Monday, October 26, 2015

Small Tweaking, Big Difference!

Hello sweet friends!

Last Sunday I started thinking I should do some small tweaking around the house. 
Than it dawned on me that I could do a little 'switcheroo of chairs' from the foyer to the family room and vise-versa and that could make me happy and at the same time freshen up the décor somewhat... as dear Marty, from "A Stroll Thru Life" would say, so she's got me thinking what to do for a new look!

One thing led to another, so I did a little more tweaking, here and there and it seems it turned out pretty nice.
I'm so happy I did it cause there's not much I can do with what is already in it's place. Not like when I lived in a big farm house, I never let anything alone for to long.

See for yourselves.

It all started when I realized I should have my French chairs, recovered in an English Tartan material from last December... placed here, in the family room.

The two plaid chairs where in the foyer before, in fact, always!
I love it that they have a yellow stripe that pick up the yellow of the two big couches.

The antique 'camphor' Chinese chest was between the entrance and foyer, so now that's here too.

I like how the red of the tartan plaid chairs pick up the red on the chest and of the rug as well. Here we have a cozy conversational spot now.

Goodby to October, the PINK month and my birthday month.
Here is my Royal Albert teacup and saucer a heirloom from my dearest Mil, who's birthday was the following day as mine.

Since Mr. Living loved the new small changes in décor I've done, I'm giving him tea (espresso) in the adorable yellow teacup and saucer 'Colclough-England' bone china; a giveaway from lovely Deborah, from wonderful blog, ´The Beautiful Matters.'

Isn't the Colclough teacup a beauty? Thank you Deborah!

Some of you might remember I had a French chairs covered in a very French velvet red stripes prior to the English tartan ... and the wood legs were brown, now they're gold for a contrast.

I love yellow in upholstery, so the blue tartan chairs are a great addition for a color hue match.

I didn't post any before pics, as you might remember how it was by looking at the new changes. It doesn't matter anyway!

This is where the French chairs were, so I switched these two wooden framed chairs, that were by the counter bar in the family room and brought them here.

I added last December's Christmas tea table with my new find, this tartan tablecloth. I'm joining the Tartan Parade at the Polo House with lovely Alyson as a hostess. Go there and enjoy the 'Plaid' fun!

I'm sure the friends that follow me will remember how it looked before by looking at this picture with the vintage French table in the foyer.

This is an antique Italian folding chair I bought a few years ago at the capital in a wonderful antique shop and it was love at first sight for me. Now it's next to my grandma's black cane chair in place of the red Chinese antique chest.

Anyway, she was hidden in a corner, next to the car-bar and you couldn't even appreciate it's beauty. Hubby is very happy about this.

You can see the blue tartan French chairs all the way from the foyer and how the antique chair is in front stage against the heirloom Chinese black silk screen.

Ok, here it is, hope you liked my little moving around.
Thank you for your sweet and kind comments my friends, you always make my day!

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties.

A special thanks to sweet and kind Grantham Lynn for the honor of featuring me at her fabulous party at My Journey Back blog.


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  1. Everything always looks beautiful at your place - no matter where you put them or how you arrange them! Lovely! Always!

  2. Bonjour ma chère Fabby,

    Il est toujours très agréable d'apporter une touche de changement dans la maison. Comme tu le dis si parfaitement bien, il n'est cependant pas simple de le faire lorsque la maison est un peu plus petite.
    Toutefois ta maison te permet de faire un changement merveilleux et tu as bien réussi.
    Je te souhaite une très belle journée.

    Gros bisous ❀ ♡ ❀

  3. Oh, Fabby! I DO like your "little moving around"! Those plaid chairs have all the colors of the rug & the yellow stripe makes them perfect "friends" with the couch. The room looks very comfortable and inviting now - and the gold/yellow chairs work beautifully in the foyer, too!

  4. Fabby, I really like your switcheroo! Those comfy chairs in the LR are definitely inviting, and the wood framed ones in the foyer look perfectly suited there too. You're right - all the colors of the new look in the LR enhance each other. Good moves!


  5. Love your arrangement Fabby. The pumpkins look cute on the table. As i have said i always adore your collections and love your home. Hope you are enjoying the season . Love and hugs Sujatha:)

  6. Fabby,
    By placing the chairs in your Family Room, dear friend, you've created a cozy conversational area!!!
    I, too, love "no cost" decorating!!!
    I shopped the house and did The furniture Scootin' Boggie in January!!!
    Love it when a plan comes together!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. Those comfy tartan chairs can really go anywhere Fabby, but I think they are perfect where they are now!

  8. Dear Gorgeous Fab,

    I am missing all the beautiful things, all my blogiefriends shares, ideas, tips and advices.

    Am here, I guess to stay too.

    Missing your beautiful and dear lovelies which, you know that I am loving all of them. They are my eye candies.


  9. It looks great, Fabby. Sometimes we don't have to do too much to make our homes feel "fresh" and inviting again. I get tired of things, too, but because the whole back of our house is glass-facing the water I have a hard time dong too much shifting of stuff. It is the first house I have felt this "limited" in. So much glass and not many interior walls. But- that being said- I love it.

    Your chairs that you had recovered are beautiful. Love the gold legs- they are pretty sweet looking.

    Hope you had a good day- early to bed for me here tonight- xo Diana

  10. I love your changes, the chairs not only pull out the reds from the rug and the chest but the yellow from the couch pulls out the yellow in the chair and the green from the fire place pulls the green from the chairs. Well done Fabby, Well done!

  11. Your colors and traditional decor are so wonderful. It all looks lovely. Pretty teacup too! So glad you shared!

  12. That's one of my favorite things to do - move things around! Those chair certainly are perfect in front of the fireplace for the winter months coming up. They just make you want to curl up with some hot cocoa!

  13. Dearest Fabby,
    You did turn things around in a very appealing way. Love the new looks you created.
    Sending you hugs,

  14. Fabby, you have a gorgeous home! The chairs look fab, and I love that beautiful table and all of your wonderful blue and white....also, I must say, I noticed your header...the silver is gorgeous, I am right now on the prowl for something it Sheffield? Beautiful! Have a lovely day! :)

  15. Lovely! I love your arrangement. I adore your collections and your home. Thanks for sharing!

  16. You have so many beautiful pieces in your house. I was looking at your lovely chairs and my eye was d rawn to the redish chest next to one of the chairs. So many unique and beautiful pieces. So rich and full of color. Enjoy your home.

  17. Your changes are wonderful, Fabby. What is it they say? A change is as good as a rest? Beautiful teacups, both of them. The wee pumpkins add a touch of autumn too. Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea.

    Autumn blessings,

  18. Good Morning Fabby, You have made some lovely changes to your family room. I keep reading the expression 'shop from your own home' and this is the perfect example. It is amazing what we have that can be moved to other rooms to create a different look.... we don't always have to shop for new things.
    I love how you have recovered your chairs and had the woodwork painted gold... it looks brilliant.
    Your style is fabulous Fabby and I always love visiting you.
    Best Wishes as always.

  19. Hi Fabby...I love the plaid chairs, and your tea time is so cozy and inviting! I love it! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea.

  20. Love the pretty yellow Colclough teacup!

  21. Everything looks great Fabby. You have so many beautiful things that they look wonderful in many different arrangements. I love the feeling of a fresh new look. And I'm so happy to see you using the teacup I sent!

  22. Hi Fabby! Oh, how I love your plaid chairs and they look beautiful in your family room. I'm eyeing that beautiful square glass footed bowl with your fall things inside! You have the prettiest things! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. It is all so pretty. Love how you decorate. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  24. I didn't see the before but I like all the color love the two yellow chairs... And your blue and white vases.. Love the yellow couch and your nice folding chair... Happy Thursday with love Janice, thank you for your nice visit...

  25. Love the photos. You have such beautiful things. I know you enjoy them. I would!

  26. Hello Fabby- this is the kind of thing I like to do. It makes things feel fresh and new. The english tartan chairs look good there. I do like the yellow chairs where they are- they feel liight and contemporary like the art work near them.

  27. Fabby:
    This was one of my featured blogs this week! Have a great weekend!

  28. Kear Fabby,
    know everything about tweaking - just have to from time to time. For the seek of balance, I think. And color matching, of course!
    Kind regards from another October "child".

  29. It is amazing how much pleasure there is in switching things around a bit and having a freshness and change in our homes. I like what you did. I'm wondering if you did all that moving on your own or if Mr. Living helped a bit and thus his special tea! Congratulations on your coming grandchild!

  30. Really beautiful, Fabby! It's amazing how that yellow stripe in the tartan really pops next to your sofa! Your Italian folding chair really does deserve pride of place because it is exquisite! I am just in love with your French table and your beautiful marble floors! October is my birthday month as well!
    Happy Halloween!

  31. It's fun mixing things up a little now and then Fabby. I love the tartan chairs! Everything looks simply lovely. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  32. Hello Fabby,

    I do love those chairs! They'd look good wherever you placed them!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  33. Fabby,
    isn't it amazing how sometimes just making a little change can make such a big impact! The chairs are perfect there and you know I love your tartan fabric!
    Thanks for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment.

  34. Fabby!
    OMG!! I love those plaid chairs!! So warm and charming!! Beautiful!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by! I am playing catch up!!


  35. I like your switch-around very much. The tartan and yellow with the wonderful, warm carpet underfoot are a perfect combination - very cosy while remaining sophisticated.

  36. Hi Fabby!

    Your plaid chairs are phenomenal! Love how you had their
    frames repainted in metallic gold too -- brilliant choice.

    Your chair switcheroo turned out great. Love it when you can
    move things just a bit and get a whole new look. It's great!

    Thanks so much for sharing and for joining in on the parade today.

    Have a lovely week!

  37. Fabby, your tweaking was a great idea. I think the tartan chairs look great with that yellow sofa. Those chairs are gorgeous. Makes me think we need some tartan chairs here at Hyacinths. I love seeing photos of your beautiful home. Thanks for joining the Tartan Parade.

  38. Hi Fabby, We haven't visited in such a long time! Your home looks just lovely! I especially like the new tartan fabric on your French chairs, and you're right -- they look just perfect with the yellow sofa. :) You have so many pretty things, and your teacups are beautiful -- love the one with the yellow band! Great tartan plaid tablecloth for Christmas; the tartans really shine during the holidays, don't they?

    I enjoyed seeing the tweaks to your home, Fabby, and thanks so much for your visit. I hope you have a great week!



  39. I love those French plaid chairs! Your home looks so cozy and inviting!

  40. Hi FABBY,

    I love your plaid chairs, they are absolutely gorgeous. It is a lot of fun to "tweak" around the house. I think it keeps my home from getting boring to me. I love all of your blue and white, such a beautiful home Fabby!

  41. I love your armchairs! Amazing design, it looks like a very warm and cozy place.


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