Sunday, November 3, 2013

FABBY: Fall Dinner and Hot Chocolate

Hello sweet friends!

        I set up an Autumn dinner table for four and at the end we will have hot chocolate, (not cocoa powder) with Pumpkin Cake for dessert. The chili evening sure made me want to go for the hot chocolate, it's been a while since we had it last...actually, I don't even remember when it was!

I used my everyday dishes that I love cause although they're a set in the pattern, the colors are different and came in four colors. I have eight place settings; but here I just used two colors, green and orange for Fall. The four mugs are a set too, as the dinner set didn't come with teacups and saucers.

For the hot chocolate the mugs are displayed in the four colors they come in, which I have only four, as I figured if I have eight people than I'm not serving anything in mugs, but in off white teacups and saucers I have for them.

Again, we will have Pumpkin Cream-Soup in the white bowls,  Chicken Cutlets a la Paprika with some rice and a hot Ratatouille vegetable salad....and for dessert Pumpkin Cake and Hot Chocolate made out of the real pure chocolate tablets, as Ecuador produces one of the best chocolate in the world and it's sort after in Switzerland, Germany, France and other countries for their chocolates products for the market.

The recipe for the Hot Tablet Chocolate is at the end of this post for some of you who might want it. The recipe is Ecuadorian and from my Mil's recipe book.

"I will be going again for a long weekend with Alejandro this time, as we're invited to our friend's grandson's First know, one of those great ones they make around here, lol!  Hope I can catch some pics, if hubby let's me!  See you next Tuesday! "

The tablecloth I used is a hand made "Ikat-Material" made here in Ecuador, and I love the colors the Ikat has and I thought perfect for Autumn, with the greens, golds, oranges, a soft black, etc.

The dishes are my everyday ones I acquired a few months ago, but never showed you the mugs that came with them. I'm using them here for the hot chocolate and cake for dessert.

The napkin holders are silver Autumn leaves.

The cake pedestal is standing on vintage American made nesting tables that belonged to my Mil.

The centerpiece is done in a galvanized flower vase and I placed it inside a wooden bowl with some gourds and pine cones and of course, with burnt-orange and purple mums.

I love this combination of colors for a November Autumn centerpiece.

Cute gourd with warts at funny, lol..

My dear Bil and Sil sent me the gorgeous bouquet of roses (in the buffet) from their professional rose-farm, for my birthday, which was Oct. 20th. because they weren't in town than. Aren't they so sweet?!

This bouquet of multi color roses is stunning!

A close up of the stunning roses! The two blue ones, the turquoise and that dry green color at your left are
stained, as sometimes they're asked for in the flower shops. 

Pumpkin Cake and we will be having it tonight for dessert with hot chocolate.

Looks like I love pumpkins!

Thank you so much sweet and generous friends for all the wonderful comments, as they always make my day!

Thanking the lovely and gracious hostesses for having me and many times even featuring some of my posts; well, that is the most generous way of expressing support for our blog work. I am so very grateful!


Hot Chocolate Recipe

3 ounces of store bought chocolate Tablet, semi-sweet
3 ounces of bitter chocolate in big pieces
1 cup water
5 cups of milk
1 stick of cinnamon
Sugar to taste
3 eggs  (if you rather not use the eggs, go ahead, it's ok too)
dash of salt

Place a medium heavy copper pot (or whatever) in the stove on medium heat and add the water and when it's boiling add the chocolates in small pieces so they dissolve. Now add 4 1/2 cups of the milk, the cinnamon stick and at the end the sugar to taste. Beat by hand all the time so it's foamy and a little thick.

In the meantime beat the egg yokes, the dash of salt, and 1/2 cup cold milk and with a sieve pour it through on the pot of the chocolate. Lower the heat and keep beating until it's perfect for you and it has not a tinge of an egg taste and the sugar it's perfect too.

You can beat the egg whites with a little sugar and put a dollop on top of each chocolate mug. This part is optional, but we like it that way.
I hope you like it if you ever make it because it's delicious!

Yields 8.  I make half recipe for 4 persons.

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  1. Hi Fabby, your fall table is gorgeous. I love all the pretty fall colours on this table. The dessert/salad plates are sweet in different colours. I've never seen so many different coloured roses before. I wish you belated birthday greetings. Blessings, Pamela

  2. The "happy" colors that you chose for the table make me smile! Gorgeous Fabby...hugs, Penny

  3. Fabby, your new dishes set a beautiful fall table, and work perfectly with that gorgeous Ikat cloth.
    Thanks for sharing! ~ Sarah

  4. Love it ALL!!! And I must say - I absolutely ADORE the pic of you on your sidebar! Classy, CLASSY lady!!!

  5. Dearest Fabby,
    What a pretty Fall table setting for dinner and hot chocolate.
    I was eagerly reading towards the bottom to find your hot chocolate recipe but there was none...
    What a coincidence that in Ecuador they weave the same Ikat patterns as in Indonesia! Always loved them, very unique.
    Enjoy your new week.

  6. I love your table! I love the color combination you have and the flowers, I have never seen so many different colors of roses before.

  7. Dearest Fabby,
    Thanks for adding this Ecuadorian Hot Chocolate version recipe! Sounds great with all the real chocolate, except for the egg yolks... Might have to try using Egg Beaters instead. Love the cinnamon and that is such a healthy addition anyway!
    Hugs to you,

  8. What a beautiful fall table Fabby! I love the addition of cinnamon to a cup of hot chocolate. xo

  9. How colorful & exotic (are those the right words?)! And the roses--I've never seen them colored in such vibrant hues!

    Tell me, if it's not too you hire help for clean-up after your parties & dinners? After admiring your tablesettings in detail, I stopped to think about clean-up, storage, etc......

    Hope your week unfolds even HALF as beautifully as your table, Fabby ♥

  10. Fabby,
    What a beautiful table display. I love the ikat cloth. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a good week:)

  11. O, my dear sweet have the most beautiful things and you really, REALLY know how to use them.
    This is the most delightful fall table I've seen. I love the lightness of it all...the colors are clear and everything is just fabulous.

  12. That hot chocolate sounds wonderful and I really love your festive table, Fabby. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. xo Laura

  13. Fabby, your table setting is stunning and I love the beautiful flowers. Dinner sounds fabulous and the Hot Chocolate sounds amazing. I need to give it a try. Thanks so much for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  14. !La mesa te quedó estupenda como de costumbre! I love the juxtaposition of traditional and modern pieces on this table, along with the beautiful colors of the season. I enjoy setting table for the holidays, so you've given me some great inspiration for Thanksgiving! The hot chocolate recipe sounds magnificent too. Blessings, mi amiga!

  15. Hi dear Fabby,
    What a colorful table you've set and the menu sounds perfect... I'll be right there. LOL!! Happy belated birthday wishes to you, sweet lady. The gorgeous roses are spectacular. Thank you for the recipe for the hot chocolate... Mmmmm! xo

  16. I love hot chocolate, Fabby, and would so enjoy trying this new recipe - thank you! Your table setting is so bright and cheerful, especially, that great tablecloth. I really like the leaf napkin rings and those cute pumpkins with the "warts" - lol!!

  17. Oh como me encanta el chocolate caliente con queso, hace bastante que no pruebo uno, pero bueno, buenas memorias trajiste querida Fabby! Como siempre, algo nuevo en tu mesa, por lo menos nuevo para mi, esos soup bowls son preciosos! Los colors vibrantes que usaste son perfectos para energizar este tiempo frio :)
    Las rosas tambien estan increibles!
    Happy belated birthday!

  18. Eating at your home is always like eating at a fancy restaurant Fabby - from the set-up to the menu, everything looks and feels special!!!!! Thank you for sharing the hot chocolate recipe, we Filipinos have our own version too with real chocolate tablets just like you use I think, but no eggs, just sugar and milk cooked in a pot! Pumpkins go well in your home dear, as well as the lovely roses!

  19. It's so BRIGHT! I love it!! Those roses really are incredible. You definitely have a flair, Fabby!

  20. Lovely Fabby. I love the cute pumpkins, and this is the perfect season for pumpkin cake. I love your colorful table setting! Thanks so much for sharing and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  21. What a warm and inviting tablescape, Fabby! Your centerpiece is gorgeous and so are the multi-coloured roses. Wonderful bright and colourful china too. Love it all, including the pumpkins and gourds. Thank you for sharing and coming to tea.


  22. Hi lovely lady.
    Your Tablescape is Gorgeous loving your dishes and the way you have put this all together. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my new fall Tablescape, hoping you and your family have a wonderful week.

  23. Dear Fabby,
    what a wonderful colorful table for autumn. I love the rich colors as much as the pumpkin theme. And hot chocolate sounds heavenly.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  24. This is a beautiful time of year to entertain and bring out your best festive table ware.

    Happy fall!

  25. Your table is beautiful, Fabby. The colors are very striking. The cake and soup look delicious....Christine

  26. Hi Fabby, you have such talent in decorating a table. I love all your colour combination, is that a real pumpkin in the middle of the cake? And the bouquet of roses is stunning! I'd like to try a real Ecuadorian chocolate.

    Have a good week dear friend

  27. Nice post! Thanks & Welcome for your comment and visit to my blog
    Have a nice day! Cath.

  28. Dear Fabby, Your Fall decor is beautiful..Just looking at your pictures is getting me in the mood to decorate. I love the colors and designs. Blessings dearest, your friend, Catherine xo

  29. This table just brightened my day. Those colors are wonderful, and I love that tablecloth. Your mum arrangement is so pretty, and oh my word! those roses are gorgeous! Belated happy birthday to you! Hope it was as wonderful as you are. laurie

  30. Hi Fabby! I'm so happy you finally got to join the party! I love your tablecloth. And, all your Autumn decor is beautiful. The dishes are perfect and those mugs are quite unusual.
    Again I am so glad you came. I didn't send out announcements to see if any one came....seems you all came.

  31. Hi Fabby! I'm so happy you finally got to join the party! I love your tablecloth. And, all your Autumn decor is beautiful. The dishes are perfect and those mugs are quite unusual.
    Again I am so glad you came. I didn't send out announcements to see if any one came....seems you all came.

  32. Hi Dear Fabby! Oh, what a lovely festive table you've put together! I love it and all of the wonderful Fall colors. You always feed me too! The cake looks wonderful and I do love hot cocoa! Thank you for popping in to see me and your kind words.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  33. Fabby, that is such a delightfully intimate affair you've set out. The orange all so pretty,and that splash of purple in your floral centerpiece brings autumn all together.


  34. Oh,so lovely Fabby! Very beautiful setting for fall!Those roses are gorgeous.

  35. That looks so nice! Love the cheerful tablecloth and lovely flowers!

  36. Fabby,
    This table setting is spectacular-gorgeous colors, vibrant, enticing and so inviting!

  37. WOW, Fabby!

    You have created such a colourful and fun tablescape!

    You are so much fun!!

  38. Such a glorious colorscape...the clear hot colors inspired by the equator. Outstanding! I love the Ikat tablecloth! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  39. Beautiful! Love your warm, cheery, autumn colors.

  40. Ha! love the pumpkin in your cake and all the unexpected bright colors! Very fun!

  41. Love the colors! The hot chocolate sounds delicious! Those new plates are great and so is that tablecloth. That is one colorful bunch of roses! How nice of them to send those to you!

  42. I"m back for another peek at this gorgeous, colorful table. '-)

  43. FABBY, Your tablecloth is gorgeous. Everything else is too. You have the prettiest flowers.

  44. Love this bright, cheery table. Is the cloth one done in Ecuador?

  45. Fabby,
    Your table is just fabulous!! I love your new dishes and that hot chocolate sounds delicious..wishing I had some Ecuadoran chocolate.. yum..have a great trip..
    Love, Mona

  46. I'm still loving your colorful table, Fabby! Thank you so much for popping in to see me. Now you can kiss Camp a couple of times, but if do it more I will be jealous! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  47. Gorgeous, colorful fall table! The salad plates are so pretty.
    Have a wonderful week, Fabby...

  48. Fabby you do set the prettiest table! Love the fall colors and the mixed colors of the mums also. Thanks for sharing at TTF!

  49. It does look like you love pumpkins and you have some really nice ones.
    The hot chocolate recipe sounds wonderful, I've never seen the tables in any the stores that I shop in.
    Your roses are beautiful and so are the flowers in the centrepiece.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  50. Fabby your dishes are so pretty. Such a perfect setting for Fall! Love the orange and purple mum combo. Those roses are the most colorful I have ever seen. Stunning indeed! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  51. Fabby: this is such an amazing table! Your colors pop off the computer screen. Just beautiful!
    Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  52. Gosh, Fabby, these vibrant colors are so pretty! You have so many beautiful dishes to work with; and you always manage to create the most wonderful settings! The roses are amazing!

  53. What a colorful table, so pretty!
    It would make a great cinco de mayo table too!
    Thanks for linking to Lrt's Dish!

  54. Gorgeous tablescape, Fabby - very vibrant! I do apprecate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  55. Fabby, you are wonderful. Truly. I LOVE this table setting--and you've given me a wonderful idea for the night before Thanksgiving!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at Grace at Home. I'm featuring you this week! :)

  56. Fabby, I broke into the biggest smile when I opened this post! I love your table!!! It is so pretty and colorful! This is one of my favorites of your tablescapes, and that's truly saying something considering all of yours are pretty!

    We must be on the same wavelength with the hot chocolate thing. :D Two great minds thinking alike! ;P

    Ricki Jill


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