internet homework about it.

My inspiration for making a '5 de Mayo' table setting in honor of Mexico is my "Ikat tablecloth"made here, in Ecuador.

The 'Ikat fabric' is also used for the confection of beautiful clothing here in Ecuador; as it's also made by hand in looms and also died with vegetable coloring.
This cloths come in multi-colors; as well as brown and white, black and white, camel and white, white and black, red and black, blue and white...actually, all colors and combos in the rainbow!            They are simply beautiful!

I will make a post to show you clothing with the Ikat material in the near future.

So without any further addo here is my '5 de Mayo table scape for 2014.'

Here is my hand made tablecloth in the Ikat technique and died in vegetable colors! I might add that it washes beautifully, even though is natural wool too!

I used some of my everyday china salad plates, square colorful ones from our Factory on top of yellow plates and to finish the stack, my wicker and cane chargers.   (why, why didn't I take my computer cables out before I took the pics?)

Here you can appreciate the pretty designs and colors in the Ikat material I had made several years ago and later put together the two shawls to create this colorful tablecloth I love!

I used yellow dinner plates for all four place setting and in this case with a blue square one and a yellow salad plate from my everyday dishes.

A square yellow plate with a blue and white salad plate.

The chargers are wicker and cane in the center of each one; along with a green square plate and orange salad plate.

White square plate and green salad plate. The small pitcher is made at our former Factory, along with the terracotta chicken napkin ring.

Cute color glasses for the 'Tequila' and a bowl fool with dry chilies hubby loves and he also painted the bowl back at his 'Ceramic Factory.'

I used 'Roos and Chicks' napkin rings and a cute hot sauce bowl... both items were made at our 'former ceramic Factory, Monte Turi.' Alejandro sold it six years ago.

 Four of a set of six cute 'Tequila' glasses in different colors.
A terracotta Rooster napkin ring.

I chose green water glasses for this setting with matching green napkins inside the smaller Ikat ones.

I love the fringes and all the great colors in the Ikat. I used two shawls sewn in the middle to make the tablecloth, that's why the fringes.

A final evening shot!

Thank you for visiting me wonderful friends, as your comments always make my day!

Thanking the gracious hostesses for having me at their parties too.


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  1. Fabby, I love love love this table, as I am sure you know by now I am originally from Mexico so I felt my heart skip a beat when I saw all this bright colors put together in hour table.......

  2. Good Afternoon Fabby, The Ikat tablecloth is so vibrant and I look forward to you showing us clothes made from this material. I noticed that Ikat material in blue and white is very popular at the moment.
    I love your small colourful pitcher, it caught my eye straight away, because I do love colour and your wicker and cane chargers are so very nice... I have been looking for a set for the summer.
    As always, whether you create a formal table or a casual table it is always a joy to see.
    Enjoy your Sunday.
    Best Wishes

  3. Oh Fabby that's just lovely! That fabric is amazing. I never even knew it existed and I lived in Ecuador for years. It looks like I missed out on alot of the beautiful items you feature on your blog!

  4. What fun to decorate with such bright and vibrant colours. I love the use of all the green - it takes the edge off the reds and oranges and makes the whole table like a Mexican flower bed. Bravo!

  5. Lovely!! I linger over each photo of your every post! No tablescape for me this year but I AM cooking a pot of pinto beans! It was just because but now I can say it is in honor of Cinco de Mayo!! The house is smelling delicious as they simmer in the crock pot!

  6. Your table is perfect for the holiday, Fabby. I love all of the bright colors. xo Laura

  7. Fabby, this table is full of festive delight. Love the ikat cloth. Clever idea to sew the two shawls together. It makes a beautiful tablecloth, and the perfect setting for the colorful stack of dishes. Your everyday salads in an assortment of colors are wonderful. I don't recall seeing them before.
    Happy Cinco de Mayo.

  8. Fabby, You are certainly right about the Ikat tablecloth being beautiful. It is not only beautiful but it steals the show with all of it's radiant colors. The plates, the stemware, the napkins, and those fabulous chicken napkin rings are perfect for a wonderful Fiesta to honor Mexico's celebration of Cinco De Mayo. Have a wonderful week..... Candy

  9. Thanks so much for stopping by to see my Cinco de Mayo table ... and your table is fantastic! I love the table covering ... and all the extras in the tablescape kept my eyes busy for awhile!

  10. Dearest Fabby,
    Okay, those were woven Ikat shawls that you transformed into a stunning table cloth! Love this setting and glad to learn about Ikat woven items in your region. We only knew them from Indonesia, not in wool of course.
    Wishing you a happy new week.

  11. Fabby, what a beautifully festive table for Cinco de Mayo! It is a huge celebration here in Texas. Love all of your bright and happy colors!

  12. I wasn't aware too until recently that Cinco de Mayo was more celebrated here in the US than in Mexico itself! :-) Anyway, LOVE your ikat fabric you used on the table - made everything more festive and fun!

  13. Hi, Fabby,
    I love your colorful table!! All you dish stacks are wonderful with colors and textures. If you visit my blog @ The Magic Hutch, you'll see that your chicken napkin rings would be perfect for my table! Do you know where you found them? Have a great day! (I grew up in NY, too, and didn't know what Cinco de Mayo was until I moved to CA! ) Rosie

  14. I love your beautiful tablecloth Fabby! The table setting is very festive-Happy Cinco de Mayo:@)

  15. You have no idea how pretty your 5 de Mayo tablescape thumb looks in my blog - it looks like a dance. Really! The chairs legs seem to be dancing joining the excellent party.
    And only you would know how to use that fabric and the right dishes and accents - the nightmare it would have been for me ahahahahah.
    All so lovely. Happy 5 de Mayo and all the days of your so inspiring life Dear Friend.

  16. Hi Fabby, What a beautiful setting! i love the colors and of those glasses.... They make me

    Have a great week!!

  17. How festive! I love it Fabby!!!

  18. I love your table!! Your table covering is so full of color and fun. I am always afraid to use such a bold tablecloth but you have a special way of making everything work beautifully!!!

  19. Beautiful as always Fabby! So festive and colorful :-)

  20. Love your table. It is alive with color. Great Mexican theme.

    Jocelyn @

  21. I am now so mad at my self....many many years ago I had several shawls and ponchos I bought at a mexican border town that I used to love and I never should have gotten rid of them...Oh if only I'd know you then! Your table is bright cheery and I love it. I can hear the laughter pouring out like margaritas! Please come share a few of your favorite posts over at my Table It link party going on now if you have time...

  22. Hi Fabby: I love your Cinco de Mayo table. It is just perfect. The fabric is amazing. Have a wonderful Mother's Day you deserve the best! Hugs, Martha


  23. Love your colorful table.I don't know much about the celebration but enjoyed going through the post.The ikat table cloth just beautiful.Everything looks wonderful hope you had a great time.Love sujatha..:):)

  24. Bonjour ma chère Fabby,

    A la fin d'un petit repas dans une telle formidable atmosphère je deviendrais une véritable Mexicaine !!
    J'aime beaucoup l'explosion de couleurs de ta nappe... Des couleurs pétillantes comme le goût des piments !
    Ce charmant petit coq, en rond de serviette, est peut-être un petit clin d'oeil "français" dans cette belle table !!...
    Tes assiettes de couleurs différentes sont adorables.
    Tu as réussi un bel hommage à cette date historique...
    Un grand merci pour ton gentil commentaire laissé sur mon blog.

    ❁ Gros bisous ❁

  25. I love this super colorful and festive table! You really captured the spirit!

  26. So beautiful Fabby. You have all of the accessories down to a T. Love the table covering. Such a fun and festive table. I would be one happy camper sitting at your table. xo

  27. That's really pretty! Fun and Festive!
    Shana from Technotini

  28. Love that cloth, and the table is so festive and colorful! Perfecto!

  29. Awesome tablescape, Fabby! Very festive! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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