Wednesday, August 22, 2012

FABBY: Tea on Sofia's Coffee Table

Hi my sweet friends, hope you are all doing fine as the weekend approaches and very soon August is over and therefore, summer as well! A couple of months ago Alejandro and I experienced three days without Internet and our days got to be sooo long and we did become very astonished with the experience!! Of course, we realized it must be Internet that does make our days and years come and go as fast as a race to the end!

 When Sofia first got married we had this marble coffee table made for her, after she chose the Roman style from a El Mueble-Spanish decorating magazine.
 The sherbets are for ice cream before our tea, sometimes is the custom here, in this neck of the woods, when the weather is warm; but in Guayaquil-Ecuador, where our daughter resides, the weather is always warm and warmer..right now is 78-85, really great and it's also the cooler season, lol..
 The sherbets are decorated outside and inside with flowers and hummingbirds.
 The napkins go with a pretty place mats and they're hand embroidered, that her grandma gifted Sofia several years ago. The napkin rings were made by us too and they give the fall touch with a rabbit, a duckling and a little sheep.
 The teacups are designed so that they look like they're embroidered, like the indigenous people's apparel of Ecuador, that was my inspiration for the chinas.
 The pretty Hummel, girl figurine I bought in Germany when I was single and went with two friends on a big tour to nine countries in Europe. I did buy other Hummels too, but they're in storage. This dancing musical Tyrolean girl I gave Sofia for Victoria's room when she was born, as before, I had her in my daughters room when they were children.
 I love her beautiful silver gallery tray. The pillow in the couch it's silk hand painted...she has two, one in the middle of each silk couch as well.

  The lovely silver-plated, gallery tray, of Sofia's, has a very vintage English look, although it's new.
It's fun to have tea or coffee in the living room...I guess that's why they're called, "coffee tables"..right?
 Up front it's a cute beehive ceramic container, since hubby loves honey in his coffee and in anything that needs a sweetener... so we don't use any refine white sugar.. and me, I don't use any kind.
 Here is the tea service. The Hummel Tyrolean musical and dancing girl, that my little Cayetana loves to wind it and make her dance around and around..(hope she doesn't brake it one day.)
The beehive jar for the honey, also has a bee on the lid.

 Love the pretty German Hummel girl. Here you can see the detail on the silver gallery tray.
 This Oriental trunk is gorgeous and stores so much too. Sofia keeps her table linen in it.
 The hand carving is just beautiful and it's all over it. My daughter found it in an antique shop several years ago and like me, she has a love for Oriental things too.
I did the flowers in a lovely Bohemian etched crystal, water pitcher from the Czech Republic. Hope you liked my tea tablescape on Sofia's coffee table.
I decided that we should have tea in Sofia's pretty coffee table in her lovely living room as well, therefore,  I fixed it with Victoria's dishes, our eight year old grandgirl; I designed for her, back when we owned our Ceramic Co.  Sofia keeps them in her gorgeous antique, side buffet-cupboard for dishes, as she has other great dishes from us and from her wedding, but I couldn't find the keys to her storage room, where she keeps many of her treasures, so here it is again, for the ones who haven't seen them three months ago.. hope you like this tea table for three, the two of us and our Sil's mother.


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  1. The design is beautiful - flowers EVERYWHERE! I like the idea of sherbert/ice cream before tea on hot days....

    You are right about the carving on the chest. How interesting...

    As usual, your style is SO distinct and lovely.

    Our weather has been so pleasant lately. It was perfect for our grandchildren's visit. Now I am catching up with household chores and other plans.

  2. Very beautiful. I really enjoy all of your tablescapes.

  3. Fabby,
    What gorgeous sherberts and tea service, dear friend! I am truly amazed at the creative talent with each piece of porcelain that you design. You are such an inspiration! The German Hummel Tyrolean figurine reminds me of my landlady's daughter dancing in a Spring festival in Baumholder, Germany many, many years ago. Exquisite tea tablescape, dear friend!

  4. Gracias por compartir tu té con las amigas, cosa que es muy placentero.
    Besosss desde Argentina

  5. What a lovely tea set on your daughter's table! I just love the stories you weave in and out of the pictures about where everything came from. I love that her grandmother embroidered her stunning napkins. And my favorite thing on her tea table are those darling napkin rings.
    I am so happy that I stopped by to admire all the beauty here!

  6. Hi, Fabby! I am totally in love with that gorgeous silver gallery tray!!! It is absolutely beautiful!!! I have a couple of gallery trays that I just love, and I always like to see others. It's hard to find them around here these days. The china is so, so pretty. The hummingbirds really make it special! I know what a pain it is to go without the Internet for any significant amount of time. I was without it for 12 hours and thought I would lose my ever-lovin' mind!!! It's like being in solitaire confinement!!!!!!!!!!

  7. That trunk looks just like my Mother's, Fabby. Your daughter's home is just as beautiful as yours. The tea set is so beautiful. And that tray is so exquisite.....Christine

  8. I love the design on those dishes and I love that silver tray! Such a pretty coffee and tea arrangement! How wonderful to have those embroidered napkins- they are heirlooms! I would struggle without the internet too! 3 days is a long time!

  9. How wonderful that you had that table made for her. It's magnificent. I love these dishes too. Every time I see the china you've designed, I feel as if I died and had gone to heaven. Lovely setting.. xo marlis

  10. What a beautiful service. It is just gorgeous. MyHero only uses honey for sweetener, too. Me? I like my own coffee black. I think those napkin rings are just the cutest thing I have ever seen.

    What wonderful things you have made for you family to cherish over the years. I'll bet you enjoyed doing that when you owned that company. It must have been hard to leave it.

    Blessings to you, dear Fabby! xo Diana

  11. Your china is so unusual. I love the silver tray,as I'm into silver at the moment. I have a trunk exactly like this one. xx

  12. More beautiful dishes! These are so distinctive, Fabby. I like the special details of the figural finials. I'd love to join you for a cup of tea.

  13. This one just may be my favorite. I adore every single piece, and I so wish that the nakin rings were still available...and the bee hive, too. The silver tray is a contemporary treasure. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  14. Dearest Fabby,

    What a lovely setting you show here.
    It was great to visit you and to forget about the sorrow...
    Hugs to you,

  15. Hi Fabby,
    Thanks for the lovely tea at your daughter's beautiful home.
    The china is so original and colourful! And the tray is gorgeous!
    A curious coincidence is that my daughter also has an oriental trunk to keep her linen, like this one you show here. :)

  16. Very beautiful and the handpainted pillow wow.


  17. Hi Fabby,
    I always love the colorful happy designs on your ceramics. That makes a wonderful tea table with ice cream. So summerly. And the little Bavarian girl ist just right for the season.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  18. You never cease to amaze me with all the lovely things you share. Lovely presentation.

  19. I love the hummingbirds! The whole setting is so pretty.

  20. Lurvs the colorful china!

    Popped in from Jann's SYCT.

  21. Your dishes are just so pretty! And they are fun as well. I love that! Visiting from Let's Dish!

  22. Hi Fabby, I love the teaset. I especially love the honey pot as it is so sweet. Visiting from Let's Dish, Olive

  23. Dear Fabby, what a beautiful tabelscape you created on your daughter's marble top coffee table.
    I thought I recognized the dishes from a previous post, and they are
    Victoria's! I love all of the flowers and the cute tops to the teapots and creamers and the honey precious! The napkin rings are precious, too. Everything looks so pretty together, and the gallery tray is just magnificent!! Your little Hummel girl is perfect with this setting also. You always amaze me with the way you bring objects together and they look so perfect!
    I was surprised to learn your dear hubby uses honey in his coffee
    I have never tried it that way, but I think it must be delicious! I drink mine black..but next time I have some honey on hand I am going to try some in my coffee, too!!
    I hope the news is good from your SIL's exams in Miami and that he will come home "as good as new"!!
    Wishing you have a wonderful week
    end with your little girls...
    Love and hugs to you my friend...

  24. Hello, Fabby: I love your table service--hummingbirds are favorites of mine! And the Chinese storage trunk is gorgeous--I love all the intricate carvings on it. Your hand-embroidered napkins, and the handmade napkin rings are also very lovely. What a delightful place to have tea!

  25. aOh, Fabby- that colourful china is GORGEOUS!

    What a lovely set, truly.

  26. Hi Fabby, once again you have displayed a beautiful table set for tea. I think hummingbirds are fascinating creatures and so fun to watch and they are cute on your dishes. The carved chest and marble table are very special.---- Shannon

  27. Your tea table is gorgeous! Everything is so ornate and rich looking. Your tea service is very pretty.
    You have such a beautiful style, dear lady.
    Hugs, Cindy

  28. Oh Fabby, I love everything that came out of your factory. The designs are so you! Did you design for the factory? The little bee hive with the bee on top and the cups that look like embroidery are just the greatest. Sophia's coffee table is just wonderful, what a sweet gift.
    Everything is beautiful as usual. Blessings, Ginger

  29. Fabby your china is wonderful!! You have a touch with tablescaping! Happy VTT

  30. Those are gorgeous!

    Thank you for joining last week's Color Connection. Can't wait to see what color you will be showcasing this week.

  31. I love the sherbets and the tea service Fabby! The flower arrangement is just FABBY-lious :-) That carved truck is such a statement piece too. All is just so special dear friend!

  32. You know you're killing me with the beauifuly exquisite tableware you've designed and createed. I LOVE YOU STYLE. The Hummel dancing girl is fab and holds dear memories. Glad she was never broken.
    You are one talented beautiful gal and I love checking out your house and tables.

  33. This is such a pretty tea set, such a unique pattern - - and the Hummel is such a cute addition!

  34. Oh Fabby, I am drooling over your tea set. The design, the colors are wonderful and project such a happy spirit. Thanks for sharing!

  35. this set looks fab!
    I'll be happy if you check out my blog too :)

  36. I would love to take acup of tea with you:)from color connection

  37. Hello Fabby. Thank you for sharing this lovely post and inviting us into your world through blogland. It's a delight to see your beautiful Tea!

    I think our Autumn is coming early as it was a year with an early Spring. Almanac is saying an early winter.....not ready.

    God bless,

  38. Happy PINK Saturday! I love your set of china, it is so cheerful. Have a great weekend, Nan

  39. Fabby, this is such a gorgeous display of dishes. I love the color combination. The beehive honey jar is so sweet. Thanks for sharing another wonderful tablescape with SYC.

  40. Those dishes are absolutely Gorgeous!! They are some of the prettiest I have ever seen.
    Happy Pink Saturday to you,

  41. This is gorgeous! Love that pretty china....this looks like the perfect set up for after dinner tea and dessert. Lovely. Thanks for your visit.

  42. You are a person with the right touches for setting lovely tables.

  43. So lovely and pretty, Fabby :) I like the idea of ice-cream on a warm day!
    Hugs Pernilla

  44. Wow, the chest and its beautiful carvings is so magnificent!!

    You ALWAYS make magic...... so beautiful!!!

  45. Wow, I love the tea set! What a wonderful setting for a tea party! I love the little napkin rings and the rooster on top of the teapot.

    I know your daughter is enjoying this lovely table and tea service. So pretty!

  46. Absolutely gorgeous! Hopping a little late from Pink Saturday.

    My PINK, come and see when you get a chance.
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  47. I have a very similar trunk that will be featured on the blog tomorrow.

    I have spied similar pottery before but none with roosters on top. I love it!

  48. What beautiful dishes!

    Susan and Bentley

  49. Hi Fabby,
    I love your rooster tea set. Everything is so beautiful. I also collect Hummel figurines. The little faces are so sweet. Thank you so much for your wonderful post.
    Betty @ My Cozy Corner

  50. Absolutely beautiful Fabby. I love the teapot set. It's so feminine. having sherbet first is unique before a tea. How sweet is that?

  51. Hi Fabby, what a lovely tea set! You are so right, it does look like fine embroidery!! What wonderful family treasures you have shared with all of us. Have a wonderful week.

    How are you today???
    I just have to tell you before I forget...a few of my friends are visiting Ecuador right now...I follow along on facebook....but they had fun on the equator yesterday...had lunch HIGH above the city and her hotel is amazing!!!
    For that TEA...oh my it is stunning...I say WHY YES....serve TEA in the Living room and it is a lovely room!!!
    Have a Great week
    August is almost over....but will be WARM here til Thanksgving....late Nov.

  53. Pretty neat and lovely!

    Visiting from Color Connection. Hope you can stop by..

  54. HI
    beautiful tea set with colorful prints....looks great.i like the dancing girl and the napkins usual this is a gorgeous post.thx.

  55. The china is really beautiful, Fabby! I love the marble coffee table too. What a wonderful gift!

  56. The china is so pretty, Fabby, as well as the marble coffee table. My parents made me a coffee table for a wedding gift. It is oak with a mosaic tile top on it. It will last forever!
    Thank you for sharing the splendid china and joining me for tea today. Have a lovely week.


  57. Two of my favorite collections on the coffee table, teacups and lady figurines!

  58. The dishes are gorgeous, my friend! You are an amazing artist and the tea set is so sweet for tea with your daughter! Thank you for sharing this moment at Potpourri Friday!

  59. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful table setting on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Just Gorgeous!


  60. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful, beautiful set! Thank you so much for sharing this. :)

    Have a lovely week.

  61. Hello Fabby,
    I think this tea set is the most vibrant and fun set I have ever seen. The tea pot with the rooster on top is so wonderful. How fun to use this set to have tea!j

  62. I enjoyed your post very much Fabby. I bet you made wonderful ceramic pieces with your company. The china is just beautiful as well as everything in the room.

  63. What a beautiful tea set and chest Fabby, just wonderful!

  64. What a gorgeous tea set! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  65. Delightful tea set!

    Color Connection linky is up now, come and join again.

  66. Hello Fabby, this tea set is exquisite. Love the story and the hand embroidered napkins - I appreciate you sharing your lovely tea with sherbet at A Return to Loveliness,

  67. When I saw this post I think that this is the god collection. It has a touch of vintage. This is goo in the eye because it has a very lively color.

  68. Wowww su blog muestra cosas maravillosas! Realmente bellas, me encanta el mismo. Quedó maravillada con cada demostración , la boda debió ser espectacular con la vajilla de cerámica si la de del té es hermosa!!

  69. Woiiiwww espectacular , quedó maravillada con su blog! La boda tuvo q ser hermosa y más rodeada de vajilla cerámica ! Si la del té es lindisima!!


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