Sunday, December 7, 2014

FABBY: "France meets English Tidings"

Hello sweet friends!

       I don't know if I ever mentioned you before that I'm into this 'Ralph Lauren Phase' with my decorating the house and I think it suits my house pretty well, as I've seen RL's house also with the 'white and black marble floors,' at least, lol..

We always had two small French chairs I love, maybe for 25 years or more and really, the upholstery have seen better days!

Thinking and looking at my Pinterest board... all about RL's interior designs and tartan plaid, that he seems to love on his chairs, sofas, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, etc...I've seen a few similar chairs like ours upholstered in tartan fabric; I immediately decided that it was the look I wanted in them!

Previously the chairs were covered in a French velvet stripe, which I liked in it's day! 

You remember this past October we went to mind the little girls and in that big city they live, you can find practically everything for decorating the home and some stores carry the latest upholstery and interior decorating tendencys!

Anyway, we headed to our favorite store, where they also cater to interior decorators, so the owner told us he had English imports, wool plaids in beautiful quality tartan materials and it was true.
He showed us three and another with brighter reds and yellows, very classic, but we fell in love with this elegant tartan plaid color combination.

I hope you like it too. you have them.

Some of the friends that follow me might remember the French chairs looking like this; flanking the antique heirloom chest from Mr. Living's grandparents.

Tartan plaid chairs by Ralph Lauren and my inspiration.

I also had the brown wooden legs painted in an 'antique gold' to give the tartan plaid more contrast and I'm overjoyed with the choice!

The checks that might look wine colored in the real life they're a cherry red!

In my last Christmas tour, 'the antique chest' was alone , without the French chairs, as they were in the shop getting a face lift! 

Thank you so much my friends for your sweet and kind comments, you always make my day!
Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties each week.

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  1. They look beautiful. You definitely made a wonderful choice. xo Laura

  2. Fabby, I'm a fan of RL style and love your French chairs in their tartan dress. Beautiful!

  3. Hi Fabby, your chairs look so nine with the tartan,
    happy Holiday!!!

  4. Fabby, your chairs look amazing! Ralph Lauren is one of my faves; and you have captured the look beautifully!

  5. Fabby- They are FABBYulous! Gorgeous! I love the plaid you have picked and the gilded legs are a beautiful touch. You will love them for a long time I think.

    I have always loved Ralph Lauren, too. The little girls' room here is done with Ralph Lauren bedding and I made watered silk mini-plaid curtains to co-ordinate with them. I just took them down because I am tired of them and they look fussy to me all of a sudden. I will keep the bedding though. I am passing them to a friend of my daughter that struggles to make ends meet. She will love them. Heck- I may end up giving her the comforters, too!

    Hope you have a great Monday! xo Diana

  6. I think they are beautiful!!! You have such style!!!

  7. They look beautiful Fabby! Love the fabric- classic! You'll be able to live with these a long time!

  8. The chairs look so cozy and inviting and I love the mix with the flooring.

  9. Your chairs turned out beautifully! That tartan plaid is perfect for them!!

  10. Welcome to the Art of Home-Making Mondays Fabby! Glad to have you join us! Your chairs came out lovely! I also appreciate the Ralph Lauren fabrics, especially the florals since I am a romantic soul.

    I think I have visited here in the past and we shared a love for pugs? I remember there being a picture and commenting on it... We have one that is growing old and wrinkly and cuter every day.

    Have a lovely week!

  11. Fabby, those are fabulous! There is something special about RL, isn't there? He just never misses. Gorgeous choice!! Too funny; my table for Kathleen's challenge is also influenced by RL!!

  12. Hi Fabby, I LOVE your new upholstery and painted chair legs. They really look beautiful!! I'm all about the tartan plaid for winter -- just can't get enough. I've never seen those colors before and they look really nice in your home. :) I just finished a Christmas tablescape with some tartan plaid in it.

    Visiting from Met Monday -- have a great day!



  13. Hi Fabby,
    Your tartan chairs look wonderful! I wish my hubby liked tartan but unfortunately he doesn't. Love the red transferware in your blog header! Beautiful! Thank you for joining me for tea and also for your prayers for my son and uncle.


  14. Fabby, I love your bold choices in the textile and paint trim! Love RL. Timeless (or until you get tired of it, whichever comes first). ;) Happy Holidays!
    Rita C at Panoply

  15. Oh wow, these look great. You did a beautiful job here :) thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays...

  16. The tartan looks great on your chairs!

  17. Hi Fabby,
    The chairs look wonderful in their new fabric, which is so classic! I love the paint color that you chose for the legs, too. The upholsterer did a fabulous job of matching the plaid.

  18. I love RL home too!!! Very expensive stuff so I only can get some home accessories from Homegoods when it's more affordable. And my, you've captured the essence with that beautiful tartan fabric!!! I love it and right now, perfect for your holiday decor too! Enjoy it dear!

  19. Dearest Fabby,
    You really are very fortunate for having such craftspeople in your area! They did a fantastic job on these chairs and also the gilding is quite nice looking.
    It takes a while to get used to I guess, with the black and white tiles being quite pronounced.
    Glad you got this worked out and timely for the Christmas season to enjoy.
    Hugs and blessings,

  20. Oh Yes Fabby ..They're fabulous and such a colourful plaid... It's ' Happy Plaid" ( Ha Ha).. so perfect for the holidays.... Hugs

  21. Hello Fabby, they look amazing! I always loved RL.
    Have a wonderful holiday season!

  22. Fabby, beautiful chairs. The plaid is so warm and inviting. Ralph Lauren is such a wonderful designer. I love visiting because you have so much flair. Happy Holidays Fabby. xo

  23. Love that those chairs Fabby!! That whole space looks beautiful my friend!

  24. The chairs look wonderful, Fabby! They looked good before, but the plaid seems really perfect. Your home is so pretty.

  25. I love plaid anything - your chairs make quite a statement. Thank you for sharing their new look at Make It Monday.

  26. Fabby I do get your appreciation for Ralph Lauren design because he is one of my favorite designers. He's style is timeless. Relaxed but very sophisticated at the same time. You have added a gorgeous set of chairs to your home.




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