Monday, February 11, 2013

FABBY: Collections Under Cloches

Hello sweet friends!

Here's another exciting cloche party at Marty's,  Table Top Tuesday. This is Marty's first Cloche Party 2013 and I chose for my collaboration, Collections Under Cloches, like some of my teapots, antique Virgin Marys, which I displayed them in my foyer vintage table and I'm thinking I'll leave them there for a while, I love them here! I also placed under cloches some of my teapots and little creamers...on my formal dining table. I also did a small vignette in the kitchen, again, with a collection that's just starting, which are pepper mills and I just acquired two of them on sale!  Let's join the party...!!!

 My collection of Blessed Virgin Marys statues. The chocolate and candy pretty heart boxes, just for the touch of Valentine's. I also decided I'm keeping the Blessed Mothers here in the foyer's French vintage table, for a time. 
 Up front, Virgin Mary of Quinche is believed to be very miraculous, she is the Andean Virgin..that's why in Quito-Ecuador there's a beautiful church with Her name. My Mil gave it to me when my dear daughter Alexandra was born. She is made of clay and is an antique.
 This beautiful Virgin Mary is the Patroness of Ecuador. She is The Legarda Virgin. She is new, she was a gift from my best friend Myriam for my 50th. birthday...very soon she'll be vintage too, lol.. This Virgin is the only one from recent times, I have.
My favorite is the one at your left, she's a Colonial Virgin, at least 100 years old and it's Alejandro's heirloom from his mother.
 This beautiful Immaculate Conception was my hubby's grandfather's when he was a she is an antique too. My Mil gave it to me, because in my family we worship The Blessed Immaculate Conception. My mother has a big beautiful one from my grandmother, I guess she will give me Her one day.
My kitchen vignette in a tray with my pepper mills, which I just got the Lucite and tall wooden one on sale for $4 each and since I like pepper mills, I decided that would be a great and fun collection! The small wooden one comes with a salt-shaker too and we bought it in Macy's, NY when we first got married and it's French.

The platter in the back was made at our former Ceramic Co...along with the soup-cup and saucer.
You can appreciate a little of the pretty embroidery on the tray mat.
I displayed some of my teapots under glass on my formal dining table. Up front the elephant teapot with the Chinese boy lid.
 Blue Onion teacups and creamer in my apothecary jar and a creamer in the French bronze cloche with pedestal.
A gathering of a bunch of tiny creamers, of all material and makes;..or like we use them around here, for the lemon juice for tea.

At your left is my Mil's silver teapot.

Red English transfer ware looks great under glass too.

Here you have them..along with an oil lamp, candle holder,  which I sometimes use it as a cloche too..and at right, another candle holder.


Thank you so much for your visits, they always make my day!

Thank you lovely and gracious hostesses for having me at your fun parties, specially Marty for Tables Top Tuesday and I hope to see all of you there, as again, she's hosting her great "Winter Cloche Party" for 2013 at,

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  1. I love the way that you've scattered your cloches all over your table, Fabby! And what a great idea to group items together like you did.

  2. Your cloches are gorgeous! What a elegant way to display your treasures! Hugs, Penny

  3. Fabby,your collection of Blessed Mother statues is so beautiful. I had a rather large one of the Immaculate Conception many years ago. Your cloche collection is lovely too, and I love the different items you displayed in them. xo

  4. Fabby,
    I must agree that your collection of Virgin Mary beneath your cloches is also my favorite!!!
    I do love the creativity of putting your pepper grinders under the cloche in the kitchen! How clever, dear friend!!!
    Those blue onion tea cups under the cloche and the red and white transferware cup and saucers are stunning!!!
    Thanks for sharing all your cloches and some of your many collections with us!!!

  5. So pretty Fabby! Love the ones with the cups and pitchers under them.

  6. Very lovely Fabby, I have never seen a cloche party before. I love the look, and especially your religious statues look amazing under the glass.
    Thanks so much for sharing them with us!

  7. Fabby, your table of cloches looks great. I like them grouped together. Terrific look!

  8. Hello Fabby~ Oh my gosh! How elegant and charming- love the cloches. What a treasure to own those beautiful figurines that reflect your faith! If you ever visit California, be sure to make trips to see the wonderful Missions, especially Santa Barbara.

  9. Dearest friend,
    That was fun to roam through Museum Fabby! What about your fabulous cloches? Are they vintage and antiques too? You certainly mean the Virgin Mary I guess. I read Virgin Marry and Merry but it must be one and the same for sure.
    Lovely items you keep under your cloches, you surprise us each and every time.
    Enjoy your Valentine week.

  10. It's Official!
    My online friends took the day to drive me crazy... and kill me of envy.
    I so love Cloches. And yours are so gorgeous. Your Religious Figures' Collection under them is Priceless.
    Thank you for sharing,

    P.S. When I come visiting you ;) just put me where you put your dishes... wouldn't mind at all and might not even get out of the house ahahahahah You really have true gems! Beautiful too.

  11. Bonjour ma très chère Fabby,
    Je suis très très heureuse de te retrouver après mes longues semaines d'absence... Mon voyage en Afrique fut merveilleux. Il est cependant bien triste de retrouver la grisaille et le froid de l'hiver en France...
    cependant je pense que de futures toiles sont en gestation...
    Je suis heureuse de te lire aujourd'hui et d'admirer toutes ces merveilleuses cloches qui mettent en valeur les objets qui te tiennent à coeur... et le mots objet n'est pas un très joli mot. je dirais plutôt les oeuvres.
    Si je pouvais aujourd'hui t'offrir une cloche je le ferais... Elle serait gigantesque et elle abriterait l'ensemble de ton blog et de ses chefs-d'oeuvres.
    Je t'envoie de gros bisous et à l'aube de cette Saint-Valentin je te souhaite beaucoup d'amour.

  12. Hi pretty Fabby! Oh, my! I knew you would have beautiful cloches and beautiful things to poke under them! Your figurines are so lovely and of course, I love your dishes under glass.
    Thank you so much for your visit and sweet comments.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Wow, you have such a beautiful collection! Who would think stacking teacups would look so stunning but it does!

  14. What beautiful cloches you have. Beautiful display that you did. I think I like the French one best, going back to recheck them. Beautiful!!!!

  15. What wonderful & creative ways to use your cloches! How many do you have, anyway?!?

  16. Ooo, you know I love those blue and whites under glass!

  17. Hi: I just had to look at each cloche very carefully, they are so beautiful. What a wonderful collection and treasures you own. Have a blessed Valentine's Day. Hugs, Martha

  18. Hello my dear precious Friend,

    SO much inspiration with all you cloches. I really am drooling once again.

    Myself? I am a lazy biyatch due to my flu that won't go away. I was diagnosed with this and that and ended up to a high blood pressure. I am tired when it is winter. All illness cooperate with me.

    Hope you & your DH have a great time and enjoying.

    Love from a frozen city,

  19. Hi Fabby,
    Such a great collection of cloches!
    How fit to display your treasures undernesth!
    Thanks for sharing all the beautiful objects and photos, dear friend.

  20. Fabby,
    your cloches are lovely and so are the items you have displayed in them.

    What a fabulous collection.


  21. Lovely vignettes of your cloche creativity!

  22. Hello Fabby!
    Wow- you pulled out al the stops! You have a fabulous collection of cloches. I love your religious figurines. The dishes always look cute under them too!

  23. Fabby, how on earth do you manage to store all your cloches and dishes - I find it difficult to manage just a few presentation plates! I must get a cloche or 2 - so pretty. Hope you are having a good week.

  24. You have quite a collection of cloches, and I rarely see cloches for sale around here.Do you order them or find them in any particular stores?

    Your collection of Virgin Mary's is unique, and i think it is special each one has her own story about how she came to be in your family.

  25. Wow, you have a beautiful collection Fabby. of course you do, you have so many beautiful pieces. The Virgin Mary is so special. So much to see. You certainly know how to display them dear Fabby.

  26. I love your cloches, Fabby. I especially love the Virgin Mary's and teacups. I have a collection of Virgin Mary's and various saints and Jesus too...Christine

  27. Fabby, I love it all! Today, my heart goes to the Red English transfer ware that looks great under glass. Your collection of Blessed Mother statues is beautiful.

  28. Your stories of each Blessed Mother statue is fascinating. I'd love to hear more about the ones from your part of the world, and how they came to be.
    Always love visiting your blog.

  29. Beautiful! I had no idea had so many cloches! They are all lovely and you've created some fabulous vignettes with them.
    Have a lovely day, my friend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  30. Wow Fabby, you have so many cloches and all the so beautiful with your collections. The Virgin Mary is so special and the ones in the kitchen are so cute too. Great Collection.

  31. Oh my, I guess I got so excited I forgot to leave a comment. I did see all of your cloches and I am featuring them in my review. They are absolutely stunning and so many wonderful displays and vignettes. Hugs, Marty

  32. Hi Fabby,
    Your collection of cloches is fabulous! I love the china displayed under each of them. The elephant is adorable and I am loving the red transferware. Thanks for sharing at my HOME and enjoy your weekend, my friend.

    Sandi @ Rose Chintz Cottage

  33. Oh Fabby! Tienes una coleccion gigante de "cloches"! Yo no he podido participar en Marti's cloche parties porque no tengo ni una! :) Me encanta como se ve tu coleccion de virgenes bajo los cloches. Una vez mas me has dejado anonadada!
    Un abrazo querida amiga!

  34. Fabby, your cloches are beautiful and so varied. I guess I actually have to break down and buy a couple. Maybe I'll find one in France...

  35. Wow, you outdid yourself. So many darling cloches.

    You have amazing collections and display them so lovely.

    I don't know how I would pick a favorite. The stacking teacups, little pitchers, special Virgin Mary's are ALL so special. I know you had fun with this post.


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