Sunday, May 6, 2012

FABBY: Our Den's New Look!

Hi sweet darlings..hope you've been having a great weekend, with warm weather too! In my neck o'da woods it's raining a lot, not lots of water, but raining anyway...almost everyday, as in spring.
 BEFORE: Our white couches had more years than I like to admit. Although the upholstery you see here was hand woven in wool, and back then, they were great, but after my kids and grands, they really had seen it's days! They're not bad in the pics, but really, in real life they were awful!!
 AFTER: This beautiful soft, buttery yellow, Italian damask was really instant, love at first sight, as it didn't take me too long to decide on it, as soon as I saw it, I knew this was it! It's also a very THICK and STRONG fabric, which I also love, since it is our family room, where we watch movies and read on the weekends...sometimes hubby even falls asleep in the couches too, lol! We also have family evenings with my daughters, Sil and grands when they come to visit.
 You can see that the couches now have wooden feet, which were upholstered before..NOT pretty! Now the couches look so modern, with the straight, very stylish lines, since they wero so OLD they already had before, just like some sofas in the market now, like a retro style, actually. My grandgirls, Victoria 7 and Cayetana 5, said to us:.. "hope you grands are going to reupholster your couches with a material we can be allowed to sit here and PAINT and watch TV",  their remarks were so funny and cute...cause their parents don't let them play, or sit, or worst to draw, or paint.. they don' let them even stay in the two silk living rooms they have, they can only be in their upstairs strict!!
 Ok, we did say they could and will be ALLOWED! I have slip covers for the couches, so when they come I'll just cover them and that's it, I want my little ones happy in our home!
 You can see a little of the counter bar hubby loves to entertain his friends and family.
 BEFORE: Here are our cute arm chairs, we have them for 32 years; with  pretty covers that were also in wool, hand woven HERE.. and it was the second time I had reupholstered them, around ten years ago. They are three and they were very scratched in the arms and legs, the upholstery was so stained from drinks and who knows... so they have a new look too.
 AFTER: Don't they look brand new? I'm loving how they look, after we had them lacquered; so our den is really a pretty and comfortable place to be and have friends over now... as I was not happy with it before.. at all!
In the back of the chairs is the counter bar, which holds a lot of glasses and stems for all the right drinks; it also holds wine bottles, in a rack so they can be in a slanted position. Alejandro likes to be the bartender and loves to prepare drinks and cocktails for our friends and family.
 The coffee table was lacquered  too, as it was also very scratched and with water stains all around it! In the back of the front couch, you can peek a little of our living room. Our apartment has a big open, social space which I love when I have parties...this way everyone is close by and can mingle easily.
 You can see at your right the third chair, the other two are at left by the counter bar.
 I love this vintage, French bisque porcelain girl, sitting on the flower vase.
So, all our furniture here has gotten a "brand new look", which has made us very happy, nothing like giving your OLD furniture a real METAMORPHOSIS... I like it even better than buying the new! Hope you like my choice for upholstery and all I did to our family room.
About a month ago we had our long over due couches, re-upholstered, as they had seen it's days, after my grands really spilled drinks and food, water colors, painted on it, playing with make up, etc. I had them cleaned professionally in the past, but they just didn't look good anymore. Our den has two very comfortable couches and three arm chairs by the counter bar, which also got the new look. Like our breakfast table is next to the formal dining room, in order to have more dinner guests..well, the same applies to our den; it's also next to our living room, so to sit more guests that can be close to each other and flow and mingle easily. Therefore, it needed to look as good as it's neighbor and it WASN'T!! Now it can be "proud" to be next to the pretty and elegant living room.  Hope you liked the AFTERS.

Thanking you in advance my darling and sweet ladies for your wonderful and forever generous comments, I appreciate them so much and make me so happy, as your opinions are so valuable to me and of course, you're wonderful and inspirational posts.

I just love to link up to so many fabulous parties that such terrific ladies host them every week, with the only purpose for us to flaunt our things, tables, homes and even food!  Thank you very much ladies.

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  1. What a grand, smart & coordinated look you've created. While the fabric is "thick and strong", it also has a very fine and delicate look. The best of all worlds! And how considerate to make it possible for your grandgirls to feel at home when they visit!

    Yes. It is very, very nice - and I can imagine that you find much pleasure in the metamorphosis!

  2. Fabby,
    I love your Den's New Look, dear friend! What a transformation!!! I'm sure the grands will love it, too!!! I can't seem to get enough of that buttery yellow look this Spring! Thanks for the before and after photos!

  3. Dear Fabby....I am just loving the changes you made in your den/family room! The new upholstery fabric is a beautiful color...a great neutral for all of the rest of your objects. The dark woods of your furniture is especially pretty with the new fabric, and like you said, it ties the room together to "flow" into the living room when you need more
    space while entertaining. I am sure your husband is proud of the "new look" and your grand-girls
    are going to be happy you "grands"
    are going to let them play in the refurbished you, to have covers made to slip over the couches while they are visiting, too....that way they will be eager to come, whereas if they cannot play in much of the house they will
    tend to be reluntant to visit much.
    I also want to mention how pretty I find all of your decor you use with the furniture....very classy!
    I hope you have a happy, rain-free
    week and the chance to get outside
    to sunny days for a change!!
    Always, thank you for sharing your newly redone room with us, Everything you do is always so nice and I love to see each and every have such talent and good taste!
    Hugs and love, Francy

  4. Love your new couches! The color is great. Have a great week Fabby.


  5. Oh Fabby, I love the new look for your den! Isn't it wonderful to change things up. It feels so fresh and lively. Hope you have a great week!!

  6. Fabby...your furniture is gorgeous! I know my Hubby would love your new look, and I may just surprised him! You have great taste! TFS

  7. I really like the color of the new fabric. It looks so cheerful.

  8. Hi Fabby,
    I have a font to yellow rooms as they look very sunny. Your choices in upholstery are always perfect. The soft buttery tone is elegant and friendly. It was a great idea to give the chairs the same color. All looks great and inviting.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  9. HI Fabby. Wow this room is absolutely beautiful. Love that butter yellow. Such a wonderful warm happy color. We painted one of our living rooms that color. My farmer hubby said he didn't like yellow and I told him it was the color of hay! He kind of tilted his head (like he was getting a better look...) and said he liked the color of hay! Hahahha...
    Anyhow...I love what you have done. It really is beautiful.

  10. So elegant and timeless, Fabby! Love the color and the fabric you selected.
    You have such great style.
    Love what you did here.

  11. Very nice, what a change. Lovely yellow color. Have a nice day.


  12. Great color! Beautiful fabric!It is always nice to change things up.

  13. Fabby, the room looks so fresh and revitalized with the new fabric! If you love the style and comfort of a well-built piece, sometimes it's best to keep it and re-cover it. Glad your grands will feel comfortable playing on your "new" sofas and chairs! :-)

  14. Hi Fabby,

    I love all the changes you made. The furniture looks brand new. Beautiful!


  15. Fabby, I like the new look and those arm chairs look fabulous!

  16. Oh la la, Fabby! The new couches are to die for and I love the new upholstery on the chairs too. Very lovely and sophisticated! Don't you just love to freshen up a space in your home?

  17. HI Fabby! Oh, what a beautiful new den you have! Your reupholstered sofas are so pretty. Love the color too and your chairs do look new. So beautiful! I do love yellow and the softer the color the better. Buttery even!
    Take care and be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. VERY pretty! I especially love the color of the fabric!

  19. I LOVE the yellow. The white looked great, but the new yellow is PERFECT!

  20. Cuando comencé a leer tu entrada me pregunté cómo cuidarías tus sillones. Pero a través de la lectura entendí que usabas fundas sobre todo cuando venían las niñas.
    Precioso todo, a mi también se me dio por restaurar lo viejo.

  21. That's a very pretty room!

    Thanks for sharing at Beautify It Monday!

    -Four Sisters

  22. Oh darlin'...I love your new look. It looks so very fresh and cozy. Yep, a great place to entertain too!

    I love the butter cream yellow! It looks great against your dark wood.

    Super job!

    God bless and have a magnificent day enjoyin' your 'new' room!!! :o)

  23. Fabby, your den is gorgeous! You did a great job! Thanks for sharing, Tammy

  24. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look you gave your furniture! The color is my absolute favorite color! Just gorgeous! I really liked the white wool too but I know after awhile things get tired looking, but you could never tell from your pictures!
    You home is fabulous! Beautiful!!!!

  25. What a warm and inviting room this is. I love the buttery color and it looks great on those chairs too. See what happens when you have "classic" furniture? Always looks good and you can always update it with new fabric. Thanks for sharing.

    Robin Flies South

  26. Gorgeous makeover in your den, Fabby. I love the buttery yellow damask. It's wonderful!

  27. Elegante!!!

    What a redo! It looks much better and more prettier. Small changes, really make a big difference.

    Hope you're enjoying you new den. I wish I have a den in my BOX §;-)

    Happy TTT dear preciousa amiga,

    Beso mas,

  28. Very pretty Fabby. Your Den's new look is gorgeous!

    Jocelyn @

  29. Huge difference. Really brings the room into the 21st Century.

  30. Lovely, as always, Fabby. I do like that new color. I know you will make many more happy memories in that den!!

  31. Wow, what a beautiful transformation.....I love the look!!!! It's amazing how a change in color and fabric can change the entire room.

    I have 2 chairs at the upholstery shop and I can't wait to get them back.

  32. Ma chère Fabby, ton blog est aussi précieux que ton intérieur... Tu as un goût extrême pour mettre et remettre en valeur les belles choses.
    Tout est délicatesse et finesse dans tes choix.
    J'aime énormément... Une merveilleuse restauration.
    gros bisous à toi.

  33. Your room is beautiful and I love the fabric- calming and elegant!

  34. Love your new fabric choice and the buttery yellow is stunning. Makes the whole room just come to life. I am sure you will enjoy these for years. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  35. Beautiful room! The chairs are my favorite.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  36. it looks so much sleeker! but it's the same sofa base? fabulous!

  37. Fabby, I love the new look of your room and the upholstery fabric is beautiful! Great idea to have slipcovers for when the grandchildren visit.

  38. Love the new look of your den, Fabby. Great pieces, and the upholstery is beautiful.

  39. Fabby I love the fabric and color you chose. Your den looks beautiful!!

  40. Beautiful and rich colred sofas and chairs, Fabby. Great excellent choice! Your house is so nice and comfy...Christine

  41. Beautiful and rich colred sofas and chairs, Fabby. Great excellent choice! Your house is so nice and comfy...Christine

  42. What a gorgeous room! I love the dark furniture..makes one want to curl up and doze a bit..snuggle down with a good book and some chocolates..n'acuppa tea! :)

  43. I (((LOVE))) the makeover...the choice of materials is GORGEOUS, and OH SO NEUTRAL to play with in your room...Whenever I do this "I wonder WHY I didn't do it sooner"...You French girl vase is """GORGEOUS"""!!! I REALLY LOVE the dark wood with the buttery yellow on those chairs...Your Hubby must love it all too?
    Thank you for sharing, NOW I'M GOING to go look at my POOR POOR COUCH that needs it's facelift!
    Big Squishy Hugs to you,

  44. Fabby,
    Your den looks so lovely, and the yellow couches and chairs are a pretty color. I think that it's wonderful that you let your grandchildren play in this area. I'm sure they will love it. I am decorating a spare bedroom right now, and your blog always gives me inspiration. A happy Mother's Day to you, my friend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  45. What great choices you made Fabby! Everything looks so beautiful and elegant!!!

  46. Your rooms look beautiful. I adore that buttery yellow upholstery, but you are much braver than I am. I don't think I could even let my hubby use those sofas, & certainly not the "Grands!" LOL!

  47. Hi Fabby, I missed seeing this post so am late commenting. I absolutely love the new fabric on your furniture! It looks beautiful! It's nice to see the updated look. Hugs, Pamela

  48. It is fabulous Fabby,,,, how smartly you changed the over all look of your Den looks great now and sure you are feeling proud of it... simply beautiful changes ...
    Hope you will enjoy a visit to check my double sided pillow@
    With love

  49. The fabric is beautiful and goes perfectly with the room and the beautiful dark wood. Now the room looks more formal...ready for guests, yet comfortable and inviting.


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