Sunday, February 19, 2012

FABBY: Daughter Sofia's New Home

 I love this seating area, where Sofia and me love to set at night, drinking something cool and just talking girl talk and enjoying our company...nothing better than daughters, right? I would probably say this if I had a son too, but I don't, lol..
We had this pretty travertino color marble coffe table made for our daughter and SIL when they first got married.  You can have a better view of the Chinese wooden carved chest at left. Sofia just had her sofas reupholstered with this beautiful silk.
  Hi my friends!
I week ago we went to spend almost a week at our daughter Sofia's, her hubby and granddaughter's new house.  I went last December to help her with the move, but Alejandro didn't know the new house and so we went to the beach as well, as in this part of Ecuador is beach time and the beaches all over are just great.  Sofia lives by the coast, where the weather gets hotter in this time of year  and because of this reason school is off for  summer vacation.

 The back yard is very pretty with a small pool, just enough not to have to much work to do and for the girls too, who love to be in it often in such great weather.
What you see is the back of the house with it's garden, where Sofia, who is a Gardenscaper by profession will eventually do a great job with it, she has some nice plans in store.
 A photo taken from Sofia's bedroom' balcony.  You can see the huge maritime river that runs through the back of her garden.
A peek up the balcony.  Hubby cooked a terrific BBQ last week while we visited... he does a great job but hates the pics, lol.
What you see in the background of the garden is a huge maritime river again, where you sometimes see small boats passing by... so pretty!
 The entrance in the background.
The two oil paintings you see on the wall were painted by our SIL, he's quite the artist. He did a couple of more as well.
 The dining room in the back.
Another pretty seating area for the men who seem to like to be close to the bar area, you'll see why below, lol!
 That beautiful piece of furniture is Mexican with inlays of  different types of wood designs and hand done... our SIL uses it as a bar when opened.
I love this modern and classic chairs at the same token, that are a set with the pretty sofa as well. The artwork, atop the English chest is from a famous artist lady from Ecuador who loves to do this different girls with different types of dogs and we have one like that, which she specially made for us with a girl holding our beloved pug Ben who died 1 1/2 years ago, painted on. 
 The girls are learning to play the piano and gave us a little concert while we were there. This is a German Baldwin piano.
Victoria is seating on a beautiful antique Chinese hand carved trunk. Her pretty flower dress matches their Chihuahua's and Cayetana has pj's to match Chloe dog's.
Cayetana, Victoria and their mother are sporting great tans from 3 weeks at the beach... so lucky! Here Cayetana is dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and she also sings Over the Rainbow too..cracks me up!
 A beautiful shot of the beach resort from the apartment's balcony, where our SIL, Sofia, Victoria and Cayetana are staying for the summer too.
The entry way's foyer and the staircase to the upper floor.
We live in the Andean region, where the weather is a cold, like spring and a warmer spring all year round and even though in the North region, or the high lands of the Andes is always snowed, in the cities are not that cold.  Ok,  I hope you liked our daughter's new home.

Thank you for your lovely and kind visits, they always make my day!

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  1. Hi Fabby, How are you? Your daughter's new home is beautiful. What a great spot to sit in the back garden with the cute pool. I've never seen one like that. Your granddaughters are so pretty in their sweet dresses. I hope you have a lovely week. Blessings, Pamela

  2. What an interesting home! The yard/garden is such a beautiful space - I'm sure your daughter will put her personal "stamp" on it in time...

    The paintings are strong and masculine. Your SIL is talented and granddaughters sweet and and charming, too (I'm certain I don't have to tell YOU that)!

  3. Oh it is stunning, inside and out. Love it. Hugs, marty

  4. So very lovely!! The weather looks so nice!!


  5. I love the little Dorothy. She is so cute.
    I particularly like the chest under the lovely portrait. It is to my taste.
    The pool is what I was suggesting for the yard of my daughter. It would be perfect in her side yard. I'm sending her this post. I'm sure she'll like it.

  6. I enjoyed the tour of your daughter and SIL's new home so much!
    I like the way they mixed modern furniture among antiques, and that
    bar is marvelous! I bet when it is open there are all sorts of little nooks and crannies to store things! No wonder the men like it so!!
    The swimming pool is lovely and just the right size for, as you said, little maintance and work, and more time to just enjoy?! Who wants to be a "slave" to the pool all the time??
    I like your SIL's paintings, they go well with the modern look of the house and he is quite talented.
    But your little grand-daughters stole my heart!! They are beautiful,
    Fabby!! Must run in the family!!
    What a wonderful area to live in and thank you so much for sharing the house with us. It looks like a home to be enjoyed and lived in, as well as being gorgeous!
    Have a happy week...With big hugs, Francy

  7. Fabby,
    Your daughter's home is gorgeous! Your granddaughters are adorable. Being from Kansas...I recognized the outfit and would have loved hearing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"! Thank you for sharing this lovely post with us!
    P.S. I hve enjoyed your visits and your sweet comments! Thank you for your continued friendship!

  8. Oh I love her home! She has her mother's good sense of taste and elegance! She's done a great job with her home and her girls are adorable! Love the pool- it's a nice size to cool off in! Taht Baldwin piano is the prettiest upright piano I've ever seen!

  9. your daughter has a beautiful home and a beautiful family. I love seeing a home in another country. Love the little pool and garden.

    Enjoyed your post very much.

  10. What a beautiful tour of your daughter and SIL's new home.
    Your darling grand-daughters look like they are enjoying the visit too! I love how the dog's outfit matches ;o) Thank you for your continued friendship on my blog!

  11. Oh my goodness. Your daughters home is absolutely beautiful. What a setting. Great views.

  12. Your daughter's home is beautiful along with the pool and yard. Isn't it wonderful to visit your children and enjoy their homes. Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a message.

  13. So lovely!!! Wonderful to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays!

    - The Tablescaper

  14. Hi Fabby,
    Your daughter's new home is beautiful! What a great place for summer time!

  15. I love your daughter's home, Fabby. She has your genes, the decorating kind. Your grands are beautiful. I love the river view and the backyard is lovely too...Christine

  16. Your daughter's home is beautiful! She has a knack for decorating like her mother. Your grand daughters are gorgeous girls.
    The back yard is so lush and pretty.
    Have a lovely day.
    Hugs, Cindy

  17. Hi Fabby,
    thank you for the tour throught the house of your daughter and SIL. They have so much style and taste, but who wonders with this mother. The girls are so charming. I can't say who is more proud with the pretty cloth, Victoria or the little dog. :-)
    And Cayetana is a sweetheart, too.
    Have a great week,

  18. Well, that's just gorgeous inside and out to me. I absolutely love the pool. You're right that it's the perfect size, and since a garden scaper lives there, I can only imagine how fun it will be to design around.

    Of course, the prettiest thing about it by far would be the pretty granddaughters!

  19. Sofia's house and gardens are *stunning*, Fabby. I really love her style! It is classic! What a talent she is! Your granddaughters are AH-dorable!! Thanks so much for posting Sofia's lovely home.

    Ricki Jill

  20. Fabby, gracias por compartir las imágenes familiares. Tenés unas nietas preciosas.
    ¿Cuál es el lugar turístico que se destaca en Ecuador?Tengo curiosidad por saberlo.
    Beso des de mi nuevo blog sobre NUTRICIÓN
    Saludos desde Argentina

  21. Wow, Fabby, your daughter's house is like something out of a movie....or a beautiful magazine.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to share this beauty with us.
    Now, all that being said.....the most beautiful of all.....those two girls..
    xoxo bj

  22. Such a beautiful home. I love her garden and pool. What a view! Can't wait to see what she does in the garden. It is lovely now but I bet she will make it amazing.
    Love to you, Ginger

  23. Fabby, your daughter's home is absolutely gorgeous. Wow!!

  24. It is wonderful. A little part of paradise. I love the mix. I think she takes after you, my dear Fabby. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  25. Oh Fabby, I loved this post! Your daughter's home is beautiful and decorated so exquisitely. I think the backyard is already beautiful. I'm excited to see pictures of the changes she makes. Love the matching outfits and the little Dorothy dress. You granddaughter's are so adorable. I can tell you must have a wonderful time when visiting. I really enjoyed this post. Thanks Fabby.

  26. Your daughter's home is gorgeous! I love the view of the river from the backyard. I always enjoy seeing pictures of your gorgeous grand-girls.

  27. Thanks, Fabby!

    I love your blues!

    Happy Blue Monday. Be sure to check out my book giveaway.

  28. I absolutely love that small pool in the back yard. It is just large enough to be refreshing but small enough to not be a burden cleaning. The interior is gorgeous, and your granddaughters are beautiful. I know you had a great time visiting.

  29. How grand!

    Please come by when you get a chance and see my BLUE, have a great week.

  30. Such lovely pictures of your daughter's new home. The garden looks great and the view... so nice!!

    Greetings from Australia♥

  31. You know I call you my Fabulous Fabby, and now I know what I must call your daughter: "Superb Sofia!!!" Oh, Lord, that silk sofa is out-of-this-world gorgeous!! How the HELL can she keep such an "unsoiled" home with two little girls???? I guess because I have had one son, I am used to "messy-ness" with not having a neat little girl. (Although I am an 'old' girl, and quite messy myself. LOL!) But I can tell you that I'd be saying to guests who would be going to sit on the silk sofa: "Wait!! Before you sit down, are your hands clean??!!!!??? And your pants??!!!" LOL! Anyway, this is one gorgeous home, LOVE that little pool too, it is just the right size for two adorable, precious little girls. God bless them (and your daughter and son-in-law too). Again, such an impressive home.
    Gloria xxoo

  32. p.s. I wish you would have shown the FOOD your S-I-L cooked for you on that beautiful grill!! ;)

  33. It's a lovely home and although the garden is pretty already, your daughter will no doubt, turn it into a show stopper. Your granddaughters are just absolutely CUTE!!

  34. Hi Fabby ... what a beautiful house it is love the back garden so much and what a place to sit relaxed and quietly and see the river...Oh such a nice thing even to think...Lovely home
    Hope you have a great tea with me at
    With love

  35. What a beautiful view. Enjoy yourself. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my kreppel. I would love to see your recipe and compare with mine. I hope it's easy.

  36. Beautiful granddaughters, and their new home is gorgeous too! How sweet they look in their pretty dresses. Your daughter's home is so elegant and those silk couches are luxurious! Love the backyard and the unusual pool-it has such a pretty shape and it doesn't take up the whole yard like so many pools do. Great views of the river too! You must be so proud!
    MIss Bloomers

  37. How cute is little "Dorothy" Luv the new house..Great Pics!

  38. How elegant her home is. Thanks for sharing all those shots - so much to see. I enjoyed my visit very much.

  39. What a beautiful home.

    Hugs from Sweden

  40. Your daughter's home is beautiful, and my husband would love to live that close to the beach. I really liked the color of the sofas, and the painting of the girl I love. Your granddaughters are so sweet. Yes, daughters are great. I'm so glad you got to enjoy a visit with yours. Have a good week.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  41. Hi Fabby!

    You daughter's home is lovely, and I think that the pool is really very pretty...good size for having fun.

    Thanks for sharing this at my Bunny Hop Party!

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  42. Hi Fabby, This is a beautiful home and I love the pool. Your granddaughters are adorable. hugs, Sherry

  43. Hi Fabby! Sofia's house looks so comfortable! Love the patio and pool!

  44. How beautiful Fabby!
    I have never been to Ecuador and so it is such a treat to see the land and the beaches and the homes!
    Such a gorgeous place and your grandchildren are so darling!
    That is such a neat pool in the back yard and I love her style and furnishings.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have fun!

  45. Your daughter's home is wonderful. You all have the most beautiful weather because all your outdoor pictures are beautiful. I know you said Sofia plans to redo the backyard, but it's very pretty right now. I love that balcony on her house too. Very stunning!

    The pictures of your granddaughters are cute. Loving the matching dress for their dog.

    Thanks for sharing on this week's Your Cozy Home Party!

  46. Hello Fabby, your daughter's home is wonderful! Just love the cozy backyard. I can just imagine what she'll be able to do with it. Your SIL is quite talented - and oh my, you have the loveliest granddaughters! What joys! thank you for sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  47. Beautiful home, love the pool with the palm tree and two gorgeous little girls! Just beautiful!


  48. Hi Fabby ... what a beautiful house I love the back garden so much and what a place to sit relaxed and quietly and see the river...Oh such a nice thing even to think...Lovely home
    Hope you have a great tea with me at
    With love

  49. Hi lovely lady.
    Wow your daughter has a beautiful home and a beautiful family. I love seeing a home in another country.I would Love to have this little pool in my garden just right for us. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Tablescape. Hope you and your family have a wonderful week.
    XXOO Diane

  50. Hi Fabby. Your daughter's home is just beautiful. What a wonderful location! I'm sure you love spending time there and giving lots of kisses and hugs to those darling granddaughters of yours.

  51. Hi Fabby,
    I can only say WOW!!! What a beautiful home. The pool in the garden area is amazing. Thank you for sharing your daughter's home and the beautiful country you live in.

  52. Hi Fabby, your daughters home is GORGEOUS and her girls cuties!

  53. Fabby, your little granddaughters are precious. The new home is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the photos. I'd like to spend the summer on that beach. ;-)

  54. Hi Fabby

    What a lovely home your daughter has and right by the sea. She has it looking lovely. And how cute are your grandaughters
    Carolyn xx

  55. Hello Fabby! thank you for sharing your daughter's lovely home and garden with Home and Garden Thursday - a true Delight!

  56. What a great mix of beautiful items in your daughter's home.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Thank you also for your lovely comment on our blog.

    We are your newest followers. :D

    Eldarose from

  57. Absolutely great place to visit. Can I move in, §:-)

    Hope everybody loves the place and I bet you do too.

    Great job, sweety friend.

    Enjoy your week-end.

    Beso mas,

  58. SO jealous of how gorgeous this all is. Beautiful girls as well. Thank you for sharing and linking up.


  59. Your daughter's home is so beautiful!!! I love the colors she's used in her home.

    Your granddaughter are gorgeous!!

    The pool, yard and porch are so inviting and pretty.

  60. Fabby, this is beautiful and so are your granddaughters. Thanks for sharing the new house and tour. I really enjoyed visiting.
    Helen of Helen's Decor

  61. Hi Fabby...

    Ohhh my goodness...your daughter's new home is simply gorgeous and it's located in such a beautiful region near the water! I love it, my friend! Thank you so much for the tour! Please tell Sofia how much I enjoyed getting a peek! I have to admit...that even though the home's interior is is that gorgeous outdoor area that stole my heart! Truly amazing!!! I'm so happy for your daughter and her family!

    Well dear friend, I wanted to come by to say hello and see how you are doing. I know that it has been a long time since we have visited. There is just so much going on in my life right now but I am trying to get back into the swing of things. I have really missed blogging and visiting with all my dear friends...such as you! I hope that my note is finding you and your sweet family all doing well!

    Love ya,

  62. Oh the home is so pretty. Her silk couches are amazing pieces. I love the pool, just enough to take care of. Your SIL has a great eye for color, love his paintings. The girls are so beautiful! xo marlis

  63. What an amazing home! Love the yard too. You have beautiful granddaughters. I was wondering, what country do you live in?
    Hugs, Beth


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