Saturday, April 20, 2013

FABBY: Tea Time with my G'girls

Hello sweet friends!

Alejandro and me we've been so lucky lately to be having such fun time with our little girls, Victoria 8 1/2 and Cayetana 6, which will be spending their Spring brake with us. They are so smart and have grown in many ways so much; they even take pictures with their Mini-Ipad to send to their parents, of every lunch, dinner, baking, etc...almost like me, lol..  We talk a lot and have fun conversations, I know some of you know what I mean, as children this age are so fast about their own thinking and explanation of things...they're so entertaining and we even learn so much from them! I'm very busy, but extremely happy. I can't believe they're already visiting us ten days..and we have until next Saturday, when my daughter Sofia will take them back home.

My little girls are such joy, that I enjoy baking with them and having tea time; of course, in their own children's tea set, grandma-'Abe', (that's what they call me) keeps for them. Ok, here we are..

Here is the children's tea set and in the back it says 'Hartin' and a little flower, like. There's no mention to where it was made. I bought it last year and it was $'t beat it!

Victoria and Cayetana chose the tablecloth, the tea napkins in yellow and the flatware. They also didn't want bunnies, lol...they chose doggies, as they love them more than any other animal in the whole wide world..heheheee..

The little bundt cakes didn't come out that pretty, caz 'Abe' filled the little pans a bit too much and so they spilled; but, they were yummy anyway!

The pattern it's so cute, with a mother and her little girl riding a bike, along with their doggie. Happy Mother's Day is written all over the pieces, which I thought it was so sweet!

The floppy little cakes, lol..
Some little cheese sandwiches in pita brown bread.

I loved the little tray that came with the set, which follows the daisies in the tea set.
The little teacups are so sweet.

Cakes and doggies.

Victoria pouring herself some honey and chamomile tea.

Three ladies enjoying an afternoon tea.  oops!..look at my eye glasses..

Thank you sweet friends for visiting us and for always making my day!

I'm also very grateful to the gracious ladies that host such great parties.


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  1. Oh, they are so sweet, Fabby. What fun you will have all week long! Aren't grandchildren a true gift in our lives? Thanks for sharing. Susan

  2. Tea time with the G girls. What could be more fun? Cute photos, Fabby. Wish I had some grands to join me for a special tea.

  3. Fabby, this is such a sweet post! I know that you are really enjoying the girls. These are memories that they will cherish forever. How fun!

  4. Hi Fabby! This is indeed a beautiful posts. Everything I see speaks of beauty. I noticed even from your previous posts that you have a wonderful dining collections, from plates to teapots. You are really blessed to own these beautiful pieces. So priceless!

    Thank you for linking up. Have a happy and beautiful weekend!

  5. Oh Fabby, the girls are so beautiful. I know you are having fun with them. The tea set is amazing and such a great price and even with the pretty tray. So good because you aren't anxious when they are using it. So good for their training.
    Hugs to all of you, Ginger

  6. Good Afternoon Fabby, What a lovely tea party you had with your grand daughters.
    The little cakes were even nicer because your girls helped you bake them.
    I love the china you used... everything had a touch of Spring about it.
    Have a lovely Sunday.
    Best Wishes

  7. Sweet! Love the Mother's day tea pot and your mini Bundts! My granddaughter is 1 month old, I can't wait to have a tea party with her!!

  8. This is so cute, Fabby. I love the little precious tea set but there is nothing more precious than your granddaughters. How wonderful for you to spend some time with them. I miss that when AJ stayed with us for her whole spring break. Now, she is so busy that we have to stand in line for her time, lol. Your girls are growing so fast and so beautiful...Christine

  9. Oh how fabulous to have your beautiful grand-daughters with you. They are gorgeous and time spent with them is so precious. Love your tea, they chose a great setting. Hugs, Marty

  10. Your granddaughters are such lovely little ladies! I like that they chose dogs for the table.....I'm a dog lover, too! I think the little bundt cakes look great! What precious little moments spent with your special girls. You are the best grammy in the world!


  11. HI Fabby, Your granddaughters are so lovely what a beautiful moments
    with your girls!

  12. HI FABBY! I love tea, I love CERAMIC DOGS!!!!! I have my own collection of them and this same kind: FOX TERRIERS!

    I am glad you came by to visit; love those heels too! Anita

  13. What lovely young ladies and they are learning to enjoy the finer things in life. Love the sweet tea set and the tablecloth is beautiful. I am crazy over butterflies this Spring! Sweet hugs to you all!

  14. Oh Fabby- They are so cute. I am so glad that you were able to spend all that time with them. You will be ready for a good, long nap when they go home!;>) But it is a sweet tiredness, isn't it?

    What a beautiful little tea set. They must love having little tea parties with you. The bundt cakes are very sweet...just like the baker that made know- the one that left her glasses on the table!
    Blessings and happy Sunday to you-xo Diana

  15. This is so sweet Fabby. Your grand girls are so beautiful. What a special treat for you and the girls.

  16. How sweet and tender. Spending time with your granddaughters is priceless. What a cute little tea time party. Very cute and special. Also love those cute little dog figurines. Thanks for sharing such sweetness. Karie

  17. Dear Fabby,
    What a beautiful time you three must have had. The girls are just a beautiful as you! I like the tea set it is so cute. I like the dogs! I would love to eat that cake it looks so delicious! Look at you in those pearls just gorgeous. I am glad you are passing along your sense of style and grace. Thank you for sharing at The Creative Blog Hop! I almost forgot the stories behind your post are always so wonderful!

  18. Oh how sweet Fabby! Two precious girls with you for 10 days...what fun! Lovely tea and I love the cute! Your little chocolate goodies look good to me...LOVE chocolate!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY and have a GREAT week!

  19. Thanks for sharing your sweet post. I know some very special memories were made. Thanks also for stopping by my blog and leaving me such nice comments.

  20. So sweet!Enjoy your time with your girls.

    Great to have you be a part of SEASONAL SUNDAYS.

    - The Tablescaper

  21. Dearest Fabby,
    Lovely tea time with your cute granddaughters. That children's tea set with tray looks incredible and they chose the perfect cloth and doggies.
    Hugs to you,


  22. I just love this post Fabby.your G'girls are so cute and adorable.pretty arrangement with those cute the tea set...have a great

  23. This is such a cute tea party and the girls are adorable!

  24. Such a gorgeous tea set! Thanks for visiting and for your lovely comment...

  25. Fabby,
    I adore that you are teaching your G'girls the importance of taking time for tea!!! What beautiful young ladies they are becoming!!! Thanks for sharing this special Tea Time and the G'girls with us!!!

  26. What darling pics of your grandgirls! The teaset is precious, too. I know your little girls are enjoying their time at your house -- as well as learning a lot! I always have fun baking and crafting with my grands.

  27. Oh Fabby!! Your granddaughters are so adorable and you are the best grandmother to have such a lovely tea party for them. The tea set is so cute and the cakes do look yummy. I absolutely would not let the dogs near them, however, I would not want to share - lol!!

  28. What fun tea party time with your darling grand girls, Fabby! You're creating such wonderful memories for them. I loved seeing all your pretty faces!!

  29. Fabby,

    Your granddaughters are adorable. I love the little tea set and the wonderful teascape you've prepared for the girls. The little dogs and the wonderful heart filled table cloth ... perfect! Too much fun!!! Happy Tea Day!

  30. Hello Fabby,
    What a darling tea time with your girls! The tea set is adorable and so are the cakes! I'm sure they enjoyed every morsel. Cute tray and doggies too.
    Thank you for sharing this with us at Tea Time and have a wonderful week, dear friend.
    Fabby, would you mind very much changing my link? It should be ~ Thank you!


  31. Precious and Priceless! The sweet girls are so smart to set the tea table and use the dogs for the dog is pictured with the Mother and child on the set! The darlings are at a great age and absorb everything. The Mother's Day set is just the perfect treasure for them to use and the photos have many happy faces. The table is so beautiful and the yellow accessories are perfect with the tea party. Have a great Spring Vacation with them.

    NOTE: My post this week has our youngest puppy and our older rough collie pictured in the Texas Bluebonnets which is the state flower and I thought the grand daughters might enjoy the photos!


  32. Oh how sweet and special to have your Granddaughters with you! Such wonderful memories for you and the girls! Thank you for sharing!

  33. Oh how fun! The girls are adorable, and you are beautiful. I love their little tea set. What memories (and pictures) they'll have of visiting their grandparents, making little cakes and having tea. They obviously have learned a lot from you - their choices for the tea table look pretty. laurie

  34. How very sweet and lovely... a wonderful tea with your beautiful granddaughters. Didn't it make your heart sing!

  35. Hello Fabby,
    It looks like you have had a fabulous tea, as well as a wonderful time with your girls. They really are the sweetest!
    Great memories.

  36. Precious girls and precious moments!
    Smiling from here, Ruthie

  37. Fabby ... you always share the most delightful tea times. This is no exception... looks like a wonderful afternoon and the little bunt cakes looks yummy ... nothing beats home-baked!! Hugs and blessings, C. (HHL)

  38. Hi There,
    It is looking so good with all the lovely pictures and write up as well. I have been here after a while but enjoyed scrolling through your rest of the wonderful posts. Have a wonderful week ahead. Thanks for sharing your talent! Take care.
    Best Regards, Sonia !!!

  39. Grandchildren complete life's circle of Love. And in your case, of class and Beauty. Too. Gorgeous Little Ladies.
    They will make you proud and happy and that's an amazing Blessing.

    Love their set... made me smile as I imagine it makes you and them when you see it.

    Thank you for sharing these pieces of your heart.


  40. precious girls and precious memories

  41. Hi Fabby,
    three beautifull Ladies are had a memorable tea time. Thank you for sharing such a sweetness.
    best greetings, Johanna

  42. Hi Fabby: We are so lucky to have Grandchildren to spend time with. Yours are so beautiful. Girls are so much fun. I love the tea set. They are lucky to have such a wonderful Grandma. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  43. Hi Fabby,
    What a proud grandmother having tea with her lovely girls! They're such great company, our sweet grands!
    And all the care you put together in organizing this fun tea!
    Thanks for sharing, dear Fabby.
    Have a wonderful week with the girls.

  44. The tea set and table setting chosen by you and the girls makes your tea time lovely, and the memories of this time with their grandma "Abe" will last their life-time. What special memories you all will carry with you of such sweet times.

  45. Hello Fabby
    I'm visiting your blog for the first time - from Martha's tea party!

    Oh that's such a sweet tea set for your darling granddaughters - how lucky you are having them to stay and share a tea party!!!

    I live in New Zealand and my daughter and 3 granddaughters live in France!
    I am visiting them soon and I just can't wait to enjoy spending time in the kitchen baking with the two older ones. The baby is still too little!

    Lovely to meet you, I hope you might come and visit me.
    Shane ♥

  46. So cute !!! You are three lovely ladies !!
    The tea set is so sweet and those treat look so delicious.
    Have a wonderful day.

  47. Hi Fabby, you have sweet little granddaughters. I can't wait for my little two to grow up a bit. So lovely to create memories with them. Have a wonderful day. Hugs. :)

  48. What an adorable tea set! Looks like you had a wonderful time with your ggirls!
    Thanks for linking to Let's Dish!

  49. Oh, wow, Fabby...the girls are definitely following in their Mother and Grandmother's footsteps! They are going to be master tablescapers before they're 21!!! Isn't that wonderful that they have taken such a profound interest in it? The younger generation needs that nurturing and guidance to learn and actually practice the art of setting a nice table. You have given your granddaughters the perfect opportunity! They did a wonderful job, and I love their choice of doggies!

    Even though the cakes aren't as perfect-looking as you might have liked, I'm sure they tasted wonderful. In the end, I'm sure that's all that really mattered!!!

    GREAT buy on the tea set!!!!!!

  50. So pretty. Visiting you via No Minimalist Here.I would love for you to stop by and see my new room makeover :)

  51. What a fun Grandma you are! Love your tea party with cheese pitas and little cakes. Pretty Granddaughters too.

  52. Your granddaughters are beautiful, Fabby! They look like they are really enjoying tea time at that cute table.
    Have a great week...

  53. Fabby, The girls are adorable and I know they enjoy having tea with Grandma-Abe! Thank you for sharing your beautiful post at the Open House party.

  54. This is precious, Fabby, so delighted you had time to share with your G-girls! Love the tea set and the lovely cakes - I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden thursday,

  55. So sweet Fabby. The cakes may be a bit floppy, but they look delicious. The little teaset is so precious. What a joy to be able to spend time with your darling granddaughters. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  56. I agree with you. This post is truly inspiring. I like your post and everything you share with us is current and very informative, I want to bookmark the page so I can return here from you that you have done a fantastic job


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