Saturday, September 1, 2012

FABBY: My Favorite Room

Hello Alison and all my dear friends!

I'm joining today at lovely Alison's Polo House for her "Favorites on the First Party" and the theme for today is: "Your Favorite Room". That was easy.. I chose our dining room, but don't get me wrong, I love every inch of our nest..but, the dining room is my favorite, since this is where I get to (play) tablescape with my dishes, which is what I specially love to do.
This year we did a few changes that were long overdue and others just because we liked them better. Every time I walk in here I have a smile on my face and always think.. "what should I do next?"...I just can't leave things well enough alone!

Enjoy a safe and wonderful weekend, wonderful friends and thank you for your very appreciated and kind visits.

Our dining room.
The door with the milky glass panels leads to the kitchen, as our dining room and breakfast area are not open to the kitchen...I like it when I have guests, so not to worry about the mess I make, hehehee.. The beautiful buffet-cabinet has Italian brass ornate angels and ovals in walnut root, rimmed in brass and also very pretty inlays in the same walnut root; as does the dining table.

 Alejandro gave me for last Mother's Day the beautiful antique Italian chandelier and I'm beyond thrilled with it. We also just added a medallion in the ceiling, which was the icing on the cake.
 We have our breakfast round, alabaster table, made here in Cuenca-Ecuador and vintage Dutch chairs, in the same area as the formal dining room, so when we have a large group of guests, everyone can mingle and be close together. Between the two dining sets I can have fourteen guests and I've had more. I also have a beautiful view, from the city and a gorgeous river that runs by the woods, you can see from my 14th. floor of our Pt.House window..along with the Andean mountains as well.
My Mil's English buffet at your right, with my newly acquired red transferware dishes.
The background wall with some transferware and and white plates.
 This Italian style dining room furniture, made here, in Ecuador, has a story and I'll make it short. "Twenty years ago, for my birthday, hubby decided he was going to give me a beautiful Chippendale dining room set I had fallen in love with, and was very expensive, but for my "important" milestone, he agreed..aaand so we headed to a beautiful and fine furniture store where we had seen it. When we got there I saw the Italian style dining set and I almost tripped, it was sooo gorgeous!..BUT, it was too darn expensive for the budget we had already planned to spend...therefore, I just praised it's beauty and that was the end of it, like a good wife would, lol..(I was suffering deep inside for it, though!)
We went out for dinner that night and Alejandro handed me the bill's receipt from the dining room purchase, and it was inside a pretty envelope with a lovely written card.. as for me to claim ownership. I wasn't surprised cause I knew, of course...but, I opened it anyway and it said: "Italian Dining Room set..Happy birthday mi amor" and I almost dropped dead!!! My hero IS fabulous!!
 The Belgium antique buffet from the 1940's was added this past March, in exchange of a small hutch I had that went to my daughter Alexandra's home.
 Here you can appreciate how close to each other, the two dining areas are.
 This is also an antique Egyptian piece, (don't know how old) with brass insets, or inlays, all over it.. I'm very fond of this beautiful piece too.

The dining table has walnut-root inlays, as does the buffet cabinet.
So here you have it, my favorite room in the house...My Dining Room.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend lovely friends. 



I can't wait to visit and see your favorite rooms at "Favorites on the First" at "The Polo House". as well.  So, see you in a while!

Thank you lovely hostesses for having me, you are wonderful! 

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  1. what a spectacular room and your pieces are amazing! I hope you host a lot of dinners in there to enjoy your space. Your view is amazing as well from that room. where do you live?

  2. Fabby,
    Oh, dear friend...what a beautiful dining room, indeed! I adore the Italian chandelier...and the Italian dining room furniture. Your husband is a wise and thoughtful man! I love that both dining areas are together...yet separate! Thanks for sharing your lovely favorite room with us!

  3. wow! what a gorgeous room! I can sure picture eating some wonderful meals there.

  4. Fabby- What a gorgeous, gorgeous room. Somehow I knew that would be your favorite room. The chandelier is just a work of art and looks beautiful in your elegant setting. One of the beautiful things for me is the view out your windows. It must be just breathtaking at night with the city lights glowing below and around you.

    What a wonderful anniversary set- I'd say your hubby loves you very much- xo Diana

  5. Words can't describe how beautiful your diningroom is. I looked at the pictures over and over again. BEAUTIFUL!

  6. Hi Fabby! Oh, when I look at your lovely dining room your snaps look like they are from a magazine! Your home is so elegant and I love your dining room too - your furniture is beautiful and your dishes - gorgeous!
    Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. I can see why you love it-it is a very elegant room.Great birthday from your thoughtful hubby.

    Thank you for your visit and the tip on Polo House-I linked up too.


  8. Your dining room is fantastic, and I love how you have the two tables, one for more intimate meals. You have such elegant taste. Love your tablescapes you share with us in this spectacular room. :D

  9. Dearest Fabby,

    No wonder, with such regal furniture this looks like you want to stay in the dining room forever.
    LOVE your Belgian burl walnut buffet. It's funny, being from the Old World, we only can claim something as antique when it is 100 or more years old. Here in the USA however I've learned that they often do confuse vintage with real antique.
    Never mind, your choice is exquisite and you are blessed having received that beloved dining room set. You know, that is something that will stay in your memory till your last breath; a very royal gift of love! The price tag, however steep 20 years ago, long will be forgotten! It only adds to the value and above all to the sentimental value.
    You have a rare ability to place things exactly right, all items are in the right proportion and do blend so well together. Nothing looks diminutive or overly bulky in combination with adjacent pieces. Always pleasing to the eye. An area where your guests will feel at ease and happy.
    Love your beautiful display cabinets and of course, your vintage Dutch chairs! Have to love them as I too have vintage Dutch chairs in my dining room... naturally.
    Hugs to you,

  10. Your dining room is just fabulous. In the evening the view of the city lights must be dazzling! Your husband sounds like a gem, Fabby. You are a fortunate woman.


  11. Beautiful dining room!

    Thank you so much for joinung my blog. I am now following you too!

    Have a great night, Elizabeth

  12. Fabby, I have always loved your dining room. I have enjoyed all the wonderful tablescapes you have set in here. I love the story of the beautiful dining set and of course I especially love the new chandelier.
    I always enjoy the view from your windows.
    have a wonderful weekend, Blessings, Ginger

  13. What a spectacular room, Fabby!! I am sure that you have hosted many incredible meals in this room! All of the decor is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your room with us!

  14. You have a gorgeous dining room! I'm sure you have lots of fun decorating it! Happy weekend! :)

  15. ooh la la! please put my name on that chandelier if ever you can't stand the sight of it anymore!

    smiles to you.


  16. Fabby, you do have such a beautiful dining room and I love your chandelier over the table. You have many gorgeous pieces display in the room on tables, sideboards and on the walls. I would love that room too.

  17. Fabby, you do have such a beautiful dining room and I love your chandelier over the table. You have many gorgeous pieces display in the room on tables, sideboards and on the walls. I would love that room too.

  18. Your dining room tour was wonderful. I loved reading about the history of all the beautiful pieces. You have my favorite flower in your centerpiece...the stargazer lily. Thank you for stopping by Posed Perfection today and leaving me a sweet comment about my family room. Have a blessed weekend!

  19. I love your dining room too, Fabby. All your furniture are gorgeous, everybody can see how good the quality are. Every piece, furniture, chandelier, china, cystals, etc, in that room is exquisite. I am glad you told me about this post cause I can see your dining room now in its entirety. Alejandro is such a jewel, so sweet!...Christine

  20. What a beautiful dining room. Have a nice day.


  21. Dearest Fabby,
    She's a lovely room! I can see why she's your favorite room.

    The dining chairs with light colored fabric are beautiful. I have plans to redo a dinnette set in storage and replace the dining room chairs of my daughters that we are presently using with the one in storage. Was just thinking what color of fabric I should have the chair cushions recovered and was leaning toward a lighter fabric.

    May you continue to love this room and enjoy her the entire time! She's beautiful.

    God bless,

  22. My goodness, Fabby! I am always taken aback with the magnificent views your 14th floor "palace" has! You are truly living in a dream. The floors and your furnishings, and your home is so magnificent.
    Just amazing, Fabby.
    Love every detail, and that oval doored buffet is simply breath taking!
    I can see why you love this room so very much.


  23. Fabby, you have quite a view from your dining room. Every inch of the room has something lovely to admire. My favorite item, although there are many, is the gorgeous chandelier. I started to write chandy but that word doesn't do justice for such a beautiful piece. You are a lucky lady to have such a lovely home that you so obviously enjoy with your family. Thanks for giving us a peek.--------- Shannon

  24. Dear Fabby,
    Do you know what I admire most in your dining room? The two rows of blue and white plates on the wall. They make a wonderful effect!(I'm a china lover, you know...)
    Thanks for sharing all this beauty.

  25. I think this stunning room is my favorite too. It's the scene of many wonderful meals with friends and family. Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  26. Wow! What an elegant room. I love the Italian style furniture, it is to die for. Very unique! I expected nothing less from you Fabby. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  27. Hi Fabby,
    that looks so great. All your furniture, the decorations and the china - its all with style and elegant.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  28. Dear Fabby, What a beautiful dining room. I am sure that many happy meals have been enjoyed in this beautiful room along with lasting memories. Blessings dear. Catherine

  29. I have told you before and I will tell you again -- I think those dining chairs (at the large table) are the most beautiful ones I have ever seen. The whole room is exquisite.

  30. I am coming to move in.

    Wow... I love your brekky nook. Expectacular view.

    Hope everyone are enjoying the great sunny days.

    Myself, I have flu and mind you, it's only beginning of our fall. Gee... how can I tackle the whole winter?

    Catch with you later, pretty amiga mia.

    Beso beso mas,

  31. Of course your favorite room is your dining room. LOL
    Beautiful space and wonderful view out those windows. It's the perfect setting for all your fabulous tablescapes.

  32. Fabby, it is hard to say what is the most fabulous thing in your dining is ALL fabulous, just like you. Your view is , of course, fabulous also! I saw your post over at Alison's "Favorites on the First".


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