Tuesday, May 1, 2012

FABBY: My Mother's Things

 I used the salad plates from my mother's vintage French Limoges she gave me several years ago.
 This pretty square doily was also a gift from her for my last birthday. I love all the embroidery in it.
My mother loves the Onion Soup Alejandro makes and I always use this bowls for it, so I thought I use them in her honor. I used my reticulated dinner platesfor second course.
 Here is the serving salad bowl, I don't think I ever posted it before.
 The sugar bowl is so pretty and I have used it with sauces before, like here.
 The flower cyclamen plant was also a gift from my mom's a year ago and it's still full of flowers! The silver vintage tray was a gift from my Mil and I placed it here with my silver S&P shakers. The candle holders are mercury glass.
 Here is the oval platter I like so much. I don't think I ever posted the service pieces from these dishes before.
 Mother also gave me this cute, silver butter dish many, many years ago.
 Look how pretty the embroidery on the big square doily is, I love it. The cyclamen flowers are so pretty and I keep it in my kitchen's window sill and she gets lots of the morning sun, she will last a few months more and die, it's happened before! The silver butter dish and vintage silver spoon.
 I placed the square topper like in a triangle fashion...or diagonally.

 The crystal stems were my Mil's and are French.
 The place mats are from a long time ago and I love the contrast with the darker wood in the table.
May first is always a pretty date because it marks Mother Day's month and for Catholics, it's also the Virgin Mary's  month, or "Month of Mary". Therefore, I was inspired to make this table with some of the pretty things mother has given me throughout these years. Of course, you all know her beautiful aqua and gold vintage French Limoges dishes she gave me several years ago. I also have in the table a beautiful embroidered square, doily?. I guess is what this is. Anyway, she gave it to me because she says is what you put in a table for 8 when you just have 6 guests for dinner. You will see why and yes, it does make sense. Well, hope you like it. I will be linking to Let's Dish at Kathleen's and many other fun and great parties...thank you ladies for having me each week.

You always make my day when you drop by and leave me such lovely and kind comments, I so appreciate.
Thank you wonderful and gracious hostesses for having me, week after week at your terrific parties.


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  1. Fabby, what a pretty table! I love the color of your Mom's china. Isn't that so special that she gave it to you.? Yes I love the embroidery on the cloth in the center of the table. It all looks wonderful.

  2. Fabby,
    Very pretty your table with a special keepsake in the middle. A pretty tribute to your mother.
    Visiting you from Bunny Jeans.

  3. Hi, Fabby! Wow...I can't believe that beautiful cyclamen is still blooming after a full year indoors!!! Mine shriveled up and died within a few weeks. :-( I probably didn't give them sufficient sunshine. Yours are still looking great, though! Your Limoges is beautiful, and that color is just SO pretty! It's nice for you to use those dishes and the doily in honor of your Mom. I'm sure she deeply appreciates it. Mmmmm.....onion soup! That sounds really good! Those are the perfect bowls for it, too! Very pretty, ma'am!

  4. Dearest Fabby,

    What a lovely table setting you have, such elegant Old World style! Compliments, also on the gorgeous linen pulled thread embroidered square table topper that you so elegantly placed diagonally.
    You have inherited quite some French treasures there. Are the onion soup bowls from Pillivuyt, France? They look like them.
    Be very keen on preserving those treasures and they will become family heirlooms.
    Refreshing to see this style and I compliment you also for mentioning the May month in honor of Mary. Brings back great childhood memories.
    Love to you,


  5. C'est toujours avec beaucoup d'élégance que tu nous présentes une table extraordinaire... J'apprécie de voir de la belle vaisselle de Limoges hors de nos frontières. Une belle marque de distinction...
    Le napperon brodé apporte une belle touche de raffinement à ta table.
    Il est important, en ce qui me concerne, de recevoir et de transmettre à nos enfants les merveilleux objets de famille.
    Je te fais de gros bisous.

  6. Thanks for sharing this beautiful tablescape with us! It is so special because so many things are your mother's or are given to you by your mother and Mother's Day is just around the corner. I saw your blog post over at " Boogieboard Cottage".

  7. Hi Fabby!

    You table is so beautiful, even more because of your mother's gifts!

    i never knew about the tip for serving six people on a table for eight. It make sense because it looks better that way.

    Thanks for sharing at my Bunny Hop Party!

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  8. So beautiful! So elegant! What a wonderful gift!
    Thanks for visiting me!


  9. Hi Fabby,
    What a magnificent table!
    Thanks for sharing all these precious things with us, most of them family heirlooms.
    I loved that square tablecloth embroidered by your mother, and your mother's dinner service is so beautifil in that delicate colour!
    But then, everything is so inspiring...

  10. Oh Fabby! I see where you got your exquisite taste - from you mother! The color in that Limoges is gorgeous. I love the embroidery on the table cover. I have a square one that my daughter brought me back from France years ago and I think I can use it like you did on your table. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing your beautiful things (once, again!).

  11. Simply gorgeous and such a keepsake... beautiful memories go on a table always with family and friends... love this one!

  12. Fabby-You do tables like NOBODY does tables. Absolutely beautiful. I think it is nice to see some serving pieces...they are not often shown in tablescapes. Your Mother gave you some beautiful pieces, Fabby, and I know that you treasure each and every piece. xo Diana

  13. Beautiful Fabby! I love the sentiment for the use of the dishes! They are beautiful and I love the color! The embroidered square table linen is beautiful too! You are so fortunate to have such a loving and generous family! My mother in law doesn't even know what the word Limoges!!
    Hugs, Liz

  14. What a feminine style soft and sweet table... and what a treasure your white embroidered table cloth is...
    So lovely and sweet like a mother ...
    Hope you will enjoy a visit at
    With love

  15. That china is to die for! The color is amazing. The table looks beautiful. I know why your name is Fabby. Short for fabulous?

  16. Lovely pictures and your plates are adorable. Have a nice time.


  17. Hi Fabby! Another gorgeous table you've set up! Your linen in the center is so lovely and also your placemats! Your dishes are so beautiful! I always say it, but you do have the prettiest pieces.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  18. These are beautiful. How special that you have them from your Mother. Happy Wednesday!

  19. Hóla chicka bonita...

    Your treasures are one of the finest treasures I ever seen in blogsphere. Honestly.

    I will say "Everythin on the TT are well reserve and choosen elegantly.

    Happy mid-week.


  20. Again, you've done it again! I'm always so blown away by your beautiful tables. This one is so special because so much is from your mother. I'm doing a Mother's Day table too next week using my mother's china. I so appreciate your sharing these wonderful tables with us.

  21. Something very special about our Mother's things. Thanks for sharing them with us. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  22. The square doily is so pretty and unique! Your table is lovely and special with your Mom's china!

  23. Your tablescape is so elegant. The dishes are beautiful as is the square table linen.


  24. As usual, I had to scroll very slowly through yours to see all the beautiful details. You have such lovely things. The fact that they are from your mo makes them all the more beautiful to me. I love both her limoges and the beautiful doily.

    Linens are my weakness. I LOVE that!

  25. Lovely tablescape! You have some wonderful dishes from your Mother!

  26. This table is so simple and yet it is so elegant and so beautiful, Fabby. Those are the same pattern as my pink Limoges dishes, right? They are really pretty too. You are so lucky to have so much from your mom....Christine

  27. Fabby,
    These aqua blue dishes are gorgeous! I love how you intermingled the blue with the white against the dark wood. Exquisite! Your MIL's crystal adds an elegant illumination to the setting! Lovely tablescape, dear friend!

  28. The large doily is gorgeous! what a pretty showing of the things from your mother ... so special for you and to be passed down to your daughter I'm sure! Hope you're having a good week, Fabby!

  29. I love your pretty aqua and white Limoges Fabby. The embroidered square on the center of the table is beautiful. Your mother has given you some beautiful things. I hope you are having a nice week. Pamela

  30. Aren't you lucky to have all those pieces from your Mom? I'm betting each one is a special memory. Butter dishes are among my favorite things to collect, and I love your silver one.

  31. Fabby,, the square is so beautiful.. and what a wonderful way to fill the center of a larger table.. i keep going duh duh duh.. Your mom's china is fabulous. I love the softness of the aqua and I love love the plant.. xo marlis

  32. How absolutely beautiful and fitting with Mother's Day approaching. Beautiful tablescape and touching post!!! XO, Aimee

  33. So many beautiful things, Fabby! The linens are fabulous and the aqua china is exquisite!
    I am sure you have many other things to show us next week for the Mother's Day challenge. Can't wait!
    Thanks for sharing at Let's Dish!

  34. Love those gorgeous aqua dishes, Fabby. Your table is beautiful!

  35. Oh so beautiful Fabby! I love the color of the dishes your mother gifted to you. I love the embroidered details on the cloth. Your mother should be very pleased with your loving tribute to her ♥

  36. Dear Fabby...this is one of the most beautiful tablescapes!! And what a loving thing to do to honor your mother by using all of the gorgeous things she has passed on to you through the years. I think her aqua Limoges china is so versatile in that it has simple lines but is so very elegnant, you can play it down or dress it up for a formal table...the crystal, mercury glass candleholders, silver
    salt and pepper shakers and little tray and tiny butter dish all add to the beauty of the china, and your Cyclamen plant makes a pretty centerpiece...you must have a "green thumb" to have kept it alive for a year now!!
    I learned something from your mother!! I did not know that you should use a small square tablecloth, or doily, on the table
    the way you did, when you are having six at the table when it is
    the size for eight!!! It makes good sense and looks so lovely there. Yours is especially lovely, with the embroidery.
    Everything is so wonderful. Your good taste and style never fail to amaze me and is always a treat to the eye.
    Thanks for sharing this special Mother's Day table with us, and what a loving daughter you are for honoring her this way.
    I hope you have a happy weekend..
    Fond hugs and love from Francy
    (I always seem to write much longer comments than anyone else!!)

  37. You cracked me up Francy with your wonderful, kind and generous LONG COMMENTS, LOL! I sometimes write long ones too, that is because I am very enthusistic about everything! My dear dad used to say: "Enthusiasm is a gift I'd like to leave you kids, to remember me by, more than anything material". He was so right, cause he was such a happy and enthusiastic person about everything big, or the most littlest, insignificant thing! Thank you very much for een so enthusiastic, Francy. Hugs,

  38. Dear Fabby, that aqua color has to be the most beautiful ever! How wonderful to have things from our loved ones - they always bring back memories don't they? I think of you everytime I pass my piano. Thanks dear!

  39. Everything is beautiful...the Limoges, the crystal, the silver, the linens... exquisite table. What a lovely way to honor your mother, letting people from around the world see the the gorgeous things she has given you! Your love of family shines through in all your posts.

  40. So light and airy and elegant!

    - The Tablescaper

  41. Old school charm school style. I dig it, tables never look this pretty its a lost art. Covet the art your mother bestowed upon you.

  42. What treasures! You are so blessed to have such beautiful things from your mother. I just love that color. A truly lovely table.

  43. So beautiful! The colors of your Mother's china are so beautiful.The stemware is wonderful! thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

  44. A beautiful table Fabby and isn't it lovely to use heirlooms that mean so much

  45. Such a pretty setting! Love the topper and cute little butter dish:@)

  46. I really enjoyed this post. It is so nice to see your mom's dishes being used again 'with love'. Deb

  47. Fabby, how blessed you are to have your mom! I lost mine and still miss her. Just had to say. Now where do I begin, first how sweet to honor your mom with this beautiful tablescape. Her vintage French Limoges is stunning. So many details to add to the charming Linens. I love the square doily and the place mats, the contrast with the dark wood makes them pop. You must have a green thumb with your plants! I'm sure this will please your mom for Mother's Day.

    The French Hutch

  48. What a beautiful tablescape! Oh how I love the color of your mom's china. What a nice tribute...

    Thanks for your nice compliments on my bookcases! I really appreciate them. Kristen

  49. These pictures look like they are right out of Victoria Magazine. Beautiful!

  50. Hi! I am visiting your site almost ever week co’z I’ve seen so many cute and lovely pieces from your site since the first time I came here. Every thing you have shared in your post are really eye catching and you always wow me with different table inspirations. Your table is beautiful as always.

    Polyester Tablecloths

  51. My favorite color!!! The table and your mother's dishes are so beautiful!!! It's so special that you put together this gorgeous table in honor of your mother.

  52. Oh, Fabby, this is so beautiful. Yes, the square cloth makes perfect sense. The points go where the other chairs would have gone. You mother is a sharp lady.
    Everything is so lovely for a perfect Mother's Day dinner. Happy Mother's Day to you and all the ladies in your family, Blessings, Ginger

  53. Very cozy and inviting I can tell you have fun decorating

  54. Simply stunning table and setting. Thanks for sharing.

  55. Fabby it's Breathtaking!!! I just LOVE things that were presents from people we love AND if that loved one is our Mother it is then "PRICELESS"! I call my square cloths like yours "tea cloths". I LOVE yours and I """LOVE""" the way you can see the beautiful table and the plaid threads of the linen with the embroidery on top(gorgeous). BUT MY VERY VERY FAVORITE thing is your Mom's Limoges!!! It's beyond words(which I'm sure you know whenever you look at it and BREAK OUT into a SMILE)...
    Your cyclamen is so pretty. When yours dies back what do you do??? I LOVE them and have never kept it once it died back???
    Thank you for sharing all your wonderful memories and momentos...
    "Happy Mothers Day Week"...
    Big Squishy Hugs to you,

  56. OH It's me again...ONE MORE FABULOUS THING>>> "IS"... THOSE PLACEMATS showing off your table AND the way they SHOW OFF the smooth lines of your Mom's LIMOGES..."BREATHTAKING"!!!
    You must have stood back and looked at your table and said "PERFECT"!!!

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