Thursday, April 25, 2013

FABBY: Hotel-Hacienda Uzhupud

Hello sweet friends!

We went to spend a couple of days at this gorgeous Hotel-hacienda, Uzhupud, in Cuenca-Ecuador.. about one hour from town. Originally it belonged to Alejandro's grandparents and he and his siblings grew up there, going to spend summer vacations every year.  Now it's turn into a beautiful place to stay,  and it's in his older brother's hands and he and his dear wife keeps the lovely hacienda in it's glory..with huge gorgeous surroundings and stunning grounds, along with fabulous rooms, full with antique furniture and stunning decorations. Another time I will do a tour of it entirely, as my home-made photos doesn't do justice to this magnificent place. Now I will post some photos of our trip there with the G'girls, which is a must to do, when they come to visit us, lol.

You can also go into their page which is, "Hacienda-Hotel UZHUPUD" and check it out with professional looking photographs.


I love the colors of the bougainvilleas. There were so many stunning blooms of all kinds all around. Artistic vegetable gardens,  which are consume internally in their kitchen. The food is also fabulous and the spring weather, delicious, dry 75 -80 and sunny!

This is the back of the Hacienda, with all the mountain views and all. The suit we chose is right in the middle of it with the great balcony, just up the stairs you see in the photo.

Most of the architecture is from Alejandro's grandparents time, just as Spanish haciendas are.

My darling girls..Victoria and Cayetana.

Alejandro with us girls.
Victoria with her horse riding helmet.

Cayetana is ready too!

A boat ride with grandpa, in the lake.

The girls in an antique carriage, having so much fun!

Good night!!

We had a fabulous view of the mountains from the balcony of our room.

Hope you liked our stay at such beautiful place, as Hotel-Hacienda Uzhupud is, although my pictures doesn't do justice to the fabulous place it is. Maybe you'd like to check it out and visit the professional photos the owners have of the place..just go on Uzhupud. com

Thanks a ton for your sweet and kind visits my dear friends, as you always make my day!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I don't know what is more beautiful?! Your family or the hacienda!?



  2. Che posto incantevole!Sei bellissima come le tue nipotine!Baci,Rosetta

  3. What a beautiful, BEAUtiful place! You all look so relaxed - and it looks like the weather cooperated, too.

    I am eager to see the inside of the hotel. It must be amazing.

    By the way, our son will be traveling to Ecuador in June. I'll have to get the details. (It is a mission trip with some youth and adults....)

    Thank you for sharing these lovely photos.

  4. Fabby, The hacienda and grounds are gorgeous!..and the connection with Alejandro's grandparents, makes it even more special. Thanks for sharing your travels with your family...your granddaughters are darling.
    Have a great weekend,

  5. Fabby, this is a beautiful place! How fun to spend some time with your sweet granddaughters there. It's nice to see photos of you and your husband too. I think you captured the beauty of the place very well. Thanks for giving us a tour. Enjoy the weekend. Hugs, Pamela

  6. Very beautiful photos of a very beautiful place!

  7. Oh my word, this place is absolutley amazing. So beautiful and the gardens and views are stunning. You and the G-girls look like you had such a great time. Hugs, Marty

  8. Gorgeous family photos, Fabby! And that hacienda! OMG, how beautiful! You have shown it to us once before and I love it then too. I would spend the whole year there, not just the summer, lol. Thanks for sharing these, dear Fabby. Love seeing photos of you all and the lovely growing granddaughters...Christine

  9. Dear Fabby,

    The hacienda is fabulous but not as lovely as you and your family! Beautiful photos. I know how you must enjoy those precious little girls! What a memorable time together!

  10. Fabby,
    What a gorgeous place to stay!!!
    It would be perfect for a wedding!!!
    I love knowing the history of your family with this hotel!!!
    The G'girls are growing so very quickly and beautifully!!!
    Love seeing photos of all four of you!!!
    Fabby, dear friend, your photos are marvelous!!!

  11. What a beautiful hacienda...and family!
    Have a great week, Fabby.

  12. This looks like a fabulous place. So neat that it's a part of your husband's history. Amazing.

    Thanks for being a part of "Oh, the places I've been!". Looking forward to having you be a regular contributor.

    - The Tablescaper

  13. This place is amazing. The backgrounds are so beautiful and the architecture so interesting!

  14. Beautiful! I have a friend who lived in Ecuador for a couple of years and your photos make me want to visit! My man wants Brazil when we go to South America, though. I think he's a little overconfident in his Portuguese and keep lobbying for somewhere they speak his first language, Spanish. Maybe these pictures will help convince him!

  15. Fabby,
    O MY!!

    Stunning photos of you and your family and of such a beautiful place!!

    Thanks so much for sharing them!!

    Thanks also for your visit and I am glad that you joined me for "A Stroll in the Park"!! LOL!!


  16. Beautiful shots and your girls look just lovely!

  17. Fabby, what a beautiful hacienda! The grounds are just gorgeous. Your family is so beautiful too! Looks like everyone had a grand time. xo

  18. What a beautiful place Fabby and what a gorgeous family. Your girls are precious.. I love that Hacienda, it reminds me of ones in my beautiful Puerto Rico..

  19. Fabby, you live in the most beautiful place. How nice that this is just an hours drive from your home. Thanks for taking us along. Your grands are precious!

  20. Small wonder you are such a Beautiful - Guapa, too - Lady.

    You surround yourself of beauty and love. And by this blog I can see that often you add an extra - with children, grand-children, travelling to loveliest places on Earth - just because.

    I wanted to say that The Hacienda is so you and Alejandro - because even in the city apartement you keep that way of living - but as soon as I saw the pics of the little señoritas it was overwhelming to watch Fabby's LIVING on them too - sweet and loving little girls. Beautiful. And like your living - no two pieces alike - different from eachother, but with the same generous and tender mirada.

    So much Blessings, Dear Friend. Enjoy! And THANK YOU so much for sharing!!!!

    Teresa (who planted buganvilias this year, but ""forgot"" to tell husband that they are pretty messy ahahahah I love them and couldn't resist that happy vibe in my garden)

  21. Fabby your photos are beautiful too and give it a personal feel! It certainly looks like the girls are having a wonderful time!

  22. How beautiful you are Fabby, love the photo of you! Beautiful family too! Lovely place, gorgeous architecture and the grounds are so pretty! Thanks sooo much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday!

  23. What an absolutely gorgeous place to stay! The scenery is also very beautiful, but they do not compare with the beauty of your granddaughters. They are gorgoues!
    Have a good week!

  24. Hi Fabby!

    What a gorgeous family you have!
    This place looks like a dream and thank you for showing us all the surrounding scenery. It is so pretty there.Your G'girls are beauties, like their grandmother!

    Thank you for sharing your vacation pics with us.

  25. Your family is beautiful!! What sweet looking girls! Thanks for sharing a slice of your personal life :)

  26. Wow, you and your granddaughters are gorgeous and look so much alike!! Good looking husband too!

    I love the history of this beautiful hacienda. It looks like the perfect vacation spot. The flowers, the grounds and the architecture of the building is absolutely fantastic!!!

  27. Fabby, beautiful grandchildren who take after their beautiful grandmother.. Fabby, I am so glad you shared this. So many wonderful ideas I'd like to put into my backyard. I could see myself vacationing there for sure. It is stunning. Can you tell I fell in love with the hacienda? Oh yes... Have a blessed week.. xo marlis

  28. What a wonderful time with your sweet little grand girls, Fabby! You're sure making special memories!!

  29. FAbby, what an incredible place, wish I could stay there too. It is just stunning and so are you. That picture of you is fabulous. The girls are so sweet and pretty. The hacienda itself is amazing. I would love a tour of the inside, but the outside with the flowers and the scenery and the pool just blow me away!

  30. Oh Fabby, This is awesomely beautiful. I remember you showed us some pictures before but I enjoy seeing different views. The girls have grown so and they are beautiful like their grandmother. Alejandro looks like the perfect grandpapa. I can tell he is doing all the work on the lake.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful family place.
    Love to all, Ginger

  31. What a gorgeous place and such beautiful granddaughters! Love the bougainvilleas! I can see why you love to go there for a visit.
    Have a lovely week,

  32. Ma chère Fabby tes petites-filles sont merveilleuses et toi aussi...

  33. Oh, Fabby, this is gorgeous! What a beautiful piece of history to have in your family!

  34. You are living my dream life Fabby! I wish I could be you for a week!
    Thank you for joining Say G'day Saturday-hope to see you again this weekend!
    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz


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