Thursday, May 31, 2018

May Rosary Tea

Hello sweet friends !

As most of you that follow me know that I have a monthly ministry here at home, where we pray to God with the Rosary and we do so for so much need in the world as for family and friends.

I always offer to do prayers for your particular needs... for an ill family member, friends, a child, a husband, for anyone you wish to. 
You do not have to tell me the reason if you wish not to do so. My friends and I always oblique, rest assured.

We pray for the peace in the world and may God bless our countries as well.

With that said, many blessings to all of you dear friends.

For my 'May Rosary' tea I used a "Home Gallery"- Fine China I bought around 25 years ago, two complete sets for eight, therefore I have 16 place settings and I always loved the small sweet flowers 'wreath like' around the plates.
Since 25 years ago I have plenty of china sets to choose from, lol..

I used the dinner plate as a charger for the salad plate that was to be used for the bread, cookies and cheese; you see, the food is very humble when we pray the Rosary and in this case I had baked some chocolate chip cookies as bonus, it usually is just bread, cheese and home made jam.

The only thing missing in the place setting is the soup plate.

This is a lovely white embroidered linen tablecloth and it's one of my fav from my stash. I bought it so cheap for what it is on sale at a small store by chance. 

I arranged some flowers in a small English water pitcher.

I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies hubby found with a special tip, which I will share with you.

Add 3 cups store bought "potato chips" to your own choc. chip recipe; fold them into your batter and they will naturally crush. You will find an extra saltiness and very crunchy cookies you will 'adore !'

I'm still very excited with our dining chairs we reupholstered with the pretty 'Toile de Jouy' I brought back from Miami, last January.

It's been two years since Mr. Living had this French country plate rack made for me by his direction and I still love displaying my seasonal dishes.
If you want to know the width os it, it is just 4 inches, so if you have a skinny wall such as mine, you got a rack !

We found the "skinny" (4 inches width) space for the rack behind the service door of our kitchen. So go look for a space for one, you will love it !
You can see the fridge in front of it, which makes it hard for me to take pictures from the front.

Thank you dear friends for your sweet comments, you always make my day !

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties.


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  1. Hi Fabby,
    Would you consider praying for my Dh? He has Polycystic Kidney Disease, and is now in stage 5. His kidney function is at 14%. He is not yet on dialysis, and he does still work full time, but he has daily pain. Sometimes he misses work b/c of it.

    He is on the transplant list at Mayo Jacksonville, but it could be years before he gets a kidney. Or not at all. Would you ask our Lord that he gets a kidney, relief from pain, strength to deal with it when it comes, God's will *of course.

    Thank you so much.

  2. Fabby,
    What a beautiful tablescape! Your dishes are lovely!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  3. What a beautiful tablescape..and the Chia set is 25 years old!!! you are amazing! you really have careful hands.. everything always falls from my hand, all cups and plates and glasses whatever has broken till date in our house, all actually fell from my hand.. :(

  4. Fabby, you are so kind to pray for others, what a blessings you are! Your tea table is gorgeous! I love the china pattern, it is so feminine! I will definitely add potato chips to my next batch of chocolate chip cookies! They look delicious! Hugs!

  5. Loving those beautiful dishes. Such a sweet tablescape Fabby. You always do such pretty tables. Girl, I am loving that rack! WOW! It holds everything so perfectly. Fabby say a little prayer for my daughter that just had the new baby. She had a bad experience with the epidural. Experiencing horrific headaches, shoulder and neck pain. The baby is a week old today. Yesterday the headaches were manageable. The neck pain has been rough. She take over counter headache meds and that has helped her cope. She can also go back to ER and let them do what they call a blood patch but is petrified to do it. Please pray that this pain would go away and very quickly. I would appreciate it. She had such a short labor and she said had she known it would be so short she would haven ever had the epidural. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. The china is gorgeous - dainty, plus lots of colors to coordinate with it. I'm sure everyone enjoyed their simple meal at your table. I know I would!

  7. Hi Fabby, beautiful tablescape! ALways a pleasure to see you. HPS!

    I think it is very kind of you to pray. I belong to an encouragement group and we pray too. Prayer is such a powerful tool. God answers all our requests but in his own time.

    Always appreciate those who pray for us. Our youngest son is looking for a job. He has a college degree and wanted to become a police officer, but like everything else, without prior experience, no one will hire you. HIs name is Nick and he could use prayer. Thank you.

    Have a beautiful weekend.


  8. So pretty. I love the little extra serving dishes too. The table is
    lovely. You photograph so well getting the lovely chandelier in the photos.
    I remember your plate rack post. It is so nice to have!
    Thanks for coming over and linking again at The Fabulous Party!
    Have a great week.

  9. Hi Fabby!Your tablescape is elegant and dainty!Love your sweet flowers bouquet!Gorgeous china too.Hugs!

  10. Fabby, your teas are always lovely! I especially like your pretty dishes and the new toile on the chairs. Everything is beautiful! The dish racks are a clever idea. I need to see if there a suitable place for one here.

  11. I seriously love this idea. I think tea evokes such a gentle feeling that is so conducive for praying and sharing whatever is in your heart. And your table is amazing. I have to tell you, I may have to steal your idea for our church ladies. They are older and I think they would love to partake in something like this. :)

  12. Hi Fabby - the Queen turned 92 in April (her actual birthday) but the official celebration here in NZ is on the 1st Monday in June. Cheers

  13. What an elegant table setting! I was also admiring your pretty toile chairs.

  14. This is so pretty Fabby! I love your china and that beautiful tablecloth. Blessings to you and your friends for offering prayers of love and healing.

  15. Fabby,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words and Congrats on the feature!!

  16. I have that same china! Your tablescape is lovely.

  17. Fabby, what an exquisite tablescape. It is so restful to the eye. It just looks so serene and beautiful.


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