Friday, December 14, 2012

FABBY: Nativity and Christmas Tree 2012

Hello sweet ladies!

Here is my small Nativity Andean scene, all snowed up as in the Andean mountains it snows too. I always make it inside the fire place as now the weather is like spring so we won't need it. This is just a fraction of the pieces I have stored in boxes, as when we lived in our huge house, the Nativity was also huge, little daughters used to love to make rivers, lakes, roads, mountains, you name I don't have a big space so this is it, but my little grands just love to play with the pieces. I'm also posting my Memory Tree I've been collecting the ornies since 1975 when we married and it has so many heirlooms and so many dear ornaments I love. Some of you wanted me to post close ups of it, so I abladged!
Ok, here it is, hope you like it.
Let's have some tea with granola cookies while we enjoy the Nativity scene.
 Here is the Nativity scene inside the fire place and by the Christmas tree. Everything is in our family room.
 This is an Andean village, all the pieces are made of is the custom here and the pieces are all made in Ecuador.
 You can spot in the back an Indigenous woman and her donkey carrying chicken, which is her offerings to Baby Jesus. There are other Indigenous people at left, carrying a sheep, another one in a donkey playing the guitar and singing to the Baby, etc. 
The presents are dummy ones, but I like the look as we place real ones later here as well, at the feet of the Nativity, specially the big ones. 
Cayetana, my 5 year old grand just loves to feed the piggies here, or the chicken and she's  forever rearranging it all, lol..
 Our Christmas tree is filled with ornaments dear to my heart, they contain so much memories of family long gone, friends.. family today, like my mom, aunts, daughters, hubby, and from  trips we've made..and some pieces dating back from 1975, the year we got married. In case you're wondering..the painting of the gentleman, top left; is Alejandro's grandfather, who brought the electricity to this town, in the early 1900's.
 The first close up of the Christmas tree. My grandgirls in the little wreath pic frame.
My best friend Stephanie brought me the patriotic C'mas ball right after Sept. 11th. from her trip to NJ, her hometown..she also lives here. My daughter Sofia when she was three years old, at your right in a small wreath pic frame.
 At the bottom left you can peek on a ceramic cookie made by one of my girls..with a broken arm, hehehe
 The white ornament is made of small sea shells, a present from a dear friend. My daughter Alexandra as a little girl in the wreath frame at your left. A pug-dog ornament to remind us of our beloved pet Benito. The grands at your right.
 The angel was a gift from my Mil to my daughter Alexandra and the porcelain Dutch C'mas ball in white and blue.

 I set a tea table and cookies in front of the Nativity and tree, right here in the family room, where we spend Christmas Eve and day with the family. A dear friend of mine made the holiday pillow for me many years ago.. at your left.

Wishing you and your families a wonderful and blessed Christmas, no matter how big, how many presents we get, or not; that's not the important part of it all. Real Christmas is we are welcoming our SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST's birthdate. The same wishes go for the lovely and gracious hostesses of the fun parties every week.


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  1. What an interesting/charming Andean Village & Nativity!

    And I could spend HOURS looking at your tree :) Thank you for photographing & posting it.

  2. Your Nativity set and Christmas tree are beautiful Fabby. You have many pretty and sentimental ornaments. Beautiful post! I wish you and your family a very blessed Christmas. Blessings and Hugs, Pamela

  3. Hi Fabby. Beautiful nativity, the grands would enjoy setting it up a moving pieces. Great memories. Like your memory tree. Like that name too, we were married in 1970 and have balls and decorations from then and throughout the years. Going to steal your name. Merry Christmas ...

  4. How pretty it all looks Fabby! I love the Christmas tree with all those fantastic ornaments and the story behind some of them! But what really got my eye and sent me back in time was the Nativity! Its adorable! It reminds me of the Nativities my mom used to create! It was one of my favorite parts of Christmas time, going from house to house admiring the Nativities during "La Novena de Navidad"!

  5. Hi Fabby, your Nativity is very special. I love the ceramic village on the snow. Your tree it very beautiful and filled with your family's memories, very very special. One of my most favorite trees I have seen in Blogland. xo

  6. What wonderful memories. We used to have a family tree in the family room, with all the collected ornaments, too.
    Your nativity makes me remember some of the elaborate ones our friends in Mexico had. We spent one Christmas with them, when I was a child. All the houses we visited had ones that were spread over huge tables. When we came home, I asked for one for our house. We got a very small one, but I still have it. My girls played with it, when they were little. Such a sweet way to learn about the true meaning of Christmas.

  7. Love it all! Everything looks so festive and your nativity scene is spectacular! Your tree is amazing.. so much to look at :)

    Hope you enjoy lots of fun holiday festivities this weekend:)

  8. Your nativity scene is beautiful. We call them Nacimientos here in southern Arizona. They can get quite elaborate.

  9. Everything is gorgeous. I love your nativity, it is so pretty and so many wonderful pieces. Your tree with all the memory ornaments is so beautiful. I love my memory ornaments too. So pretty. Hugs, Marty

  10. All you "Ladies" and "Richard" too! Merry Christmas ,my Blogger friend. Richard from, My Old Historic House and Sissy too!

  11. Fabby, what a wonderful nativity! You have the most fabulous Christmas decor and so many precious ornaments. It is stunning to see it all in one place!

  12. Oh Fabby, I LOVE your tree and your wonderful decorations. I always wonder how people can do theme trees and not use the ornaments that are close to your heart ...... My ornaments all have a history and yours do to. BEAUTIFUL!!

  13. Fabby, your nativity is wonderful! Your beautiful Christmas tree is certainly a WOWIE!!
    Mary Alice

  14. Fabby-It is beautiful...from the nativity (love the traditional pieces) to the ornaments on the tree. I, too, was married in 1975 and had collected from then until now. This year I split them all up between my 4 kids-and they all took turns taking the ones that had memories attached to themselves.
    Your tree and everything is just beautiful. I love the picture of your hubby's grandfather-Wonderful heritage- xo Diana

  15. Fabby, I love your idea of setting up the nativity in the fire place. I especially like the face that your grands are free to play with it and rearrange the pieces! Your tree is gorgeous! :)

  16. Hi Fabby

    Your nativity and Christmas tree are absolutely beautiful! I love when a tree is full of Christmas memories. A very happy and blessed christmas to you and your family! Happy Pink Saturday!

  17. Fabby, I'm catching up tonight and enjoying the tour of your beautiful home dressed for Christmas........Sarah

  18. I have never seen a nativity scene with a whole little village, I loved it! Your tree is beautiful and it looks like each ornament has a special story all it's own. I love that about unwrapping things for the tree when you go to decorate. It's a gift in itself. Happy Pink and have a wonderful weekend!

  19. Fabby,
    Your Nativity with the village is such a unique treasue, dear friend!!! I love that you allow the grandchildren to re~arrange the pieces!!! What a neat custom to place the gifts at the base of the Nativity!
    Your Memory Tree is gorgeous!!! Each ornament holding memories precious to your heart! Thanks for enlarging the photos!!! Vision impared and it doesn't get better with age! Ha!

  20. What a great collection of ornaments!! Your decorations are wonderful and represent many years! Love the nativity! Thanks for linking to Open House!

  21. Ma très chère Fabby,
    Il serait vraiment très plaisant que de déguster une tasse de thé tout en bavardant devant ce bel arbre de noël si majestueusement décoré...
    Chaque sujet a son importance, sa signification... J'aime beaucoup cela !...
    Une ambiance si chaleureuse se dégage. Tu as su magnifiquement créer cette atmosphère. J'aime également la nativité.
    Ma chère Fabby je te souhaite à toi et à tous ceux que tu aimes un très Joyeux Noël et une très belle année 2013...
    Gros gros bisous.

  22. Dearest Fabby,
    Interesting post about your Nativity and Christmas Tree. Love the stories most of all, it is a tree of fondest memories. Great painting of Alejandro's Grandfather and what a great man he was for his community! Just imagine life without or before electricity...
    Aha, did spot your Dutch blue Christmas ornament as well.
    Hugs to you and enjoy your 3rd Advent.

  23. Fabby, I love you tree and all its precious memory ornaments. The nativity is exquisite. I clicked to enlarge the pictures to bet a better look at each piece. Is that a no fishing sign? I am not good at Spanish. I love every detail. I can just see the grands having so much fun rearranging everything. Love to you, Ginger

  24. Fabby, it must be such a treat when you take out the ornaments, like visiting with old friends!
    I know I fall in love with mine all over each year! Your tree is gorgeous!

  25. Wow! Chicka Mia!

    You are so ready to welcome Jesus birth? I drool your nativity. Love story behind it. Drool...

    Your Christmas tree is also one of a kind. It shows the abundancy and to festive.

    At D´Box? We are still coping our lost but we are on the way to bury our sorrows. Lil Missy is coming home tomorrow, 17th Dec. so, it is time to grab a real Christmas Tree and it will be adorn with real snow.

    Keep on looking. HOpe you have a great 3rd Advent.

    GB to you and yours,
    /Chie @ D´Box

  26. Hi Fabby. The nativity and village set up in your fireplace is wonderful. I love how the nativity seems to be looking out over the whole village. Your tree is so pretty. There's nothing better than a Christmas tree that is full of memories!

  27. Your Christmas tree is a beautiful autobiography of your life journey and that of your very special. The nativity in the fireplace makes it a perfect focal point and emphasizes the Reason for the Season. I love it all. Merry Christmas! Cherry Kay

  28. You have so many gorgeous ornaments!!! And what a sweet scene set into your fireplace, so lovely and festive, I love it, dear lady.
    Hugs, Cindy

  29. Hi Fabby! Thank you for the greetings and for always linking up. I love your Christmas tree!!!! And also that Christmas village out there. I enjoyed looking at each picture. I felt like a kid drowned with candies and chocolates.

  30. Very festive, Fabby :)Seasons Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla


  31. So beautiful....real celebration and festive your Andean village creation.the X'mas tree is tall and pretty.lovely hangings and you have preserved everything so well.Each one take you back to the moment.thank you.have a great season with family and friends....Love sujatha.

  32. Hi Fabby-
    I love the nativity and how you've set it up. The memory Christmas tree is beautiful!

  33. Fabby, as always, your home is beautiful and inviting. The nativity
    is a precious treasure and I certainly understand why you would want to showcase it. Thanks for sharing!

  34. Just reading your post on the memory tree gives me a warm and happy feeling.

  35. Dear Fabby,
    You are fabulous! Your tree is a treasure trove of wonderful ornaments. I am amazed you could fit so many on the tree. It looks so festive.
    Your nativity set is just so wonderful too. I love it.
    Thank you for sharing all this beauty.
    Ruthie from:

  36. Your tree is beyond fabulous Fabby! It is priceless with all those memories attached. What a beautiful display.
    Your tea setting is so very festive! So pretty! And a lovely little spot to have tea as well.
    Happy Holidays to you dear,

  37. Very festive and regal!Gorgeous post as always Fabby.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

    Happy Holidays and Warm Seasons Greetings from Singapore~Sanghamitra.

  38. Fabby-- What a charming idea. Putting the Nativity in the fireplace is clever! Your tree looks so festive and inviting. Happy Christmas count down :)

  39. Fabby,
    I love your Andean Village Nativity. I'd be sitting on the floor with your grand-daughter moving things around, too! What fun! And your tree ... Marvelous! Always wonderful to stop and have tea with you. Merry Christmas and HUGS!!!

  40. Hi Fabby,
    Your tree is simply wonderful, filled with precious ornaments and memories. I like your tea set too; very festive! Thank you for coming for tea and have a beautiful Christmas with your family and friends. Fabby, dear, I don't like to be a bother but you have my link down wrong. Would you please change it to-
    Thank you so much.

    Christmas blessings,

  41. G'morn Fabby ~ So glad to hear from you.

    Your home & decor is just spectacular. I so adore Nativity's. Keep mine out year round.

    Merry Christmas
    TTFN ~

  42. Hi Fabby: As I would expect from you, a stunning Christmas Tree filled with beautiful memories. This tree is so you. Thank you for a wonderful year of memories. Blessings, Martha

  43. What a great assortment of ornaments..just lovely!

  44. Gorgeous Christmas decorations. The Andean Village is so sweet! Your teaset on the coffee table is very different and so pretty! Have a great Christmas!


  45. What an amazing tree!! And the village is so sweet!!
    Also loving the tea set!! so pretty!!


  46. I imagine my tree will one day look like this (it is getting there). I love ornaments with a story. We have had such fun telling stories of each and placing the ornaments the kids have made in the same class (6 years apart) next to each other. What a beautiful tree you have the love shows!


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