Monday, December 10, 2012

FABBY: A Hanukkah Tablescape

Hello sweet friends!

Here we are starting another week of December and the year will be over before we realize it!
I made this blue, white, silver tablescape to honor the Hanukkah Season, although I'm Catholic, but wanted to honor some of my Jewish friends in NYC and of course the Jewish bloggers. I used a pretty blue and white cotton tablecloth from India and my blue and white onion dishes. The Menorah was brought to me by my DD Alexandra several years ago from NYC, which represents the Festival of Lights.

 My first Hanukkah tablescape...hope you like it.
 This pretty Menorah, a gift from my daughter Alexandra is made of Lucite. The stemware is French from my Mil. The silver bowl I used here with silver, aqua and some green tree balls..was also a gift from DD Alexandra.
 The onion pattern dishes are one of my very fave patterns in "dish-land".
This Indian cotton tablecloth in blue and white is just perfect for this tablescape.
 The soup bowl I used here is Chinese, hand decorated...all nationalities, right? lol The chargers are pewter, to continue with the silver theme.
Here you have first Hanukkah tablescape! Hope you join me at these great parties, as Blue Monday, Table Top Tuesday and Let's Dish.

Thank you so much in advance for dropping by, as you always make my day! Have a wonderful week and Happy Holiday Season to all of you.

Thank you gracious hostesses for having me at your terrific and fun parties.

Happy Hanukkah


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  1. What a beautiful table of blue touches. I especially like your idea of placing a blue ornament on crystal candlesticks. Thanks for sharing.

    You didn't select a picture, so as soon as I leave this comment, I'll do that for you.

    Happy Blue Monday and Happy Holidays to you, Fabby.

  2. LOVE this table. Polly's menorah is packed away in storage with all her belongings, this year. (She is between dwellings, at hthe moment) I hung a nice Hanukkah wreath on my door. We're Christian, but as we had many Jewish friends when she was growing up, she learned to love their traditions and celebrations, and continues to honor them.

  3. Very pretty! I love the blue, white and silver.

  4. Such a pretty table! I always think that blue and silver look so elegant together :)

  5. Hi Fabby,
    thats so nice of you to make a special Hanukkah table for your friends. And it looks beautiful. The Hanukkah candle holder is a treasure and the tablecloth is so elegant. Thank you for sharing and have fun with your guests.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  6. I agree with the ladies... touch of aqua/blue or turqouise is really magical.

    LOVE the candelabra. It's one of a kind (at least for me).

    Wonderful setting as always, mi preciousa amiga.

    Beso beso,

  7. Very well done. You did an excellent job.

  8. Fabby,
    This is STUNNING!!!
    A Hanukkah Tablescape with blue and white and silver is exquisite! The night sky is such an impressive backdrop when your candles are lighted!!! Thank you for sharing your many talents with us!

  9. I am not Jewish but this is really pretty, Fabby. I love your menorah. Alexandra really has beautiful taste, just like her mama...Christine

  10. absolutely beautiful!! I love, love, love blue onion dishes too. Happy Hanukkah to you!!

  11. Fabby- That is so very beautiful. You have the most gorgeous china and tablescapes. Beautiful!!! xo Diana

  12. you have truly set an international table my friend! It is so lovely, I really like the menorah and all your blue and white, and the way you display your ornaments! (they look like they are topping tall candlesticks.

  13. lovely... thank you for the happy chanukah three:-)

  14. yay, it's so nice to see another chanukah tablescape! love this menorah!

  15. Fabby, Your tablescape is a beautiful way to celebrate Hanukkah, and you're a thoughtful friend to honor this special holiday for your friends.

  16. Beautiful! I've always loved the traditional color palette for celebrating Hanukkah. I know all your friends, (but especially your Jewish friends!) enjoyed it!

    Jessica @ A Humble Creation

  17. Your tablescape is just gorgeous! I love the colors that you chose....Hugs, Penny

  18. Hi Fabby! Oh, how sweet of you to do this tablesetting! It's gorgeous! We have a neighbor who is Jewish and they always put out blue lights and little dreidels in the yard.
    You're so good at everything.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. Dearest Fabby,
    Guess you graduated with honors from your attempt to set a Hanukkah table!
    Love your interesting items at table. You always can tell us many stories that are interweaving your loved ones and many countries.
    Hugs to you,

  20. Fabby, your tablescape looks so elegant! Well done!

  21. You did a beautiful job with your Hanukkah table, very special!! Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas, Laura


  22. I was on a short holiday and getting back home first thing i saw was your elegant table scape.really loved your candles and the blue-dishes.beautifully set in table...:):):)

  23. Dear Fabby,

    Yours is a beautiful and very thoughtful table.

    Well done, friend!

  24. The table turned out beautifully! I wish I had purchased a menorah when we were in Israel. This one is so beautiful and your silver candles are perfect.

  25. How nice Fabby. I have never done a Hanukkah tablescape or vignette. The Menorah is beautiful.

  26. What a really nice gesture, Fabby, and a beautiful table in honor of the Jewish holiday! That's a gorgeous menorah!

  27. One neat, pretty tablescape!

    Visited from Blue Monday- hope you can stop by..

  28. Beautiful tablescape! I love the blue china with everything!
    Have a happy week!
    sandy :)

  29. Beautiful Fabby! I love your candles, they really bring out the beauty of your table. Of course, the Hanukkah candles are much more important than that. But it does look really beautiful too : )
    Did you sign up for my giveaway?

  30. Your table is lovely, Fabby. Pretty and perfect for an intimate dinner.

  31. That is really beautiful, dear Fabby, I love the blue and silver together and the Menorah is lovely. Your table cloth is lovely as well as the Chinese dishes.
    Hugs, Cindy

  32. This is such a beautiful blue and silver table! Gorgeous!

  33. So elegant Fabby.

    I know it's Friday already but I don't want to miss the BLUE entries so here I am.

    Hope you can also comment on my my BLUE post


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