Thursday, June 30, 2016

Celebrating America the Beautiful

Hello sweet friends!

   While getting my patriotic post up, finally ! I've been thinking of so many awful things that have happened to our dear country, the United States of America, lately. Between floods, fires and terrorists attacks on American soil that killed innocent Americans, I don't know..

The latest Orlando shooting by people that load America with all their might, even if they are born in the same soil.
So many other shootings I don't care to enumerate anymore.
How you can't put up flags or any patriotic symbol of the great USA because someone doesn't like it, as it offends others, RIGHT IN THE SAME COUNTRY for heaven sake, as there are even some Politians, I notice, that care less about what Americans feel and only worry not to hurt the BAD guys !

I hardly recognize the country I grew up in with so many values, specially Judeo-Christian principles and yet we knew there were other religions too and we all respected them; while in school we placed our little hands in our chests to recite the "Pledge of Alliance to the United States."

I never, ever encountered any prejudice in my country. Only wonderful Americans with faults just like everyone else.

I hope you can all celebrate America this coming 4th. of July with all the love, respect and pride you can have for your country.

That's all I want to say, except maybe I am very, very sad and pray the next president of the USA respect this great country and keep it, along with the people of America, safe.

Here is my humble table to celebrate another birthday of America the Beautiful and  I say humble, cause the USA deserves so much more in my book !
I'm sorry for what I've just said, I am very sensitive about the United States lately and I can't help it.

Just don't comment anything hurtful if you don't agree. You can make me see otherwise, if I'm wrong, that's ok.

Thank you and GOD BLESS AMERICA the Beautiful.

I did my 4th. of July setting right here in the kitchen, the heart of our home, where we spend most of our time with family and friends.

Love our old farm table from our own previous 'farm house.'

I started with a white cotton placemat, a red charger, a white dinner plate, a red salad plate, blue and white 'Liberty Blue' transferware plate and ended with my star plates and a red teacup in each of the four places.

Some red white and blue flower pots and flags in a basket.

The complete stack of plates.
I have the Liberty Blue, Ironstone plates complete for eight, with soup plates, salad and dinner plates.

For napkins I used dish towels in red stripes and blue checks.



Thank you so much dear friends for your kind comments, you always make my day !

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties.



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  1. Amen to your words. A beautiful tablescape as well. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Thank for you setting the beautiful patriotic table to share with us. God Bless You Fabby!

  3. I agree with your words and pray, "God, help and bless America!"
    Your table is SO right for this celebration - and I always like it when you set this table by the window :)

  4. Hi Fabby,
    I could not agree with you more.......I think most Americans probably feel sad and feel the same least the ones I know anyway........

    Lovely table, so patriotic and perfectly fitting for America's Birthday Celebration.

    Blessings hon,
    and God Bless America..................

  5. What a beautiful table, Fabby. No one does a table quite like you do!!! Your words are balm to my soul. I am so sorry to see that our country has sunk so low. We used to the be proudest nation in the world and it is just sad that we have lost that edge. God bless America and I am praying that we find the strength to take our country back to what it once was. xo Diana

  6. Admiro tu fervor patriótico. Todos debemos querer al país en el que nacimos o al país que nos ha abierto sus puertas.
    Besos Fabby, hoy desde

  7. Christine KarieFriday, 01 July, 2016

    Thank you Fabby for sharing your beautifully decorated kitchen in the most amazing patriotic way. Also, thank you for your heartfelt writing about the USA. I love this country and look around and can't believe what's happened to it. Let's hope the 4th of July will be safe and joyful and we can move forward with our new president. We need change desperately, because what we have now simply and obviously is not working. Take care, dear lady.

  8. What a gorgeous table, all ready to celebrate America! I love our country too, and have a hard time accepting things that are happening all around us. I pray for our great country!!

  9. Fabby,
    AMEN!! I so agree! Many in my family and in Joe's have fought for the freedom we here in America enjoy so it should not be taken lightly and having ancestors who were Eastern European immigrants, who did not speak English ( Polish) and made many sacrifices to come to America, I so appreciate people from other countries who make their home here.
    Beautiful Patriotic tablescape!! Love it! Enjoy the Holiday!!
    Thanks for visiting, following and for your kind words!!

  10. sooooooo VERY beautiful !! oxo Happy 4th!

  11. Fabby,
    A beautiful Fourth of July Tablescape,d ear friend!
    Thank you for the kindness and for your prayers!
    Love the red stripe and the blue checked dish towels used as napkins!
    Happy Fourth of July!

  12. I totally agree with you, Fabby. What is happening to our country is so sad. On the other hand, I love your patriotic tablescape. I am still working on my table. I love your star plates...Christine

  13. Fabby, your table is gorgeous. I love the way you did your plate stack and the pretty centerpiece of flowers. Your words were beautiful and heartfelt. They were spoken by someone who loves their country. May God bless you and your family. I hope that you have a Happy Fourth of July!!!

  14. Hi Fabby,

    Your table looks so pretty and festive -- so does your whole kitchen. I love the flag in your window, along with all the other touches of red, white, and blue. You did a great job with your tablescape; those star plates are darling and of course I love the Liberty Blue dishes. ;) I just adore the rooster in your window, Fabby; he's so cute and unique!!

    Thank you so much for speaking your mind and speaking from the heart. Thank you also for your prayers -- we need them, desperately. Yes, we are in such a mess; it saddens me and frightens me. This political correctness nonsense has all but ruined our country, and our president cares nothing for ordinary Americans. This is not the country, or the world, that I wanted for our son.

    Thanks so much for your visit and comments, Fabby. I'm glad we both have the same dishes. I told my husband you are the "Dish Queen." LOL :-D Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!!



  15. Fabby- what a fabulous, festive July 4th tablescape.
    You are all set.
    I love seeing you work your table magic.
    Thank you for joining Thoughts of Home.

  16. Dear Sweet Fabby, you have such a wonderful heart and precious spirit. Prayers are very much appreciated and needed. All the more reason that I have to trust my God and not man! Your tablescape is beautiful! I love the star plates! I love red, white and blue anyway you look at it but love how you have the layered look. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed July 4th. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  17. Hi Fabby, you always set the most fun and beautiful tables, the stars are wonderful and a perfect setting for the 4th of July. I totally agree with you!!

    Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July!

  18. Oh Fabby - I agree with you completely! And I also agree that your tablescape is amazing - just perfect to celebrate Independence Day in fine and fun fashion!

    SO sorry thatI have been missing in action - I have so much backreading to do to catch up!

    I wish you peace, joy, smiles and safety this weekend and always. Hugs and love. ♥

    God Bless America! God Grant Us Continued Freedom!

  19. Dearest Fabby,
    If only our leaders would show as much pride and patriotism instead of greed and personal interest, we would be doing a lot better!
    Your table setting speaks volumes about you and it is not us that pray and care so much about family and country, but so many others have completely lost their moral compass.
    Indeed, wishing you and yours a Happy 4th of July and let us all pray strongly for the right direction of this once greatest nation. Let us become proud of it again!

  20. Beautiful words, thoughts, and such charm at your table, Fabby. I couldn't agree with you more, it truly is sad. God bless you and have a lovely holiday!

  21. Fabby, bless your brave little heart for writing this hearfelt post. I agree with everything you said. It feels a little like our world has gone haywire with a lot of meanness and hatred. I worry that things have gone too far and may never turn back. We have to keep positive thoughts though and continue to spread kindness.

    I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July weekend.

    Thanks so much for joining Thoughts of Home on Thursday. Have a wonderful weekend!

  22. Hi Fabby! I love your patriotic table! Although I'm Canadian, I really love red, white AND blue! ;)

  23. I love your table and all the decorations!!! I also join you in prayer for our dear country! We hardly recognize it any more!!

  24. HI Fabby! What a lovely patriotic table you've set! I agree, there has been so many terrible things happening lately that breaks my heart. I raise my flag high and say 'God Bless America'! Thanks for popping in to see me and have a beautiful 4th of July.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  25. Gorgeous table dear Fabby. Loving your patriotic festive touches. Anyone sitting at your table would be blessed to experience this delightful table. The world has been a mess lately, so prayers are needed to keep us strong and united. Happy 4th.
    Don't forget our link party today. xo

  26. Your lovely sentiments and gorgeous table are a touch of patriotic perfection. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  27. Hi Fabby, your table setting for the 4th of July is amazing. I love all your special touches and the dish towels for napkins. Your thoughts are right on and I agree with everything you said in your heartfelt post. We lift prayers for our country going forward to restore what is right and just. God Bless America and Happy 4th of July to you dear lady!!

  28. Fabby, I love your patriotic table. I've always loved your view and your kitchen table makes me want to sit there and talk to you. Your red,white and blue has so many eye-catching facets. Your stripe mugs in the window are darling as are the cute star plates with stars and stripes. Your red and blue check and striped napkins caught my eye too. I like all the patterns you have cleverly put together. Love your flower centerpiece also with our nations flag.

    I'm proud of our country as you are. We have many problems but we still have much to be proud of. 2 Chronicles 7:14 is my prayer today.

  29. Fabby, your table settings are simply wonderful! I just love the red, white and blue theme. I think using your colourful tea towels is brilliant and ties it all together so nicely.

    God bless both America and my country, Canada! May the Lord watch over us and keep us all safe! May we all strive to put Him first in our lives. Only then, will we see a difference. Happy 4th of July, my friend, and thank you for sharing your lovely patriotic table with us.


  30. God bless you for speaking your mind, Fabby dear. We need to have pride in our country, like we once had.
    Your table is so pretty in all the patriotic decor. I love your towels as napkins and even Mr. rooster looks so proud looking over your pretty table. God Bless America and Happy 4th!

  31. I loved your comments too! I think your little star plates just made your table setting perfect! Love all your goodies and colors.

  32. Fabby, I think your table is gorgeous! So very festive. I love our flag and the red, white, and blue! It breaks my heart when I hear of such terrible tragedies! Thanks for sharing with SYC. I'm sure it's not intentional, but I'm not seeing a link back to the party.

  33. Fabby, Your kindness is welcome! Thank you for your sentiment. Beautiful table! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  34. Fabby, What a beautiful table! So festive and perfect for celebrating! We love that you came over to share with us for Brag About It! Pinned to share.

  35. Oh Fabby, your patriotic table is STAR SPANGELED beautiful!!! I love the stack of plates and your pretty centerpiece. I am glad you said what you did. My son is a gay man living in Fl. so the Orlando shooting scared the life out of me. It is just horrible all the hate that is spewing forth, and from some of our fellow citizens!!!! I never write anything political because I know I can never change someone's mind but I have been terribly upset for months. Also, thank you so much for your visit to my blog and for pinning my table!!!! You are so very sweet. God bless America, the land we love!!!!!!! XO, Pinky

  36. Your words were so touching, Fabby. I feel sad, too, that we don't have that collective pride as Americans anymore, until some disaster happens. Thank you for saying what many of us have been thinking. Your table is just lovely, sweet lady.

    Hugs to you, Fabby!

  37. Your 4th July tablescape is so gorgeous and heavenly. The three colrs are properly synchronized and dominating the whole table-set up in a maginficent way. Thoroughly loved and enjoyed every bit of your effort and imagination. That big bow is awesome too.

  38. I'm in love with those star shaped plates. Do you remember where you bought them?

    Thanks for sharing this important message with SYC.

  39. Yet another beautiful and festive table, Fabby. You really put your heart into it, I can see.
    I am so sorry for the troubles that our Dear Neighbour the USA is having. It is so hard to understand and I pray that things will get better.

  40. I am way late, having just come back from vacation. But in time to admire your table and hope you had a lovely day.

  41. What a beautiful table! Those star dishes are just adorable! I agree - can't we all just get along! We create strife where we don't need it! There is so much anger and trouble and we know that doesn't come from God! Let us all love more! Have a wonderful week dear friend! I just moved my adorable box from you, and thought about you! It is always out on display!

  42. Bless you, Fabby, for your enduring love for the country of your birth. What a festive and patriotic table you set! I, too, feel very concerned about where we are in our country. The news is on right now and I can hardly watch.


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