Monday, July 25, 2016

My Teacup Collection

Hello sweet friends!

I've been somewhat busy with mother going to various Dr. check ups, specially the Ophthalmologist as she's got a problem with her left eye, she hardly sees from that one. Then later for her Varicose Veins and she's going under a treatment where they place injections in her veins too.
She's better, but I'm still at it.

We are going on our regular three hour ride to our DD Sofia's house this Friday, to wait for the arrival from Madrid, via Miami of our DD Alex, husband and baby Maxima who is now eight months old.

I always wanted to share my teacups, as a collection, all gathered together, as I did a few months ago with my teapots.

I placed the cuties on top of my French vintage marble table in the foyer.

Most belong to my 'chinas' and maybe five are single.  I should make a point to buy them alone to really collect them.

Ok, with that said, here they are.

I wanted to share this gorgeous orchid my friend Stephanie gave me as a gift the day I made the tea for her DD Christina and Stephanie's debut as a grandma!

The table where I am displaying the teacups is a vintage French, marble top foyer table. She's flanked by hubby's grandfather's antique chest and my black Asian secretary I love.

The ones with all the decorations are from our former Ceramic Co.

Thank you so much for your sweet and kind comments, you always make my day!

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties too.


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  1. Such a beautiful collection and display! And yes, I could pick out many that originated at your family's pottery.

    Hearing of your care for your mother and expectation of visit with your daughter and her family, I can imagine how full your hours are/will be.

    Take care of yourself, dear Fabby!

  2. Lovely tea cup collection, Fabby! I have the October birthday cup too. Hope your mom works through her health issues and does well :)

  3. Fabby,
    From everyday simplicity to elegant, these tea cups are gorgeous, dear friend!
    I love collections!
    Also, the stories of how each one came to be obtained!
    Hoping your sweet Mother is feeling better, soon!
    I know she's glad you are with her as she visits the doctors.


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